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  • Online Chat on No Child Left Behind

    One of the main focuses of the Senate this week has been the re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), known in this iteration as No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Heritage has been at the forefront of the opposition to the massive federal overreach in centralizing Education. Click here to Join us right now for our “Lunch with Heritage” chat. We are joined by Senior Education Policy Analyst Lindsey Burke and she takes your questions about what is in the latest re-authorization, and how Obama wants to re-authorize it.

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    10 Responses to Online Chat on No Child Left Behind

    1. lights on says:

      "No child left behind" doesn't need a village or government costs to implement. Children need motivation but teachers are restricted to motivate where union and the federal government rules. One child might be motivated over another! huh shame!

      Please have them both dismissed as their expense is not worthy or significant to it's claimed intent. If public education can't function on it's own, without the backing of corrupt unions or without the corruption of mounting red tape of the federal government, public education isn't needed or wanted! Children deserve proper education, not quality social engineering!

    2. Susan McLellan says:

      As a recently retired Special Education teacher in Detroit Public Schools NCLB is the equivalent to Nationalized Healthcare. The devil is in the details but more in the implementation. Waste and incompetence are the foundation as we watch our schools crumble. The flawed standard of measurement, once meant for children, is now used for teachers. In the effort to spread intelligence, we have compromised services to general and special needs children. ____The laws that require full inclusion and eliminate special education classes have misrepresented our success. In the urban schools, with overcrowded classes, half the class has pre-determined cognitive and emotional impairments and the individual staff and services required by law are not provided. Children graduating unable to read are impaired and progressive reformers, in their own self-serving interests use these scores to demonize teachers and traditional public schools. No amount of "differentiated instruction" is going to solve this massive problem in the urban schools.____

      • Mekei says:

        there are no laws that "require full inclusion" for special ed students. "Inclusion" is not mandated in either IDEA2004 or NCLB. LRE is determined on an individual basis and sometimes means an IEP student's LRE is out of the gen ed classroom. Parents may advocate for "full inclusion" to their child's own peril at times, but full inclusion is a fantasy word that educators and parents like to throw around as a 'right.'

    3. Susan McLellan says:

      Like any school system, we have some good and bad. Charter Schools are no different and don't do things any differently than public schools. Educating children hasn't changed that much, nor have the strategies, just political correctness and verbiage. Although they are represented as "free-market" they are costing taxpayers billions with little difference in result. They are not held to the same standards, don't educate the same children and are not held accountable for results. Schools of Choice (spreading the intelligence), have diminished our communities and lowered test scores throughout suburban areas. Many are choosing schools of choice because that is already up and running in their own community ant the reslut is scary. The Gov. in Michigan wants to eliminate school bounderies altogether and make every school in Michigan a School of Choice! How fair is that?

    4. Susan Mclellan says:

      Inept leadership is shuffled around the country and by far the most significant problem in our public schools. In Detroit, EFM's, having complete gov. control and brought in with absolutely no experience in the development of children. The EFM's have made matters far worse both in academic achievement and financial integrity, yet not held accountable. Recently, Detroit spent nearly a half million to bring in a new Chancellor, John Covington, to operatee 41 FORCED public Charter Schools. This leadet broke a contract with Kansas City to enter Detroit. Kansas City lost accreditation as a result of his reforms and scores were much lower than before his leadership, punitive in nature. The Gov. intends for his leadership to be the model for Charter Schools across Michigan and he's incompetent! The "reform" leader before the EFM just won a lawsuit for $650,000 because a school board official exposed himself in her presence, the one before her was fired for incompetence, and the one before that in prison for 20 years. Any organization is only as good as it's leaders.

    5. Susan McLellan says:

      Michelle Rhee is very misleading and self-serving, her boyfriend operates Charter Schools. She cries of tenure and poor teachers, yet recently lost a oourt battle. She fired 75 teachers on a whim, all returned with full back pay, not due to tenure but because of her inept means of firing them which was "arbitrary and capracious." Tenure laws do not prohibit poor teachers from being fired, they protect their voice, which is why I waited until retirement to become involved in this debate. Teachers are fired or laid off all over the country and replaced with candidates from "Teach for America." Very poor examples we're hearing about with no formal background and little oversight, funded by the government and being sent to classrooms in droves. Hope and change along with inexperience has gotten our schools to where we are.

    6. Susan McLellan says:

      Teachers in Detroit were audited for their Highly Qualified status and those not qualified were sent back to school or fired. Yet, recently in a government auditing, over 80 overlapping agencies were set up to assure Highly Qualified status costing taxpayers billions; redundency and waste. This is just a buzz concept to further the demise of public schools and promote progressive reformers who need our schools to fail. The agencies, breaucracy, leaders and reforms spurred by NCLB have cost the schools years of experience through early retirement and discrimination; age, political origin and whatever! They have diminished our reputation around the world. They have destroyed the integrity of dedicated teachers and spent billions upon billions meant for children and learning. Yet, many wonder why over half the teachers leave in the first five years. They see the application and implications of NCLB which has set children and teachers up to fail. It has compromised great programs we once took for granted: art, music, home ec, woodshop; areas where some children could be successful. Also, they have gutted services for Spec. Ed. children; denying them smaller size classes, individual instruction, adapted materials and individualized testing.

    7. Susan McLellan says:

      Leaders don't provide basic maintenance, cutting staff, they can barely cut the grass let alone fix building problems. In 2009, Detroit was given $500.5 M stimulus funds. They spent $315 M for overpriced land and building construction, $166M for renovation, 20M to tear down buildings they didn't take care of. 42M for a high tech police station, $534,000 on scanning dectectors. $40M on a reading program (12%of the debt), and no resources to train. Office space at the FIsher Building in Detroit costs $24M to lease five floors, more than the owner spent to purchase it one year earlier. Later, 34M to purchase the space and millions in rare art work. $1.6 M on administrative travel while bussing is cut. In the first year, the EFM gave himself an $86,000 raise on his already upwards of $425,000 annual income. Teachers made 93M in concessions, no raise since 2001 and the EFM decided to take $500.00 per month from their paycheck as a "loan." Principals, outside consultants (which they need because they don't recognize the one's on the payroll) and administrators all rec'd raises. Vendor profit is obscene. Yet, the EFM departe with a $327 M debt. We worry about Sylondra?

    8. Susan McLellan says:

      Cronyism is rampant, political favoritism permeates all levels of bureaucracy. Hence, the 40M reading program. The CFO, brought to the district with the Superintendent, formally worked with Houghten Mifflin, providing them the largest publishing contract in history. Many leaders already have interests in the "free market" Charter Schools, and they wouldn't be there if not knowing the money such programs generate. Hiring and supporting the integrity of inept leaders is common practice, while the media facilitates their bogus claims of experience with children. Even politicians in Michigan are leaving their posts to enter the educational reform madness. The latest EFM is a retired General Motors executive, and we know what happened there! NCLB is a very disappointing disaster to a dedicated master teacher and National Healthcare will prove no different. Please don't blame the nurses as healthcare suffers the same demise!

    9. Susan McLellan says:

      Oh, and one more comment, teachers will return this year facing a 10% paycut and 20% cut in healthcare. The Union, as powerful as many think they are prove useless to good teachers or children.

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