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  • Monthly Archives: September 2011

    Emails Show Liberals Pushed CLASS Act Despite Experts' Warnings

    Health and Human Services Department (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

    Liberals in Congress pushed forward with an unsustainable new entitlement program, internal emails show, and dismissed repeated warnings from federal health care experts that it would be an “insurance death spiral,” as one official put it. The emails, released by congressional investigators, reveal that proponents of the Community Living Assistance … More

    Faith-Based Organization Addresses Poverty “From the Inside Out”


    A recent WORLD magazine article highlights the success of a Springfield, Missouri faith-based organization committed to “eliminating poverty from the inside out.” The Victory Trade School and Victory Mission equip men with the job training, work ethic, and personal confidence necessary to achieve sustained self-sufficiency. Victory Trade School (VTS) prepares … More

    Education Unions: Made Simple

    union CTA

    “The power and influence of education unions has a significant effect on schools today. But is that good for American students?” Education Unions: Made Simple, the fourth in a series of short videos, explains the stifling effect of unions on the nation’s schools using a simple analogy. Sunny, a talented … More

    Morning Bell: The Tale of Two Jobs Plans

    It’s been one week since President Barack Obama announced his latest “stimulus” plan, and despite a cross-country road show aimed at selling his proposals to the American people, the commander in chief is finding that his message of more taxes and spending isn’t hitting home. Meanwhile, House Budget Committee Chairman … More

    House Set to Rebuke NLRB for Meddling in Boeing's Expansion Plan


    The House of Representatives is poised to pass legislation today that prohibits the National Labor Relations Board from interfering in the business decisions of U.S. companies. The bill would effectively end the NLRB’s complaint against Boeing’s expansion plans in South Carolina. Boeing came under attack from the NLRB in April … More

    Heritage Mourns the Passing of Malcolm Wallop

    Senator Malcolm Wallop is presented with the Ronald Reagan Award in Washington, DC, on November 16, 2005 - Credit: Carrie Devorah / WENN

    Malcolm Wallop was a great American… and a firm believer in American greatness. He was, moreover, a clear-sighted analyst of our nation’s role in global affairs. In 1995, while serving as a Distinguished Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, he delivered a wonderful speech entitled “Keeping America Great” at a policy … More

    Federally Funded Boulders for Nevada


    Yesterday, I wrote about the House-passed bill H.R. 2887, which would reauthorize expiring aviation and surface transportation programs for a few months. Senator Tom Coburn (R–OK) is expected to offer an amendment to remove a mandate that forces states to waste 10 percent of all Federal Highway Administration money on … More

    Is Social Security a Ponzi Scheme?


    While some of the press stories might make one think that Bernie Madoff ran Social Security, the reality is quite different. Although Social Security does bear a resemblance to a Ponzi scheme in that it has promised much more in benefits to younger Americans than it can possibly pay, these … More

    Tale of the Red Tape #19: A More Perfect Union Advantage

    President Obama and Richard Trumka of AFL-CIO

    Let’s take a closer look at how the Obama Administration demonstrates “efficiency” and “economy” in actual practice. Fair warning: It ain’t pretty. New rules (supposedly) intended to maximize the services of government contractors require such firms to give first preference in hiring to the workers of the company that lost … More

    October 7, 2012: An Expiration Date for the Chávez Regime?

    Hugo Chavez

    Venezuela’s authoritarian populist President Hugo Chávez announced that presidential elections will take place on October 7, 2012. Chávez, who continues to battle an unspecified cancer, is convinced he will win. In office since 1999, Chávez argues he must have another six years in order to install Socialism of the 21st Century, … More