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  • Morning Bell: Biden and Reid's "Jobs Bill" Farce

    If you listen to Vice President Joe Biden, the most effective way to prevent rape and murder is more federal stimulus spending. In the Vice President’s defense, at least this is a new argument, considering the others—jobs created, bridges built, energy generated—have all miserably failed. But this desperate argument, while fresh, is also incorrect.

    The Vice President made the remarks first in a speech on Tuesday at the University of Pennsylvania, saying additional stimulus would put police on the streets and lower crime, adding that he wished conservative lawmakers “had some notion of what it was like to be on the other side of a gun, or [to have] a 200-pound man standing over you, telling you to submit.” On Wednesday in Flint, Michigan, Biden doubled down on those comments.

    Biden was confronted on video by Human Events editor Jason Mattera and was asked: “And if the Republicans don’t pass this bill, then rape will continue to rise?” Biden angrily responded: “Murder will continue to rise, rape will continue to rise, all crimes will continue to rise.” White House press secretary Jay Carney gave President Obama’s blessing to this message in yesterday’s press briefing, even as The Washington Post’s “fact checker” gave Biden “four pinocchios,” calling the claim “absurd.”

    Biden also has the blessing of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D–NV) who scheduled a vote yesterday on the $35 billion stimulus bill the Vice President was pushing, which was paid for with a new tax hike on wealthy Americans.

    That bill was defeated with bipartisan opposition last night, with Senator Ben Nelson (D–NE) saying: “I don’t think you increase taxes for new spending,” and Senator Mark Pryor (D–AR) saying: “I’m not sure federal taxpayers should be paying for teachers and first responders. That’s traditionally a state and local matter.”

    Ironically, as conservative commentator Kevin Eder noted, the same liberal pundits decrying the failed vote for more federal police funding were only moments earlier celebrating the Occupy Wall Street protests that have so far created hundreds of arrests, chased cops out of public parks, and vandalized squad cars.

    Defending this latest stimulus gambit, Senator Reid painted a rosy picture of the economy: “It’s very clear that private sector jobs have been doing just fine. It’s the public sector jobs where we’ve lost huge numbers, and that’s what this legislation is all about.”

    Certainly the millions of jobless private-sector workers across the nation would disagree with Reid that our 9.1 percent unemployment rate is “just fine.”

    As Heritage’s James Sherk explains:

    Senator Reid is not just mistaken; he has his facts exactly backwards. If the recession has barely touched one sector of the economy, it is government. Since the recession began in December 2007 the private sector shed 6.3 million net jobs, while government payrolls are down by just 392,000. That amounts to a 5.4 percent drop in private sector employment, while government employment has slipped only one-third as much (1.8 percent). Education-related government jobs have fallen even less, down 1.4 percent.… Relatively few government employees are unemployed. Only 4.7 percent of government employees cannot find jobs—half the national unemployment rate. Government employees have the lowest jobless rate of any industry.

    Unfortunately, none of this has anything to do with jobs. It is entirely about Obama, Biden, and Reid’s liberal addiction to spending. Unable to convince Americans, or even their fellow Democratic lawmakers, that another half-trillion-dollar stimulus paid for with tax hikes was a good idea, they’re trying to slip some of it through the backdoor by building sympathetic, but false, narratives.

    Teachers, policemen, and firemen are certainly sympathetic. They’re suffering in the Obama economy as well. But federalizing this local workforce is not the right antidote, nor would this bill achieve what they promise it will.

    Let’s not pretend that more federal education spending is needed. Since 1970, school enrollment in public elementary and secondary schools has increased just 7 percent, while staff hires have increased 83 percent. As Heritage’s Lindsey Burke explains, “On a per-pupil basis, federal spending on education has nearly tripled since the 1970s.” And Washington has almost no measurable progress to point to after all of that spending.

    Likewise, Burke says: “In the 1950s, there were approximately 2.36 teachers for every non-teacher in a school district. Today, in our nation’s school systems, that ratio is closer to 1 to 1.” The administrative counterparts are necessary to keep up with all of the new federal red tape being passed down with the money.

    And thus explains the problem with the federal government hiring local cops, firemen, and teachers. The money is either short term, leaving state and local governments with either huge holes to fill later and merely delaying unavoidable layoffs, or the “temporary” money becomes a permanent growth in federal spending since future Congresses won’t draw it back.

    Take COPS. The “Community Oriented Policing Services” enacted by President Bill Clinton in 1994 was supposedly temporary and would put police on the streets to help stop crime. Between 1996 and 2001, nearly nine times more money was spent on this initiative by Clinton than on counterterrorism by the FBI.

    The program, still alive today, has since shelled out billions of dollars to such crime-ridden communities as Beverly Hills, California, and Wellesley, Massachusetts, with little impact on crime rates, according to multiple studies by Heritage’s David Muhlhausen.

    The communities that do hire new police can’t sustain them without constant federal aid, but more often, the money is spent on existing workforce or funds the type of congressional earmarks programs that make you cringe. And now even Biden is implicitly arguing that this program failed, since he now claims we need billions more to do the exact same thing—but with new rhetoric, a new name, and a new tax.

    Biden and Reid’s goal is simple: Tax and spend. It’s the only idea they have. And this time they’re using tasteless scare tactics to try to achieve it. Taking money out of the economy so Biden and Reid (who is now 900-plus days without even passing a budget) can redistribute it is simply a losing proposition.

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    48 Responses to Morning Bell: Biden and Reid's "Jobs Bill" Farce

    1. Texan 22 says:

      Obama, Biden and Reid do not care what debt means to America, they just want to act like they are doing something positive for America. We are spending far too much for education, with no positive results. Teachers' unions are driving up costs with no skin in the game. Poor teachers can't be fired and we have way too many administrative people per teacher! Get the US out of the way of local school boards in funding and control! We need to eliminate the Education Department along with the Commerce and EPA! We see what's happened with the TSA and other federal agencies that result in cost, but no positive results! Cut government spending and growth now!!!

      • Walter says:

        I agree with you.He is fool in a fool pocket.He and Obama pretend they are trying to help .when all there action do just the opposite.Just look at where they have taken us.The poor or poorer. Jobs or less. They are killing jobs.and they know it.That seem to be the plan. I sure hope that American people get smart and not allow this guy and his CZars fool them a second time. The media need to wise up and call him and his Czars out on all there failure. Check out this site it spell out what he and the czars are doing. ************** http://www.morningstartv.com/oak-initiative/Marxi

      • evermyrtle says:

        The country is being raped economically and morally by Reid and Obama., so Reid is right about the rape just wrong about who is doing it.

      • guest says:

        Where are you getting your information he has fired teachers in the masses that do not perform and is giving raises to the ones that do. You want to do away with the education department and replace it with what? The only reaon there is government growth at all is because of 911 and homel;and security and all the banks that have brought down the planet now have accountability do deal with in the form of regulaters that Obama has put back in after Bush removed them. Why are you not angry at the fraud on a massive scale that came under Bush's term? Oh yeah I see your from Texas the biggest state besides Alaska with the lowest wages in the country and the highest amount of deaths on death row. I am not planning on following Texas's lead anytime soon.

    2. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      The only thing that has been victimized on Joe Biden is any logic that ever occupied his brain. Obama, Biden, Reid and Pelosi have sucked the country dry with self-privilege and favoritism for friends and family.

      Yes, Biden is correct, we, the taxpayers, will continue to be raped if he and his cronies remain in power.

    3. Guest says:

      I take offense to our pathetic VP's comments about more rape and murders rising if Obama's jobs bill isn't passed. Biden, Reid, Pelosi and Obama are insults to this country and are working their damnest to destroy America. If they believed in human rights and the Constitution perhaps that 200 pound man would be staring down the barrel of a gun with a 120 lb. woman sitting on top of him. But no, those idiots want to take away a woman's right to protect herself, and everyone else's rights to defend themselves by taking away our 2nd Amendment to keep and bear arms and then yell to anyone who will listen 'RAPE!' How disgusting those bunch of losers in the White House are!

      • evermyrtle says:

        When you wonder how a person who made so many idiotic statements, could possible V President of the USA just remember who chose him as such!!!

    4. Where have all the jobs gone? Why are many Americans paid less in the face of increased costs and rising inflation. Why did the Congress authorize new trade agreements knowing the USA is a constant loser in the "free trade" business?

    5. jettthemesh says:

      13 months and counting!

    6. roger says:

      "teachers and first responders (et al). That’s traditionally a state and local matter.”
      Amen to that!

    7. Carol M Kite says:

      Everyone in our government, our huge misfortune, is so out of touch with sanity. Let's hope America can survive Obama!

    8. SC Hiker says:

      The very fact that even far left liberals will make these claims make me fear for our country since they would not make such claims unless they knew there are sufficient number of citizens who will believe them and make a difference at the polls. I agree with Texan 22 but am afraid that is mission impossible.

    9. Lloyd Scallan says:

      We should understand that Biden and Reid, along with Obama, are basically dishonest. As hard as it is to accept this fact and rid this nation of not only these three, but most Democrats and some RINOs now in Washington, this nation will never retrun to what is once was before the Democrat Party was bought and sold.

    10. The dem's latest attempt to scare and manipulate you in their desperate attempt to retain power.
      Seriously, why does anyone vote for these people?

    11. Nan says:

      So now we find ourselves at this point??? there is nothing left to do but get rid of everyone starting with the White House… replacing all with fresh, honest, dedicated and good thinking Americans who are more concerned for our poor country then they are for themselves. The shortest and easiest fix is to VOTE in our next election ( If we can wait that long) this time using our brains and get these wanna be's out!!! . all of them, in both parties! But what do I know, I'm only a house wife!

    12. RogCol says:

      How did the crime statistics vary with the $860B Stimulus that hired/saved millions of these jobs. Sure would like to see the correlation.

    13. Walter says:

      He is fool in a fool pocket.He and Obama pretend they are trying to help .when all there action do just the opposite.Just look at where they have taken us.The poor or poorer. Jobs or less. They are killing jobs.and they know it.That seem to be the plan. I sure hope that American people get smart and not allow this guy and his CZars fool them a second time. The media need to wise up and call him and his Czars out on all there failure. Check out this site it spell out what he and the czars are doing. ************** http://www.morningstartv.com/oak-initiative/Marxi

    14. JBinGB says:

      Buy American,Buy non-union,and FREE America VOTE REPUBLICAN

    15. HES says:

      I hate to say it (again) but the Obama Administration is making bad decisions, one after another, giving hundreds of millions of dollars we don't have to companies of dubious repute. I have trouble believing they don't know what they are doing. Knowing that their tenure will expire in January 2013, they are ramming through policies which they know will be to the great disadvantage to the nation. If the the U.S. economy is weakened, that is of little moment to them. And impeachment is impossible……

    16. Robert says:

      Senator Reid is delusional; the state of the liberal mind leads to that but both Pelosi and Reid are advanced and severe cases of the disease. As for Biden, he says something incredibly stupid every day. In the meantime, all of the top Dems want more spending and notice that the dollars go to (only) Union Members; thus kickbacks and bribes increase.
      Government spending won't have an impact on this economy; the government needs to simply get the hell out of the way and re-instate Glass-Steigel. The presidents several "economists" are all fine economists but, to a man, each is mathematically and ethically challenged.

    17. Government has become a farce. The likes of Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid represent the most outrageous caricatures in this circus as seen in this latest attempt to blackmail the taxpayers into enhancing the wealth of their constituency.

      It has become so reprehensible and the actions of government at the federal level so self-serving and corrupt that from the perspective of this Libertarian ‘they all must go’. All 357 of these less than honorable, over compensated incompetents.

      They do not know how to fix anything because they have never done anything other than pander for votes.

      (Continued in next comment)

    18. It is time this country went back to the part time legislator who received a nominal salary for their term of service but held onto their full time job…if they ever had one.

      Government will then become less intrusive and more appropriate.

      Possibly, if we have people representing us in Washington that must live in our world and deal with our everyday issues (like health care costs that have risen in my little company 139% of the rates in 2008) we will see actions that benefit us all and the country.

      I am sure I am not in a minority when I say that the entire despicable spectacle that this government has become, Democrat and Republican, has reached the level promoting vomit.

      G. Hugh Bodell, Author http://www.ghughbodell.com

    19. toledofan says:

      Another home run article; good job. It's becoming so clear that the democarts are finally starting to see some of the problems Obama is causing for them, the party and the country. It was great to see some of the Democrats stand up and say sorry we can't vote for this. One thing is for sure; the public sector unions will stand firm with the Obama Administration to try and protect their fiefdom.

    20. Karla, CA says:

      Good for the Democrat senators who voted down this monstrosity. I'm very surprised and suspect it's politically motivated (how many are up for re-election next year?), but pleased, nonetheless.

    21. C. Hyatt says:

      Clowns, one and all. The best quote I have heard of late is "why is it that if you lie to congress you can get 30 years in prison, but when they lie to the voters, taxpayers and U.S. citizen's, they get 2 more years in office". It's time to remove the dead wood, prune the shrubs, apply new paint and fix the broken window – many of the current group of elected officials need to be removed from office via the process of a vote. Not a single one of these guys got the point in the 2010 mid-term elections. The voter needs to just keep removing them until the point is crystal clear……stop wasting our money, spending our hard earned savings and in general promoting your best interests.

    22. Casey Carlton says:

      Do Biden and Reid tell lies all the time just to stay in practice, or are they really as dumb as they sound?

    23. Jeanne Stotler says:

      I am still waiting for Reid , Obama and even Biden say they'll take a pay cut to help steady the economy. I don't think I am wrong, but local gov'ts. pay for Police, fire etc. Unions are what makes these a no hire job, most localities are trying to keep within budget's. Schools should not be forced to keep teachers on the payroll that cannot teach, and subject matter should be true teaching not all the left wing junk being forced down our students throats. Stop Spanish American and African American months, teach "This is America" and show WHY our forefathers came here. Smaller gov't., restore our rights as under the "Bill of Rights" and follow our "Constitution"

    24. Jack W Estes says:

      It should be clear to the American people by now that this POTUS and his minions are hopelessly addicted to spending other people's money. No one seems to be able to halt their insane plan to run this nation into the ground. 2012 cannot come soon enough for me.

      Jack D Bear
      Denton, Texas

    25. Helen says:

      If it were not so very sad it would be hilarious. We really have a group running this Country that if it were a movie we would say it could not possibly be. We would rate the movie, not matter how funny as a total dud!
      But truth be told we have dumb IObama), dumber (Biden), Dumbest (Pelosi) beyone word description (Reid).
      Beyond that we have crooked, crookeder,crookedst and beyond description in the same order as above.
      God, we really, really need your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. DAVE LANGDON says:


    27. Shawmut says:

      I'd like to see proof (PROOF) that the US Government has ever paid back the money it looted, or proof (PROOF) it did not, from Social Security gaing back to Lyndon Johnson's "War on Poverty".
      If not the, appropriate interest alone could cover our deficiencies; if it did, it proves that "entitlement" spending is useless.

    28. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Don't screw with the facts, Joe.

    29. flyboy36 says:

      Heritage's James Sherk is way off — claims that a 392,000 decrease in govt jobs is only 1.8%. Since govt employment (civil service) nationwide is a little over 2 million, this job loss is close to 20%.

    30. 1600 Watch says:

      Informative post. Thank you.

    31. spencer says:

      Joe Biden is either dumb as a bloodhound or just flat out lying,(I suspect the latter). Increased police authority and presence means less personal liberty and statistically proven by FBI stats. , increased crime . Police are not required to succeed in rendering assistance and invariably arrive in time to write crime scene reports to initiate investigations (more expenditures) which tend to solve about 7% of them.
      According to current FBI stats.,violent crime is down here in the US another 7% since last year. Proportionately , legal gun ownership is up an equal amount according to stats., on increased licensing of US citizens………..in short more legal guns = less crime !

    32. Stefan Semchyshyn says:

      I keep saying that greed and corruption rules the world in hte name of green political correctness.

    33. stefan semchyshyn says:

      Have our leaders lost their moral compas and look you in the eye while lying through their teeth?

    34. Bobbie says:

      thank goodness these guys are temporary! where are our unfairly taxed property taxes going, joe? How How dare you insinuate allegations of Americans you stated! Is your certainty of increased rapes and murders in regard to the operations of the president's "better than the military, neighborhood task force??" Is that their job? If the president doesn't get his way we'll most certaintly be raped and murdered by his "better than the military, neighborhood task forces?

      Your 1st priority is to protect us yet you threaten you won't unless you get your way!? You neglect the maintenance of safety of roads and bridges then say their ready to collapse? That's called a failure to do your job. Incompetent in the handling of it! where is the money going?

      Assumable accusations of threats of physical violations used by high officials who don't know their own oath of office, begging to get their way only to use money the way they do, to corrupt more.

      Manage our money honestly and constitutionally and you wouldn't be in this position you put America in! Oh and you're disgusting reference of another threat of a 200 pound man that will force us to submit is as disgusting as the American government has become! You know so much about him, what rank does he have in the "better than the military, neighborhood task force?" Harry Reid is just one more of the same of corrupt, incompetent, threatening, no do gooders. Thank God, your jobs ARE TEMPORARY!

    35. Wayne Peterkin says:

      It is far worse than "an addiction to spending". It is collapsing our economic system under a mountain of debt that can never be repaid nor even managed. The road to tyranny is through this massive growth in government spending, and it is very intentional by those pushing the spending and debt increases.

    36. buck says:

      Of course its tax and spend , the democrats mantra is there only functional ability .

    37. sideslipper says:

      The most disturbing thing about the idiotic behavior of Biden, Reid and Pelosi is what is says about the electorate that put them in office. Same principle applies to Obama on a broader scale.

    38. Al Connelly says:

      The facts need to be reported in a simple to understand format to the independent and "fence sitters" who will go to the poles. We are continually supplying information to those of us who are in agreement but are doing a poor job of making the issues clear to the people who really need to know and who will not research the information on their own volition. Al

    39. Doc Hilliard says:

      We pay tax, the Democrats swipe a great deal of it, the Democrats fork it over to the State and Local government Unions, the Unions receive union due and send a great amount of it to the DNC plus selected Democrats willing to be union's bitch-s. Sure looks like a OPM money-laundering operation to us When the Ponzi scam implodes, as they all do at some point, the criminals in public office push for new and higher taxes in order to keep the gangsters flush with OPM.

    40. N.Y. Nick says:

      In support of HES' comments, I firmly believe that Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi and all the merry Democrats do know what they are doing, be it at the expense of us taxpayers and our nation. By stealing money from us citizens to support public unions is clearly a money laundering scheme. They take our money, give it to public unions who in turn pay their dues with our money and these dues go disproportionately to Democrats in return for favors. Ultimately, we citizens are being economically strangled by the public unions and we are paying them to do so. This has to stop.

    41. Mutantone says:

      Since they are not doing their jobs confiscate their pay and benefits until they produce jobs even if it means using the money allocated for their pay day to produce jobs, they do not get paid again until they have done their job for the American People they represent, after all it is "We the people!" not you the government as they seem fit to put it

    42. Pat O'Lone says:



    43. Augustinian man says:

      First, when it comes to Biden and public remarks, one has to consider his past performances and his IQ.
      Secondly, one has to remember that liberals handle one thought at a time. They don't connect the dots between their progressive thoughts and ideas, and can't comprehend what the effect of a single "good idea" will be after they pass it. They sleep well at night knowing that they are "doing humanity a favor". So when they propose lowering the banks income from Debit transactions they expect the bank to work for free, and are horrified that the banks would then propose raising the fees to have a Debit card. With them its a nit and tuck, constant war, trying to outsmart their opponents. And because the suffer from Liberalism, a known defect of the mind, they can never outwit their opponents, nor can they think ahead of how their opponents might outsmart them.
      Finally, if anyone thinks that adding personnel and salaries to the local and state governments by adding police and teachers, and the federal government paying only the first year's salary will fix the economy, they are deluded. Didn't we just have a rash of police and teacher layoffs? Remember the police jobs that were added years ago with federal funds, and the funding stopped and the states and local government can't balance their budgets and have let the police go? Does any liberal, progressive, sweep well at night liberal remember that the states and local governments are strained by what they owe to government workers' pensions and health care, and they can't meet the obligations?
      So why would anyone with a brain, even Biden or Obama, believe that they could solve this economy by adding to the burden of the states and the local governments.
      However, if you really knew that this would fail, but that the unions would be so incensed at the defeat of adding more union workers, that you'd plan it this way so that you would have a very fired up union base fighting to get you re-elected in spite of the fact that you were the wort administration and worst prsident of this country, and that you make Jimmy Crter look more like a genious?

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