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  • Morning Bell: 1,000 Days Under President Obama

    Today marks the 1,000th day of Barack Obama’s presidency, and unfortunately for America, those days have been marked by deeper deficits, lost jobs, prolonged unemployment, and bigger government. Meanwhile, many of those charged with leading the federal government have all but abdicated their responsibilities.

    The national debt stands at $14.9 trillion–$4.2 trillion of which has been added since Obama took his oath of office. Fourteen million Americans are unemployed–that’s 9.1 percent of the workforce. The unemployment rate has been above nine percent for 840 of the 1000 days, and the average unemployed worker has been without a job for more than 9 months. All told, 2.2 million jobs have been lost under Obama’s watch, despite the White House’s claims that the President’s $787 billion stimulus would create 3.3 million net jobs by 2010.

    Unfortunately, instead of leading America toward fiscal sanity and a stronger economy, the President is taking the country in the opposite direction. Last week, his latest proposal to “stimulate” the economy with another $447 billion in spending failed to pass the Senate, but instead of recognizing that more taxing and spending is not what America wants or needs, he’s redoubling his efforts. Today, the President is starting another bus tour to sell a different version of the same plan–this time broken up into pieces of taxing and spending still big enough to choke a horse. It’s the same plan, only in different packaging. Former Congressman Ernest Istook explains the danger:

    Even segmented versions of Obama’s $447 billion plan can be used to squeeze in those worst parts. That’s because it’s almost impossible to get both the House and the Senate to enact identical versions of a bill, thus requiring a conference committee to “work out the differences”–which sometimes includes adding distasteful details.

    While it’s good news that the Senate rejected the President’s jobs plan, the bad news is that the Senate has utterly failed to help put America back on a strong fiscal path. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) point out that it’s been 900 days since Senate Democrats last adopted a formal budget plan, calling it “a national disgrace.”

    As required by law, House Republicans presented a budget in committee, brought it to the floor, and passed it earlier this spring. It was an honest, detailed, concrete plan to put our budget on the path to balance and our economy on the path to prosperity. But Senate Democrats, during this time of national crisis, failed even to present a budget plan — in open defiance of the law and the public they serve.

    What we have seen from the Obama Administration is bigger government, more regulations, and massive amounts of government spending in the hopes of stimulating the economy. The trouble is that it hasn’t worked, as the numbers show. Obama promised that his $787 billion stimulus would save or create 3.3 million jobs by the end of 2010. It didn’t, and given the jobs that were lost, he came up 7.3 million jobs short of his goal. His health care plan, better known as Obamacare, did not reduce health care costs as promised and is in fact responsible for increasing costs in 2011. On top of that, the law will price many unskilled workers out of full-time employment.

    And those are just the big-ticket items. Over the last 1,000 days, America has seen increased regulations, a 9,000-earmark omnibus bill, a government union bailout, a Wall Street reform bill that will do more harm than good, a nuclear arms treaty that is detrimental to missile defense, a refusal to expand domestic energy production, federal overreach into education, an undermining of the rule of law, and a dark cloud hanging over our military’s future due to a failure to ensure adequate defense spending.

    In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, James Freeman writes of an interview with billionaire Mortimer Zuckerman–Democrat, real-estate mogul, and New York Daily News owner. ”Among business executives who supported Barack Obama in 2008, [Zuckerman] says, ‘there is enormously widespread anxiety over the political leadership of the country.’ Mr. Zuckerman reports that among Democrats, ‘The sense is that the policies of this government have failed.’” Given the track record of the Obama Administration over the last 1,000 days, they would be right. Bigger government has not put America on a stronger fiscal path, it hasn’t created jobs, and it hasn’t built a stronger economy.

    There is a better way. Heritage’s Saving the American Dream plan charts a course that fixes the debt, cuts spending, and restores prosperity. It redesigns entitlement programs, guarantees assistance to those who need it, and saves the American dream for future generations. If Congress and the President want to move America forward, create new jobs, and spur businesses to grow and invest, then piling on debt, raising taxes, and increasing spending is not the answer–no matter how much Obama would like it to be.

    Quick Hits:

    • Several hundred Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested over the weekend after refusing police orders to leave public areas. In Rome, protests turned into riots, causing $1.4 million in damage.
    • President Obama helped dedicate the Martin Luther King, Jr., memorial in Washington yesterday. During his speech, Obama said that King would have supported the Occupy Wall Street protests.
    • Despite the continuing protests, only one in three likely voters blames Wall Street for the country’s financial troubles, while 56 percent blame Washington, according to a new poll.
    • U.S. stocks were headed for a flat opening Monday. Investors remain nervous over Europe’s debt crisis and are skeptical that leaders can come up with a plan to address it in time for the European Council meeting in Brussels next weekend.
    • PODCAST: Former Attorney General Ed Meese and graduate fellow Marion Smith discuss the Constitution and providing for the common defense. Click here to listen.
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    65 Responses to Morning Bell: 1,000 Days Under President Obama

    1. Jim says:

      And, in the first paragraph, you forgot to say, "the most corrupt government in history."

    2. Jeanne Stotler says:

      This is the worse President EVER, he thumbs the laws and rewrites them, by passes Congress and is now on the Campaign trail at tax-payers expense, even though this is suppose to be paid by DNC. He claims these as fact finding and connecting with the public, this is a lot of BS, he's campaigning, he's been on the campaign trail for 2012 since Jan 20th 2009. In all my 80 yrs. I've never seen anything like what is going on in Washington today. There is only one cure, VOTE HIM OUT< 2012

      • John Esco says:

        Your absolutely right. Although, I think all incumbents deserve to be voted out. Our representative government took the wrong turn awhile back when we allowed elected officials to establish their own retirement system, benefits, and have unlimited access special interest money. Plus, allowing them to police themselves calling it the ethics investigations has turned justice into a joke. Not good. Corruption rules our government both with the Dems and Reps, hence the emergence of Obama. I agree with you this is absolutely the worst President in history.

    3. The Farmer says:

      AND THE REMEDY IS !!! ONE TERM LIMIT For All Federal Officeholders Including Federal Judges!!!
      However, the chances of that ever happening are about the same as The Heritage Foundation's "Saving America Plan"ever being passed into law; slim to none, the fools are in charge folks.

    4. CHRISTOPHER says:

      This POTUS, without a doubt, has another undisclosed agenda for this Country, and it's not friendly!!!! Impeach now.

      • flajim says:

        Quite correct, Christopher. The author of this article is assuming that the regime is trying to resuscitate the economy and is simply inept. Not true. It's been very successful in its goal of destroying our economy. We can not hope for improvement until the White House occupant is changed and the Senate changes hands. In the meantime, we must rely on the House for a holding action in preventing more harm.

    5. Wayne Grievo says:

      If the senate has failed to perform its' duties in a timely fashion, have we no recourse other than to vote them out of office? Perhaps a fine ($) for each day that passes without a vote would be helpful. The less responsibility congress takes, the more power the "regulators" have. ie. Obama and his anti American cronies. If our current legislators were in the market place, they would all have been fired for incompitence. No work, no pay. What profit is there for congress to sit on it's hands. Why? I guess if I had a powerful position and could make all kinds of deals to feather my nest and remain powerful, I would be temptend to be a Tauganichts also.

    6. Bingsley says:

      I remain steadfast to my convictions and beliefs that all –not just the democrats— but all — Congressmen and women should be subjected to TERM LIMITS!!! Consider the grief and despair these supposed "representatives of the people" have caused our country and her people and the injurious damage that they have been directly responsible for owing to their out-of-touch with reality basis, and selfish focus many of them hold pertaining to what they must do to keep elected and continue to line their pockets. Yes we would lose a few good ones, but it would be analogous to the parable of the wheat going out with the chaff. Throw them all out!!!!

    7. Andrew says:

      I think Heritage ought to do a white paper that shows the cost for each job the administration claims it has saved or created either through the largesse of the stimulus program (Weatherization program for home, et. al.) or via the failed loan guarantees to the "green industry. If the government is going to claim they create jobs then at what cost compared to the private sector? If the government creates jobs, then at what financial risk to the tax payer? Ir private sector venture capitalist won't risk their money to invest in a company, why would the government? Is the economy, specifically jobs, the main issue for the next election? If so, make the argument that the government is least prepared to make the kind of investment risk that the private sector does so well….If employment is not the main issue in the upcoming presidential election, then certainly the size and reach of government of the Federal Government is, or should be next on the list.

    8. G. Hugh Bodell says:

      A dillusional President. A world in turmoil.

      I fear I have become a sootsayer!

      Visit http://www.thebooknikita.com

    9. Jim Delaney says:

      So, Wall Street types are afflcted with anxiety over Obama's self-destructive economic policies. Aren't these DNC cronies the same vermin who bankrolled the election of this neo-Marxist in the first place? Talk about hypcrisy. Shameless!

      • F.D O'Toole says:

        Jim: A couple of big guys walk into your store. "Those are nice picture windows you got. It would be a shame if somebody were to break them. You understand?" So, you take out a twenty and ask if this will help with your windows.

    10. Lloyd Scallan says:

      "If Congress and the President want to move America forward" Is that a question or a statement? Do we not get it yet? Obama and the Dems have an agenda! That agenda is to collapse this nation through destroying our economical system. Haven't they proven that.? They calculate that this plan will force the American people to turn to socialism that Obama will offer as there savor.

    11. H Snyder says:

      At this point, I have to agree with the talk show guy who said: Obama knows exactly what he is doing, and expand it to the entire Democrat Party. The nation is being piloted towards the rocks, and this plan is being rushed through, to be finished before 2013, and a new Republican government. Unemployment, skyrocketing unemployment compensation costs, gutting defense, dangerous levels of national debt, record numbers of people on food stamps, increasing inflation are only a few of the dangers put on the American people by the Democrats, and not by inadvertence.

    12. Richard A says:

      The One-World advocates seem to be in total control of the activities of the federal government; every endeavor of the central authority appears to be dedicated to the destruction of free enterprise and establishment of a soviet-style managed economy designed to reduce the American republic to a state compatible with absorbtion into a great one-world socialist utopia under the UN. Mr. Zuckerman should and probably does know that and appears to support it; otherwise, why we he dedicate his money and influence to democrats?

      • Matt says:

        JamesFreeman of the WSJ interviewed Zuckerman and wrote an article on the interview in the Oct 15th edition of the WSJ "The Exasperation of the Democratic Billionaire".

        A quote from the article "Mr. Zuckerman reports that among Democrats, "The sense is that the policies of this government have failed. . . . What they say about [Mr. Obama] when he's not in the room, so to speak, is astonishing."". Read the article.

    13. Walter says:

      Obama is lying about jobs . He does not want to create jobs.If he wanted to help create jobs. Why hasn't he allowed the pipe line to go ahead. That would create lots of jobs .He holding it back. Why don't he issue our more permits to the oil companys.??? That would create jobs. Why isn't he opening up more land for them to drill ? That would create more jobs. Why doesn't he stop the regulation on business.// That would create jobs. Instead he is doing nothing but crying it every body else fault. He need to look in a mirror. Protester on wall street need to go in front Of obama street and kick him into doing his job and quit crying and complaining. ( just like he advised the other group just a few day back)

      • Vonnise says:

        (from Fla.) Walter, You are 100% correct. Rush Limbaugh has been telling us this for a long time now, and I have been seeing these same things. Glad to see someone else has realized this too. Obumma wants to turn America into a dictatorship that HE controls. Do you think he can succeed?
        I am very afraid.

    14. Jeff Dover says:

      The results that we see are the plan. That's why it isn't changing.

      Who at this point is taking Obama at face value? Even if he was merely inept, he would be bound to learn something from his mistakes and get something right, if belatedly and without fanfare. That's not happening.

      What is happening is not the result of failure. It's the result of the success of Obama's plans. To what extent he and his team have been successful, only he could say and he'd never tell us that. Make no mistake, however, it's his plan to achieve the result we see — not his failure.

      I'd like to know why no Republicans are out there telling us all what is by now obvious to serious observers.

      • Gdrn says:

        You are right on the mark Mr. Dover. Obama and his cronies are by no means economic idiots. They know quite well what they want to achieve and how to achieve what they want. The results are obvious, yet Obama tells us that we need more of the same. Rush Limbaugh once said, "I hope he fails!" Well, Obama has not failed, he has been very successful in achieving his dream of a "fundamentally changed" America.

    15. Robert A Hirschmann says:

      It is quite evident that this administration is ANTI-American. We should have gotten rid of Obummer and all his cronies when the first broke the law. However, congress just goes on as if nothing is happening. I'm disgusted with the whole thing!!! Let's get Ron Paul in the white house and start trying to repair what the current administration has done to us. I just hope it's not too late!

    16. Carol says:

      I do not want the republicans to put us any where on any path. As long as Mr. B HO is in office and he has done so much distruction and distrust, why should we help make him look good at the 11 hour?.
      He has failed miserable, he has destroyed families and the economy not to mention all the little projects he has going that have little effect NOW on all of America, but I suspect will eventually. He should have been impeached for all his nonsence about going against the Constitution. It is our fraim work and he has torn it to shreds. We as in "We the People" stand around with our hands in our pockets like a bunch of eunichs. Just let him keep putting his feet in his mouth and GOD help America if he should win another 4 years. Nothing or any thing or any one will be able to save America then.

      • Doug Nicholson says:

        "…why should we help make him look good at the 11 hour?. " How about "to save America"!? I understand how you feel, but the nation's future is more important than anything else. He SHOULD be impeached but he'd never be convicted unless conservatives take over the Senate and by then, hopefully, he'll be out anyway.

    17. WRB says:

      Great analysis Mike. Too bad the existing administration doesn't read your expose.

    18. Lee Hazel says:

      These 1000 days are now culminating in orchestrated rallys throughout the country, aka astroturf-on- steroids. The xxxxxx of these young demonstrators are all over the political map but if one digs a little the common thread is there and is the intuitive realization that ther is no leadership coming from our poitical class and other people and orgaizations that we typically look to for leadership.

    19. Lee Hazel says:

      part 2

      There is a very clear common thread that runs through the current demonstrations and the Tea Party/conservative demonstrations of 2008 and 9. We The People of all stripes and persuasions have realized that we have had a total failure of political and business leadership on a world wide basis.
      Here in the US we are experiencing what has got to be the most inept group of political and party hacks coupled with a long standing criminal class in the very highest of political, business, labor and Educational positions.
      These young people at these rallies, just like the rest of We The People realize this every day. It is thrown in our face dozens of times every time we turn on our TVs, radios, our PCs and our iphones.
      There is no real leadership!!!!
      If we could only bridge the gap and combine the youth and idealism of the "occupy" people and the hard nosed conservatism of the Tea Party folk we would have a winner of monumental portent. The goals of these seemingly distant political cousins are remarkably similar.

    20. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      1,000 days of a do-nothing, crybaby President. We can do better.

    21. Dale R. Owens says:

      Make every effort you can to get the media to get this message out to the people. Make them read it….put it in front of thier face on television, newspapers or mass mailing, magazines, all news web sites and in its' entirety. People are confused and scared and they actually think President Obama "could" fix all of this with another term.
      This is the worst President of the United States because he refuses to try and build a consensus of opinion. Just like the budget summit that was on television when they could not reach agreement: President Obama stated boldy, "well, I guess that is why we have elections." We had them and the Dermocrats were trounced. He did not change. He would rather be a "dicatator" and he hopes to enlist the support of those that do not understand to win again and this country will suffer forever if we do not send him down the road.

    22. David Cowan says:

      Feels like a 1,000 years….

    23. Jill Maine says:

      These are really sad times. I think the world is now being run by evil. I really wonder if we can save our country. It is so depressing.

      • Jeff Dover says:

        Cheer up! You've got a lot of company. They may not be as loud as our opponents, but they are far more numerous and infinitely more strong.

        Keep the faith!

      • Gdrn says:

        It is time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and get up and do something. If you don't, you are only helping evil to triumph. Good people must make their voices heard, because standing quietly on the sideline only makes one part of the problem.

    24. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      1,000 days of misery, unethical behavior, undermining of every precept of Judaism and Christianity that have made America great. What a shame our young women and men in the Armed Services must serve, and give their life for someone who has desecrated every American value.

      The only thing that equals his mismanagement and ignorance is the example of life-long politicians of both parties who continue to feed off constituents and go-along-to-get-along. Do you hear me…Mr. Good-Golfer Boehner!

    25. Jim Delaney says:

      The burning, sobering questions for me are these: can the Republic survive reasonably intact until January 20, 2013? What if through hook, crook or abject voter ignorance Obama is re-elected?

    26. allen says:

      To My Friends: You laughed at me when I closed my business and moved it to Costa Rico, I told you this fast talking Democrat was a Phoney and you cancelled me from your lives, Well the Factory is up and running in San Jose and I closed the my home ,paid the taxes for the next four years. I will come home againwhen things get straightened out and you get rid of this piece of trash. In the mean time come down for a visit. "How Is That HOPE and CHANGE Working out for you ? Sorry I do not loan MONEY to Friends.

    27. Vonnise Cobb says:

      from fla – I believe we should not under estimate Obama and his regime. He is very cunning and smart. We need to be very afraid of him. With his every action, he is showing us that he wants to be a dictator. Do not listen to what he SAYS, what he does behind closed door eventually comes out in the open. That is what I watch for. He is very dangerous to our American way of life. Ramming ObummerCare down our throats. Hampering off-shore oil drilling, stopping the space program, dictating amnesty for illegal aliens, filling our government with his czars that answer to no one but him, bloating the so called entitlement rolls so as to have more people beholding to the government for their existence, pandering to other foreign 3rd world countries, spending our tax monies on his socialist programs, (think Acorn, Planned Parenthood), embracing Islam, not supporting Israel…these are the things that I see. If we do not exercise our privilege to vote in 2012 and vote him out…if he gets 4 more years, then at the end of that four years, I fear he will have taken that voting privilege away also. We will then have a dictator and that is what he is working towards as we speak.

    28. Carol M Kite says:

      It is so obvious, Obama has always been on a deliberate course to break the backs of every taxpayer in America so this nation will fail, ripe for socialism/marxism, his goal. Note: another staggeringly expensive bus (2 buses, neither made in USA–nice alleged leader example) tour, really campaigning under the guise of promoting his plan. This man has failed at everything he put forth, broke all campaign promises: no more ear marks, transparency, no lobbying, can''t remember more, they didn't happen anyway. The change he promised, I thought rid the corruption, instead was to redustribute the wealth & screw up the health situation. He needs to be gone!!! It's mind-boggling those that approve of him, aren't they paying attention?

    29. Valentino Procida says:

      I've read in the Bible where it said, "The Meek Shall inherit the Earth" I'm 83 years old and I'm still waiting for the meek to wake up! They voted for change, and I'm sure those that did are very sorry they did now..
      Wake up America, we are running out of time!

    30. Jeanne Stotler says:

      I would invite every reader on Heritage to get Laura Ingrahm's book "The Obama Diaries" if you do not think BHO believes he is the Messiah now, you will after you read this. The book is available on Amazon.com and is a very interesting read, puts Watergate to shame.

    31. Alan Wernstrum says:

      Congress is the culprit here as well as the President. When will we the citizens have had enough of this. 2012 will be the chance to throw them out and that means the baby with the bath water. Each and every election will allow us to keep doing that until we have their attention and we have those that are there for the good of this Country and have also established term limits, established a new simplified tax code, reinforced our military, and made our country stong once more and our citizens prosperous, well fed and proud once again. We need to see "Made in the USA "Proudly" once again to boot.

    32. F.D O'Toole says:

      Where do you think the anti-Wall Street crowds came from? You don't think the kids had the smarts to choose a private-public park for their venue. They had good legal advice to avoid setting their tents in a public park, because then they would have had to be out by midnight or one AM. All the "right thinkers" are egging them on. Remember, no crisis should be wasted and if there isn't one, create one.

    33. toledofan says:

      At the end of the 1000th day, it's safe to say our country is worse off today than it was almost three years ago. The really sad part in all of this is that the mainsteam media has given the Administration a pass on telling the truth and for those suffering and humiliated November of 2012 can't come soon enough.

    34. Stirling says:

      This is what you get when you elect a democrat period.. Today's Democrats values are closer to the progressive agenda (then the old time democrat party) which believes in the socialist constutution rather then our Founders American Constitution. Example is collectivism v.s individualism.. Those history buffs look it up, you will be surprised at how many of the socialist constitution "Rights" have been implemented since the 1930's with FDR..

    35. Lee Hazel says:

      1000 days and we have gone downhill throughout this entire 3 years. We are now entering the election cycle and demonstrations seem to be the norm. Watching and listening to many of the demonstrators it is clear that their grievances are all over the map.
      There is a very clear common thread that runs through the current demonstrations and the Tea Party/conservative demonstrations of 2008 and 9. …con't…

    36. Lee Hazel says:

      …cont…We The People of all stripes and persuasions have realized that we have had a total failure of political and business leadership on a world-wide basis. Here in the US we are experiencing what has got to be the most inept group of political and party hacks coupled with a long-standing criminal class in the very highest of political, business, labor and Educational positions. These young people at these rallies, just like the rest of We The People realize this every day. It is thrown in our face dozens of times every time we turn on our TVs, radios, our PCs and our iPhones. There is no real leadership!!!! If we could only bridge the gap and combine the youth and idealism of the "occupy" people and the hard-nosed conservatism of the Tea Party folk we would have a winner of monumental portent. The goals of these seemingly distant political cousins are remarkably similar.

    37. Most readers agree that Obama must be defeated in 2012. Obama may have different thoughts. Imagine this scenario. He creates a crisis in 2012 that requires him to institute martial law and as commander in chief declares that no elections can be held until he has crushed the insurgents. The unions will be under his command and will insure that 2012 ends without elections. The administration will agree that socialism is the new order and Obama the new dictator. Hmmmmmmmmmm?

    38. PippN says:

      What we have here is a failure to communicate.

      OBama is just like Main St., ONE WAY. Unfortunately, his steadfast liberal bend is now leading many People to believe his intention is to run our country into ruin. This may be. But his narcissism fails him completely.

      OBama told Harry Reid he knows more about economics than his economic adviser, more about foreign policy than his foreign policy adviser and writes better speeches than his speech writer.

      This begs the question. If he's so good at all this stuff, how come he's doing such a lousy job?

    39. Bill says:

      Seeing Obama leading the country is like watching someone who can paddle a canoe crooked try to be the commander of an aircraft carrier

    40. Al Connelly says:

      I like the Heritage Plan for getting the nation back on track but have the following reservation. Social Security got into trouble because our liberal political representatives saw fit to use the money for other purposes and started to include payments for individuals who never contributed and who is some instances were not even citizens of this country so the funds were misused and American wage earners were cheated out of the "dream" by congressional, senatorial, and presidential representatives who chose to turn their backs on workers who invested. What is to say this same thing won't happen again with the Heritage plan? There are no guarantees or protections against the actions of future politicians and elected officials.

      I am far more in favor of a complete redesign of the federal income tax to make tax payments automatic with no loop holes or special deductions and based on equality of payments. Each level of income, above the poverty level pays the same percentage of income. Corporations rate should also be adjusted to make our corporations competitive with foreign companies and all corporate funds presently residing on foreign soil can be brought back into the US at a low tax rate but once done there will be no advantage for any company to hide their money overseas and indeed there should be a penalty for a US company attempting to do so. The IRS should then be disbanded using '"honest" attrition based on a fixed retirement age and/or years of service with no loop holes. Remaining IRS officials and employees are to be reassigned to other government positions until retired or terminated. All Federal employees shall be placed on the merit system and no cost of living pay shall be allocated for workers who do not satisfactorily perform, they shall be terminated in the same manner as in private enterprise.

      The US Postal service shall be run as a business and the Post Master General shall be given freedom to run the service like a business. The same forced retirement and "perform or lose your job" system shall apply. This includes allowing for cluster mail drops, reduction of multiple postal sites within a 20 mile radius, increases in stamps and postage rates, and any other measure a private company would use to survive.

      The suggested adjusted payout of Social Security is a good one and should be utilized with the legislation in place to require 3/4 majority of the house and senate to make changes to or usurp the funds. The President has not ability under any circumstance to alter this policy.

      Our military personnel levels shall be held at a level needed to protect our country. The size of the "peace time" military shall be based on utilizing those forces to protect our borders and prevent illegal immigrants from crossing our borders. If necessary all males over the age of 18 shall be required to serve the country for a two year service in military or other social service.

      Children of illegal immigrants born in the US shall no longer automatically be citizens of the US. Driver permits and licenses shall be granted to people on valid visas and citizens of the US only. All tests for driving license shall be performed in english only and the practice of bilingual street signs shall cease. Schools shall require proficiency in English as a requirement to graduate and bilingual classes shall no longer be the norm. Businesses shall not be required to provide dual languages and shall conduct their business in English with their customer service organizations providing english only hot lines. If a business chooses to provide service in additional languages they shall make a separate contact point for those services.

      The dollar must be based on a standard, precious metal, etc. and indiscriminate printing of money by the Federal Reserve shall not be allowed. The Senate and House of Representatives shall have control over the actions of the Federal Reserve. (A study shall be made to determine whether the Federal Reserve is required and whether or not the system should be abolished.

    41. Chris Awalt says:

      I wrote a similarly harsh analysis here: http://www.andmagazine.com/content/phoenix/11409…. …pointed out a few inconsistencies in foreign policy, as well. I don't always agree with the conservative take on Mr. Obama. But it is undeniable that the man has been a disaster in office.

    42. Grace E. Pratti says:

      Grace E Pratti SI NY

      Our country is good as our leaders and so far under Obama's administrators, not much is happening
      Its, time for a new leader that can do the job and get this country back on track, our future depends on good leadership

    43. guest says:

      Obama does NOT want to "fix" the economy. He wants to run through our wealth, feed unions with spending, grow government and REGULATE our economy. This is Marxism 101. Collapse the economy and destroy the will of people. It is also clear that he has a disdain for "intellectuals", hence the closing of NASA and making that a Moslem outreach. Obama has NO TIME for intelligent people. He wants laborers that are like trained monkeys. Intelligent people REJECT him and he KNOWS that. No communist wants competition whether it be with CAPITALISM in the private sector, small and medium companies that fuel growth and innovation or intelligent people. Obama will NOT allow small and medium companies to thrive or exist. He wants them gone. He's happy "bailing" out the LARGE lethargic companies with unions and lack innovation and are not competitive. When Obama "bails" them out – he CONTROLS them. He is closer to his GOVERNMENT controlled economy. Also like any good Marxist, it is NO COINCIDENCE tha Obama care doesn't kick in till AFTER 2012. He's counting on people sleeping. He wants people to believe that nothing will change and the "rich" will make up the difference. Meanwhile even the "rich" will not be able to sustain the increasing COSTS of government care. NO COUNTRY that has gone that route has been able to sustain the COST. Even Canada admits it was a mistake. Destroying our morality and out Christian heritage is also high on his list. NO Marxist wants to compete with GOD. So they ERASE Him. Obama is just following the plan of transforming America into a turd world country that is godless, impoverish and has an arbitray rule of law.

    44. allosaur says:

      O = 0 has got to go.

    45. harry the hook says:

      The only one that can save us now is God. We all need to start praying.

    46. Ed Irby says:

      Why is anyone surprised about Obama's agenda and his "accomplishments?" His recent support of the Occupy Wall Street rabble is just another in a long list on his "political agenda." Remember the Che Guevara posters in the Iowa Offices when he was running in the primary. Che preached that if revolutionaries could not get what they wanted through "legiltimate means" then creating and leaving as much chaos as possible was the next best option. One thing the Obama Administration has brought us is uncertainity and chaos. Think how long, assuming Republican win the White House and Senate in 2012 how long it will take to fix this mess. Remember that the bureaucracy will still be there; it will still be predominately Democratic and leaniing left.

    47. David says:

      Lady liberty has seen this before, she will survive the madness, our constitution
      All but garantees this Marxist fool will be sent packing in November 2012
      Hang in their :)

    48. Az Native says:

      I guess I just don't understand why every American and every Patriotic organization that loves this nation, our founding principles, our constitution isn't call for this administration to resign and leave our country immediately or face criminal charges too many to name, including treason, criminal embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, conspiracy to defraud our national treasury, illegal takeover of private industries, criminal embezzlement for the illegal and unconstitutional bailouts and stimulus packages to private industries, who we would be better off if they failed because they are so corrupt, malfeasance, coercion, racketeering including healthcare and unions, treason and this is just for starters….why are we allowing this to continue, they work for us, it is time to shut the federal government down and start a new government, we have that authority…they don't have the authority or power to do what they are doing per our constitution, yet we are allowing them to do it

    49. Az Native says:

      ….law enforcement works for us, we pay their salaries not the federal government, we should demand that they resign and leave our country immediately with just the clothes on their backs or face criminal charges and spend the rest of their live in a foreign prison somewhere…..Guantanamo…sounds good to me…..time to ask them to step down……and we should be setting the budgets, closing down all these agencies (illegal)…because this nation belongs to WE THE PEOPLE, not these federal groupies (anti-American socialist/progressive criminals. OUR RIGHTS AS WE THE PEOPLE…..“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

    50. Glenn Drennen says:

      The Obama Administration does not hope to stimulate the economy, and has never had economic stimulation as a goal for this country. What is happening to this country is by intent and the Obama Administration is working – his – his handlers plan with great diligence and effectiveness. These people are not economic idiots, they know what they are doing! This is why Rush Limbaugh said, "I hope he fails!" I too hope he fails, but our senators and representatives are going to have to get "hard core" and stand up to Obama's oratorical garbage. They also must stop worrying about what the lame-stream-media says about them. The way to stop this mess is for conservative candidates to tell the truth, stand for what is right. The American people are looking for backbone and real leadership to take us in the right direction. Electing career politicians needs to stop. I have "Hope", that real "Change", change that is for our good is on the way.

    51. Ken Jarvis says:

      The Last time the GOP cared about YOU,
      You were a Fetus.
      And they did NOT want the Mother to have HCare.

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