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  • A Small-Business Owner's Message to "Occupy Wall Street"

    Camping out for nearly a month, yelling, chanting, and painting signs is apparently some people’s idea of a good time. But given all this time on their hands, and with just a little guidance, “Occupy Wall Street” protestors might really make a difference. They could, for example, help out this small-business owner.

    Gene Mark has some creative action items for the protestors of “Occupy Wall Street.” In his witty Huffington Post piece, filled with good-natured sarcasm, Mark calls on the protestors to help his small business during protest down time. Trying to stay afloat in this low-growth economy and burdened with regulations, a complicated tax structure, and strong competition, his business would really appreciate a helping hand from this energetic group. He has jobs to fill and academic fat cats to slaughter, among other requests:

    “…can you maybe study up on a couple of programming languages like C Sharp or Visual Basic?…The reason why I ask this is that my company does a lot of work with technology and we can’t seem to find skilled people to do the work that we have.…Would you mind dropping in on John Sexton, the President of NYU, who earns $1.3 million a year? I mean, if you’re going to protest greed, you might as well protest the higher education industry’s greed too. Because of the bloated administrations and tenured professors that have created this system, it’s going to cost me upwards of $55,000 per year to send each of my three kids to college.”

    “Occupy Wall Street” protestors have an entirely different notion—giving more power to the government that bailed out the financial sector with taxpayer money and continues to generously distribute corporate welfare. According to Democratic pollster Doug Schoen,

    “What binds a large majority of the protesters together—regardless of age, socioeconomic status or education—is a deep commitment to left-wing policies: opposition to free-market capitalism and support for radical redistribution of wealth, intense regulation of the private sector, and protectionist policies to keep American jobs from going overseas.”

    Wall Street is the wrong place to occupy if they’re truly concerned with corporate influence over government. The bloated government that has overstepped its constitutional boundaries is at the source of the crony capitalism they decry.

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    17 Responses to A Small-Business Owner's Message to "Occupy Wall Street"

    1. Robb714 says:

      While respecting their right to free speech, perhaps just ignoring them like whining three-year olds they will soon get distracted by another shiny object and go away. Meanwhile enforce the laws and keep a running tab of the added tax payer expense and send a bill to their instigators. The most productive solution otherwise would be to erect a sign pointing to "K" Street saying free cookies.

      • @WitStopBlog says:

        Robb714 — I appreciate your suggestion to bill the instigators. You can send one of those bills to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20500.

      • Lloyd Scallan says:

        Robb714 – I disagree that by "just ignoring" these criminals, they will "go away". Many are being paid to be there. It's their job as professional protesters. Some who are ideoligically connected may leave,
        but other will not becase they have made their final objectives know. This is the final push by the communist, Marxist, and socialist to achive Obama's agenda to end capitalism. They know it and they know that the only chance they have is to end it with violence. It will come!

    2. Bobbie says:

      why is there a disparity argument regarding the free market/private sector? Teachers in private schools will teach regardless of pay because they're sincere to their position, work with integrity and are driven to make a positive difference to the children they teach. Look at the poorly educated of public government system. Public schools hold children hostage for more money. Saying "its for the kids" even though any increase goes into the administrations benefit packages and pockets. Individual intelligence isn't promoted only equal education while exploiting children to help themselves to even higher pay!

      In free market businesses people start out at the wage of a job they choose to apply for and earn increases according to company policy and/or work ethics and if interested, climb the ladder like everyone else! There's no constitutional need for government overreach in what we have and can do again, for ourselves. Privatize schools and get government out of the peoples business.

      It's sad to see and hear this behavior of Americans when their message is based on manipulated beliefs. People putting down the elderly in public, yelling right in their face, is just disgraceful! How dare people put judgment on people they don't know but just influenced by others to do so.

      Good job and good luck to the small-business owners on wall street. Hopefully those in occupied mode will come to realize the money that doesn't generate is in the hands of government who has limitless incomes of no worth or benefit to all America! The government who assumes authority where they don't belong continues their hindrance of ALL economic growth!

    3. Sad that this is what you pay a college 50 grand a year for….Did anyone of their parents know that their kids are going to be communists out of college?

    4. Slick says:

      I just heard this morning that a MAJOR Ivy League school on the East Coast – who shall remain nameless – has just issued an "edict from the supreme ruler" which says that NO religious group may require their leaders to believe in the principles of their religion, be required to lead prayer, etc. HOWEVER, this new edict does NOT apply to other organizations such as organized atheists, organized gay community, organized communists, etc. Perhaps it is time for some conservative "fat cat" to put up the money to take THAT institution of higher learning to court for discrimination!! Two can play the game of being restricted right out of existence!

      I am wondering why conservatives are sending their children to these kinds of colleges in the first place. Surely there is an institution of higher learning that respects and encourages conservative values and strong moral fiber! Our public schools are overrun with the progressive agenda, and it is time to get the federal government AND the progressive indoctrination OUT!!!

    5. howiem says:

      Since they are all for wealth re-distribution, all small business owners should help them by taking their property and money, fumigating all of it and then using them for something productive. That should should put them in absolute pigs'…I mean Marxist heaven.

    6. carol,az says:

      What is news? or clear media sleaze for the continued reporting and pandering by all press, for this useless story about Wall Street occupiers. .
      Why do any of us care ?
      This is America propaganda reporting that has no point of view, no purpose, and fully supported by Obama and Bloomberg using once again, "'class warfare agenda."
      You can smell the fear coming from D.C., as legal due process close rank around Holder, using this as a diversion. But I'm certain most of America won't see it that way , yet.

    7. Don says:

      Great post. I've worked since I was 12 years old at various jobs throughout my working life. I went to college on the GI Bill 4 nights a week while working a full time job. I relocated several times in my career and tried to keep my kids in good schools, a nice home and teach them solid family values. They are all doing well and I am proud of them and I am also pleased with our current finamcial condition to live out the rest of my days. These young protesters have no idea what it is to work. They COULD find a job if they wanted to, it may not be the highest paying, mine weren't, but sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to move ahead. They blame everyone else for their plight. Their parents are the ones who should be ashamed, they footed the bill for their college and I'm sure had higher expectations. To the city leaders in each of the locations where these groups have formed, get out the fire hoses and clear them out.

      • Bobbie says:

        thank you, Don. I had some victims of my own that were socially engineered by our misleading assumption they were being taught truth in history, social studies and science in public overpriced government education. Notice the term "had." No longer victims but well in tuned to the truth and strength of America's concept and what it takes to be and live free from government dependency. Freedom! Our American dream of today!

        We are not financially stable but could be without the expense of unconstitutional government we didn't expect, don't or want benefit from and it gets scary at times, but am grateful all the same that we as family, do make it day to day…

        Excellent suggestion for city leaders that deserve some form of arrest!! God Bless you, your family and the American way!!

    8. Diomasach says:

      What I love is that they simultaneously want to destroy Capitalism AND have corporations pay for all their demands. Umm, sorry guys, if you drive the corporations out of business you'll have to pay for all your free stuff yourselves.

    9. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Many of these are professional protesters that are being paid and supported by Obama, unions, and Democrats to be there, It's their job. They are not there to help anyone that does not support the end
      of capitalism.

    10. Caroline says:

      They are sheep following Soros, Union leaders, Obama, Van Jones and several others and when they finally find out what the agenda really is it will be too late. Stop being sheep and read your history books and get informed from the people who want to tell the "real" truth. Why aren't you on Obama's steps, he is spreading a lot of mistruths and you are falling for it. He needs to step down and let someone who knows how business really runs take over.

    11. Kenneth says:

      Just by the looks of them I can see why they can't find a job…who would hire them with their attitudes & beliefs? Of course a business owner would not want to hire any of these protestors with their lack of work ethic , far left ideas, and lack of foresight to see that protesting wall street will not get them anywhere. Anyone with integrity and self confidence would not need to be and OWS protestor.

    12. howiem says:

      If God wanted us to be burdens on other people, he would have made us all Democrats.

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