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  • Super Secret Committee Snubs Transparency

    Politico reported what many have feared about the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction in a story titled “Supercommittee operating in secret.” Members of this committee are not disclosing details of negotiations on legislation to the press or the American public.

    The supercommittee has become supersecret about most of what it’s doing. On Tuesday, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) encapsulated the attitude of the members of the Joint Deficit Reduction Committee: “I don’t want to discuss what we discussed.”

    The Committee is tasked to find $1.2 trillion in savings over the next 10 years. The membership has been meeting on and off over the past few weeks behind closed doors.  They have scheduled a few public hearings for show yet those hearings have resulted in no concrete proposals for the committee.

    Membership of the Super Secret Committee includes Senators Jon Kyl (R–AZ), Pat Toomey (R–PA), Rob Portman (R–OH), John Kerry (D–MA), Patty Murray (D–WA), and Max Baucus (D–MT) and Representatives Dave Camp (R–MI), Fred Upton (R–MI), Jeb Hensarling (R–TX), James Clyburn (D–SC), Chris Van Hollen (D–MD), and Xavier Becerra (D–CA).  The membership of the Committee is all we know about the ongoing proceedings by the Committee behind closed doors.

    Politico reported that both Republicans and Democrats on the committee refused to answer questions about the proceedings behind closed doors.

    The panel met for roughly 6½ hours in the Capitol, and when its members left, they wouldn’t answer basic, innocuous questions about the policies they were discussing nor specify when the next meeting would take place. After the lawmakers left, staff seemed to clear the room of paperwork so as to leave no trace of evidence about how they were tackling the grave task of saving the nation’s fiscal health.

    Both co-chairs of the committee dodged reporters.  Co-Chair Sen. Murray said she was not going to discuss “any of the details.” Co-Chair Rep. Hensarling, left through a side door, avoiding the throng of reporters and cameras. The actions Committee members is evidence that they have found bipartisan agreement on the issue of secrecy.

    Conservatives hope that members of this committee will, at some point, come clean and share all of the details of these negotiations.  The American people have the right to know what their elected officials are drafting up.

    The Super Secret Committee would be doing the nation a service if they opened the doors to CSPAN, the press and the American people during the next scheduled meeting.

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    10 Responses to Super Secret Committee Snubs Transparency

    1. Elaine says:

      What is most appalling to me is the fact we are being governed by unelected czars, corporations, individuals, and special interest groups and now by a committee of people who not only failed to do what their office requires them to do-govern-but leaving it to them to come up with more, probable failed policies because all they are concerned with is their next election.

      Our democratic republic is being incrementally destroyed because there are no people wealthy enough that are honest and wish only to serve their country to run for office but from elections to voting to addressing our problems are all controlled by idiots, wealthy radicals on both sides, corrupt organizations, judges, and policymakers and an apathetic, uninformed populace more concerned about celebrities than their future.

    2. Bobbie says:

      what is the purpose of this sub committee? they aren't fulfilling it!! the sub committee is unconstitutional where no merit is recognizable! more unaccountables? SLAP IN THE FACE!! get rid of the special interests today and we won't have to WAIT TEN YEARS!!!!

      someone should ask all these sub people how it was LIVING UNDER FREEDOM when they and their parents were around to capitalize on it!!

    3. Bill Colms says:

      They only progress they have made is deciding how to maximize campaign contributions from the Super Secret Committee … that took at least six of the six and a half hours.

    4. sam says:

      when does become an impeachable offense and yield legal action against this admin?

      It woul if these activities were executed by private citizens

    5. Lloyd Scallan says:

      For the sake of all that is holy, is anyone foolish enough to believe this "supercommittee" ever intended to be "transparent". Just look at the members. Everyone on the Democrat side participated in the secrecy, bribery, and back door deals that shoved ObamaCare down our throats. They were precisely chosen by Reid and Pelosi purely because of their ideology not to be open or transparent, nor reach any sort of agreement with the Repbs. The result is our defense budget be drastically cut, which has always been the primary intent of the Dems in the first place. Again, Obama and the Dems out maneuvered the hopeless Republicans.

    6. G-Man says:

      The Intelligence Oversight committee should operate under this kind of secrecy, but leaks all the time – which aids and abets the eneemy and is bordering on treason. The mainstream media certainly help in their efforts to undermine America's security.

      But a stinking budget committee? Face it, a lot of citizens may not know a lot about running intelligence operations, but a lot of us certainly know more about finance, economics and markets than these idiots. Having imbeciles and neophytes in charge of this country's economic policy and budget making is just as bad an idea, and just as dangerous, as having these same imbeciles making health care policy.

      I have an idea. Let's pick 200 of the best, brightest economists, senior market analysts, and hedge fund managers, put them in a room as paid consultants and don't let them out until they have solved the budget and deficit problems. It won't come from this administration – they haven't passed a budget since taking office.

    7. Bill says:

      It's the Elite of the Elite who are deciding the course of this nation. They don't have to make us aware of progress (or lack of) because they will be the decision makers. If we do not like the results, too bad. Don't believe it, ask Senator Kerry, the former democrat nominee for the President of the United States.

    8. JackK says:

      If we could change some laws like: outlaw/Ban all lobbyists/lobbying/special interests forever, Outlaw and Ban all P.A.C.S, campaign finance reform where all candidates after qualifying receive equal amounts of funds from the govt and that is the only way to receive funds, stop all foreign aid, get out of the U.N.,IMF,WORLD BANK. Ban all public unions. All public/govt/polticians workers must pass random drug screens and they get S.S. and medicare like the rest of us and term limits. I have a lot more but am out of room good luck to you.

    9. Paul Stone says:

      I've never understood this. It seems that public hearings only encourage grandstanding rather than arriving at serious conclusions while private meetings encourage thorough debate of the pros and cons of a proposal.

    10. M. Ashley says:

      Super of any kind are not at all found within the halls of our government. It is a very sad commentary on the state of politics today. They are to act for the good of the people and just do not seem to do that. It is a shame, to bad each and every one of these folks can not be fired, they all need to go and go soon.

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