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  • Morning Bell: Jobs Plan Fails, but Obama Doesn't Get the Message

    When President Barack Obama began his Midwest “jobs tour” in August, he set out to campaign for the passage of a yet-to-be-released plan to turn around the country’s stagnant economy. But after the details of that plan emerged–more stimulus spending and higher taxes–and when the Democrat-controlled Senate put the measure up for a vote this week, the President’s plan was defeated. Even members of the President’s own party opposed more taxing and spending as a way of pulling America out of its unemployment ditch.

    Take Senator Jim Webb (D-VA), for example. The Hill reports that he opposes raising taxes on ordinary income during a time of recession and that the federal government should encourage people to invest in the economy instead of raising their income taxes. In Webb’s own words:

    I strongly believe that the way to bring good jobs back is to improve our economy in the private sector, and that means more capital investment. Winston Churchill once said something to the effect that you can’t tax your way out of an economic downturn any more than you can pick up a bucket if you’re standing in it.

    Others from the left, too, staked out opposition to the bill. As The Hill also reported, Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) took issue with the new spending the President proposed. “The bottom line here is that I don’t believe the potential in this act for creating jobs justifies adding another $500 billion to our almost $15 trillion national debt.”

    There’s good reason to stand against the President’s plan. For one thing, it is hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending on more of the same “stimulus” that has left America with virtually zero job growth and continued economic stagnation. And it’s paid for with a massive tax increase on job creators–the very people who would be investing their money to expand businesses and put more Americans back to work.

    The President proposed permanently raising taxes by $1.5 trillion over 10 years, with most of the burden falling on families and businesses earning more than $250,000 per year, all in the name of “fairness.” In a new paper, Heritage’s Curtis Dubay explains that the supposed “fairness” of the new rule is anything but fair:

    To President Obama, it is ‘fair’ to raise taxes on families and businesses earning more than $250,000 a year by raising their income tax rates and limiting their deductions. That must also mean he believes that they currently pay too little in taxes.

    Yet the data show the highest-earning families and businesses already pay the lion’s share of the federal income tax burden. According to the IRS, the top 1 percent of income earners–those earning more than $380,000 in 2008–paid more than 38 percent of all federal income taxes while earning 20 percent of all income. The top 10 percent ($114,000 and above) earned 45 percent of income and paid 70 percent of all taxes. At the same time, the bottom 50 percent of income earners–those earning less than $33,000–earned 13 percent of all income and paid less than 3 percent of federal income taxes.

    Then there was Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) plan to impose a millionaire tax–a 5.6 percent surtax on incomes of married filers earning over $1 million starting on January 1, 2013, pushing the average top U.S. income rate to 55 percent, higher than all but two of the 30 most economically developed countries in the world. Dubay explains how the tax would negatively impact job creation:

    Taxpayers earning more than $1 million a year are investors and businesses that are directly responsible for creating jobs. Investors provide the capital to existing businesses and startups so they can expand and add new workers. Raising their taxes would deprive them of resources they could invest in promising businesses that are looking to add employees. Raising their tax rate would deter them from taking the risk to invest.

    It’s this philosophy of soaking the rich to pay for more wasteful government spending that has ginned up opposition to the President’s jobs plan. The White House, though, isn’t getting the message, and it’s totally glazing over the bipartisan opposition. White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer laid the blame squarely on Republicans and wrote, “We can’t take ‘no’ for an answer.” The President, too, lashed out at the GOP, painting them as a minority that “got together as a group and blocked this jobs bill from passing the Senate.” The New York Times got in on the act, too, lambasting the right for its opposition, without acknowledging opposition on the left.

    Instead of playing the blame game, the President should take a step back and understand why Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle oppose his plan. Raising taxes to pay for stimulus spending that has proven to be a failure simply will not get the economy back on track.

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    75 Responses to Morning Bell: Jobs Plan Fails, but Obama Doesn't Get the Message

    1. Gary says:

      When has Obama ever gotten the message? He is only interested in forwarding his pre-determined agenda with no regard for congressional or popular opinion.

      • john says:

        communists dont listen they insist.

      • Jack W Estes says:

        True. He has been in campaign mode ostensibly his whole life. It is all he knows. Maybe he and his herd of sheep can explain to the rest of us how the wealthy got rich off the backs of the poor? If, as they claim, they don't have anything, how is that possible? The truth is there are fewer poor and more to come on the backs of entrepeneurs, innovators, and real taxpayers. But unlike entitlement whiners, the rich, for the most part contribute willingly.

    2. Jack Carle says:

      No, you don't get it. Obama is an avowed marxist idealog whose goal is to destroy the U. S. system. Every move he makes further reinforces this opinion.

      • J L N says:

        Thanks for pointing out the root cause. Obama is out to undermine anything that builds the U.S. economy. He uses Communist tactics to divide and conquer, but unfortunately our public schools have been teaching a liberalist curriculuum just long enough now to result in a populace that doesn't recognize a wolf from a lapdog.

      • Jeff Dover says:


    3. Mary......WI says:

      Obama is clueless! He must be replaced in 2012!

    4. Turner says:

      WRONG: Obama gets the message, it is YOU who are not getting his message. America is under siege, Obama is the Bolshevik plot he denied to Congress. He is doing everything he can to destroy our country, problem is we are ignorant people focused on vain matters and we allow ourselves to be enslaved by a system that makes it a crime to blame a black man. We are doomed until we come out of this stupor.

    5. Robert, TX says:

      While Congress plays their meaningless games our debt continues to climb; spending remains out of control; 100 million welfare recipients continue to sit on their butt and do drugs; 12 million (and growing) unemployment "recipients" continue to do nothing; our brave soldiers are still in harms way; Obamacare is being implemented daily (still no repeal hey, little johnny?); and Obama's czars continue to implement their unConstitutional policies. FIRE CONGRESS!!!

    6. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Do you know any despot with a socialist ideology who "gets the message" when it comes to a free society?

    7. Mark says:

      Those who worship government don't get it…spending is THE problem, government spending. None of the citizen legislators or our President will discuss what spending they will cut. That is why we need to retire them and find constitutional conservatives who understand what the problem is and publicly share how they would cut federal government spending.

      • Robert, TX says:

        Very true, Mark. But the math is simple: 20 million Americans pay 80% of the taxes, and over 172 million Americans are dependent on a government check. We are beyond upside down – we reached "upside down" 25 years ago. I suppose we could pray that voting age welfare recipients stay home.

    8. Jeff Dover says:

      Obama's "plan" was never a "jobs" plan, it was a "lose more jobs tax plan". By now it should be clear that's his design.

      Our government possesses just two tools for "creating jobs"; and they don't "create" them as much as they allow for them to be created: 1) reducing taxes and 2) cutting back on business regulations, thus reducing compliance costs.

      That's it. There's nothing else they can do which will help.

      Let's put away forever the idea that government can "create jobs" in any other way. Then let's never hear another Republican politician ever speak of a "jobs" plan.

    9. Kenneth Murray says:

      Excellent closing. Playing the blame game will never solve any problems. True leadership seeks no credit for a plan that works and accepts responsibility when a plan is unworkable.

      • Darlene says:

        Looks like the great "O" has it backwards then.He takes credit for all the plans that haven't worked (as though they did) and refuses to be accountable for any plan that will/would work. What is the opposite of leadership again?????

    10. Frank says:

      Obama wants to pass another "stimulus" bill (aka "jobs bill" this time) for about half the cost of his first stimulus bill… which failed. So we can expect a half priced failure this time! What a deal! :)

      Either Obama is dumb, blinded by his ideology or he wants to destroy our economy. For many reasons, he should be impeached ASSUMING he's even a legitimate POTUS in the first place, which I think he's not, and for which he should be investigated.

      • Texas Granny says:

        We don't want Obama Impeached, we want him and his whole administration, including his Czars and George Soros and then we want them hung publicly. Impeachment will not undo the damage he has done to our country.

    11. Paulc37 says:

      How much longer must this economic destruction go on before someone asks the question is this on purpose?

      • Jeff Dover says:

        It's clear to many of us that it is.

        It's also got to be clear to elected Republicans. Why are they silent? Cain gets it, Bachmann gets it, Perry gets it…but … Romney does not get it. He's cut of the same cloth.

      • Texas Granny says:

        Most of us already know that it is being done on purpose.

    12. W. S. Gerald Skey says:

      Let me share a real life story which focuses on the current state of our economy. I have a small law firm of two lawyers. We would like to move our offices into bigger space. We entered into a lease and are planning on moving. Our new Landlord has committed itself to building out the space with new fixtures as well as bringing in new flooring. However, the "standard" items he plans on installing are a notch or two below where my partner and I would like them to be. So, we made a list of "extras" that we would pay for – better carpeting – more insulation – our own signage etc. The cost of the extras came to about $30,000.
      Here is where the trouble starts. First, we have a 7% sales tax ($2,100). Secondly, we are tapping a line of credit to pay for the extras. Putting aside for a moment the issue of "depreciation" anything we pay to the line of credit is not deductible against our firm income. At the end of the year, assuming we pay off the line a credit, we will have a $30,000 income which will be taxed as a corporate profit and the tax on that will come to about $9,000. So, what we have is a situation where the State and Federal taxes will amount to more than $10,000 and increase the overall investment by 33%.
      My point is that there are millions of such examples throughout the country and for those such as my partner and myself, who would very much like to buy goods and services, the additional costs (taxes) have a decidedly chilling effect on that stream of commerce. Consequently, we have decided to proceed with some but not all of the originally planned extras – those who were going to sell us the goods or provide installation services for those extras will not make the sale or deliver the services and the economy is just that much worse off all as a result of taxes.
      They say that stories like this constitute a microcosm of the macrocosm and that is how I see it.

      • 2Dokie says:

        Your personal reason for backing the fair tax, or some variation thereof. While every other segment of society has updated and downsized, the governments, local to federal, but especially federal, has done NOTHING to combine, redefine redesign and become way more effecient.

      • Ellen says:

        Excellent post.. I have three adult children who have built their small businesses over the years. They never expected the government to subsidize them. They have hired people and contributed to their communities. Current econmic conditions limit their abilities to expand and hire. What they want from the Government is to leave them alone

      • Washingtonian3 says:

        Hey, I feel for ya. Trying to grow and succeed within the contemporary tax system is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titannic. Fine people have worked on various flat tax concepts and certainly one or a hybrid mixture will be a vast improvement over the 2,000 plus page horror story. I think it is about time something new be introduced to "get the ball rolling" on substantial change.

    13. ThomNJ says:

      Any stimulus spending will be just like the last time – more money to the lefty causes prior to the election. It is likely not really intended to stimulate anything but votes.

      • Jeff Dover says:

        …votes …and campaign donations. Much of what Obama spends in our name will go to the unions, who will turn around and donate it back to his campaign.

        It's money-laundering.

    14. Charles Nystrom says:

      President Obama does get the message and, to him, Senate defeat of his "jobs bill" is only an impediment to his goal of crippling the private sector while growing government. So it is a waste of time to argue the lack of merit of his proposals. Rahter, it is time to expose him for his radical agenda and, then, defeat him.

      • Jeff Dover says:

        Right on!

        It will take a conservative to defeat him. Romney won't attack him. Just the other night, far from attacking him, Romney referred to Obama as " he means well".

        Obama does not "mean well".

    15. Carol M Kite says:

      Like any stubborn lberal, this one with socialist/marxist leanings, he refuses to open is mind to embrace a lucrative way for thousands of jobs so needed here in America, not on foreign shores. Yes, we need our modes of transportation updated but we definitely don't need it paid for with another stimulus bill, more good moey after bad, again & again. There are so many ways to get people back to work funded after cleaning up the outrageous waste in this goverment and treating China as they treat us financially, just 2 ways to start with. Take your blinders off, Obama!

    16. Kevin says:

      74% of Americans believe this Jobs bill can jump start the economy. Why on earth would he give up cause some tea party idiots have the government at a standstill. B.S. Mr. Brownfield. Your name says it all.

      • Jeff Dover says:

        Sorry, Kevin. Your government has two tools at their disposal to "create jobs", and only two. They are 1) cut taxes, and 2) remove government regulatory obstacles to business to reduce the costs of compliance. At that, they don't really "create jobs", they only make it so that jobs can be created from the resulting growth (business costs decrease so prices decrease; taxes on people and business decrease, so they have more to spend. Prices are lower, consumers have more money and businesses need to expand and hire. Its that simple.) If all we had to do to make a great economy was let Washington tax and spend like drunken sailors, why aren't we all driving Ferraris and owning five homes?

        That's it, there's nothing else they can do.

      • Bobbie says:

        74% of WHAT Americans, Kevin? 74% of immigrant Americans? 74% of white Americans? 74% of Asian Americans? 74% of black Americans? 74% of Mexican Americans? It isn't 74% of ALL AMERICANS, infiltrator.

      • Pat O'Lone says:

        Wher do you get that 74% figure from?

      • Lil says:

        What 74%? Did you poll the Obama WH to get that number? Most of us recognize the inherent weakness in this so-called jobs bill, too costly, too costly, too costly and temporary, temporary, temporary of course that is in keeping the incompetence of this part-time President. Even his own party is beginning to see his plan for what it is, another failed stimulus!

      • Bruce K says:

        Since you are going to pull statistics out of thin air, here is one for you: 84.6% of people who pull statistics out of thin air do not know what they are talking about. Seriously, you can not borrow your way to prosperity. Where do you think the government will get that much money to begin with? The government of and by itself has nothing until it confiscates it from it's citizens. Please, where did you get the 74% figure? Are you sure it wasn't 7.4%? That is a more believable figure. I pulled my figure from the dark recesses of my mind.

    17. Leftshot says:

      One of the pieces the public desperately needs to be educated on is the difference between a stimulus job and a private sector job.

      The President is fond of talking about rebuilding roads, bridges, and paying to re-hire teachers, so let's start there. When stimulus money is used for these purposes when the money is gone, it's gone. So these stimulus jobs are temporary jobs that (even according to the government's own analysis) cost at least $250,000 to 'save or create'. A year later the money's gone and so is the job unless somebody else picks up the tab.

      When the private sector employs someone, it is with the intent to generate additional revenue for the company, provide additional services and products people or companies value and are willing to pay for. So when they hire someone for say $50,000 a year that person is typically paying for themselves and more in a matter of weeks or months. This results in a permanent job that provides additional goods and services that pay for that worker's wages and provide additional profits, tax revenue, and many other ongoing benefits to society.

      No, a stimulus job and a private sector job aren't equal when it comes to getting our economy going–not even close.

    18. O Groover says:

      Don't you all get it by now. Obama is purposely destroying the economy. He needs to get impeached now, before he suspends the elections of 2012 and declares himself president (tyrant) for life. I do not hear anyone in either party calling him out on this. Wake up America!

    19. Lloyd Scallan says:

      It's a serious mistake to suggest Obama does not "get the message". Again, many do not yet recognize Obama is not naive or inexperienced, He is deliberate and calculating. When we study his policies, why is there still any doubt of his intentions to destroy this nation through collapsing our economical system? From ObamaCare to his hatred of all fossil fuels, every aspect shows his true ideology. When the people of this nation reach the state of full panic, he expects they will flock to him and beg to be saved by accepting total loss of freedom and liberty. At that point, he will openly declare his dictatorship and install his socialist/communist government. We must understand, despite how far-fetched it appears, Obama, and many in today's Democrat Party, have openly advocated ignoring the rule of law and our Constitution and crown Obama dictator in chief and give him full control of our lives.

      • Darlene says:

        Have you checked lately to see how many in the House of Reps are openly declared Socialists? Our country is in trouble because of corrupt government from the White House to the Out House. They all need to be replaced and strict term limits imposed. While we are at it, never allow another LAWYER to run for office. They all have a license to steal.

    20. toledofan says:

      Well, no matter the available information, facts, figures or whatever, logic and common sense don't apply and as lomng as Obama occupies the WHite House, I suspect nothing will change other than the tone, it'll just get harsher as time goes on. The Republicans will continue to be the scapegoats only because they fail to stand up for themselves and expose the hypocracy. If there was ever a time the Republicans needed leadership it's today.

      • M. Gaffney says:

        NO! Fire the president, he is purposely trying to destroy this great country, it's time to kick him off his throne. I agree, you are 100% correct, I just wish that everyone else get it.
        I''ve check out everything I can through all kinds of media, and what I've found is scary, people need to do their own investigations, and then maybe they would get it

    21. The Farmer says:

      Glory be !!!!!!
      The first 6 posted comments all got it, Obama's goal is to destroy America, now if only Congress would get it, and own up to that fact, so they would stop him.

      • Jeff Dover says:

        Amen. We need to tell our representatives "we get it. Why aren't you doing something about it?"

      • Guest says:

        OK, let's be reasonable and think for a moment…
        "WHY" would Obama want to destroy America? He was born here, (I know, you're probably still fighting that concept), he lives here, this is HIS country too. His kids are here.

        Why in the world would he want to destroy America? Makes no sense. What's the end game?

        • Bobbie says:

          you tell us, Guest… you tell us why his wife and himself speak with discontent for this country, why his wife and himself judge people according to skin color refusing the content of individual character? Why his wife and himself build resentment between Americans? Why his wife and himself don't believe in the freedom established by America? Why his wife and himself have no belief, no respect, no appreciation for self worth? AND WHY 50% OF AMERICANS FOLLOW THEIR LEAD? You tell us what the end game could possibly be…

    22. TB.....fl says:

      It is always dissappointing to see 'kid glove' polite criticism of an abject abomination. A rebuke can lend credence to an offending action when that rebuke is not in proportion to the severity of the offending action. For example, wrting the heinous serial killer off as 'just having a bad day'' is probably not a sufficient statement of the case. Obama's job plan was political posturing, period. The plan was not designed to pass, but only to force republicans to say no for campaign purposes. The jobs plan was a complete fraud and needs to be loudly called out as such. "Obama doesn't get the message" does not pass muster.

    23. Guest says:

      Since MOST Americans favor what's in the bill, including extending unemployment benefits, construction funding and YES, EVEN raising taxes on the wealthiest, WHO doesn't get it?
      Looks like the filibuster oriented REpublicans, that's who.
      64 percent favor raising taxes on the wealthy.
      The numbers go up with other elements of the bill.

      Stop being brainwashed. Most favor Obama's bill.

      • Bobbie says:

        MOST Americans? NO! Just Americans who continue to be misled by frauds in high positions in use to fraud.

        • guest says:

          Yes Bobbie, MOST. Over 60 percent is "most".
          Reagan raised the Capital gains tax from 20 percent to 28 percent in 1986 (his second term), because he said it was not fair as it was. If 20 wasn't fair, how is 15 percent fair NOW?
          Heck, Herman Cain wants to put it as zero!

      • Mary A says:

        and this is why it did not pass in the Senate, with a democratic majority ? sure that makes sense

        • guest says:

          The bill never got a straight up or down vote. Republicans threatened "filibuster" so it couldn't even be discussed.
          If it had been discussed, they could have debated over which elements were agreeable, which were not, and the bill could have been altered to pass.
          Only 2 Dems voted against it…..2!!

          Republicans don't want any bill like this passing, because it makes Obama harder to beat next election. That is all it is, plain and simple. It baffles me as to why folks like yourself turn a blind eye to this kind of behavior. It does our country absolutely no good.

    24. Harry Adams says:

      It is hard to understand why most Americans cannot see President Obama's primary goal is to bankrupt our nation.

      • guest says:

        why? why would he bankrupt the country his kids will grow up in, become adults in, have their own kids in…..WHY? There is no logic in your claim. You are wrong.

    25. Orlin Teed says:

      Obama's definition of "Jobs Bill": A bill designed to "create more Government control over the society" ie; more Gov't. control over the people, more dependance on Gov't. for your very existence, and, thus, less or no individual freedom to work, save, invest, travel, raise your own children, but wait upon the Administartion officials to inform us when and where and how these liberties are to be distributed. This man has no interest in allowing those who disagree with his philosophy to step up and exercise our God given liberties. The Left cannot succeed in a society where the people are free to act and think for themselves.

    26. george osborne says:

      Oboma said he will transform the country. No one has the spine to say that he is transforming the country into a socialilist country. He is 90% there . If reelected 2012 will be our last free election. He and his szars are right on schedule. who will stand up and call a spade a spade instead of social democery,etc.? george osborne,Mesa Az

    27. concerned says:

      Not being well versed in these matters,go to the next step.
      First,it must be proven that Obama is legal! Which I doubt.
      But, If legal,then Impeach! NOW! There are plenty of causes.
      If not legal,press charges and a trial and then,,jail! Recind all
      of his appointments and czars etc.
      Fine him and get all money back from all of his illegal moves and then
      tolorate Biden to serve out the balance of his term! Unless another avenue
      can be found!
      He cannot be allowed to stay in office, even until the next election. he is very clever
      and there may be ways to cancel new elections.and stay in office!
      Think about that! Wake-up congress.

    28. Myrna McCabe says:

      No, YOU don't get it!! Obama gets it– and he wants what he wants. And he knows if he just keeps pushing it and pushing it, sooner or later, some parts of what he wants will go through if not the whole thing. Incremental-ism is a tool the Republicans have not mastered yet, if they're aware of it at all—- however, the other side is well-versed in.

      When does the GOP, or this side of this debate ever will get it not to keep harping on "obama doesnt get it"? WHY do you guys keep banging your heads against that wall expecting your argument to stick this time?


    29. Patrick Henry says:

      Ahh, Obama, and Liberal Democrats? The best JOBS bill would be to STOP Illegal alien trespassing and passing National Mandatory E-Very, along with a 2-layer Border Fence, NOT AMNESTY like they keep shoving through. When 15 Million Illegal trespassers are no longer working Millions of Americans will be! WIth NO Benefits, health care, schooling and employment for Illegals, the problem will go away! ! !

    30. JohnL2 says:

      Just proves, beyond reasonable doubt, that not only is Obama out of touch with the legal American citizens, he is out of touch with reality!! Obama presents a clear and present danger to the United States of America both domestically and internationally!!

    31. Steve says:

      This interloper that occupies the Whitehouse is a Marxist idealogue and to compond it he is incompetent. Tax and spend will not cure our economy but replacing him with anyone in 2012 will!

    32. steve h says:

      It's amazing how fanatical some folks are on here. They really think the President is an avowed marxist who wants to destroy the country. So sad we have people in our country with these thoughts. Too bad they didn't open a book in their lives and try to educate themselves instead of eating what was slopped at them through fanatic websites.

    33. Joseph H. Schooff says:

      Our biggest obstacle to defeating obummer is the REPUBLICANS. For decades they have done nothing but back down from these liberals. They condone his plan to destroy America by standing on the side and saying nothing. They are worse than he is because they know what he is doing and are too yellow to do anything about it.

    34. NewLibber says:

      He does not want to get the message. He is on track to do exactly what he set out to do – destroy America. There is no other logical explanation for this presidency.

    35. guest says:

      The "jobs bill" was never supposed to pass. It's failure was to be blamed on the Republicans even though
      the Dems control the Senate.

    36. Larry Stern says:

      Before we can reasonably assess how regressive the federal income tax should be, we need to better understand how income distribution compares to history. In a global economy with increasing economies of scale, my perception is that the top 1% of wage earners, from athletes to executives, are earning a greater share of national income. Is there any data comparing income distribution and the "steepness of the pyramid" over the last century? Are there any studies and/or historical precedents describing economic growth and stability as a function of income distribution?

      • Dan says:

        Do a quick study of communism in the USSR. Which would be followed by a quick study of the fall of communism because the people who weren't at the top decided they had enough of their handed down crumbs being all they had to live on. I am amazed how the generation which protested the government's constant failures is now worshiping a President who so consistently commits them.

    37. 2Dokie says:

      It's obvious now that all the money spent by this pres. is just bogus. He throws a pile of it out to some backer to be funneled back to his own or some other "Regressive's"campaign. Boehner is supposed to be the power on the purse-strings, when is he going to STOP this national disgrace.

    38. Al from Fl says:

      Everything Pres Obama does, at this point, is part of his reelection strategy (or, of course his Marxist ideology ). He expected the jobs bill to fail so that he can use that to blame republicans in the house. With the main stream media still working for his point of view, many people may buy that nonesense. That's the danger. People who have been paying attention and have an American viewpoint will never vote for this president's reelection or the democrat party so long as it embraces these marxist/socialist ideas. I do believe that we need to take the republican candidates that use erroneous attacks on their fellow candidates to task. If you're going to attack your fellow candidate, it better be on solid ground. Some attacks on Cain's 999 plan have not been factually correct for example. I want to hear what they are going to do as president rather than tearing down the other person.

    39. Jersey Bill says:

      Maybe I'm playing a little bit of devil's advocate here, AND maybe the Republicans ought to do the ame. One of the worst things is for your idea, plan, design, whatever, todrop dead in its' tracks; FAIL! I want Obama OUT as much as anyone;maybe more. BUT what makes the Repubs. so sure their plan will workl? It had better! Maybe that's why I'm running these scenarios; they need to be SURE their idea will work and get the O man out of office. Does anyone believe O wants to lose? Isn't trying to stomp out Repubs? Will the landscape suddenly turn green if O is sent packing? I HOPE SO! But you'd better be sure, before you start crowing about how you've got all the answers. I am and will work hard locally to defeat the unhappy-to-bean-American. A person called the president. I said the same to the RNC.

    40. Dan says:

      Again, another Democratic President thinks the answer to their failed policies is to raise taxes on the wealthy. Of course the definition of being wealthy keeps changing from millionaires to now those making a few hundred thousand, quite conveniently for Obama's newest shot in the dark. Why do these arrogant, full of themselves Liberals feel their answer to any problem is to raise taxes and increase the size, and therefore scope, of the government? Their view of us is undoubtedly awful poor as they consistently feel only they have the answers to our problems. Sorrily, the process is committing us all to learn Chinese in an attempt to please our new Landlords. But, could that be Obama's real agenda anyway?

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