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  • Online Chat on Obamacare and the Supreme Court

    A lot of news was made this week when the National Federation of Independent Business filed a petition to the Supreme Court appealing the 11th Circuit’s Obamacare decision, which was quickly followed by petitions filed by the 26 state plaintiffs, and another by the Obama Justice Department. What do these filings mean for the future of Obamacare? Click here to join to find out! We are joined by Heritage’s legal expert Robert Alt, and he will be taking your questions about what the petitions mean and what they holds for the future. Submit your question in the box below.

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    11 Responses to Online Chat on Obamacare and the Supreme Court

    1. Sandra says:

      I pray who ever is elected as the nations next President will repeal Obamacare. If you listen to Mitt Romney, he only has said he will offer every state a waiver, he never (that I have heard) said he would repeal it. My gut is he will offer waivers while he revamps Obamacare into what he has in his home state. I have close friends from his state and they hate Romney care. They said it's expensive, they set the rate according to your income, if you lose your job, your bill still goes on and you have to pay the accumulated bill. They indicated you have to wait long for procedures and illegals STILL get free health care in the hospitals. So,…do we want Romney care? NO! He's a smooth talker like Obama, a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for more mandated unconstitutional health care. Bauchman's words say she'll repeal it and pull it out by the roots. Right now, she has my vote. Perry…another sneaky polititian accepting bribes from drug companies, executive orders, no thanks he's more of the same. Enough is enough.

    2. Rick says:

      Offering optional direct care loans may induce people to shop wisely and push their states to reduce restrictions on non-M.D.s. That can save 2/3 plus lower legal costs. Comprehensive tax reform can replace the inflationary insurance tax deduction and other deductions with lower rates and a larger personal exemption which will lead to more growth and more cash to pay for care directly.

    3. Bud says:

      I am 66 years old and still work. I pay for group health insurance, which includes coverage for my wife of 54 years. The Federal Medicare program takes money from me because I work. My company has lost employees due to the economy, and we are now less than 19 employees, which has triggered a regulation that requires me to use Medicare first before the group insurance kicks in. So I now have to pay to have a Medicare Advantage plan, in addition to paying for group insurance (to cover my wife) while also having Medicare deducted from my paycheck. My doctor does not participate in Medicare because he cannot run his business on the Medicare rates so I pay for all of his costs out of my pocket like I had no insurance at all. Obamacare will only make matters worse and cost me even more. What a great country.

    4. Roy Anderson says:

      What are the possibilities Judge Thomas will be forced to recluse himself from the Obama Health Care case?

      • Steve says:

        I think that he will not recuse himself simply because his wife, Ginny is a Tea Party member. He will claim that they are individuals and that his judgement cannot be influenced by anyone.

    5. Searching4freedom says:

      Oh, my God…please get Obamacare out of here!! I drove through town today, and only two out of 30 businesses are still open. The local hardware store is still there, but for how long? ALL of the other little shops are gone: the cafe's, the boutiques, the dress shop, the donut shop, the fudge maker, the ice cream store is hanging on by a thread, and so far, the local town thrift store is there, but also stating it doesn't know for how much longer. She cannot hire help anymore, and is too tired to keep doors open by herself…she is also charging more than I can pay, and most like me…so what are her options?? We cannot AFFORD any more costs, expenses, losses in America. It could be the last thread that throw the ones trying to hang onto their house over the cliff!!

    6. Searching4freedom says:

      Oops! Sorry if I capitalized any letters, will remember and not do it again! Thanks,

    7. Sarah says:

      I am thrilled that the Justice system worked together and upheld the law. No one seems to complain about receiving Social Security and paying into it or Medicare, both are government programs. I have many family members who would not be covered due to precondition illness.

    8. Barbara says:

      we are all required to have car Insurance, we are all required to go to school. (tax payers pay for education whether they have children or not. taxpayers are now paying for Emergency visits for those that don't have insurance coverage. WE ALL COMPLAIN!! THAT'S FREE!

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