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  • United States Thwarts Iranian Terrorist Plot

    U.S. authorities announced today that they disrupted an Iranian plan to commit a “significant terrorist act in the United States,” making it the forty-second thwarted terrorist attack against the homeland.

    The federal government has filed criminal charges against two Iranians with conspiracy to murder the Saudi ambassador to Washington and conspiracy to commit an act of international terrorism, among other charges. In addition to the assassination of the Saudi ambassador, the men planned bomb attacks on the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Washington.

    It us no surprise that the indictment shows links to Iran’s Qods Force, a special unit of the Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps. After all, Iran is the world’s leading state-sponsor of terrorism, and the Iranian Intelligence Service sponsors Hamas and Hezbollah, both of whom have a presence and network in the Western Hemisphere.

    Unfortunately, the United States has done far too little to deter state-sponsored terrorism. This summer, President Obama revealed his “new and improved” strategy for combating terrorism. Despite its record, Tehran merited just one mention in 19 pages. The White House’s is downplaying state-sponsored terrorism because the Obama Doctrine called for engaging with America’s enemies.

    This summer, in fact, the Iranians got a clear lesson in how the U.S. responds to state-sponsored terrorism when press reports revealed that American intelligence had concluded in a classified report late last year that Russia’s military intelligence was responsible for a bomb blast just outside the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia. The bombing inconveniently occurred while the White House was pressing for approval of the New START nuclear agreement with Moscow and trumpeting the successes of “resetting” relations with Russians. The White House just told the Georgians to keep quiet about the whole affair and slapped some Russian wrists in private. What our President didn’t do was express an ounce of outrage. This was no doubt an object lesson for Iran.

    Nor is it surprising that U.S. successes against transnational terrorism have not served as much of a deterrent. After all, the President declared in his counterterrorism strategy that he wanted to start treating terrorists as if they’re criminals. So if the plot got uncovered, Iran could have every expectation of paying only a small price.

    The Administration must now take strong measures to respond. The United States is fully within its rights to conduct a proportional military response against suitable, feasible, and acceptable targets (in many ways the situation is similar to military operations conducted against al Qaeda in Pakistan).  The Iranian government knows full well that the Iran Qods Force is a terrorist group that has provided material support to the Taliban and other groups. The Tehran government has not restrained this organization and is responsible for its conduct.

    A simple military strike, however, is not enough. U.S. foreign policy, which has been in the retreat, has failed to act as a deterrent to either state-sponsored terrorism for Iran or transnational terrorist groups like al Qaeda. U.S. action must be accompanied by a robust reversal policy. The United States must stop withdrawal from Afghanistan and disengagement from Iraq, and it must not return to treating transnational terrorism as a simple crime. What’s more, the U.S. must rebuild its military presence in the region, including moving a carrier group permanently back into the Mediterranean.

    The Administration must also take-off the “kid gloves” in dealing with Iran. In addition to fully enforcing sanctions, the White House must begin to seriously press the regime on Tehran’s abysmal human rights record. As for the suspects, the Administration should be pressed to explain what the U.S. government is doing with respect to bringing suspect Gholam Shakuri, the Iran-based member of Iran’s Qods Force, back to the United States to face justice.

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    7 Responses to United States Thwarts Iranian Terrorist Plot

    1. Vicki Speer says:

      Since Obama was briefed on this Iranian plot in June, do you think timing is curious.? Never let a crisis go to waste or a scandal to remain on front page if it is about you. Deny, deny, who you going to believe me or your lying eyes… We are in great danger because Iran probably has the bomb and Obama knows it. So does Israel.

    2. Vicki says:

      President Obama knew about this in June according to Drudge. Save stories like this for when you need them and Solyndra needs to be kicked off the front page. What do you think Obama will do now. Nothing.

    3. Bobbie says:

      didn't eric holder come out professionally with information regarding this terror plot like he set it up? Knew everything about this but nothing regarding mass lethal weapons distributed amongst criminals and murderers right under his expected duty!? Someone's looking not to be seen…

    4. Truthful James says:

      "…a proportional military response… " …against …what..?"

      …The delivery of money to covert Federal agents posing as drug cartel bigwigs on the Mexican border who were supposedly willing to carry out an assassination of the Saudi Ambassador and one other target…

      What sanctimonious bushwa. What exactly is this egghead proposing. What is proportionality?

      Make no bones about it, Iran represents one of two differentiated threats in the Middle East. We thought enough about the threat to mount a computer virus which destroyed uranium enrichment facilities within that country. Well and good. Our Israeli allies destroyed a partially built facility in Syria..

      The best thing to bring the Iranian people together would be an air strike or missile strike inside Iran. There is nothing like an act undeclared war to concentrate political power and patriotism in that country.

      This is not a "sinking of the USS Maine incident let alone the Lusitania or Pearl Harbor.

      We already have carrier divisions in the Arabian Sea — two or three at the last count. As we conservative Republicans — and I am a little to the right of Genghis Khan — like to say: where is the spending reduction offset in the budget come from to pay for another Battle Group in the Med, burning holes in the Sea? Or do you propose tax increases?

    5. alk09 says:

      I agree that something needs to be done to put this to a halt. I've been researching about this type of stuff for a while now and I've been listening to EMPact America's radio blogs every Wednesday. They are extremely informative and great to listen to. They are all about protecting ourselves, our things, and getting prepared for tragedies to happen. Next Wednesday the 9th, Peter Huessy is going to be on their radio show for the sixth time. I think you guys will find this really great to listen to. Here's the link for more information and to listen to it when it airs: http://empactradio.org/pvp/episode74-peter-huessy

    6. acaseforsanity says:

      This article must have been taken from a set of Pentagon talking points. The assumptions on which this piece was based are blatantly false. This is the exact kind of rhetoric that we heard prior to the invasion of Iraq and they are all lies. US authorities "announce" whatever they want and in most cases, there is no evidence to back up any of the claims. I didn't see any citations about the article that just ran with further evidence that passports for the 9/11 hijackers were provided by the CIA. You didn't mention how our intelligence agencies back terrorist groups like the mythical al qaeda. Furthermore, you failed to mention instances just like this when there was a supposed plot, only to have investigations prove later that there was none and the government was lying. You say "after all, Iran is the world's leading state-sponsor of terror" as if it's a fact. But, the truth is outside of the US military industrial complex, there is agreement that 1) Israel is the greatest threat to middle eastern stability and 2) Iran is not the biggest sponsor of state-terror. You wanna guess who is? Iran has not once threatened to destroy Israel and Western leaders including Barack Obama have publicly stated that if they were running Iran, they too would be pursuing nuclear weapons as a deterrent. Iran doesn't even have the option to use a nuke in a theater of war, as the retaliation would invariably result in Iran's destruction. This war is about regional hegemony and the security of the Western oil supply and the stories being used to build the case for war are largely fabrications.

      I think when discussing issues like this it might be helpful for organizations that position themselves as "legitimate" to take a more balanced approach and present the full spectrum of truth, not just echo the voices coming out of Washington. Because, frankly, on this topic you are 100% wrong.

    7. AmandaK says:

      I know that I posted on this before about Peter Huessy being on that radio show, EMPact Radio. But I wanted to let people know that he is going to be on it again, in case you missed it last time. He's going to be on again February 8th, 2012 at 12pm eastern time.) The last time he was on it was really interesting to hear, so I'm looking forward to listening to him again. Here's the link if you missed the last episode with him: http://empactradio.org/pvp/episode87-peter-huessy

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