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  • President Obama's Class-Warfare Pitch to Hispanics

    Speaking to a gathering of Hispanics in Washington, D.C., hosted by the American Latino Heritage Forum, President Obama predictably took the opportunity to inject class warfare and partisan politics.

    President Obama appears to be taking off his gloves and urging Hispanics to join him in continuing to support failed economic policies that have failed to lower a Hispanic unemployment rate stuck in double digits.

    Rather than heeding to the palatable call from the majority of Americans weary of continued federal spending to grow the economy, including many in his own political party, President Obama is convinced that Hispanics will continue to support his policies by simply employing scare tactics.

    Class warfare is nothing new of course, but it’s particularly ironic that many of the Hispanics President Obama is targeting on the stump are acutely aware of this tactic, having just left countries in Latin America where politicians were swept into office under the guise of a “21st century socialism.”

    Unfortunately, this latest incarnation of a failed economic model has failed to lift many countries in Latin America out of abject poverty and provide the economic freedom that is necessary for economic opportunity.

    Perhaps someone should remind the President that many Hispanic immigrants came to this country lured by the endless opportunities offered by a free enterprise that fosters creativity and not because of a powerful and costly state that stifles growth and innovation.

    For the far left, Hispanics are a natural target to direct their class-warfare propaganda. It’s unfortunate that some Hispanics are falling for this empty rhetoric by joining a cause that seeks to recreate the same conditions they left behind in Latin America.

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    10 Responses to President Obama's Class-Warfare Pitch to Hispanics

    1. Miamirox says:

      The irony is sad, but people gravitate towards what they know and are familiar with…again repeating past mistakes. There's a lot of ignorance and a lot of these people are followers by nature. I am a Cuban American and I see this with my own culture on a daily basis. When ever I hear a Cuban complain about a hand out they think they're entitled to or bad mouth this country I always tell them "if you don't like it, go back to Cuba!" these are the ones that are vulnerable to the left of course.

    2. bigmouthcowboy says:

      I hope our Hispanic brothers and sisters would see through the rhetoric this clown continues to spew. Yes, this is still the greatest country in the world and if they are legal citizens, they have every right to work hard for themselves and their family. He is not who he says he is! He is playing to his audience and hope Hispanics call him out on election day!

    3. Stirling says:

      I wonder if those Hispanics who actually would like to be Millionaires (or already are) would take kindly to knowing that if they do succeed financially that this president will go from supporting them to blaming them for Americas problems. This is the hypocracy of the liberal progressives.. "We only love you when you are a victim.." This bias is so yesterday (FDR of the 1930's). This real heart of this country was founded on the belief that we are all Americans (with no division).

    4. VirginiaNick says:

      If they keep listening to Obama and his rhetoric, someday they'll be heading back to their homeland to find a better way of life.

    5. Bobbie says:

      Its so disheartening to hear anyone is the "target" of government, but it's true. The American government has many targets at government's convenience. If you're not white the government promotes resentment of white skinned people as if no one has the mind to judge for themselves! How demeaning of individual ability to think for oneself. It's not the role of government to judge ANY AMERICAN but to encourage government's wrongful judgment is disgraceful and poor leadership!

      The leadership of this country is so lowly of it's own people, we all have become their enemy one way or another. American government has become ubiquitous with sinister intent. God Bless the people of the world! America was a great place that's been neglected for years by people in government positions beyond our control, destroying her for another way to govern.

    6. Lloyd Scallan says:

      "remind the President"? That statement alone shows how naive this author is about Obama true intentions. Obama know exactly what he's doing. Obama is deliberately pitting Americans against Americans because is must have total anarchy to complete his agenda.

      • Bobbie says:

        well, you know "his" sensitivity, Lloyd. must handle with kid gloves or be very, very gentle with words, while he rips up America to tare America down.

    7. Let's see I am a "natural target" due to Latin American banana politics? Fact check, if one of the largest migrations was during the Mexican Revolution between 1910-1920 and many married other "Mexicans" who were in Texas, say for example since 1700's, how does this apply?

      Bobbie, you fail to recognize many Hispanics have white skin. Most of us are mestizos, Indian and European. Virginia, just where in your mind is my homeland?

      • Bobbie says:

        Don't presume to know my heritage and ancestry. The president is the one that pointed Americans out by skin color and what he calls "race." You're more reasonable than that aren't you? I didn't call anyone a "natural target." Many people have become so quick to be offended. I meant none. God Bless

    8. This is a nonsense article. I have been in this country since birth. My family has been in this country since 1700's and 1911. My family was part of mass migration out of Mexico during Mexican Revolution, my grandmother married my Mexican/Tejano grandfather who roots go back to settlement of Texas. _Great numbers of Hispanics have never lived in Mexico or Latin America. _The only country I have to go 'back' to is this one. Many of us are white, brown and black. Mestizos are native American and European.

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