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  • Monthly Archives: September 2011

    The Continuing Saga of the CR: Choking on Offsets


    Although differences over the continuing resolution (CR) that failed in the Senate Friday seem absurdly small, the stakes may indeed be significant—and not just because of the threat of a government shutdown. The legislation is the first test of Congress’s will to cut spending, at least within the limits of … More

    EPA's Tighter Ozone Standards Will Strangle Economic Recovery

    Environmental Protection Agency

    A few weeks ago, the President asked Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson to withdraw the agency’s draft for more stringent Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). Although Jackson begrudgingly complied, the EPA is still moving to an ozone standard more stringent than the current one. The current … More

    Leveling the Playing Field in the U.S.-China Media Battle

    Crowds on Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China

    Most Americans identify China as the country most likely to challenge the United States globally, and many even expect China to replace American dominance. U.S. lawmakers are finally waking up to the challenge, which is not only military and economic but extends to the spheres of information and public diplomacy. … More

    Wyoming Concerned with National Standards’ Federal Strings

    education bills

    Wyoming is having second thoughts about adopting Common Core education standards. Concerned with the federal strings that are beginning to appear, some state legislators are trying to put the brakes on official adoption of the centralized standards. Wyoming State Representative Matt Teeters (R) asserted: “I’m not comfortable with the fact … More

    President Obama Mistakes Bi-Partisan Distaste for NCLB for a Mandate to Rewrite

    President Barack Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

    President Obama just delivered a speech and announced that states will now be eligible to receive waivers to get out from under the onerous provisions of No Child Left Behind. During the speech, he stipulated conditions that will be attached to the waivers. In one of the biggest education policy … More

    Buy American. Sell American.


    In most parts of the country, American shoppers understand the importance of getting the best value for their dollars. This type of common sense does not apply in Washington, D.C., where one day the federal government buys $16 muffins and the next it tries to pass laws making it illegal … More

    AARP: Don't Pinch-Hit Cutting Waste for Entitlement Reform


    In its latest video railing against reform of Medicare and Social Security, AARP pushes for a pinch hitter to solve Washington’s spending problem—and a poor one at that. The organization charges Congress to cut wasteful spending and close tax loopholes instead of reducing Medicare and Social Security benefits. Once again, … More

    Morning Bell: The Latest Obamacare Implosion


    Inefficient programs that don’t solve problems and are passed against the will of the American people seem to be the Obama Administration’s forte. Now their high-minded aspirations of a health care revolution are quickly unraveling as fatal glitches in Obamacare become apparent. Next up for implosion? The Community Living Assistance Services … More

    If You Like Your Health Care Plan, Can You Keep It?


    At a recent Energy and Commerce hearing, health policy experts testified on the effects Obamacare will have on jobs and employer-sponsored coverage. The title of the hearing said a lot: “Cutting the Red Tape: Saving Jobs from PPACA’s [Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act] Harmful Regulations.” Since Obamacare will require … More

    Four 'Green Job' Realities

    President Barack Obama tours the Solyndra solar panel company with (rt) Ben Bierman, Executive Vice President of Engineering of Solyndra, in Fremont, California, on May 26, 2010. EPA/PAUL CHINN/POOL

    Solyndra’s bankruptcy has put federal spending for green projects under the microscope—and rightly so. Green jobs programs have been a profoundly wasteful use of taxpayers’ money and are doing more harm to the economy than helping it. They don’t even provide the promised grand environmental benefits. It’s important to keep … More