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  • Monthly Archives: September 2011

    North Carolina Adds to Marriage Momentum


    Last week, both the North Carolina House and the Senate approved a state constitutional amendment that would define marriage as one man and one woman. North Carolina voters will have the opportunity to approve the amendment in 2012. The pro-marriage votes in the North Carolina legislature continue a nationwide trend … More

    Obama’s Fantasy of War

    troops in Afghanistan

    Progressive Presidents love war in the shadows. During World War I, Woodrow Wilson wanted to spy on all Americans. FDR created the OSS during World War II under “Wild” Bill Donovan. Both JFK and Lyndon Johnson set records for numbers of covert operations under the CIA. The attraction is obvious. … More

    EPAA: Fact or Fiction in the Future?


    The White House has recently announced more details about the European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA), a ballistic missile defense plan for the protection of allies and friends in Europe and the U.S. homeland in its later stages. While the EPAA has certain good aspects, including advancing the Aegis sea-based missile … More

    Sorry Dr. Dean, Obamacare Is Not Creating New Jobs

    In recent interview, doctor and former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean tried to make the case that Obamacare will boost small-business job growth. “But the fact is [Obamacare] is very good for small business. It’s incredibly good for small business,” said the one-time Democratic presidential candidate. Incredibly, Dean breaks … More

    Japanese Prime Minister to Visit the U.S.: Will He Walk the Talk?

    Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda (L), accompanied by his wife Hitomi, waves as he leaves from Tokyo International Airport to New York to attend the UN General Assembly on September 20, 2011. Noda will meet with US President Barack Obama during his international debut after coming to office earlier this month. AFP PHOTO / JIJI PRESS

    Recently elected Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda is scheduled to attend the U.N. General Assembly dialogues in New York this week. Noda will be the fourth Japanese prime minister in four consecutive years to attend the conference. A new prime minister has attended the dialogues every year since 2008, due … More

    Morning Bell: The Obama Investigations


    You wouldn’t know it if you solely paid attention to the mainstream media, but while President Barack Obama attempts to sell the country on hundreds of billions in new stimulus spending and $1.5 trillion in new taxes, his Administration is smack in the middle of several growing scandals: the Operation … More

    Washington in a Flash: Government Shutdown on the Horizon?


    Driving the conversation: Mitch McConnell says no. Harry Reid says maybe. At issue is a continuing resolution the House is expected to take up today. It would fund the federal government at current levels, but the $3.65 billion increase in FEMA disaster aid funding would be offset with cuts elsewhere in … More

    Solyndra Execs Renege, Will Take the Fifth at Oversight Hearing


    Two Solyndra executives slated to testify before a House committee Friday have announced they will invoke their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination and refuse to answer any of the committee’s questions. The two had previously told the committee they would not plead the Fifth if they could push back the … More

    The President's "Debt Reduction": $1.6 Trillion in Tax Hikes, Almost No Net Spending Reductions


    During his Rose Garden speech Monday, the President claimed that his new “debt reduction” plan would provide $2 of spending cuts for every $1 of tax increases. A closer look at the administration’s own numbers, however, suggests the President, well, exaggerated. A realistic assessment—based mainly on table S-6 of the … More

    Unemployment Up, Crime Down


    According to new data from the FBI, violent and property crime rates fell in America last year, despite continued high unemployment rates. Unlike previous press reports that said criminologists are puzzled by declining crime rates during times of high unemployment, the Associated Press ran a story quoting University of Cincinnati … More