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  • Obamacare: Forgotten But Not Gone?

    Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) is introducing an amendment that would deny money for Obamacare during the upcoming fiscal year.

    Has Congress forgotten Obamacare?  All the promises to repeal it mostly faded into the background months ago, even as the health law disrupts our economy.

    Fortunately, at least one lawmaker is still trying to undo that disruption.  Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) is forcing the Senate to confront the issue.  He’s sponsoring an amendment that would deny money for Obamacare during the upcoming fiscal year (which starts Oct. 1st).

    The law was structured to provide $105-billion worth of automatic funding and $1.4-trillion over the next 10 years, so the money gets spent unless Congress blocks it.  Stopping the funding is exactly what Sen. Shelby is trying to do.

    As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Shelby plans to offer his amendment today as the committee considers the bill that funds the Department of Health and Human Services.  His language won’t repeal Obamacare outright, but it prohibits spending any money on it for a year.

    “Anyone who believes that the government will save money by spending taxpayer dollars on a new entitlement is living in a fantasy world.  In reality, our nation is already struggling to reform existing entitlements in order to preserve them . . .” Shelby said.

    Congress may have gone quiet about Obamacare, but businesses haven’t forgotten it.  They can’t, because its costs and mandates are already suppressing job growth and causing many employers to plan on dropping health coverage.  Even former national Democratic chairman Howard Dean agrees with a McKinsey report projecting that almost a third of businesses will terminate their employee health plans as Obamacare becomes fully-implemented.  Instead, taxpayers would pick up much of the costs for the workers’ health care.

    The massive 2,700-page health care law is deliberately designed to make defunding and dismantlement difficult. Original estimates counted that it creates 159 new government agencies, but an exact count later proved impossible due to the enormous complexity of the law.

    Because the new law also attempts to bypass the normal appropriations process, even defunding it is difficult. But at least Sen. Shelby is trying.  His insistence will force his colleagues to take a stand, rather than ignoring the problem while Obamacare does its damage.

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    4 Responses to Obamacare: Forgotten But Not Gone?

    1. repealitnow says:

      Get Job Creation & Deficit Reduction with the Stroke of a Pen! Repeal Obamacare!

      No more Super Committee. No plundering Medicare. No huge $565 billion Obamacare tax increase. No health care rationing. No escalating insurance premiums. No bureaucratic meddling with our benefits or our private medical records. No out-of-control prescription price increases.

      Repeal means reducing the projected deficit by as much as $5 trillion. It means no deficit busting, tax burdened, Medicare shredding, $447 billion Obama jobs plan. It means no more stimulus plans following that dead-on-arrival disaster.

      Let's end it with the stroke of that pen.

      All of this information is available in an internet search and at RepealitNow.org.

    2. repealitnow says:

      Repeal reduces taxes on all businesses. It lifts a huge regulatory cost burden from the shoulders of these job creators. Itmeans long term business growth and expansion. It means businesses spending again and that means more jobs. It stops jobs moving to China.

      Repeal cuts government spending. It puts much needed money back into our pockets so that we can stimulate the economy. It gets our economy up and running again. It puts an end to many more months of partisan squabbling and paralysis.

    3. sharon wheeler says:

      back into who's pocket? if these companies say they can't afford it, how do you expect a 10-12 dollar an hour employee to afford it? in 1972 i gave birth to my daughter…the doctor cost was 250.00…the hospital, not sure but was under 2,500…. look up cost of child birth today…6 years ago after i left my job, i had to purchase the cobra…900.00 a month!!!!

    4. Bobbie says:

      everything this administration does has been and is more needless costs and work! I agree with repealnow! repeal yesterday!! Please, this is a set up for crisis, taking alot away and the service is so beneath what America deserves and once had!! government care is going to give government population control!!!! People are being over medicated, misdiagnosed and killed off as we write…

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