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  • Scribecast: Chris McDaniel on His Anti-Bailout Ford Ad


    What was designed as a “man-on-the-street” style commercial for Ford Motor Co. turned into a potent political statement when F-150 owner Chris McDaniel, asked about the importance of buying American, explained why Ford was the company for him: “I wasn’t going to buy another car that was bailed out by our government,” McDaniel explained. “I was going to buy from a manufacturer that’s standing on their own, win, lose or draw.”

    The TV spot made a splash, but the YouTube video went viral.  The Detroit News reported that Ford pulled the ad from YouTube after the White House voiced concerns over its anti-bailout message. [SCRIBE: Ford responds that it posted the video on its YouTube channel as soon as it (legally) could.]

    We reached out to McDaniel in this week’s Scribecast, and he reiterated and elaborated on the message from the Ford commercial – which he says was completely spontaneous and unscripted on his end. That message: “Government, whether it’s big-D [or] big-R government, is too big.”

    Listen to our interview with Chris McDaniel on Scribecast

    McDaniel humanized the issue in a very powerful way. He and his wife lost their home early in the recession, he explained, after his wife lost her job. “I am not immune to what’s going on,” McDaniel said. The two had to learn financial responsibility the hard way, and wonder why the federal government and the companies it props up have not done the same.

    No one came and bailed me out. We just had to cut back our expenses, reduce our cost of living, and do without a lot of things that we could no longer afford. I couldn’t eat out at lunch every day. I carried around my lunchbox for a year and a half to reduce the amount of money it costs for me to get by on a daily basis.

    The issue is: at what point in time does the government pack a lunch and go to work?

    But while his message is a frustrated one, McDaniel seems a happy warrior. “if I’m the messenger at this point in time, I’ll carry the water,” he said. As for Ford, “the message that they put out there, I graciously appreciate,” McDaniel said, “because it has stirred a debate in America that we need to have.”

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    15 Responses to Scribecast: Chris McDaniel on His Anti-Bailout Ford Ad

    1. Kathy Edwards says:

      Great commercial!

      Too bad Ford bowed at the alter of "Free Speech Obama" and pulled it. I'm going to rethink my next purchase and buy a foreign car possibly a Honda Truck.

      • eagle275 says:

        They probably didn't want to lose all those govt contracts, especially military. What the WH did is screwed up – extortion, blackmail,etc.

      • Kathy you don;t get your message across when you dont buy from the Company who told the Adminstraiton NO. The cerdict is still out on whether the Admins questoning of Ford caused them to pull the ad. Time will tell…

    2. GavinGOP says:

      Hooray fpr the person. I totally agree with him. Why does government have to bailout and subsudize businesses? if the market wont support a product, then dont make it. we cannot afford to keep bailing out companies and failed industries (e.g. solar power) at the expense of regular working folks like us. No one will bail us out.

    3. Barry says:

      One question for Mr Mc Daniels who rails against government assisstance, did his wife receive unemployment benefit when she lost her job

      • JERRE says:

        I for one, hope she did receive unemployment benefits. Barry, all employers pay into the their states
        unemployment insurance fund, and the Fed insurance fund (FUTA).
        These employer payments ARE NOT deducted from the employee checks.
        Just like all government assistance programs, They have to take the money out of the private sector first.
        I am an employer, and have no problem paying into these funds, because I want my employees taken
        care of in the event I have to lay someone off.

      • Barry…can you explain how Unemployment insurance is paid? If you can do that accurately I will tell you the answer. Your question on the topic illustrates a general lack of understanding of the proper role of our Government. This is not an "all Government is Bad, or Obama is bad issue" What is the proper Role of Govt in Picking Winners and losers in our economy…and my last name is McDaniel with no s…the government does not assist me when I PAY for a program designed to assist when needed. The government Bails Out A Company when they GIVE borrowed/printed/inflated BILLIONS of dollars to prop up a failing Company, Fire the CEO of said Company, give 50%+ ownership to the Union who helped create the issue, and then 9 months later the "CEO' falsely claims they PAID the money back. Which is a LIE. That my friend is a Bailout. And the only people on the hook are the American Taxpayers. Whether you support Obama or not…the issue is should the Govt give Candy to cryinng babies or should they deal with the issue. Don't make this about me…it won't work..it's about the Government and thier proper role…

        • Bobbie says:

          Hey, that's YOU!!!! Terrific Job, Mr. McDaniel! Authentic and genuine! What used to be common in Americans!

        • Tawn says:

          Hi Chris, I have heard your interviews/call ins with Rush and Frank Beckman and I am praying for you and your two messages: Jesus is our only Hope and the government's role is not to be the people's savior! If you have a website or FB page, I would love to join. May God's hand of protection be on you and your family and may He continue to bless you and you continue to give Him all the praise and glory as you are doing!
          Blessings in Christ, Tawn

      • chuck says:

        Barry, it's not government assistance unless she went beyond that state's unemployment normal payment schedule ( 6 months for ga.) its paid by her employer.

    4. George Moomaw says:

      Let us not forget that she and her employeer paid into that fund while she was working. Who's money are we REALLY talking about here?

      Certainty not Obamas. It was her's in the first place.

    5. Thank you Rob,…Well done and Cheers! Gracious to be a small part of the Conversation

    6. Bobbie says:

      What's wrong with you, Barry? He exemplifies what used to be the common type " American man!" Unburdened to society! Handling his life on his own two feet! Providing for his family, taking responsibility to all! Of course the wife helps out and as an employee who lost her job, would receive unemployment unless they choose not to!

      Ford exemplifies what used to be the common type of honest business taking accounts of all responsibilities on their own without putting infringement on the tax payers, using intelligence and skills of those in their earned positions in providing jobs for the economy and the economy with a solid, trustworthy product at the choice of the consumer. Who also continues to show what used to be common, the customer being number one, not government!! Who has the decency in doing business between the customer and the business without the third party of government expense and interference! Thank you Ford! For standing Ford tough!!
      Excellent commercial to bring back "The American way!!!" Threatening to a wrongful government of another way!

    7. Common Sense says:

      To Barry:
      Unemployment benefits in the United States are paid out of trust funds established by each state. These funds are funded by employer premiums. An employer's premium is determined by its past layoff/claims history and – the more people the employer has claiming unemployment over time, the higher the premiums paid. The employer pays the premium for each worker on its payroll.

      On occasion, when state trust funds are depleted, the Federal government will lend money to the state to replenish the fund. However, these are loans and need to be paid back.

      Although the money does not come directly from employees, economists note that it indirectly comes from the employees as the premiums paid are considered part of a company's labor costs and that company's pay these premiums by lowering the rate of pay for workers.

    8. Greg says:

      What most people in this country fail to realize is the government whether it be federal, state, local or city pays for nothing. All the money comes from the working men and women in this country. The working people pay for EVERYTHING on way or another. The government just collects the money and redistributes it as it sees fit. Unfortunately we let them get away with it.

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