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  • Big Labor Steps Up Its Material Support for 'Occupy' Protests

    Apparently seeking to capitalize on a political movement that shares its general political vision, Big Labor has stepped up its material support for the “Occupy” protesters.

    Scribe noted this week that the AFL-CIO union had taken out advertisements supporting the protests. According to a report from the Washington Post, though, their support extends far beyond paid advertising.

    Labor groups are mobilizing to provide office space, meeting rooms, photocopying services, legal help, food and other necessities to the protesters. The support is lending some institutional heft to a movement that has prided itself on its freewheeling, non-institutional character.

    And in return, Occupy activists are pitching in to help unions ratchet up action against several New York firms involved in labor disputes with workers.

    It’s a win-win for the two groups. The protesters can leverage unions’ resources and immense political muscle, while unions can recruit shock troops for campaigns against businesses both in New York and elsewhere.

    In one case, Occupy activists have helped union workers disrupt the rarified environs of Sotheby’s art auction house, which is engaged in a contract dispute with about 40 of its art handlers.

    A joint demonstration of Occupy activists and telephone workers is planned for Friday to target Verizon, and Occupy organizers say more unions are reaching out to a newly formed labor relations committee to ask for help in planning future actions…

    “We’re hoping this will inspire them to take on more militant tactics,” said Jackie DiSalvo, an Occupy Wall Street organizer who has been coordinating with labor. “The fact that they’re willing to support more militant tactics might mean that they’re willing to start doing more.”

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    12 Responses to Big Labor Steps Up Its Material Support for 'Occupy' Protests

    1. Bobbie says:

      wow, how sad and unfortunate to those who follow like sheep including the head sheep. now militant wolves in sheep's clothing. it's sad to witness how low life Americans have become by deceptive influence. All this time and money spent, people quiting their jobs (hypocrites) to join, just not reflective to what Americans once were shown to be ethical and dignified with a general sense of intelligence. all must've been publically educated under the John Dewey syndrome? Bet the President is just waiting to release his "better than the military neighborhood task force!"

    2. carol,az says:

      "Militant tactics, by using fax machines office space, food, legal help?"

      The unions won't pay for these occupiers; are you kidding?
      Maybe they will throw a few dozen hamburgers to a few, as pro-bono payment for the usury for their agenda. We've all seen this before in America. .

      This disenfranchised human gathering has one agenda ;
      "They feel frustrated"
      Oh really?
      Why is any press pandering to this group of pretenders, AKA, protesters, and wasting our time.
      We have far more important issues as seen by the announcement by Wall Street, who will be eliminating 10,000 jobs there.
      Oh I forgot , not too worry , the unions will rehire them.

    3. Sandy says:

      What's the government up to while we're distracted with this nonsense.

    4. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Occupy the AFL-CIO, Occupy the SEIU!

    5. M Miller says:

      Martial law what else. No elections and Obama can do what he wants to,

    6. Spunky says:

      Shame on adults who pander to this sort of mentalily. If it is money they want, I say, flip a hamburger, mop a floor, dig a ditch, care for a child or an elderly person, get a skill and produce something. Unions are nothing more than big kids bullying and I kids in schools get in big trouble for such actions.

      This is not my America.

    7. Kenneth says:

      I don't see that this movement can last very long. The OWS protesters will wear out. Wall street cannot give to them whatever it is that they are demanding. They are wrong to use militant tactics to bully businesses.They are a collection of frustrated and now angry fringe of a population that does not fit in, except in their own counter culture.

    8. HES says:

      Some might call this the "escalation" of the conflict, as in Viet Nam war days. It is not "big news" to me that the big unions (SEIU?) are getting more involved in this mess. It was pretty obvious that unions were involved from day one, even probably, in the planning stages during the past two months. That obscure anti-Semitic rag in Vancouver got the ball rolling, but they were almost certainly not alone. This campaign of anarchy, nihilism and "Street Power" has revolution as its goal, and that has already been asserted, and it is almost certain that such was the goal at the outset. The "hippies" and the SDS and similar gangs did not disappear in the "70's," they merely went dormant, waiting for an opportunity. Oddly, (?) this is taking place during Obama's tenure, and one is constrained to review his connections to F. M. Davis, the Ayers, Acorn, perhaps to Cloward and Piven, Also his choice of Browner, Sunnstein, Van Jones, et al. to be in his administration. so much has happened during the past 30 months, it is hard to remember it all, but it was nearly all bad, from a historian's point of view (unless the historian were a Leftist)

    9. 65corkyw65 says:

      When I see these people protesting I wonder how many still use their BANK for paying bills, food etc??? To me, it looks more like down town Bagdad, a bunch of clowns running around, dirty and following anyone who can yell the loudest……

    10. NeoConVet says:

      Look at the Uions misguided support in another way…. the more they throw into the hole known as the "Flea Party", it means FEWER Dollars to support the Pamered Poodle in the WH as he continues his peretual re-election bid!!
      Perhaps that is why we are seeing more Fed Loans to his bundlers who have investments in various So-called Green Start-ups! Nothing like a good money laundering effort to drive more "contributions" or "kick-backs"!!

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