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  • Monthly Archives: September 2011

    Hispanic Support for Voter ID


    Senator Dick Durbin (D–IL) recently held a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee in order to beat up on states that have passed voter ID laws, which he mistakenly claims “suppress” minority voters like Hispanics. He will no doubt be very unhappy at a poll just released by Resurgent Republic … More

    Morning Bell: $1.5 Trillion in New Taxes


    Two years ago, as the United States was coming out of the last recession, President Obama was asked how raising taxes on anyone would help with the economy. The President’s answer? “Normally you don’t raise taxes in a recession, which is why we haven’t, and why we’ve instead cut taxes.” … More

    'Green Jobs' Proponents Continue to Tout Solyndra Program as Success

    US President Barack Obama at Solyndra Co.

    ABC’s political blog The Note included a comment from yours truly in a recent piece on the Solyndra scandal. We appreciate the folks at ABC reaching out, of course, but I’d just like to provide some context for my remarks. Here’s what ABC’s Amy Bingham wrote: “What Solyndra really speaks … More

    The Last Frontier Warrior: A Tribute


    The late U.S. Senator Malcolm Wallop (R–WY), who was the first Chung Ju-Yung Fellow for Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation, will be missed by many. His tireless contributions to this country in foreign and defense affairs are significant and will long be remembered. Senator Wallop supported a strong national … More

    Turkish Agreement on Missile Defense—Now the Real Work Begins


    Last week, the Obama Administration made a step toward implementation of the European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA), its four-phase ballistic missile defense plan for the protection of allies and friends in the European region. The Turkish foreign ministry announced its decision to host an X-band radar AN/TPY-2 in its territory. … More

    Administration Position on Taiwan F-16s Alienates All Sides

    F-16 Taiwan

    At the end of a series of closed-door briefings and meetings with the congressional committees of jurisdiction—after repeatedly admonishing all who would listen that its final decision wasn’t really final—the Obama Administration has finally stated its position on F-16 sales to Taiwan. It turns out that the Administration is, in … More

    Osama's Dead, but Terrorism Isn't


    Osama bin Laden was disposed of last April, but al-Qaeda’s intention to commit acts of terrorism against the U.S. and its allies is undeterred. In his testimony this week to the joint congressional intelligence hearing, CIA director David Petraeus warned, “Ten years after the 9/11 attacks, the United States continues … More

    Solyndra's Legal Team: Five Attorneys at $2,550 Per Hour


    Solyndra has hired a team of five high-powered attorneys to help get it through its bankruptcy proceedings, according to documentation the company has filed in court (embedded below). Their firm, McDermott Will & Emery, also represented the company before it filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this month. Some of the … More

    Top 10 Reads: Sept. 19, 2011

    Catching you up on clips, commentary and news of the day. Sign up for the daily email update from Scribe Obama to propose $1.5 trillion in new tax revenue – Jim Kuhnhenn, Associated Press Google Preparing for Senate Hearing – Diane Bartz, Reuters Obama’s Urgent Jobs Plan: Right Now, ‘Right … More

    Senators' No Child Left Behind 'Fix' Is on Washington's Terms


    Decade after decade, the federal role in education has grown. And decade after decade, this growth has failed to increase student achievement. The most recent reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965—the bill now known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB)—further expanded Washington’s role in education by … More