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  • Sen. Rand Paul on Occupy Wall Street, Repealing No Child Left Behind

    The latest iteration of No Child Left Behind comes before a Senate committee tomorrow with bipartisan support. But if Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has anything to say about it, the bill won’t go anywhere fast.

    Paul, the Tea Party favorite who won election last November, has promised to introduce 100 amendments, including a complete repeal of No Child Left Behind. That could significantly slow down the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

    His approach seeks to reduce the federal government’s role in education and return control to local communities. Earlier today he visited Heritage to share his strategy and explain why he compares No Child Left Behind to Obamacare.

    Paul also addressed the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protest in New York and similar demonstrations taking place across America. He warned of the “mob mentality” on display and the “lurking danger” of the movement.

    The interview runs about 5 minutes. Hosted by Rob Bluey and produced by Brandon Stewart. For more videos from Heritage, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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    10 Responses to Sen. Rand Paul on Occupy Wall Street, Repealing No Child Left Behind

    1. patriot says:

      Having hearings and listening to educators makes sense to me. Sen. Paul could be reminded that some of these occupiers are living on Mom and Dad because they have no jobs and there are no jobs available to them.

      • kmrosamo says:

        there are jobs in certain industries in certain areas… here in houston, our workforce is unable to fill jobs because people do not have the necessary skills… our education system, k-12 and post-secondary, has not prepared our youth with the skills necessary to be successful in these careers…

        • Cleisthenes says:

          The nature of technology is to make things easier in society. If technology makes things more complicated in these jobs then it is regressive, backward technology. HR managers, even in Houston, are among the least capable in a company at recognizing talent. If jobs require skills, it would be better to apprentice someone rather than looking for some ridiculous certification. Further, really talented individuals can be recognized in high school and earlier. HR managers do not realize that talent trumps certifications. They can't recognize talent because they don't have it themselves. The quickest way to make a company more successful is to change the HR regime so it is able to recognize talent, rather than degrees or certifications. A talented person does not necessarily need a strong school system either, as kmrosamo thinks.

    2. Bobbie says:

      It's sad that practicality, efficiency and restricting government to their proper role is "old fashion." But it's become what it's become under poor leadership from past to present. "No Child Left Behind" actually lessens the teachers' abilities and talents to make a difference. It's results are insignificant to it's understood intent that is merely speculation ONLY from the beginning. It's not fair to the tax payers as there is no direct or indirect benefit. It's a daycare! If parents want it, let them foot the bill as they and THEIR children are the only ones benefiting! Thank you to Mr. Paul, for standing to repeal this unfair, costly, burdensome overreach!!

    3. Laura says:

      Yes, Senator Paul, let's return education to the states and local communities because Kentucky is already showing they know how to do a great job educating their children <sarcasm>.

      Where are the jobs, Senator?

      • Slick says:

        Dear Laura . . . Since Senator Paul is the designated "stand-in" for Big O since his arrival in Washington, it certainly is HIS responsibility to create those jobs that will make a difference across the board!

        You need to take a deep breath, and then ATTACK the real source of the problem . . . which is YOUR Prez!!!!! He has had those trade agreements which will help increase production here in America for how long??? Something like three years . . . does that mean NO ONE has cleaned off his desk in all that time OR does it mean this man thinks such action is appropriate and that it is more important to play golf and vacation than do HIS job!!!!!

        Jeez, you progressives need to get a life . . . you can't all be ignorant about what is really going on in this country!!!!!

      • Bobbie says:

        by golly the expense of the federal government's intrusion on top of state and local expenses, would surely give you qualified teachers wouldn't they? Ask Obama where the jobs are, he's the one that got rid of them!

    4. buck says:

      Ron Paul for president and Rand Paul for the nexy president . The Pauls seem to have the values and principles America needs to regain its former greatness and return to its roots as the light of the world .

    5. Cleisthenes says:

      Senator Paul's economic analysis is always going to be wrong if he does not ascribe the trade deficit and outsourcing as a primary cause of the Great Recession. The unemployment came from the trade deficit and outsourcing. The Fed reacted to loosen credit in order to relieve unemployment. This added risk into the financial system. When the Fed loosens credit it adds strength to the banks, finance and Wall Street. The advantage of the corporations and the rich over the rest of society is the ease in which they get credit and finance. The protesters have the correct feeling that Wall Street is a problem. They might not know the nature and the history of the problem, but they know it is there. Senator Paul neither acknowledges the nature of the Wall Street problem or the underlying cause of the trade deficit.

    6. Leon Lundquist says:

      That is the same tactic that got us Thought Crime in Traffic Law, States were denied funds if they didn't tow the Federal Line. Then it was Statistical Probability to substitute for real damages, Habias Corpus, now the tactic is to deny States funds if a State fails to put in defective Education Standards! Down with the Department Of Education, Sen. Ryan is absolutely right the point is the erosion of American Education with totally unworkable methods and curriculum. When was multiple choice the standard for testing? We have been permanently dumbed down in American Education. Dumb and Dumber, how can you dumb it down even further? Stick it to them, Paul! Good for you!

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