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  • Morning Bell: Obama's Iraq Failure

    To hear President Barack Obama describe the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, you’d think it was a long-anticipated political victory, the fruition of a promise he made when campaigning for the White House. But his announcement last week that American troops in Iraq will return by the end of the year is a result of a serious Obama Administration failure that will undermine U.S. security interests in the Middle East.

    Speaking on Friday from the West Wing, President Obama wasted no time in reminding the American people that, “As a candidate for President, I pledged to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end,” and that as commander in chief, he was making good on that promise in time for the holidays. What the President didn’t mention, though, was the story behind the headline–that the Administration tried and failed to negotiate with the Iraqi government to extend the U.S. troop presence there in order to ensure the country’s security and stability. The sticking point for the negotiations was immunity for U.S. troops in Iraq. Heritage’s James Phillips explains:

    Up until Friday, the Obama Administration had insisted that negotiations were on track for extending the presence of a small residual force that U.S. and Iraqi military leaders agreed were necessary to support Iraqi operations in key areas such as counterterrorism, air support, intelligence gathering, logistics, and training. But Friday, in a hard-hitting article posted on The Cable blog, Josh Rogin reported that the Administration had bungled the negotiations.

    Those negotiations stalled, Phillips writes, because Iraqi political leaders didn’t want to risk the political consequences of extending immunity for U.S. troops. And given the Obama Administration’s eagerness to withdraw from Iraq and unwillingness to confront Iran they didn’t want to put their political necks on the line. Now, as a result, U.S. security interests will suffer–bilateral U.S.–Iraqi cooperation in fighting al-Qaeda in Iraq and radical pro-Iranian Shia militias will be limited, and the ability to contain Iran will be weakened. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) criticized the Administration on Sunday, calling the withdrawal decisions “a serious mistake,” and faulted the White House for its failure to negotiate with the Iraqi government:

    There was never really serious negotiations between the administration and the Iraqis. I believe we could have negotiated an agreement. And I’m very, very concerned about increased Iranian influence in Iraq.

    In the wake of its decision, the Obama Administration is already anticipating the consequences of the power vacuum it has created. In a series of interviews on Sunday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Iran that even though troops will be withdrawn, the U.S. will still maintain a presence in the region. “Iran would be badly miscalculating if they did not look at the entire region and all of our presence in many countries in the region, both in bases, in training, with NATO allies, like Turkey.”

    The reality, though, is that the United States has weakened its presence at a time when the region can least afford it. And withdrawing U.S. troops is a stronger statement than any words that can be broadcast on Sunday morning talk shows. Heritage’s James Carafano explains that the White House’s decision is the mark of an Administration in retreat–and why this retreat is incredibly dangerous:

    With Syria in turmoil, Iran on the march, a more isolated Israel, and Turkey’s ever-more ambivalent policies, now is the worst time to see a diminished U.S. influence in ensuring continued progress in Iraq. A total troop pullout will leave Iraqi security forces much more vulnerable to terrorism, sectarian conflict, and Iranian meddling, and it will leave them much less capable of battling al-Qaeda in Iraq and pro-Iranian Shia militias.

    No American wants to see U.S. troops stationed in the Middle East and placed in harm’s way longer than they have to be. But unfortunately, their premature withdrawal from Iraq could jeopardize the progress that so many American men and women fought and died for. While the President now has a new talking point for the campaign trail, it comes at the expense of national security interests. And it is the Obama Administration’s policies and bungled negotiations that are to blame.

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    80 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's Iraq Failure

    1. Guest says:

      Ten years, thousands of deaths and trillions of dollars. That's plenty.

      • Robert, TX says:

        Especially when we should have been OUT of there 7 years ago – with utter and complete victory!

      • Glynnda says:

        oh brother, you don't even have enough guts to identify yourself. what are you a White House plant or something?

    2. Rick Brekelbaum says:

      Yes, how sad it is how this Administration pits a spin on this decision to avoid appearance of their utter diplomacy failure

    3. Spoonbill says:

      As a conservative and stalwart opponent of the Obama admin, I find fault with this article. If Obama admin failed to reach a deal with the Iraqis over immunity of our troops stationed there, is that the fault of the Obama admin? This article and McCain imply that it is, but it is simply not clear that it is. What specifically did Obama admin fail to do that would have achieved a deal with Iraq while assuring immunity for our troops? Immunity is a non-negotiable, in my view. I wouldn't want our troops arrested and tried under Iraqi laws, which would include Shariah law and local laws developed according to local customs.

      • Garry_F_Owen_Trooper says:

        A Status of Forces Agreement (or SOFA) is the standard operating principle for US forces operating in an ally's country. This agreement allows that US service members will not be granted blanket immuntiy from prosecution, but will be tried in accordance with the Uniform Code of Military Justice. This would insure that our service members are not tried according to Sharia law or to any type of legal proceeding that does not conform with US constitutional rights.
        As late as last week, I had read that we were "close" on obtaining such an agreement with the Iraqis. Leave it to B. Hussein Obama & Co. to fumble on the 3 yard line. With an increasingly beligerant Iran next door, BHO is looking more and more like J. Earl Carter each and every day.

      • Larry says:

        This negotiation was just another policial play by BHO. The "no immunity" clause was offered knowing that the Iraq would not agree to it. This way he keeps his campaign promise and appears to be "wanting" to maintain a presence there to satisfy the right. Obama wins on both fronts, politally. His only motivator.

    4. Mary......WI says:

      Obama apparently screwed up in Libya too as they have declared themselves an Islamic state complete with Sharia law……Out with the bad in with the bad.

      I look back at all the "deals" Obama has made be it Solyndra, environmentalist demands, etc. and and the saying "anything for a buck guy" comes to mind.

    5. Ken Jarvis says:

      Another Phony HF Headline – "Obama’s Iraq Failure"

      Nice Try – HF.


      • Jeff Cunningham says:

        Ken, You need to get a life and you facts straight. The surge commanded by and executed by General Petraeus put Iraq on a path to potential stability. The recent increase in violence in Iraq is only a precursor for further violence as Iran sekks to increase its influence and power in the region by fermenting more ethnic unrest. The continued presence of U S troops to complete the training of Iraqi forces would have mitigated the attempts by Iran to extend its influence. Now that those troops will not be there, it is a U S failure and because President Obama is the current president it will be assessed as his failure.

    6. ThomNJ says:

      What is left out of this discussion is the fact that as our troops draw down, it becomes decidedly more dangerous for those troops that remain. They are attacked more frequently, because the bad guys know the odds are shifting into their favor.

      And this statement by clinton is nothing short of laughable: "Iran would be badly miscalculating if they did not look at the entire region and all of our presence in many countries in the region, both in bases, in training, with NATO allies, like Turkey." That is air….nothing but air.

    7. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Wow! I never thought I would admit it but how I long for the good old 'Clinton' administration. At least Wild Bill kept his failures in the bathroom…this guy Obama has disgraced us publicly and privately.

    8. toledofan says:

      Our entire foreign policy is a shambles; the cut and run, appeasement, looking the other way and depending on the U.N. to solve problems approaches are weak at best and clearly shows how we've allowed the chaos of the world to percolulate up. Iran is a regional threat and could destabilize the entire area in a matter of months, so developing a time table without a comprehensive plan is a mistake; the plan can't be sending in Hillary because that's even more of a joke.

      • Jay says:

        All assumptions on your part. you actually think that the US is ignoring the Iran threat, and that there is not a plan in place? Really? It would be a security risk to inform the public everything that is taking place militarily. Therefore this allows comments like yours to percolate.

    9. Todd says:

      Another foreign policy debacle by the Obama administration. What foreign policy issue has Obama and Clinton had any success with since coming into office? The UNited States has become an international joke under BHO's "leadership"!

    10. Dominick says:

      I agree with 95% of your positions, but if they could not get immunity for our troups I would agree with the pullout.

    11. Hauptman says:

      Once again, our" messiah" in the white house has failed on another front to do anything productive or helpful for the American people and the USA. I can't think of anything he has done that wasn't an abject failure. It will take another 10 years to correct all of this maroons mistakes.

    12. billy barney says:

      All these things this Bolshevik Administration and its Manchurian Candidate leader have perpetrated on the American Public were all classically illustrated buy none other than Jos. McCarthy. You get what you pay for and vote for folks.

    13. Mike says:

      I have no tolerance for liberalism. As a conservative I believe in max efficiency even in military actions. Freedom anywhere the locals are willing to fight for it is a worthy endeavour! Our actions could have been much better managed and our costs could have easily been less than half current expenditures if we had focused on productivity same as the corporate world. We are not THE ONLY FREE NATION obligated to protect and defend freedom in the world. Our Nato "partners" should NOW pick up where we are leaving! We did the killing and the dyeing and retraining of the locals, all the heavy lifting and paying thank you very much they can do the temporary policing. We should adopt Roman policy of taxing those we liberate until the bill is repaid. There is still much unrepayable giving done by US in our shed blood for freedom of others. The tax and our shed blood should be welcomed with appreciation and great gratitude! In short all those we have freed in the world should be very much MORE thankful than they have been. I'm tired of being taken for granted and demanded of and nothing in return for our blood and treasure! This allowing of self-centered you owe me ism needs to be ended by ALL!

      • santababy says:

        All that is correct if we didn't live in a world where weapons could be launched from all over the world headed for the USA. It is still our problem. When Iran has it's way in Iraq there will be no one to stop them but us because we are the Big Satan! Iran is making close friends with some very close enemies of ours. It would benefit you to watch GBTV.com and get some relevant information. The global economy brought on by technology brings our country a lot closer to the other continents! We are no longer isolated by oceans.

    14. Clearhead says:

      How long, America? How long? America? America !! Are you there?

    15. JohnCfromMD says:

      The trajectory of developments in Iraq and Iran are very troubling. The main concern is how to stop the Iranians from getting nuclear weapons and a means to deliver them. The Europeans are inert and will do nothing beyond voting for sanctions at the UN. Russia and China are delighted to see the US in a diplomatic quandary that will only result in loss of influence in the Middle East. And, they will encourage and exploit it. All of this is complicated by the fact that the Arab Spring has unleashed forces, democratic and religious, that are potentially hostile to Israel and its ally. Our leadership (and even our Republican opposition), I believe, is simply not competent to fashion a strategy to deal with Iran or to come to terms with the aspirations of Arabs to see a just peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

      There are those who suggest that the only hope we seem to have is that the Iranian opposition will succeed. But to do that, they will need exceptional support from the outside. And, even in the very slim chance they become successful, they certainly will not to do so before a weapon is acquired. The prospects for war are very real, and growing.

      Please tell me I'm wrong and how we can get out of this mess?

    16. Pastori Balele says:

      Did you say these GOP debates reveal “childish,” “unprofessional” and “desperate” behavior of the candidates! Of course they are. Republicans usually are selfish, angry and power hungry people. They do not enter politics to serve people, rather they are there to get power to enable them exploit the weaker. Republicans are also racists. Just see how they are treating Cain. Cain is in excellent standing with ordinary GOP voters. But leaders in Republican and right wing media are fighting to ensure he does not get the nomination. Unfortunately Cain is playing ignorance he is not discriminated by his own party for his race. That's why I have asked Cain to dump GOP, join the Democratic Party and campaign for re-election of President Obama.

    17. fred Jacobi says:

      I just pray that we don't have to go in a 3rd time when the Iranians get a bomb and influence the Iraqies. We are doing everything possible to 'throw Isral under the bus". I would rather see troops downsized in Germany or some other peaceful country.

    18. CHRISTA says:


    19. wil says:

      this generations VietNam

    20. paul says:

      the Iraqi prime minister has stated that it was their decision not to extend any legal immunity
      to the american troops in Iraq. Furthermore , we have never been welcome by the Iraqi's
      people or government since the beginning. the cost is exceeding one trillion dollars already,
      The sad part of it is this: it is all borrowed money. If we cannot afford to fight a war on
      our own money, then why should be there at all? A strong military requires a strong economy.
      However, we don't have strong economy. Other countries have caught up with america over
      the last ten years. Let us rebuilt our own country instead of others. As an independent, it is
      the right course.

    21. MNJ says:

      If Hillary is Sec. of State, her comment about Turkey (going very Islamic, restricting women to lower level jobs, head coverings, etc.) was totally inept.

      Man are we (and the rest of the planet) in trouble. Congress better step up production of naval war ships, a carrier or two, and the rest of the military.

      Does this administration have anyone who can think? Do homework? Even the basics? (O leaving on slide #6 of an energy presentation by Sec. Chu; serving Japanese food for a Korean diplomat; etc.) No, does not appear to be the case.

    22. Ed Siupes says:

      I think it is simpler than that. He is desperate and using it as a re-election ploy.

    23. grace says:

      I don't understand why is this considered "premature" it has been years and the Iraqis and Americans should have had an exit plan long ago. The region will be in turmoil for a long time, these is a society deeply divided by religion (Sunnis and Shiites mainly ) and by social organization (tribal) fighting for territory and influence.

    24. Robert, TX says:

      Yes, Obama is a dismal failure and a complete disaster as puppet-in-chief. Wow, who did not see that back in 2007? Which is precisely why we should have started fighting him in January of this year with our "new" Congress. But Obama has MORE power since the RINOS took over. FIRE CONGRESS!!!

    25. CHRISTOPHER says:

      If impeachment was a viable remedy to rid the USA of this useless POTUS, I would be screaming from the roof tops for IMPEACHMENT NOW. Impeachment is a time consuming remedy. Nation-wide outrage must be demonstrated and effectively communicated to the White House, Obumination himself and to his ultra-liberal minions!!!!!!!!

    26. Harry says:

      This article is absolutely on target. Obama has "won" for appeasement and he is handing the Middle East (and who knows what else) to the Islamists. God help us if this goes on for another five years.

    27. Lloyd Scallan says:

      After Saddam Hussein was taken out, our mission in Iraq was over. We should have starting pulling out then. Now, this disgrace of a president is using our military men and women as pawns to boost his falling poll numbers by claiming he is fulfilling a "campgain promise". This is a travesty that serves as a window into just what Obama will do and use who he needs to complete his agenda to drive this nation into socialism. None of us should be surprised. This is Obama.

      • Juan Martinez says:

        I agree, Lloyd. But Hussein was taken out after, what, two weeks? Why have we spent another 8 1/2 years there since then? Congress should have cut funding for this disaster. In fact, Congress never should have approved this adventure in Iraq until Cheney, Powell, and Tenet had presented the irrefutable proof of WMDs they claimed to have. This mission never should have begun in the first place. The sooner we end it, the better. My complaint about Obama is that he should have got us out of Iraq two years ago.

    28. Robert Caffrey says:

      I don't care about what happens in Iraq. They will be fighting over in that region for many more generations. We had reason to go into Iraq but that turnout to be false. Let's get out of Afghanistan too. The drones have been doing a good job. Troops cost too much, both in lives and dollars. As long as that region keeps selling us oil that is what matters. If they want Sharia law I don't care. Just keep the Sharia law over there.

      If we are smart we won't need them in a few years because of oil and gas production at home.

      Just let it be known through diplomatic circles that if anyone touches Israel they will be unceremoniously Eviscerated.

    29. Todd says:

      The Obama administration finds a way to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory! Iraq will be in turmoil and chaos before the 2012 elections. And he will not be able to blame Bush for that.

    30. @dboyerdr says:

      I agree to getting every American GI out of Iraq but my reason is probably different than most people's and Obama's. I see Islam as a threat to America anf most of the world. The Sunnis and the Sheites have hated
      each other since 1384. When the Americans are gone civil war will break out, I suggest we supply both sides with all the ammo etc. they need. The world won't really a million or more Muslims!!

    31. Guest says:

      Also, the irony is that the main stream media is not reporting the reason why we are withdrawing. The media makes it sound like Obama negotiated our withdrawal and not that he bungled the negotiations and HAD to bring our troop home.

    32. steve h says:

      You are right, the conservatives and Bush adminstration did such a wonderful job in iraq – you know the whole misleading the american people, costing thousands of American lives, adding trillions of dollars to the debt, and now you want to have American soldiers stay over in Iraq without immunity.

      Based on the foreign policy successes under Obama – Killing Al Qaeda leadership, dictators being overthrown in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia without US sending soldiers on the groud – i don't think anyone should ever listen to conservatives again when it comes to these issues.

      Let's compare the Bush admin foreign/terror policy (letting Americans be attacked on 9/11, Iraq, and Afghanistan) or Obama admin/terror policy (no attacks on US, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia).

      Conservatives were absolute failure, where Obama has been smashing success.

    33. Dee says:

      With this action you will see more people kill inside and outside of Iraq. Christians and Jews are already being killed in many countries in the middle east. since this whole uprising has started. The shia and other radicals are on the rise all over the world. The atomic weaponry capabilities in the middle east is real and dangerous to all the world when in the wrong hands. Yes, we have a real problem on our hands with this action and this president who is obviously way over his head

    34. Not to worry. There will be plenty of private contractors, security people and the worlds's largest embassy left behind.

    35. americancaptialism says:

      When Neville Chamberlain severely miscalculated Hitler’s Threat to the Free World and signed The Munich Agreement; Hitler was not a few months from NUCLEAR WEAPONS!
      President Obama’s 2008 campaign promise was before he “had all the facts” and before he was an Oath Taking Commander-in-Chief. “…And withdrawing U.S. troops is a stronger statement than any words that can be broadcast on Sunday morning talk shows.” How about TREASONOUS!

      We have an Elite Socialist Administration with no knowledge of history, no experience in leadership and no vision of the consequences of this “CAMPAIGN PROMISE”. Obama is clearly committed to destroying the fabric of our society, our American Exceptionalism and now OUR SAFETY AND SECURITY.
      Heritage PLEASE PRINT THIS even if you have edit T——–S; Thank God Heritage is not “a Sunday Morning talk show.”…someone must help us face this reality.

    36. Gene says:

      I don't believe a word of this. It's a decoy to suck Iran into a trap if necessary. Or not. Either way we will remain or return. Mankind has a mission to destroy the planet. The rest is just details.

    37. Liberalsownfalsehood says:

      Wasn't this withdrawal pre-negotiated by the Bush Administration in 2008? How much spin are you putting on this too Heritage?

    38. Jill Maine says:

      Only Obama can turn a military success into a diplomatic failure and be proud of it. I guess it because they smuggly realise that the folks that vote for BHO are brainless puppets.

    39. G Colgrove says:

      Syria is next. The democrats cannot be happy without fighting something.

    40. Bobbie says:

      all for illusions sake on the innocently naive, with a hidden/coded message inside…

    41. Robert A Hirschmann says:

      It seems that everything Obama tries is a failure. Why doesn't he just pull all the troops out of the middle east and let them fend for themselves? We can't afford the lives or the money to be there. Put the troops on our own borders to stop the illegals. Of course, common sense is alien to this president. That also seems to apply to our congress.

    42. Glynnda says:

      Well, it's official. This administration has failed in leadership at home, ruined the economy and failed in foreign policy……and now, he's not even man enough to tell the truth about why we are withdrawing……

      I hope all those who voted him in are satisfied. This "most transparent administration ever" has turned into a "mother-Russia" like regime where the truth is hidden, the press is "a kept woman" and the best interests of our nation are put on the back burner in favor of a few people on the left who want money and control. I also am ashamed of the national organization for women…….they should be screaming about this and all the other going on in the Middle East. Women are being flung back into the middle ages…….these N.O.W. females are nothing but a bunch of herded cowards.


    43. Carol says:

      Will the truth ever prevail during this gangster administration. I believe Mr. B HO can lie out of both sides of his mouth about two diffrent subjects.

    44. Bill L. says:

      Another of many examples of what happens when a country immerses itself in the cult of celebrity to the point of electing a voluble conceit whose personal and spiritual void born from parental abandonment is filled with an unquenchable thirst for personal recognition and control of "lesser" beings over whom you must condescend. In short, Obama finds meaning by grasping to be God-like in his arrogance.

    45. MNJ says:

      If Hillary is Sec. of State, her comment about Turkey (going very Islamic, restricting women to lower level jobs, head coverings, etc.) was totally inept.

    46. PatriotAR15 says:

      Once again this administration has shown the world just how weak it is by allowing the so-called govt. of Iraq to dictate to us what we can and can't do. We freed the people from an evil individual who not only oppressed his own people but murdered many of them besides. We lost many brave young troops and spent billions of dollars to do this as well as rebuild their country. And what thanks do we get? We will regret this decision, eventually, once the Iranians move against Iraq. That is a guarantee. They already are dancing in the streets over our pull out and Amadinidodo his wringing his hands in glee over the prospect of dominating the area. This is just the beginning of the problems that will come out of the middle east. Loss of oil will be the least of our problems when this all plays out. Pray to God that we are strong enough to make it through

    47. BobG_of_Iowa says:

      Another reason to impeach this usurper of the Constitution. He goes on campaign bus trips paid for by the taxpayers when he should be in the lead with his diplomats tending to the Country's business. Obama has proven to be a worse president than "Mr. Peanut" Jimmy Carter.

    48. Robert says:

      the Arab nations will always be in a state that can only be thought of as Barbarian. The west has been in and out over several centuries and the Arab reverts the moment western forces pull out. Let's get out and stay out; if the middle east becomes a problem (threat to us or our friends), we should deal with it via considerable destruction from a long range and keep our good men out of there. If we ever have to go back in, then let's do it as conquerors and take the land while reducing the natives to surfs (they will hardly notice the change).

    49. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Muslim's are determined to make the whole world come under their belief or die, they have said it over and over again. Our POTUS has said in his books and other that if it comes down to it he'll side with Muslim's, that should be enough to keep him out of the WH in 2012 if not to be impeached, for not defending the Constitution, which he swore to do.

    50. Jay says:

      I just don't understand why you guys can't give him credit for anything. Getting out of Iraq is a good thing, Iraq will be our allies and that cant be a bad thing.

    51. Grace E. Pratti says:

      As much as I hate to put President Obama on a scale as poor president, with the Obamacare and the Iraq decision. Iran will have a feast with Iraq without some supervision from USA

    52. johninohio says:

      Things are falling in place just as they should be. Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc. are coming out of the shadows where we couldn't be sure whether the people, as apposed to their governments, hated us or admired us, considered us the Great Satan or the Great Example of Freedom. All these nations are about to make it clear who's side they are on, and if it becomes obvious they are all against us, then we don't have to deal with any "nationless, faceless" enemies anymore. It all becomes a lot simpler. We can treat them as enemy nations, thus no further American armies of liberation will be needed. A new cold war based on MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) will be our future. Better start drilling for American oil now.

    53. David says:

      US troops have been in Iraq for 8 years, but this article calls the withdrawal pre-mature? I guess Brownfield is comparing the time to the 66 years US troops have stayed in Germany and Japan after WWII. And as Hillary says, US troops always stay in countries where they have defeated enemies. No wonder there are US bases in 140 countries.

    54. Donald DaCosta says:

      Where to begin. Our troops should have been pulled out of Afghanistan and Iraq a long time ago because the entire premise of both these military campaigns has been dead wrong from the outset. Yes, Al Queda was (and remains) a threat and yes, Saddam was an evil, brutal dictator who had to go but the latter mission was accomplished within the first year of the war and the former was in response to 9/11 which was not an isolated terrorist attack on America but a concerted effort by a Muslim extremist group representing a global movement by the political forces of Islam, a grand Jihad, against the infidel West personified by the Great Satan, America. America and the West continue in a state of blind, self imposed, ignorance and illiteracy regarding this existential threat, to this day. Our withdrawal will be rightly perceived by the Mullahs as a major victory for their Jihad.

      America and the West have to shrug off the mantle of political correctness, diversity, multiculturalism and the belief that all the people of the world are just wracked with a craving for the freedoms and liberty that we enjoy. It is not what's been said or done that offends them; they are angry at us for who we, our western cousins and Jewish allies are; infidels.

      Among all countries with predominantly Muslim populations the West represents an alien culture that they want no part of and that the more orthodox among them want to force into submission or destroy. This is not the enraged ravings of a Muslim fringe this is the teaching in their holiest of books which they believe are the immutable words of their version of the supreme deity, Allah. This is why the Iraqis have no intention of allowing American troops to remain on their soil immune from their Sharia law. And what will we do when we see pictures of our G.I.’s being hung or decapitated or their dead bodies being dragged through the streets for whatever crimes, real or otherwise; perhaps because they’re wearing a Cross around their neck! Should we apologize and promise that our troops in the future will be more sensitive to the local culture and obey Islamic law? Another set of Rules of Engagement?

      The Middle East remains and will now continue to grow, into a major global powder keg that America and the West will eventually have to confront in an all out war. We just wasted some 9+ years, a lot of American taxpayer dollars and especially the loss of some of America’s best young men and women, prolonging the inevitable. We were there. We could have ended this conflict a long time ago, still could, if we'd have given our military the green light to attack in full aggressive mode, kill anyone in the way and break every damn thing in sight; stop trying to win the hearts and minds and end the damn conflict as quickly, efficiently and with as little loss of American lives as possible, The Muslims would continue and have very good reason to hate us then but they would also respect and fear us as they should. This pull out by Obama will have the opposite effect but the ensuing debacle will be on his watch and when the dust settles and the ongoing “Arab Spring” continues to exhibit its true colors America and the West may wake up before it’s too late. Unfortunately our troops will have to fight the battles all over again.

    55. Joe says:

      If one looks at this decision to pull out of Iraq from the point of view of the socialist/communist/Marxist/islamofascist, it is obvious that obama knows exactly what he is doing. The muslim brotherhood domination of the Middle East is the objective; Next, the Western World at the blessings of those who hold the purse strings.

    56. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama will soon have an American Failure.

    57. Mike, NC says:

      Yet again Obama's agenda policies, and antics and machinations for them (and re-election), are not only perpetrating deliberate historical ignorance and insanity, and so inviting the historically shown predictable consequences of them, but so also something else is being shown.

      To wit: The success of "Firth Column" efforts (as conceived and promoted by Hitler and others before and since him) of tyrannical regimes, including Islamic extremist terrorist organizations, their followers, and apologists), as shown by the antics and machinations of those who thus signal to them when they could meet with success through such as their being signaled when all they really have to do is sit and wait for a short period of time (such as until the end of the year) and then go into another vacum then left (such as in Iraq) and do as they dare to have their way.

      But of course expecting otherwise from Obama is rather like expecting the diabolical fox to guard the hen house, especially when he wants to be left in that position (as in re-elected)…not to be expected and so not gonna happen, as Obama is showing.

    58. Carol M Kite says:

      Another example of how inept Obama is, now at foreign policy. As much as I pray all the wars would be over, pulling the troops out is just politic to suggest he fulfilled at least one of his campaign promises. Such an action negates the lives lost or forever changed military persons who gave so much. Such an desired withdrawal unfortunately invites al qaeda, Iran, whoever to take over as before, throwing away any improvement made in almost 10 years and billions spent. Obama is 'out of his league' in all he touches, not fit to lead America, intent as he is in socialism/marxism for our nation.

    59. NYC says:

      I really am concerned too about the iranian influence and i really think that Obama should keep the troops there. Our President and Congress need to do some serious rethinking and should consider the long-term consequences that this decision could create

    60. Carl Hulsewede says:

      Without a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) that grants legal protections for US Troops, we need to pull out. Would you want your sons and daughters exposed to another government's laws without some protections from the US Constution? I served in Europe during the Cold War and the SOFA was very specific about legal jurisdictions. Iraq wanted to subject our Service Members to their screwed legal system.

    61. Seeker8955 says:

      I am glad to get he troops out. We should simply bring home ALL of our troops. They would work better on stopping the war on our border anyway.

    62. Vic Leemon says:

      Vietnamization Part II

    63. Dick Collett says:

      I have trouble with the fact that Heritage never spells out the Real reason the Obama administration supports actions that eventually create countries , like Syria and Iraq eventually being ruled by supporters or Sharia Law, a despicable political religion that degrades freedom, liberty and females. Time and time again the President has demonstrated his preference for Sharia law to be the primary religion (?) in all Arabic countries, as well as the USA. That is his ultimate goal, and the Press ignores it.

    64. Finally columnist are reporting the truth. The truth that obama did NOT end the war in Iraq. I hope that all columnist remember this come election time and during campaign time. A liar for president is one thing but what obama is trying to pull is another story.

    65. really obama always in a hurry to do things youre just trying to get elected,stop the bullshit do your job,consult people who know whts going on and not hilary or joey,consult people that have been there or we will be there again

    66. Carl NElson says:


    67. Linda Louisiana says:

      Mr. Obama hasn't a clue how to RUN this Great Natiion, but he certainly knows how to RUIN it. Everyday he is taking it further and further down. I can't figure out for sure if all the bad decisions he makes or on purpose knowing it is ruining this Country, if someone else is telling him what to do to ruin this Nation, or if he just grabs something out of the air to do. He takes credit for something he had nothing to do with and neither does he understand Foreign Policy. Pulling all troops out of Iraq is a big mistake even though I would like all our military people to be home safe with their families. Everything that was done and the lives lost in Iraq will be all for nothing. Sadaam Hussein had to go, however, it had to be, and I am convince there were Weapons of Mass Destruction. Too many plans are publicized to the entire world and there was sufficient time to hide what Sadaam had. There are 14 months for Mr. Obama to do more harm to this Nation and its people, 14 months too long.

    68. Irea godsy says:

      As usual the full story is NOT revealed in a paragraph. As a retired member of the Military, I can't imagine a responsible commander yielding legal authority over his troops to a foreign government,especially a Government of a people who have been long and loud pontificating their hatred of The United States of America. We have the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) to contend with! That is quite enough!

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