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  • Morning Bell: Why Obamacare Might Cost You a Job

    Back in February 2010, when Congress was still debating the Obamacare legislation, then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) proclaimed to America that the law “will create 400,000 jobs almost immediately.” But according to a new report by Heritage’s James Sherk, Obamacare will have the opposite effect, pricing many unskilled workers out of full-time employment due to the law’s requirement that employers offer health benefits to full-time employees.

    According to Sherk, the minimum cost of employing full-time workers under Obamacare amounts to an average of $27,500, more than what many unskilled employees produce. He explains in his paper, “Obamacare Will Price Less Skilled Workers Out of Full-Time Jobs” why increased costs will lead employers to shift to employing part-time workers:

    After paying the new health premiums, the minimum wage, payroll taxes, and unemployment insurance taxes, hiring a full-time worker will cost employers at least $10.03 per hour. Full-time workers with family health plans will cost $13.75 per hour.

    Employers who hire workers with productivity below these rates will lose money. Businesses employing less skilled workers will probably respond by dumping their employees onto the federally subsidized health care exchanges and replacing full-time positions with part-time jobs.

    Fewer full-time jobs in favor of more part-time positions is not what America needs, particularly as it struggles with a stagnant economy, 9.1 percent unemployment, and 14 million people out of work. But just when the United States needs businesses to expand, grow, and invest, Obamacare is piling on the costs and regulations–making it more difficult for businesses to create new jobs.

    Under the law, businesses with more than 50 workers must purchase more expensive government-approved insurance or pay a penalty, thereby reducing the amount of capital they have to invest in expanding and hiring new workers. That requirement also has the effect of incentivizing businesses with fewer than 50 employees to maintain their size to avoid the costs. And then there’s the uncertainty that Obamacare has brought about–businesses don’t know what their future costs will be under the legislation, making it difficult for them to plan for the future.

    America might already be seeing the job-killing effects of the President’s signature law. Sherk writes that following Obamacare’s passage, economic growth in America changed course:

    Initially, the economy appeared on track for a steady recovery. The economy went from losing 841,000 jobs in January 2009–the recession’s low point–to gaining 229,000 jobs in April 2010…

    Within two months of Obamacare’s passing, the recovery stalled… In May 2010, the job situation stopped improving. Job creation dropped to just 48,000 net private sector jobs, and private-sector hiring took a new course. From May 2010 onward, private job growth improved by only 6,500 jobs per month–less than one-tenth the previous rate.

    Though correlation doesn’t prove causation, the economy’s slowdown following the passage of Obamacare, when considered alongside complaints from business owners about the law’s effects on new hiring, should cause alarm for anyone who cares about unemployment in America. Heritage’s Nina Owcharenko explains why the law is the wrong prescription for turning the economy around:

    Obamacare is perhaps the most damaging of the Administration’s policies that are impeding the country’s recovery. At a time when there should be a focus on cutting spendingreducing regulation, and lowering taxes, Obamacare does the complete opposite. It spends more, imposes costly new mandates and regulations, and raises taxes on individuals and businesses. This is no way to get the economy up and running again.

    Unfortunately, Obamacare will make an already bad economic picture worse. Unskilled workers are struggling to find employment, and the President’s health care law will make finding full-time jobs even more difficult. If President Obama truly wants to reduce unemployment and help businesses grow, he should admit that Obamacare was a mistake and work with Congress to repeal it.

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    69 Responses to Morning Bell: Why Obamacare Might Cost You a Job

    1. Robert, TX says:

      The ONLY jobs that Obamacare should cost our Congress and Obama. Every democrat that voted for Obamacare should be fired (along with every republican that added earmarks, or special provisions, before they voted "against" the bill). Every republican that has failed to do anything to repeal or defund obamacare should be fired (that would be about 285 of them). In other words, FIRE CONGRESS!

      • CraigJCasey says:

        Robert, that would be a great start, or even imposing term limits. We have to end career politicians and their crazy schemes. Obamacare is really an infomercial on unintended consequences. http://www.cobrahealth.com/Obamacare.html

      • Prc says:

        why is it that everytime the citizens gets something from the government there is so much complaint about it? On the other hand when the US govenment doles out money to other countries, only a few notices it. From my understanding, TAXES are the lifeblood of the government so its people will be served.. When Obama care was created, it had its mind the citizens of this country. STOP complaining about it, rather improve it. DONT throw all of it, change the part that doesnt work.. Repubs, you still get the credit for the improvement. But that is not the case with these two parties.They want it all!!! You know what, create your own country, divide this country where all the saints, the sinless, the true christian evangelicals( coz the other beleivers in christ are not christians, especially the type that the dems beleive) on one hand and all the rest belong. STOP this nonsense of destroying each other. POOL all good ideas and come up with a law regardless of political affinity. We should think about the good of our citizens, NOT iraq, afganhistam,libya or affrica. Afterall, they do not pay taxes here in the USA.!!!

    2. Matt L says:

      Well, Obamacare hasn't cost me a job (fortunate to work at large very international company) — but just received 'benefits enrollment' information for 2012. And wow, what a surprise (sarcasm, being that I am a Heritage regular), the cost for prescription drugs is increasing 50%, of course that's on top of premium increase (on employee side, not employer contribution). The killer here is that my company is one that now has to provide brand-name drugs for below cost for government programs, with the losses funded by passing along to their own employees (and others who are not government-dependents/slaves that need our drugs).

      • Rich Mathews says:

        Do you think that all of the government regulations on healthcare and the cost of bringing drugs to market is a reason for the rising costs of healthcare and prescriptions? Like everything else the government gets involved in, the outcome is always not the intended result.

        For Obummer Healthcare Destruction bill, the supreme court needs to rule that it is indeed unconstitutional and throw out the bill in its' entirety. Then we need to get representatives into office in all three branches of government that are willing to make the cuts and changes to regs that will bring us back to our foundations that made this country great. And while I at it, we need to have term limitations for all legislative branches and to bring back the appointment of Senators by state legislators. These moves would bring back the government construct to what it was set up to be in the Constitution. Until these changes take place, there is little hope for any change to what is now destroying this nation, economy, people…

      • edgar says:

        Well, welcome to the club where most of us are paying full price for prescriptions already, even before Obamacare.

      • prc says:

        This is one bad part of the law that need to be repealed. Can you site a " good for the citizens provision" of the Obama care? Or are you so poisoned by the GOP thinking that the WHOLE obamacare is garbage!!! Wake up and be reasonable. There is no group pf people that has monopoly of good ideas!! All people are capable of creating good ideas!

      • A Tessoni says:

        Pahleez… The largest part of Obamacare isn't even enacted yet. Insurance companies stand to rake in major bank from everyone buying their insurance.. Instead of your company getting a break based on 100 employees persei, they get a break because they are paying for millions. Insurance companies are raising their rates due to cost of health care itself, which is on the rise.. no matter whether we have the affordable healthcare act or not, that is the reason insurance companies are raising their rates. Do you understand how insurance works? It's based on a socialistic principle.. the many pay for the few. You and your fellow employees/employer pay into 1 insurance policy.. only the few who require services will actually cost the ins company money. (They made money from 100 employees/employer and paid out services for (insert number here) Thats how they make money. Obama demanded that they spend 80% of what they take in… so what good does it do to double your premiums if they have to turn around and pay most of it back out?

    3. toledofan says:

      No matter how many times good information is provided, common sense is given, or people react negatively to Obamacare, he's not going to change his position. I think Obama and the Democrats see this as a huge win for their party and they will no do anything to repeal it. The only thing Obama will do is grow the government, regulations and impose even more restrictions on buisiness. I don't think they are done with chapter 3, yet, of Alinsky's , Rules for Radicals.

      • W. Colborne Mullen says:

        Hi, The thing we need, to do, more than anything else is tell anyone who listens about the following. Every job, in Government, is a 100% cost, to the tax payers. You are paying every cent that appears, on a pay check. It is money collected, from others. THAT INCLUDES THIER TAXES. The reality is this. There is not one Government employee paying their own taxes. I wonder how much the total would be, if all Government employees were included, when people say there are about 50%, of our citizens, not paying taxes. They [people who do not pay taxes] now out number the rest, of us! We must reduce the Government, at least 40%. The Government should hire the rest, on an as needed basis, from the many employment agency businesses. Let me know your opinion, if anyone reads this. wcm1939@aol. com.

      • prc says:

        Hey, we all are american citizens and we all contribute in someways to the coffers of this country( and yes even the poor pay taxes too- everytime they buy something) Stop that thinking of demonizing each other. The dems are americans and so are the repubs. If your hatred for the dems is so bad that you cannot stand to think they are americans, i urge you to call your repub senator and congressman to create a law that divides this country. If I were a dem, i would hate to spend my money on you. WE all contribute something to this government, so why not stand together as citizens (NO, we do this only when we get attacked) Let us create a healthcare law with 1000 provisions and divide 500 provisions will be created by the repubs and 500 by the dems. (OMG, this will kill both parties!! This is not good for either of them coz only them have good ideas- right?)

    4. Mary......WI says:

      Let me add that most Americans were opposed to Obamacare from the get go. The bill was passed, without even being read by most of Congress, in a sneaky, unscrupulous manner! Healthcare premiums continue to sky-rocket ……..and now I heard last evening that there is a shortage of medications in this country!!!

      Can anyone completely blame businesses for not hiring with so much uncertainty about EVERYTHING in this country.

      Perhaps all this is the democrats way of "thinning out the population"……Obamacare sure could be the demise of baby boomers and any octogenarian still enjoying life.

      Let's all pray that the Supreme Court, if they can get their act together, will declare Obamacare illegal and throw this piece of garbage into the deep pits of hell never to return.

      • prc says:

        Hey mary!! What would you do with the others that like obamacare? Toss them in the PIT? If i am not wrong, you are a true christian too!!! Right? I mean, a repub? Coz only repubs are true christians? The brand that obama believes in is not TRUE Christianism?

    5. Ron says:

      AMEN!! Repeal Obamacare and Obama.

      • Robert, TX says:

        Do you think Romneycare (or Perrycare) will be any better? Or any different?
        It's 20 million (taxpayers) versus 180 million(tax receivers) people, this is no longer a fight we can win.

        • Doug Nicholson says:

          If all conservatives had an attitude like that, you would be correct…we couldn't win. Thank God most intelligent conservatives think more positively. And by the way…we WILL win!

    6. Terry Stone says:

      This is the first President and Congress, especially the one before 2010 that I know any thing about that has done more harm to this country than our enemies.

      • prc says:

        So should we categorize them as enemies like the alquaeda? Really?? So you believe only the republicans are capable of creating good ideas for its people. So the dems are not people!!! How about you call your senator and congressman to create a law that divides this country so you and your repub friends can live on one side of the fence and the dems can do the other side!!!

    7. ThomNJ says:

      We have an extremely long row to hoe in getting the government out of our lives – but we have to do it. Though I am getting nearer to social security all the time, I would like to see this program go away. I'd rather take my chances with my own money – so give it back. Mechanisms making it easier for Americans to save for their retirement need to be implemented, but this use of our money by the government while we are working is theft. You never get all the money back, you don't get it adjusted for inflation, you don't get interest paid for the use of your money, and then you don't get it at all if you don't want to participate in Medicare. I view this as criminal behavior by our government and the same goes for all the politicians – Republican, Democrat and Independent – who voted and support this kind of thing.

      • prc says:

        so you are one of the government haters!!! But when your house gets flooded or a huge earthquake hits your place, you look up to the government coz you cant call the so called " job creators". Why do we have a government if you so hate the government?

        • ThomNj says:

          And you are clearly a generalist – as in making up general statements. I am not a government hater – I am against government over reach. Because I believe that one has a right to choose what kind of medical insurance (or none at all) does not make me a government hater – I hate the IMPOSITION by our government on us of Medicare. I HATE the imposition on us of Social Security. I would rather do with my money as I please – not allow the Congress to steal it,use it for purposes not intended and then bank on not having to return all of it to us. And I don't like that they have decided to give it to those who never paid into the system – like the aging Russians who have come to our country for SS and Medicare and Medicaid benefits. What on Earth has a flood got to do with healthcare?

    8. ThomNJ says:

      this was supposed to be the end of my previous comment but the site cut it off as too long:

      I say to all poiticians out there: What makes you think that you are smarter than the rest of America? The Congress has proven time and time again that they are incompetent at economics and investment – so what gives you the right to take our money and force us into allowing you to mismanage it? And lastly, why then do you people never seem to have the same laws applied to you if you are so stinking smart and the plans are so very wonderful?

      • gww says:

        great point!
        our founding father's saw a miller or farmer come from the fields and serve his
        neighbors for 2 years, then return to his plow
        We have to vote out the (all) incumbants of both parties! Careers in Washington
        have polluted our democratic process

      • prc says:

        So we should have no congress then!! I bet you, you want the kind of congress that can give you ONLY the ones you want. Anytime congress does something you do not want, you do not want them!!!

    9. Pete Houston says:

      You cost for employee minimum wage looks on target. I wish I could add their family for another 3.75 per hour. That number is low and would be closer to $9.60. So Minimum wage employee cost would be closer to $20 vs $14.

    10. robbie says:

      Then why his there no push to repeal it? And if everyone wasn't so eager for civility, at least on our side, where is the push to impeach Obama? Everyone censors, but no one wants to put an end to this destruction of our country. Too bad, sounding good is not getting the job done. Don't you just love conversation when it is one sided.

      • prc says:

        so who you want there? John Mccain? I am sure the dems would want to do the same thing you want with obama!!! Americans are really STUPID people!!!!

      • Lauri says:

        The GOP-controlled House could push to repeal it, but the Dem-controlled Senate would refuse to bring it up for a vote or, even if they did pass it, Obama would veto it. Bringing it up for a vote right now would spend political capital and, usually works to reduce the urgency to repeal it. We saw it with the balanced-budget amendment in the 90s.

        It's a waiting game and it's a tabling game. If they can slow down instituting parts of it, we can actually see the consequences (which this article highlights). If the Dems lose either the White House or the Senate (hopefully both) next fall, they can then push for the repeal and probably get it through. They'll need to have a substitution of sorts — some sort of reform beyond just going back to the way it was. The Interstate Health Care Compact is one option, although I personally favor simply opening up the insurance market across state lines and letting people decide whether they want to buy it or not.

    11. Lloyd Scallan says:

      The last sentence of this article says it all. To the contrary, Obama must make life in America as miserable as possible for his agenda to succeed. Unemployment will add more misery. The more misary, the more people will turn to him to be save. That's when the mask will be completely off and he wil offer total government control (socialism) if the people would just give up their freedom and liberty. It's extreamly hard to accept that a president, any president of this country would purposely attempt to destroy our way of life. But we must understand and realize this one will.

    12. Sam Snead says:

      I woudl like to know the name of every corporation that has obtain a waiver or exemption from Obamcare and the number of employees that are affected. If health care was so critical to all of us why exceptions? If healthcare was such a crises why the waivers?
      And if we are alll Americans and equal why does Congress not have to submit to Obama care?

      I truly want to see every memeber of Congress running in Nov, voted out along with the President.


      • prc says:

        the ones who will replace them are going to do exactly the same thing that the current ones are doing!!

      • Bob Pedersen says:

        I agree with Sam Snead. We need to wipe the slate clean. These politicians do not care about America. They only care about how to save their job by getting re-elected.

        Bob Pedersen

    13. "Obamacare does the complete opposite. It spends more, imposes costly new mandates and regulations, and raises taxes on individuals and businesses. This is no way to get the economy up and running again."
      And this is exactly what Obama wants. To get more and more people depending on government for their handouts as the productive segment of our capitalist system is destroyed and merged into full blown socialism.

      • prc says:

        Hey, call your senator and congressman to outlaw socialism, Create a law that criminalizes (death penalty) for anyone who believes in socialism!! Americans are stupid!! We believe in freedom of speech and creating ideas but when we do not want the idea, we demonize it. OBAMA is NOT a SOCIALIST!! The republs are just as socialist as obama if i were to follow your definition of socialism!!!

    14. Frank says:

      "After paying the new health premiums, the minimum wage, payroll taxes, and unemployment insurance taxes, hiring a full-time worker will cost employers at least $10.03 per hour. Full-time workers with family health plans will cost $13.75 per hour.

      "Employers who hire workers with productivity below these rates will lose money." – JS

      Thank you Heritage for finally putting some hard numbers on the problem of ObamaCare. This is a good example of why big government doesn't work. It often sounds nice on the surface, but the unintended consequences are devastating. The more we allow "the Invisible Hand of the Free Market" operate, the better our economy is and the more jobs & prosperity there will be for all. The more we try to central plan the economy with big government solutions, the less efficient the economy becomes and the fewer the jobs & the less the prosperity to go around. It took a lot of big government tinkering to ruin this once great American Free Market economy… but we have not only reached that point… we have gone far beyond it already. Things won't get better until we DRASTICALLY cut back the size & scope of government, balance the budget & end this big government welfare/warfare state. Ending ObamaCare would be just STEP #1.

      • prc says:

        who decides when government is BIG? The republicans? It sounds like only repubs know when a government is good. Can you give me a favor, call your senator and congressman to create a law that divides this country. I bet you, the ones that side with the repubs will prosper and the dems will all perish coz their ideas are bad for the people!! Am i right?

    15. Jack Carle says:

      No media is reporting on the job losses involving self employed persons that do not qualify for unemployment insurance. In the residential construction trades alone, the rate in my area approaches 50% either unemployed or under-employed.

      • prc says:

        you know why americans dont have jobs? it is because americans are too picky! They want salaries to be high!! Can i make a suggestion, work like the chinaman and the mexicanman, guaranteed you have a job!! Americans are lazy, lazy, lazy!!! Their are so much jobs out their. For example, if you kick out all the illegal farm workers, there are jobs available!! You think these stupid, lazy americans will take this jobs> NO…….. they want to own the farm not work on it… but they want cheap labor so they take the illegals to work on their farms, they want chinese products coz they are cheaper than american products!!! STUPID!!!!!!!!

    16. Teri says:

      Businesses will take a third option used widely in the transportation industry, real estate industry and many more. They will convert their employees to Independent Contractors which removes the obligation to pay the employer payroll taxes and removes the insurance requirements. It makes the worker responsible for their own taxes and Social Security and no more benefits of any kind. It's a cheap and sensible solution for employers to take their reliable employees and convert them over to ICs and this virtually eliminates all payroll and taxes record keeping. At the end of the year they send a 10-99 to each contractor and that's it.

    17. Clearhead says:

      Come on, folks. Let's admit that the larger picture here IS NOT a 'conspiracy theory'. Let's call it what it is: A carefully organized procedure for the complete disestablishment of what we know as AMERICA. Hitlery Clinton tried the "healthcare" ruse during Billy boy's reign. It took the Regressives just over ten years to recognize their errors and improve upon them to the extent that they could ram this stupidity through Congress, albeit in a clandestine and despicably insane manner. What mr. obama "should" or "ought to" do is not in the equation of his puppeteers. Mere words are not the solution here, folks.

    18. lasttry says:

      This man will complete his take over of America before his time is up, all great civilizations were destroyed from within and no one cared. Just listen to the news, Rep. Jackson (jesses son) thinks the president should stop all elections and give all the unemployed $40,000 a year wages to get more taxes.
      Another member of congress also wants to skip the next elections, and allow the president to get all his bills passed and running. Let the riots begin!!!!

    19. Brother Dave says:

      The article mistakenly says groups under 50 employees can avoid the extra costs of Obamacare. While they are exempt (for now) from the employer penalty, smaller groups must still absorb the extra costs and plan choice limitations of a govt. benefit menu.

      The article was correct about what will be a "49ers club," i.e. firms who limit growth to avoid being subject to penalties, but they will not be exempt from escalating costs.

    20. Al Connelly says:

      Why are we not making this information available to the general public and pounding the issue into the heads of the people who are going to vote for Obama because they think he is saving them with extended unemployment pay other worthless social programs. If the GOP really wants to get someone elected this is the type message that is crucial for accomplishing that feat.

      Unfortunately because of the Republican debates and competition among the candidates we are giving the public all the weaknesses on each candidate and in the process tell the independents and other voters why they should not vote for any of them. Therefor we are actually pushing voters away from our candidates and towards Obama! Al

      • prc says:

        There is a better solution to your issues. Create a law that divides this country so you repubs can live a better prosperous life!!! You do not even have to have an election, coz once you have elected repub officials, all their ideas are all correct and will be embraced by each and every repub citizen. Their is no repub elected official who is capable of creating a law that cannot be accepted by another repub!! Am i right? In your law, make sure that anyone who believes or has an inkling into beleiving a democrat idea will be killed. NOT even Jailed, coz if they escape they might merge with the repubs and that will make your clean, heavenly character be tainted… Hallelujia!!!!!! or should I say aloho akbar!!!!

    21. Tom Sheahen says:

      There is another effect that is going unnoticed. For an employer whose business grows somewhat, the cheapest thing to do may be to pay existing employees overtime, rather than hire a new person, with all the associated costs. Paying time & a half isn't a bad bargain when medical premiums are costly. That effect masks the job growth that would normally be associated with economic recovery.

    22. Carol M Kite says:

      Obama's math is always deliberately 'fuzzy' trying to hide the fact that with all the thousands more insured, common sense tells that the costs will skyrocket, that the coverage won't be there in all instances. In addition, the costs and paperwork afffect every employer which trickles down to propective hires. This plan needs to be kicked to the curb along with those that try to force this unrealistic plan on the taxpayers.

      • prc says:

        Kicking this idea to the curb aint going to solve your problem!! Let me suggest what will. Call your senator and congressman to create a law that divides this country, so you repubs can live on one side and you all are going to be happy!!! You repubs can now come up with a country that has no stain of badness coz you repubs are the only ones who deserve to live a better life. The dems are like the devils( that is what you think) the dems think you are the devils! get my idea now?

    23. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obamacare's bad for the economy. That's why there aren't any jobs.

    24. The Farmer says:

      Robert, TX & Craig J Casey; Man you guys got things off on the RIGHT foot today, and reading on down through the blogs it is quite refreshing, many Americans are awake and are thinking for themselves.
      Although "The Heritage Foundation" website is the source of valuable information in regards to what is going on, it could be a lot more valuable if the folks there would interview candidates for office, questioning them in regards to pertinent positions necessary to reclaim our constitutional form of government. And then publish those question and the candidates answer for our information in regards to the candidates running for office, along with their recommendations and reasoning.
      Heritage's representatives that have been appearing on the Fox News Network often sound as if they're too concerned with political correctness, I don't know about everyone else but when it comes to politics and religion I like mine straight! If it's not hot (or sharp) I just spit it out!

    25. Rick_in_VA says:

      Quote from the last sentence.
      If President Obama truly wants to reduce unemployment and help businesses grow, he should admit that Obamacare was a mistake and work with Congress to repeal it.
      Like that will ever happen.

    26. GWW says:

      beware the October surprise
      This President would cut off an arm or repeal his healthcare mandate in order to secure re-election
      Then watch out!!!!!

    27. Jim says:

      Also, employers of 50 to 60 employees might lay off 10 to get under the 50 level. Ten more jobs lost!

    28. Doug Nicholson says:

      Where the heck is my reply (and the comment I replied to) at about 2:30PM, 10-14-11. The commenbt basically said that all was lost, there was no way to get out of the current situation. I replied that with that attitude, the writer was correct.

    29. W. Colborne Mullen says:

      The following is somewhat tongue, in cheek. I wish there was a way, to forward this employment information, to those uninformed, people, on the streets, at Wall Street. It is maddening, to realize, that this source, for facts, is not available, to the majority, of people, who protest. Albeit they would either not read it, or not believe anything you say. The are the least likely people, to consider a subscription.

    30. Rebecca says:

      This is an excellent article. I wish every American would read it. Or at least, the liberal press and Nancy Pelosi who still probably doesn't know what is in the bill. They refuse to help educate the public. It's so sad. And so destructive.

    31. Rich Germano says:

      No one mentions the estimated 500,000 of us that sell and service medical insurance to businesses all over the country. When the insurance exchanges open we are out of business. If each of us made only $50,000 from our efforts that is $25 billion in taxable income lost to the government and probably tens of thousands of us will have little or no recourse. Add that to the cost of Obamacare.

    32. Mark in Colorado says:

      To date Obamacare has had zero effect on jobs. Zero. That is a simple undisputable fact. What it will do in the future is arguable and I would argue with basically everyone on this board the about the future effects, I am not a fan of Obamacare but for far different reasons than the mostly misinformed posters here.

    33. Susan says:

      Mr. Obama clearly knows what he is doing and has put the interests of Mr. Soros ,Union bosses,NEA,Lawyers unions ahead of the taxpayers of this country.Last year when he and his folks basically railroaded this Obamacare deal through the good people of this country screamed bloody murder but it did no good with the exception of electing a number of Republican's to counterbalance the Democratic rule of this country. The Democrats clearly want to tax us more and are coming not after the RICH but the everyday guy who is already struggling….He does not like the average folks of this country unless you can help him. I remember just after he was elected he came out here to Arizona to HELP us because of the housing crisis we have have been dealing with…well hardly anyone could get the real help they needed.. I think he is not only a liar but is only interested in his own legacy.. I had hopes that he would be a President for all of us but clearly that is not the case. .We could have had a truly GREAT Man for President. I pray everyday that God will keep us safe enough to live through this Obama era!

    34. Larry W says:

      Obama's "Stimulus" caused the loss of my job and I'm certain that Obamacare kept my unemployed period nearly 900 days long despite having my own health insurance. Now I have a job that will pay between 20% to 50% of what I was making before by working from two to five days per week. Just imagine basking in all this without Cap & Trade!

    35. The Federal government has been cutting reimbursements to both doctors and hospitals over the past ten years. Instead of keeping up with the cost of living allowances, our government is holding the medical profession hostage with lower reimbursements, more regulations, and requirements to switch to EMR or electronic medical records (minimum cost $50000). In addition, the ICD-9 codes for diagnosis have been increased to ICD10, which adds 144000 new codes to be more exact in describing an illness or injury.
      What is not understood by the patient or employer is the fact that as Medicare rates of payment fall, so do
      private insurance payment rates, which spin off Medicare. No wonder doctors like myself have retired from surgery because of Obama, Nancy, and Harry, the three stooges of Democratic politics destroying healthcare. The patient will realize that not only will his/her doctor not take the insurance, but may no longer be practicing medicine/surgery in our new socialized government . Good luck finding a job, or seeing Socials Security payments increase, while medicare takes more money out of social security.

    36. prc says:

      To all the republican ideas i say Hooray!! NOT !!!!!!

    37. Ed Ruthazer says:

      Funny that Obamacare is attributed with job losses two years before it went into effect. I suppose his Jobs Bill may be responsible for the 2008 stock market crash now.

    38. dexter60 says:

      ObamaCare is now just a test for the supreme court — a test the rest of government has already failed.
      Soon to know what it will take to kill the vampires, since some seem slow to suicide.
      Then it's back to work when the boot is off our necks.

    39. June says:

      All of US knew, from the beginning, that obamacare was worse than a "sick joke" – -please, people; we MUST demand that it be REPEALED NOW!

    40. Vancouver1941 says:

      Now that college grants is controlled by the federal government in Obamacare my Grandaughter who graduated in 2011 had applied and received a grant of $8,000.00 or so she thought. She applied while she was a senior and after graduating was given a electronic card for the grant. After attending the first term of junior college she received a letter saying they could find her application and she owed $1,400.This letter came 2 days before it was due. Of course she had to drop out of school,is in debt and is struggling with lack of employment other then part time jobs. Welcome to the adult world and this is a sample of how the federal government will control 1/6 of the economy!
      With myself I retired from a major company and have a supplementary medical premium which quadrupled in price for 2012.I turned 70 last September and according to the mandate in Obamacare,if I bleed on the brain I will get "comfort care" aka "You are useless to society and don't deserve to live and it is to expensive to keep you around" I have never received financial aid of any kind all my life such a food stamps,welfare, unemployment,etc.
      Also I was a registered Democrat all adult life but that all changed Nov. of 2009 even with a reincarnation of the JFK era which was my first time to vote.

    41. Joe Cool says:

      The Farmer: Well Said!!! I am also encouraged by what I am reading on blogs all over… that we the people that have to pay in one way or another for this absolute debakle of a law are awake, paying attention, and hopefully will get out there in November to vote this maniac out of office! I am a new citizen, voted in the primary for the first time (for the man most likely to defeat Obama) and am proud to be an American citizen and will exercise my right to vote every chance I get. I came from Africa and Europe to get away from this kind of stuff and do not want it here too!!

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