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  • Piecemeal 'Jobs Bill' Can Still Be Dangerous

    If something is too big to swallow, you cut it into bite-sized pieces.  But that won’t improve the taste—unless you jettison any stinky stuff.

    Likewise, the notion of splitting-up President Obama’s Senate-rejected 326-page “jobs bill” won’t improve any of the proposals.

    It’s good that the break-up would prevent the classic congressional strategy of blending the good and the bad together into one piece of legislation.  That strategy expects that Congressmen will hold their noses and vote for a package when they’re not given a choice to remove the worst parts.

    But backup strategies are already in motion and they carry dangers as well.

    Even segmented versions of Obama’s $447-billion plan can be used to squeeze in those worst parts.  That’s because it’s almost impossible to get both the House and the Senate to enact identical versions of a bill, thus requiring a conference committee to “work out the differences”—which sometimes includes adding distasteful details.

    Congressional leaders select the conference committee members, so it becomes an opportunity for leaders to buy votes, such as Senate leader Harry Reid did with the infamous “Cornhusker Kickback” and “Louisiana Purchase” provisions in Obamacare. (Technically, those didn’t happen in a conference committee, but the technique was the same.)

    Rumors are already afoot that, in order to get support from Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Reid may relieve the oil and gas industry from punishing provisions in the bill.  If so, what other Senators might want to get in on the action?

    In fact, the more separate bills that are created, the more vehicles exist for political games.  Splitting up the bill is already acceptable to Obama, who said in Pittsburgh. “If they don’t pass the whole package, we’re going to break it up into constituent parts,”

    The threat that Washington may enact this “Son of Stimulus” legislation has not been removed by a single vote in the Senate.  As Heritage Foundation President Dr. Ed Feulner often notes, “In politics, there are no permanent victories and no permanent defeats.”

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    9 Responses to Piecemeal 'Jobs Bill' Can Still Be Dangerous

    1. steve h says:

      The numbers on the economy looking back over a couple years have been revised by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. It shows, with evidence that is now avaiable, that in the last quarter of 2008, the economy shrank (contracted) 8.9%. That is great depression type numbers. 8.9% contraction of GDP in 4th quarter of 2008 – and you call the stimulus a failure? Once people wade through the misinformation out there, and as we look back on the Recovery package in history, we'll be able to see how the Dems and Obama saved our country. There is so much evidence to show the positive impacts of the recovery act, but the political bias of those who only care about making Obama a 1-term president has tainted so much. It's sad that conservatives only care about defeating Obama, regardless of how much damage they will do the America and the economy down the path.

      There was no chatter from heritage when it came to the provisions that really drove up the deficits by the previous adminstration, but now that Obama is in the White House, they suddenly are up-in-arms about the hole they dug themselves. Absolutely sad.

      • Kevinator says:

        Wow…you're kidding right? The policies put forth by Obama and Dems have done nothing but slow down or reverse any recovery we may have had. Harding/Coolidge, Kennedy and Reagan had it right. Ever heard of the Great Depression of the 20s? That's because of the policies of Harding and Coolidge. Harding reduced unemployeement by half, but Coolidge was responcable for the Roaring Twenties.

        Coolidge cut taxes and reduce federal expenditures while retiring some of the federal debt at least three times while in office. The Revenue Act of 1924, 26 and 28. By 1927 one-forth of the federal debt was paid and state and local governments saw growth surpassing the federal budget.. Like to Obama and the Dems do that!

      • Lloyd Scallan says:

        Steve h – What's really sad is that you fail to mention or perhaps realize that during the last quarter of 2008, the Democrats controled both houses of Congress. That's the type of "misinformation" that you and your ilk use to support the lies and distortions that is driving this country under.

    2. lights on says:

      No piecemeal please! We're overfed at unhealthy standards as it is. We're done with the dishonesty. We need a solid bill. Safe, sound transparent bill in favor OF THE PEOPLE. We need transparency, we need effectiveness, we need efficiency, we need intelligence, we need to know who we can trust.

      WOW! Just in… sounds like the Republicans came up with a solid bill with everything we need.

    3. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Mary Landrieu (D-LA) has already accepted a $300 million to vote yes for ObamaCare. What make anyone
      think she would not sell her yes vote again? Since we know she walks around with a FOR SALE sign on her back, it's just the matter of price. But since she has always been one of Obama most willing lackeys,
      the price will not be too high. Most alarming is already the gutless Republicans are caving, admitting on camera they will be vote "piecemeal.

    4. allen says:

      I agree with Steve,That is why a good CEO goes out and buys and loans SOLAR PANEL companies, Taxpayers money. That will go down the tube. So he can get his Huge Bonuses, you lefties are starting to figure it out. And dont be stupid, Obama wants out so Michele can spend all of that BONUS MONIES that he has is his Stach. I know you work for the Union.

    5. @USAGeorge says:

      Kill the bill. At this point we are in bad enough shape,no action will at least not make things worse. Everything government has done so far has been for not. 2012 will give someone a majority and then whatever course is taken will be in force. Piecemeal is akin to putting a bandaid on a gasping wound,it simply will not work. Say what you may,what has been tried hasn't worked to any degree that is acceptable._ I do know what used to work and a return to that way of doing things would be welcome by the people._Tried and true has reason and a record of suscess behind it, why not follow a model that has worked?_

    6. TimAZ says:

      There's only one way to handle this nonsense until after the 2012 election. Just say No! No to any legislation that the regime desires. There is plenty of historical evidence demonstrated in the legislation passed since the regime captured DC that shows the regime's motivations are no less than contemptible towards the American citizenry. The answer is just say no to any legislation the regime wants or introduces, especially when the exact purpose and effects of the legislation upon the American citizenry cannot be determined.

    7. Rody says:

      Why don't the Republicans create their own jobs bill to prevent Obama from pointing his finger at them from now till election day? It seems to me that would counter his stategy effectively when the Democrats defeat this Republican bill in the Senate.

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