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  • Elected Officials Back 'Occupy' Protests Despite Violence, Lawlessness

    The ongoing “Occupy Wall Street” protests have been characterized by shows of violence, lawlessness, and occasional anti-Semitism. But elected officials are reportedly backing the movement behind the scenes, most recently pressuring the owners of the New York City park that is the epicenter of the protests to postpone a much-needed cleaning effort, according to city officials and the property’s owners.

    Brookfield Properties, which owns Zucotti Park, where protestors have camped out for nearly a month, had expressed concern to the city regarding the state of the park. “After weeks of occupation,” the company said in a letter to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, “conditions in the park have deteriorated to unsanitary and unsafe levels.”

    Protestors fumed at the planned attempt to vacate the park for cleaning, and vowed to resist police efforts to clear the area of demonstrators. The cleaning effort was postponed Friday at the behest of local elected officials, reports indicate.

    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on his weekly radio address that Brookfield “got lots of calls from many elected officials threatening them and saying, ‘If you don’t stop this [the planned cleanup], we’ll make your life more difficult’,” Politico reported on Friday. Bloomberg said he did not know which officials had threatened the company.

    A statement from Brookfield said that “local political leaders” had “request[ed]” that the cleaning effort be postponed. The statement did not say who, specifically, had made those requests, and Melissa Coley, the company’s spokeswoman, declined to elaborate.

    The postponement, however, did not stop inflamed protestors from clashing with police on Friday morning, as they marched through downtown Manhattan. Fourteen protesters were arrested during violent encounters with the police, the NYPD said.

    The incident was not the first time the “Occupy” protests – which have sprouted up in various cities across the country – have flouted the law and occasionally turned ugly.

    • A uniformed Coast Guard member was harassed and spit upon at a protest in Boston on Friday.
    • Early this month, more than 700 were arrested when they blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, where they brought outbound Manhattan traffic to a standstill.
    • Washington D.C. has seen numerous arrests over the past week, including six at the Hart Senate Office Building on Tuesday and seven more at a House Armed Services Committee hearing two days later.
    • The scene in Boston was even more hectic. Police arrested 141 protestors there, according to the Boston Globe, when they refused to disburse. One police officer was reportedly struck in the face.
    • In San Francisco, 11 protestors were arrested for blocking the entrance to Wells Fargo’s corporate headquarters.
    • In Denver, police arrested 24 protestors – most of whom were charged with unlawful conduct on state property. One demonstrator was charged with assault.

    While organizers have been quick to condemn violence, there has been at least one instance of a protestor overtly calling for violence. Video of the protest in Los Angeles shows the speaker calling for violent revolution:


    Beyond the violence and lawlessness, there have been numerous instances of protestors making highly inflammatory and offensive statements, many of them laced with anti-Semitism.

    Yet despite this litany of unseemly acts – merely a month after the movement was formed, no less – elected officials in New York are still apparently backing the protesters.

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    14 Responses to Elected Officials Back 'Occupy' Protests Despite Violence, Lawlessness

    1. Bill 64 says:

      Just another example of how far this nation has slipped. These are the very people who contribute nothing to this nation but want everything given to them.

    2. MamboSun says:

      You have a very broad (and inaccurate) definition of "violence". The protests have been extremely peaceful.

      • Lloyd Scallan says:

        MamboSun – So the police are arresting protester for being "peaceful"? Wake up and smell what you are shoveling.

    3. Bobbie says:

      It's funny how no one asks these misguided distractions what their responsibilities to themselves and society are?

    4. Nancy Cardinal says:

      I finally figured out what the OWS thing is about. Its about passing Obams's "jobs" bill. He was stumping around the country to get it passed. (its not a "jobs" bill , but a tax bill). He told his supporters at one of his rallys that they needed to march. Well, this OWS is his people marching!!! They probably intend to stay until they feel that Obama's "jobs" bill gets passed. This truly is an occupation!

    5. @Andrakor says:

      these are people bein used by satan to destroy Americas soul and help brin about the end of tis age we are swiftly approachin te time where only 2 roads will be left te road to the propecys on te end times becoming real or we become extinct for as the bible reads let him tat knows all the prophecys in this book know when te end time will come the only thing you cant know is the exact daye and hour no more ten we did in ww2 when d day would be till really that day. oh as for tarp and the bailouts givin monet to the wealthy banks and corporations didnt end the destruction of the economy it locked it place only by people having money to spend can the economy work. its te ability to buy that the economy work not by the wealty buyin but buy te poor and workin side of the ecnomic math equation_

    6. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Certain "conservatives" are actually suggesting Republican canidates support "some" of the protesters that are "different" and "reachable" with legitimate reasons for being part of this. I asked this genius how do we seperate those from the anarchist and communist that is being financially supported by most major unions. If these "legitimate" protesters have reason, their are many other means to make there reasons known. But when they join this communist movement, they become "usefuly idiots pawns. Many in the so called "conservative" ranks are saying we should "compermise" (which should be looked at as another four letter word) is the one major reason we have the problems we have today.

      • Bobbie says:

        Good one, Lloyd! Lets also keep reminding everyone that union members are footing the bill whether they know, agree or not. There is no true conservative that would ever suggest compromise of America's principles established.

    7. H Snyder says:

      "Occupy Wall Street" sounds like one more of Obama's new phrases, e.g. "Hope and Change," "Transform," and "Fair Share," and his support of it, advances the theory. He was involved with SEIU, and it is there. His Van Jones is in support of it , too. Odd? Coincidental?

    8. carol,az says:

      POTUS continues to mouth off about class warfare since elected.
      He and his minions may think he got his wish.
      What America is witnessing is a mirror image of POTUS and his wacko leadership these 1000 days.
      This fractured rag-tag group of confused people, disconnected for comment , any understandable agenda, is a stunning example of how America has been led for 1000 days.
      Dems.Mayor, Bloomberg doesn't have the guts to clean up the cesspool created there.
      The brethren from the same trough is committed to add to the chaos.
      If the place stinks: All of America smells the same way by now.
      The stink has polluted and paralyzed any clear reasoning and forward motion to solve our debt problem the primary problem, that's killing our economy.
      Wall Street just announced they will be eliminating 10,000 jobs . Can you smell that, Mayor Bloomberg?

    9. If you look at the references this article sites, most of them are completely unrelated to Violence. IF you believe anything in this article then you are unfortunately being tricked and lied to. This is propaganda at its finest. http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/14/us/occupy-wall-stre… This Article was quoted to say that NYPD said there were reports of violence, when it clearly states in the second paragraph first sentence that and I quote, "reports of violence were rare. Quite a contradiction to the statement in this article saying "Fourteen protesters were arrested during violent encounters with the police, the NYPD said." This is a farce, and if you believe nonsense like this then you're being lied to, misinformed, and you're probably downright stupid. Start paying attention Conservatives. How long will you avoid the Truth. Shameful. Stay SHARP and Stay Reckless!

    10. Kenan Walker says:

      Kyle, still want to back that crap up?

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