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  • Morning Bell: Wall Street is the Wrong Place to Occupy

    A new USA Today/Gallup poll shows that when it comes to assigning blame for the country’s economic woes, more Americans point the finger at Washington, not Wall Street. Yet for weeks, the so-called Occupy Wall Street protesters have camped out in the heart of America’s financial district–and have raised their voices in cities across the country and around the world–decrying the capitalist system as the root of all evil.

    On Sunday, these anti-capitalist protesters got a helping hand from none other than the President of the United States. Barack Obama was all too glad to lend support to the protests–which have at times been marked by shows of violence and lawlessnesssaying during a speech dedicating the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial that King would have supported the movement. And yesterday, a White House official said that during his latest “jobs” bus tour, the President would be speaking to the ”the interests of the 99 percent of Americans”–echoing the protesters’ “99 percent” slogan.

    It’s all very ironic. President Obama’s policies have helped create and prolong the economic conditions that are causing America’s frustrations. It’s not surprising that, at a time of 9.1 percent unemployment, there is great dissatisfaction with policies that hurt the economy while helping political cronies and bailing out banks and financial groups.

    But the policies that the Occupy Wall Street protesters are advocating–and their rejection of the capitalist system–won’t make the economy any better for the 14 million unemployed Americans and all those who are struggling in this stagnant economy. In fact, many of the demands voiced by the protesters are outright dangerous and would send us further from their own stated goal of improving economic conditions for the “99 percent.”

    For instance, calls for severe limits on trade are a prescription for a second Great Depression and would hurt the poor in America and around the world most of all. The same is true for penalizing financial transactions through additional taxation or regulation. Capital is the lifeblood of job creation–starting viable new businesses or expanding existing employment opportunities is impossible without a thriving financial sector.

    As the life of Steve Jobs shows, the free market has provided more wealth and spurred more innovation than any other system in history. Much as they try to vilify private enterprise, the protesters cannot deny this fact, especially as they use their iPhones to connect to AT&T or Verizon wireless networks in order to spread their messages on Facebook and Twitter. All of those innovations were bred and put into their hands because of the free market. Capitalism, by which is meant nothing more or less than respect for private ownership and the freedom to transact with other human beings, has provided more opportunity, increases in living standards, and overall well-being for the greatest number than any other system ever devised. It depends on freedom and in turn generates more freedom.

    The protesters are right to decry out-of-control bailouts and corporate subsidies. The Heritage Foundation, too, has long denounced out-of-control bailouts and subsidies. Expanding the size of government will not end such policies, however. Instead it will expand them, as Obama’s expansion of bailout programs and support for aid to favored, politically connected energy companies shows. Moreover, while the protesters are decrying Wall Street bailouts, many are advocating for more bailouts for themselves, such as student loan forgiveness and mortgage bailouts. This is just as contrary to the capitalist system as is bailing out failed industries.

    Ultimately, the protesters are expressing dissatisfaction with the direction America is heading. That dissatisfaction is shared by many Americans on the right, left, and center. America is headed in the wrong direction. But the answer is not to accelerate the present course of more government and less freedom. Instead we need to free ourselves from over intrusive government and trust the 99 percent to make their own decisions in a free marketplace.

    The protesters are right to be frustrated with the state of the economy, the continued unemployment, and the lack of job creation and opportunity. But there’s a better way to solve the problem–the government should do no more harm, get out of the way, and let private, free enterprise work.

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    60 Responses to Morning Bell: Wall Street is the Wrong Place to Occupy

    1. Yolanda Rene says:

      Your head is in the sand. Sure Wall Street shouldn't get all the blame. The majority of blame should go to George W Bush and his felonious actions of the Iraq war draining our country's check book like a gold digger would an old billionaire. Wallstreet has a fair share of corruption and greed.

      • brassia says:

        Well, if anyone's hear is in the sand it is YOURS!
        As much as I disagreed with Bush'd policies he had been out of office for 3 years and the condition of our country deteriorated rather rapidly. Obama not only continued the war in Irag he escalated the activities in Afghanistan with even more stringent fight with hands tied) policies, he also added few other wars- drones in Lybia, Yemen and now Africa. why are you still in the past instead of seeing of the disaster that presidency is. And what about crony capitalism with BILLIONS of money given to few Green energy companies like Sylandra that had been lobbied by the relatives of Pelosi, Podesta, etc? And what about FAST and Furious? Obama wants your head in the sand and blame Bush -this way you will not know what he is doing!!! Fortunately intelligent people do know what is going on.

      • brassia says:

        You are absolutely correct. Government regulations got us here- from Carter and Clinton with Nafta, to Clinton's removing Glass Steigal regulation , to barney Frank/Cris Dodd finance bill (resulting in bank fees for us)….to current stringent EPA regulations…notice one common link?- They are ALL democrooks!!!

      • evermyrtle says:

        Yeah, Bush was holding a gun to O's head and demanded him to commit all of his evil acts.
        Don't we all know that?? Indeed!!!

      • Jeff Dover says:

        Wall Street may have some "corruption". "Greed" — whatever your definition of that might be — is not a crime. Corruption is. If you know of some, report it to authorities and let the law take over. If you don't, well, don't claim it's corrupt. Any of that aside, "Wall Street", produces for our citizens and for the world.

        Government produces nothing. At best, it only consumes. Moreover, in recent years it has to torn down and destroyed much, the destruction being presided over by incompetents messing in areas of our economy where there's no legitimate reason for any incompetent to dabble, all the while raising the costs of doing business horrendously with specious regulations. Their purpose has been to achieve political, not economic ends. You see the result.

        America will choose soon. Does it want more of this…or less?

      • Greg says:

        This problem is an American Problem, it is not left or right anymore… Policies and opportunities this administration has failed. Bush was wrong with what he did while President but Obama was supposed to correct it.. HE Promised the stimulus bill would work, it didn't… 900 billion pretty much wasted.
        Tax the rich and feed the poor would be nice but it is not going to happen. The EPA is ruining this Country with all of the regulations against businesses.. you start a business and see for yourself. The changes are not helping the hurting the economy but no matter what Obama does it is never wrong.

        The left does not challenge him anymore, he had 3 years to put down a budget but would not… he blames others… just like the second grader did in school.. he never ever is going to accept blame for his failed policies… he is only going to divide the Country even further.. Eric Holder, VAN JONES an avowed communist hired by Obama…. what is wrong with that picture..

      • TVan says:

        If it wasn't for Bush, this country would be in a lot worse shape that it is now. Once the democrats took over Congress it was all he could do to keep Barney, Trevor, Nancy and Harry from destroying our economy. Now that we have a president who also is a liberal, the country is suffering the consequences.

    2. John J. Walters says:

      I think some of the OWS movement could be curbed (and put to more rational uses) if we just took a moment to remember that even though life is "hard" sometimes, that we are incredibly fortunate just to live in this country.

      Here's a link to a Maryland Public Policy Institute blog post I wrote for today entitled, "We Are the 1%," talking about exactly that and giving some statistics.

    3. C. Hyatt says:

      The normal guy on the street better be paying attention to who the "seed planters" are in this movement. This movement, I am afraid is full of a lot of people who will follow if organized. How about going to Barney Franks house and protest there. Or for that matter any of the other Congressmen and Women who set up the environment that allowed the housing market to collapse. Keep in mind, Government regulation is the key to your safety, where were they when the housing market went down? And why you might ask were we selling firearms to criminals in Mexico? You people are focused on the wrong guys.

      • brassia says:

        You are absolutely correct. Government regulations got us here- from Carter and Clinton with Nafta, to Clinton's removing Glass Steigal regulation , to barney Frank/Cris Dodd finance bill (resulting in bank fees for us)….to current stringent EPA regulations…notice one common link?- They are ALL democrooks!!!
        In Canada the corporate tax had been reduced from 35% to 12% – their economy is THRIVING!!!
        But you wouldn't hear about it…since we are following Europe courtesy of this administration!

    4. Craig Torrence says:

      Thanks for a very nice and easy message – Yes, they have a right to protest – but they do not have a right to the freedoms that they are demanding – Let the Rich pay my way – No, let capitalist System do its work and no government interference – then you will all have jobs and the educations you are demanding. Then we will all be free to again live in a great country and the best people on the earth. Thanks

    5. Jan says:

      I agree with you fully. I feel sorry for these college kids. They have been indoctrinated in our schools so they buy into the agenda of liberals. They have been prevented from learning factual history so they can make an intelligent assessment as to what is happening. This has jeopardized their ability to see and be part of the solution for their own future! To make matters worse, they are being used as they participate in this demonstration. What a sham and what a shame!

    6. Temujin says:

      Comment Part One
      Mr. Brownfield – Other than vainly trying to create a rhetorical bridge, I really don't understand why any thinking person would say, "The protesters are right to be frustrated…" The so-called "protesters", who are really an unholy mix of anarchists, Communists, Marxists, Sorosists, international union thugs, et al, are NOT protesting the things that you mentioned, i.e. unemployment, lack of job creation and lack of opportunity. Those of them, who can speak in nearly complete sentences, have actually voiced vile hatred against Jews, Capitalism, successful people, etc. ad nauseam.

    7. Temujin says:

      Comment Part Two
      I also disagree with your political geography. You say that the only focal point of the financial meltdown is Washington D.C. While I agree that the government is the chief culprit, I don't think that there is much difference between the government and Wall Street (rather the gargantuan investment bankers and the Fed). The Ivy League Mafia have obliterated the distinction between government and big finance. The White Houses of the last generation (and their Treasury Departments) have been a revolving door of Ivy League connections, in and out of government, using their Ivy League to enrich themselves at the expense of the U.S. taxpayers. We, the taxpayers, will not be able to stop this rampant theft of taxpayer funds, until we realize and solve this puzzle.

    8. James D. Smith says:

      Heritage people are the wrong ones to tell this news to!!!
      You, at the Heritage Network need to tell the OWS people. They are the ones who are misguided, not your Heritage readers. It is pretty simple. Tell them, not us. Telling us is a waste of money. It is like throwing water in the river while the forest is buring right beside you.

      Your readers can and will do nothing because we want you to lead us, not tell us what we already know. All the capitalist think tankers are preaching to the chior. Obviously, the problems persist and get worse year after year. Maybe they would be worse if you weren't preaching to us who are the converted but maybe not.

    9. James D. Smith says:

      I notice how conveniently the protesters are labelled "anti capitalists". I guess that lets everyone off the hook. Your logic seems to be, "Well, they are incorrigable so why bother?" Yet, there are only a few anti capitalists leading this respectful, questioning, group of young people. How do I k now? I have visited as to talk with them. I have heard them organizing in groups between Pine St. and Wall St. near the number 2 train station. Where are you?

      Unfortunately, nowhere but in the living rooms and computers of a group of people who miss perhaps the greatest opportunity in the world to make a great difference.

      You are occupying the wrong blogs, eyes, and ears.
      Do something smart. Reach the OWS group now!

      • Dan Jones says:

        James makes a good point. No one can pass judgment on the OWS group as a whole just by reading the signs. When I protested with the Tea Party there was a wide range of philosophy's represented in the groups. OWS is made up of a broad range of protesters so don't put one bad label on them. Some of them have very legitimate concerns that we Capitalists must listen to and do something positive about before we are outnumbered and defeated.

        • Bobbie says:

          I don't agree with you either, Mr. Jones. Especially regarding the tea party. The signs are all in direct correlation to ONE fight that shouldn't have come to this but that fight is to bring America back! The tea party isn't suggesting any special favors or special interests from government dependency. The more government involves itself unconstitutionally, the less free ALL AMERICANS ARE!

      • Karla, CA says:

        "…respectful, questioning, group of young people." Huh? What's respectful about their signs, their trashing of every park and city they occupy, defecating in the streets, demanding student loans and mortgages to be forgiven? Is that your definition of "respect?" Many of us actually make our loan payments. It's called RESPONSIBILITY. I just don't "get" people like you.

      • Morning Glory says:

        My problem with the whole OWS is that they are so inconsistent with their "demands", so outrageous and unrealistic. Many have no clue why they are out there except to make a pigsty of NYC and other areas. And I'm wondering why they aren't in Hollywood protesting all the wealth that oozes out of the pockets and wallets of the wealthy, capitalist actors and actresses????? I also have a problem with some of the protesters being so violent they have to be arrested……….. as well as being PAID to protest by unions. Some are behaving like animals in that they relieve themselves wherever, whenever they choose. This kind of protest does nothing but grate on the nerves and patience of those of us who do work to support our country. It makes me want to dig in my heels and send a loud strong message to these misguided people that the more they protest for things to change, the harder I'll work to keep them the same.

    10. Lloyd Scallan says:

      The root of these "protesters" is based on the the ideology of ending capitalism. What's left after capitalism, total govrenment control, i.e. socialism, or if you prefer communism. This is exactly why Obama, Dems, and most major unions support these ciminals, both philosophically and financially. The mask is almost completely off. What will it take before we understand what this is actually all about? It's about destroying our economical system which will cause a total collapse of our society.

    11. Walter says:

      I belive you got the facts right and like you artical . to bad we do not have the media coverage rigt on it. The OWS should be at the door of the person who caused the problem . Plus Obama is in bed with wall street. Just check out how much he receive from them. He bail them out with our tax dollars and they return the money to him as a donation. Sound criminal to me. congress need to take action on him and his czars. They need to be impeached.

    12. lee says:

      Get your eyes off ZERO.

    13. Carol M Kite says:

      Too many of these protestors, it's obvious, have nothing better to do, heard like I did that restaurants were serving good food, sounds like a social opportunity to gather together and stage a protest with no particular agenda as most haven't a clue what's happening in America, certainly not the world. This opinion is proven by the fact that most aren't interested in keeping the area they've invaded clean, are disruptive, engaging in open sex, doing drugs, using whatever for a bathroom, changing the setting into a Woodstock lookalike. Disgusting is the fact that it, in many instances, is organized by factions that are bent on destroying all America has stood for, for decades, inciting violence, often paying participants who don't realize Capitalism is what has given America prosperity. The socialist agenda this administration admires is destroying countries around the world. Pay attention to the news, weeding out the dishonest rhetoric.

    14. ron hansing says:

      find that everything is backwards. not to mention hysteria, and hate speech… Why do they allow the antisemtic posters… Unlike the teaparty in which only the anti-black posters which were few , the result of agitators wanting to smear the teaparty. They also told these few people to leave.

      Yes, they should be marching in washington. The problem is that these people are illiterate. They do not realize that the '82 recession had higher unemployment, and once the S&L's were rapidally sold off at 30 cents on the dollar, the economy rebounded.

      Sadly there is so much proaganda, and that is what it is. One example, the poor poor misable middle class. This is BS. When I grew up in a "poor" middle class household, we had one car, two to three in one bedroom, one phone, one bathroom, three pairs of jeans for one year, three shirts, and we were the last one on the block to get a black and white TV that got only one channel.

      • @oc_f1fan says:

        The conditions that you described when you your family grew up is NOT middle class as that's actually lower class – speaking of mislabeling the economic classes.

    15. Ray says:

      OWS should direct their ire not at Wall Street, but at Washington D..C., and not at capitalism, but at the corporatism that the Obama administration has taken to new heights in Ametica.

      An excellent read is "What is American Corporatism" at Frontpagemag.com. What is shown there describes the Obama administration to a tee.

      Indeed, why hasn't OWS protested Obana raking in more money from Wall Street than any politician in the last 20 years?:

      In this current election cycle, Obama has already raked in $7.2 million dollars from Wall Street, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, putting him neck in neck with Romney, who is the supposed consummate shill for Wall Street, but is, nonetheless, an amateur when compared to Obama.

    16. Barbara Shea says:

      Glenn Beck said an interesting thought this morning. Students should go after the schools not Wall St for their student loan problem. Harvard is high at $116,000 for the first year… and they have $25 BILLION
      in the bank, Yale has $15 BILLION and 3rd is Texas with $16 BILLION in the bank !!!!!
      Why do they charge so much?

      • duelles says:

        They know that anyone who is smart enogh to do the work can get a loan or a grant. Why use their precious funds when someone else will do that? The next bubble could be the college education. Some college will figure out that they can succeed by lowering the cost. This cannot happen when our Gov't subsidises loans. We get more of "it" when subsidised, we get lees if it is taxed !!!

      • derrrrr says:

        because the value of a harvard education makes $116,000 look like chump change. cmon aren't you supposed to be the free market people? why are you trying to tell a private institution what to charge?

    17. ron hansing says:

      addenum to previous post:____Now the middle class has at least two cars, more if teenagers are in the house, two-three bathrooms, everyone had a computer and cell phone, and their education paid for by their parents,( I worked my way through college, graduate school, and medical school, cleaning toilets, heavy construction work, washing dishes, … I had all the dirty jobs out there. And I didn't cry in my soup.)____(OK, I do admit that in college with a family, my wife was talked into food stamps, we took them for one month, but only used those two weeks, and we were so ashamed that we tore the rest up. Why didn't we give them to someone else in need, is that we did not want to give them the same shame we felt. To this day, when I think of this, I still shame overwhelms me.) ____Today, the middle class is living like the rich in my middle class days, so where’s the beef. Yes salaries has lagged, but wealth is greater with the increased productively. So, the argument that they are suffering, is a joke. ______I really see no hope for this country. But I know one thing, I AM FREE.____Ron hansing 10.18.11__________

    18. Mike Brosch says:

      It surprises me when journalists and political commentators ignore what I consider a valid and salient point regarding these Occupy Wall Street protestants.
      We did all this in the '60s.
      I hear the same slogans and discussions about who owes what to whom, and who is to blame for what is bad. The characters are different but the issues are the same, and that's not a bad thing. We are all, at the end of the day, Americans. As Americans we have a duty and responsibility to review our lives and to ask our government questions. We also have the right to alter or abolish any form of government which is destructive to the interest of the population. Oddly, that is preciously what the Tea Party is advocating for as well.
      What is no surprise is the attempt by Obama to take the opportunity to exploit the OWS as "his people." Of course nothing could be further from the truth. It may be that some in the OWS protests are anti-capitalist but it is very unlikely many are anti American, and that's where this president has miscalculated. I'm not sure if Obama will ever "get" America. I believe that down in his roots he is a Muslim and as such is an authoritarian and an elitist. I'm not sure he is very smart either, since he seems lost without his script and speaks in such vague terms that he always sounds like a high school sophomore discussing brain surgery to me.
      So I say; "Hell yes! lets get this issue of Wall Street and the banks on the table. Lets open Congressional hearings about why anyone would confuse the American banking system vitality with the Bankers themselves. I want to know why the decisions were made and who made them. I have a right and I have a responsibility to find out. "Cuz I will soon be required to exercise the most sacred right of a free man. I will cast my vote to expel or retain my leadership. I can do this with intelligence or not, and that depends on the honor of the journalist who report the news, like Mike Brownfield.

    19. Allen Finkenaur says:


      Please take a look at this site to explain why these people who are "taking over Wall Street" are there

    20. JSNYC says:

      RE: WALL STREET OCCUPIERS. This seems more like a weed-smoking Woodstock style 'meet, greet, eat, and sleep together' mob made up of mostly 'youngens' with nothing better to do, indigents, Some with a real cause, and tricky Socialist and Marxist political manipulators (eg. the Marxist Canadian logo patenter of WALL STREET OCCUPIERS and Bill Ayers' Black Panther friend). These Flea (vs. Tea) Party 'I'm fed up and I want a share, NOW" re-distributors of wealth hopefuls may not be the kind of person anyone wants to hire – and a resume with that on one's record may hamper job chances.

    21. duelles says:

      Twitter, facebok,etc is only effetive due to the Government's investment in the internet and its creation. This would eventually have happened anyway. Gov't does play a role as we know from the space program and all the innovations derived from that. KEY is that these innovations are thrown out to the public to make use of and invest in on our own. People do control what happens and what is created in a beneficent atmosphere allowing the formation and use of capital.

    22. JsFrom Chicago says:

      Why don't they get wise, & protest the GE company? If they would at least pay thier taxes, & what they owed for back-taxes America would be in much better shape. Also it would be 'Fair'. I'm sure there are other companies that are just as guilty, but they're hidding it!

    23. TB.....fl says:

      This article gives far too much credit to and lends undeserved validity to the OWS mob. Criticism preceded by obligatory niceties always lessens the effectiveness the debate. If in fact the protesters are anti-capitalist social democrats as the overwhelming majority who speak to an enabling media are quick to proclaim, by definition they are the enemy of any free market proponent, period. The good news is the protesters are no where near 99% of the population. The bad news is they committed to their cause, no matter how misguided, and will not go quietly into the night. Much like socialism, appeasement is destined to be an abject failure. The protesters should be given no quarter by anyone who favors capitalism over socialism.

    24. evermyrtle says:

      When will America finally learn that what our pretender president has "DELIBERATELY" done, everything was to bring down America, to ruin her, to bring her knees. When the right people discover this heinous fact, maybe we can get back on track, if it is not too late. His evil plan was to make us a Muslim nation, to join the eastern nations to put GOD and HIS people out of commission. IT CAN'T BE DONE, GOD WILL BE HERE WITH HIS PEOPLE, WHEN EVERYONE OF THEM IS GONE.

    25. Joan from Dallas says:

      Fundamental change is happening as promised by our President. The bailouts, continuous spending, forgiving student loans and mortgages, setting higher business restrictions, open borders, is all part of the larger plan for the new America. Those of us unemployed and underemployed American citizens are being replaced in the workforce by substandard, uneducated foreigners who know nothing about American business; we will never be gainfully employed again. Here in Texas, the educated unemployed, the young and retired, can't even get a job working at the grocery or local bank, it's all immigrants. The plan for the new America is to be one with Mexico and to send our wealtharound the world, even moreso than it is today.

    26. Susan says:

      Your comments this morning are spot on from where I sit. Many young folks have had everything given to them and are being influenced by the very liberal professors of this country's colleges. I grew up in a very Democratic inspired home but never once did my dad GIVE me money for college or spending money. He said " you will have to put yourself through school if you want an education". I worked in a meat packing company in the lard room and on cattle kill and it did me no harm. I learned what hard work was at 18 and I wish America's parents would stop all of this catering to the "kids". I saw many folks whom I am sure were bussed into NYC for this gathering…. There is no free lunch people…stop the crybaby routine and take care of business. Put the blame where it really belongs..on Obama. Where was he last year when the economy was tanking,….he was pushing through a flawed healthcare plan that no one wanted.

    27. Jeff Dover says:

      There you go, giving these protesters credence, taking them at face value as you do the president.

      These people are part of a leftist orchestration. This didn't "just happen" and they're not right to be "frustrated with the economy". That's because they do not want meaningful, productive work. They don't want a job. They only want us to do the work and then give them handouts and a title.

      As long as Republicans and non-leftist academia continue to talk as if this is all legit, understandable if wrong and as if the president means well, we're doomed to remain here and revisit it if we ever straighten it out this time.

    28. Dan Jones says:

      I don't know any group that has surveyed the Occupy crowds and made an accurate accounting of who all the attendees are and what their political affiliation is so I don't believe anyone is in a position to label them. From all the accounts I have viewed their is a mix of people who have different agendas. OK! we agree that many of them are really an unholy mix of anarchists, Communists, Marxists, Sorosists, international union thugs, et al, We know how to handle them and what we must do to defeat them from destroying our Capitalist system. At the same time we all should be intellectually honest and acknowledge the fact that some of the wall street crowd has collaborated with the DC crowd and perpetrated financial harm to all of us. This harm affects the lower class more because they are denied money needed for housing, medical care, transportation, food and other essentials while the wealthier just have less money to invest, buy more luxury items and other non essentials of life. Destroying Capitalism is not the answer but neither is turning the Capitalists loose to do as they please. There has to be fairness in the marketplace or else there will come a time when the abused will outnumber the abusers and will revolt and destroy the country we so love. Wake up America, fairness can not be achieved through Socialism but rather by developing stronger moral standards. Stop electing charismatic representatives and elect morally strong ones who will not collaborate with the greedy Wall Street people and make it possible for them to abuse our Economic system.

    29. toledofan says:

      I think there is enough blame to go around but I agree the main thrust of anger should be directed to the Democrats; let's face it the current meltdown and devaluation of the housing industry is directly related to Dodd Frank and the Fannioe and Freddie debacle. The other really big problem is Obamacare. Already the negative impact is starting to tricle out, what's going to happen in 2013 when it rolls out, ouch. How about the Democrats and no budget and the continued onslaught of spending. So, agian, there is enough blame to go around, did Wall Street get too greedy, probably, but in the end money fuels the economy, so, without it, there is no economy and the sooner, I think, that people understand the government is a mjor source of the problem nothing will change.

    30. Suzanne Tarley says:

      This "movement" is very illustrative of how poorly our students are being educated. They have no idea of the real world, but are aping the teaching of the LEFTY COLLEGE PROFESSORS they have come in contact with. Those with high school educations are for the most part being taught today by teachers who are ill prepared themselves to understand our world.

    31. @Kishin_D says:

      It's interesting to see some of the ways the narrative has been spun. We are the left/libertarian rorschach protest. There is a diverse range of opinions and people, ages and backgrounds. But if you follow the statistics… http://www.businessinsider.com/facts-about-inequa… … 47% of america is below the poverty line. the bottom half owns 2.5% of the nation's wealth. There have been systematic changes over the last 30 years designed to concentrate wealth into the hands of a few. To provide for the common welfare… this is not anti-american. To provide equal voices to those who can't afford to throw money at politics… this is not anti-democratic. To reduce or eliminate foreign aid to Israel… this is not anti-semitic.

      Most folk here aren't against free market… but there needs to be rules. Corporate retirement packages are expensive for companies… but not because of the workers, it's because of executive golden parachutes. The current overconcentration of power is leading to abuses of the general population. This form of the free market is unacceptable. Communism doesn't offer more freedom, and neither do corporate oligarchies. Real, friendly competition must be preserved. The playing field isn't level, social mobility is at an all-time low in America. Yes, you can find some absurd ideas in OWS folks, but the problems they protest against are 100% legitimate. We're protesting the bosses of the politicians. The people who keep politicians employed. Not the voters, the political financiers. Are there problems in government? absolutely. But it's bigger than just government. It's about fundamental changes to a system that is broken, where half the world lives in poverty and 99% of power is concentrated into the hands of a few thousand humans. We can appreciate the positive things about America and address the negative.

    32. jlb says:

      Finish the article-who is paying the protesters? What are the benefits? Why did they sponsor this? How is Obama tied to this? Is there any difference between them and communist? Are they aware of who is sponsoring them? Does George Soros profit from chaos here too?

    33. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      When you come right down to it, Herman Cain's right. They should get a job. He also said that they should occupy the White House.

    34. Donald McKeighen says:

      I had a thought as I listened to yet another Che clone who was ranting on about how Wall Street should no longer be allowed to spend millions lobbying for policies that allow them to do harm to the "little guy", and how education should be "free", why are you protesting on Wall Street? If your sincere, shouldn't you be outside the Capitol protesting the recipients of the 'millions'? Or outside the university CHARGING YOU for your education? And do pray tell why aren't these noble educators working for free in the first place? Just a thought.

    35. Morning Glory says:

      WAY TO GO, Pretender-in-chief!!! I think the protesters aren't the only LOSERS in this country. Looks like birds of a feather DO flock together. I don't think these radicals are going to be much help to the ZeroMan come 2012. They'll be back home in their mommy and daddy's basement freeloading…………. Pitiful…..simply pitiful. Their parents must be SO proud~~ NOT!

    36. 2DOkie says:

      Ever wonder what Russia looked like before the revolution? Two characteristics that our culture has in common with pre-revolutionary Russia: absolute unbridled greed and total self-absorbtion. We are headed for a trainwreck and almost everyone knows it, but those who could prevent it, aren't interested because they think it won't effect them. The Czar was probably confident that what happened to him and his family would never befall the Romanoff dynasty.

    37. A.Jackson says:

      Less Government…the author wants a Far West lawlessness ? Ha ! But even those living in that culture were controlled by the usurers…"Free market" how much freer does he want it ! ? Don't they already take full advantage of the laissez-faire ?!? The Free market is a lie by the way,a term invented by the Old Venetians,meaning the financial usurers freedom to act without the restraint of the kings and other authorities.

    38. What "o" campaigned for in 2008 has come true "change". Not the change that free Americans want. but always more toward the socialist views of say george soros'….he is helping "o" and the comrades collapse this economy and not letting any crisis go to waste. They are playing us like a piano and even paying some wsp to be and do exactly what they are…backed by liberal media and unions……..read some Chinese history to see what may be in store for us if we do not get this regime out of office. Also keep a close eye on how fair the elections will be in November 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    39. Sharon Snow says:

      Great essay! The report is totally correct. Can you imagine the government approving and paying for the ten thousand experiments it took for Thomas Edison to perfect the light bulb or the telephone? Our youth are being mislead. They learn by rote and think the right kind of diploma should ensure their success in the world. NO. You have to bring something unique of yourself to the table. IDEAS ARE WHAT CREATE JOBS! Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton are just a few of the people who have had an idea, started from scratch, and changed the world. We should teach our children having a degree is not enough. They MUST learn to think for themselves, then have the courage to step out of the crowd of followers with their ideas.

    40. TJ OSBORNE says:

      I essentially agree with your position.But the occupy-protests are a symptom of an increasing threat,and unless certain changes are made will become too much mass for either the police or military to contain in the future,and become a NIGHTMARE SITUATION for everybody as communists have committed MASS-MURDER wherever they have seized power in the past! But before the kinds of changes needed can be accomplished through the political process,there must be an informed public,and what my publication THE OSBORNE-QUARTERLY is committed to doing.I invite you and your viewers if you would to logon and like my page at Tj Osborne/or Osborne Publishing.I post comments of a political-nature and welcome your comments,and if you have any trouble gaining access or if the ordering information is not displayed,please tell me immediately,and working together,we will take back control of the gov't and build a safer,more secure future.Thanks,and i will be advertising with you in the future.__

    41. G.A. says:

      I am eighty years old with a degree and lots of post graduate work, and I had no less that eleven calls offeringme a scholarship to go back to school and work on a Doctorate. Obama must be desperate to spend money. It seems to me that he wants to financially break this country and strip us military power so that the USA would be easier to to defeat. He wants to make us a third world country. If he could give this country to the UN as Hilary is trying to do, then they think that they could rule the world. Thanks to George Soros. If you don't know who George Soros is, do a little research and find out. He found Obama, scrubbed on him, educated him, polished him, and paved the way into the Presidency because George needed a President to ease us into Agenda 21. Don't take my word for it, do your own research, as I did. You won't read about him in any newspaper because he owns most of them.

    42. Jon from Atlanta says:

      Wow, this is all the intellectual clout we can expect from such a distinguished right wing think-tank?

      Also, can you remind us occupiers when Obama took a break from being one of neoliberalism's most charming gatekeepers and started to push any of the social programs or changes even the more reformist segments of OWS are desiring? Perfunctory promises aside there's been nothing but attacks on collective bargaining rights and undocumented workers; there's been nothing but an expansion of the prison-industrial complex (who are starting to find a new and robust slave caste in immigrant detention centers!) C.E.O.s maintain multi-million dollar salaries for hating humanity in innovative ways while the working class gets less than a living wage and the structurally unemployed classes are evicted from their homes and on the street. But the foreclosure crisis was a result of leftist social programs, right? Surely not the fault of career bankers or the practices of late capitalism more generally.

      All I hear in this is meaningless ideological drivel about "capital" creating jobs, wealth, etc. Capital doesn't create anything, people do. There is an enormous amount of wealth in this country (even when we discount the spoils of neo-colonialism): but this wealth is mostly intellectual at this juncture in history, and the remaining labor and natural resources needed to produce a comfortable standard or living in this country is better off being performed and regulated by direct democracy. What a joke freedom is when the means of production and most of its fruits are in the hands of a few, who've hired mostly pasty white sociopaths to keep it that way.

      Most of us at OWS want the end of capitalism, and we've read your Miltion Friedman, your Hayek, all of it. And we've called BS.

    43. Ports,OH says:

      Are you serious? I agree the OWS shouldn't be at WS.You believe they should blame Obama who was elected in 2008 when we had that huge scare of a depression. Obama cannot possible be to blame. The blame should not be on Wall Street neither because they are just doing their jobs. When you investing in stock it is a risky business. The real people to blame is Congress. Both Republicans and Democrats. They allowed Banks and Wall Street to do whatever they want with out enough regulations. Also people who have bought things that they could not afford because the banks gave them the impression that they could. Basically it should be occupy our representatives, which includes Obama but it's not just him.

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