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  • Morning Bell: The Obama Investigations

    You wouldn’t know it if you solely paid attention to the mainstream media, but while President Barack Obama attempts to sell the country on hundreds of billions in new stimulus spending and $1.5 trillion in new taxes, his Administration is smack in the middle of several growing scandals: the Operation Fast and Furious gun-running debacle and the crony capitalism wrongdoing involving Solyndra and LightSquared.

    In the fall of 2009, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), which is overseen by President Obama’s Department of Justice, launched an effort to sell weapons to small-time gun buyers in the hopes of tracing them to major weapons traffickers along the southwestern border and into Mexico. Their effort, which is known as Operation Fast and Furious, failed terribly.

    Around 1,500 of the guns went unaccounted for, about two-thirds of those guns ended up in Mexico, a border patrol agent was shot and killed with weapons that were sold as part of the operation, 57 Fast and Furious weapons have been connected to at least 11 violent crimes in the U.S., and in Mexico an unconfirmed toll of at least 200 people have been killed or wounded with other weapons linked to the botched effort.

    Save for recent reports from CBS News and the Los Angeles Times, and earlier reporting by ABC News, the mainstream media has largely ignored the story and the White House press corps has not bothered to ask the President or press secretary Jay Carney about the scandal since July 5 — that’s 78 days, and over 40 press briefings, without one single related question.

    Meanwhile, congressional hearings were held, top officials associated with the operation were removed from their positions, and a third individual resigned. In the latest news, Mexican officials are complaining that, to this day, the United States has not offered an explanation about Fast and Furious, much less an apology. And yesterday, CBS News reported that a series of secretly recorded audio tapes thought to have been recorded in March reveal that an Arizona gun dealer and an ATF agent involved in the operation were worried about the unraveling scandal.

    Turning from guns to butter, another scandal has cropped up, this one involving the solar panel manufacturing company Solyndra, which received a $535 million loan guarantee from the Energy Department as part of President Obama’s green jobs spending spree. The President lauded the company when he spoke at the unveiling of its new factory in May of last year. But now, little more than a year later, it stands bankrupt and plans to lay off more than 1,000 employees. Days after it filed for bankruptcy, the FBI raided the company’s offices and the homes of its executives.

    The Obama Administration had a lot riding on Solyndra and the promise it offered. The President had made “green” energy a centerpiece of his failed plan to boost job growth in the United States, likening his effort to America’s “moonshot”–the space race following the Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik. The import of the company’s bankruptcy was evident in a January 31 e-mail between Office of Management and Budget staff regarding “Solyndra optics.” In the e-mail, the staff discussed what it would look like if the company went belly-up down the road, its implications for the 2012 elections, and how an earlier default might give the Obama Administration some credit for “fiscal discipline.”

    Then there’s the story of LightSquared, a wireless start-up company backed by billionaire Democratic donor Philip Falcone. The Daily Beast reports that military officials fear that the company’s technology could interfere with GPS signals–and that “two U.S. officials allege the White House tried to influence their [congressional] testimony to rush key testing, to LightSquare’s benefit.”

    Enter the investigations. Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said Tuesday that his committee plans to investigate government loans to private companies made by the Obama Administration, according to The Hill. “I want to see when the president and his cronies are picking winners and losers,” Issa said. Now, Reuters reports that Solyndra’s chief executive and chief financial officer will invoke their Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to answer questions at the hearing on Friday.

    A cross-border gun-running scandal, deaths in the United States and Mexico, staff removals and resignations, secret audio recordings, complaints from foreign officials, hundreds of millions of dollars in loans, bankruptcy, an FBI raid, campaign donors, and allegations of inappropriate White House influence in congressional testimony. There are serious questions coming out of Washington. It’s time the media start demanding answers.

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    100 Responses to Morning Bell: The Obama Investigations

    1. yoursfaithfully says:

      Why are conservative suddenly so interested in what Mexico has to say about us?

      Calderon has been accusing American drug buyers and gun sellers of arming gangs for a long time.

      For example, http://articles.sfgate.com/2011-08-27/news/299342

      As you're well aware, Calderon's presidential campaign was strongly supported by George W. Bush, and he is, by all accounts, a conservative. If you're going to listen to him when he talks about Fast and Furious, why not listen to him when he laments the gun problem in North America at large? If you're going to believe his administration when they say Fast and Furious guns were found at crime scenes, why not believe them when they say the majority of guns recovered in crimes in Mexico come from the United States?

      • @artisan62 says:

        apparently it's not sinking in too well that the USA is only interested in solving the problem if it all goes our way (the liberal left-wing way). After all, we have a left-wing president who is two-faced, at best. His right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.

      • Vercigentorix says:

        I give not a bloody damn what Mexico has to say about anything. There is no "gun problem" in North America, except that they're trying to outlaw them by any means necessary. Banning and Outlawing guns does no good. DC had a gun ban for over 30years and there were still shootings. The place even had the highest murder rate in the US while the ban was in effect. So that won't keep the guns out of the hands of the criminals.

        I'll listen to the line agents and the Dealers that didn't Want to do this.

      • Jeff Dover says:

        Whether or not conservatives are interested in what Mexico has to say about us ignores the central issue: the Fast & Furious scam.

        This administration was most likely trying to paint American gun dealers in a bad light in order to affect domestic gun policy. No other "rationale" makes much sense here. Like Carter attempting to rescue Americans held hostage in Iran, of course, it didn't work. Worse, it likely points to an operation run against his own country by its president. Why do you suppose the FBI raided Solyndra offices and the homes of its top executives? It's not because there wouldn't be an audit trail. They were looking for anything which would implicate the President in this theft of taxpayer dollars.

        We're not taking your bait any longer. As for believing anything this administration says? Can you point to anything of any consequence which hasn't been flip-flopped or lied about? I cannot. And, by the way, none of the personalities mean a thing to me. I don't deify political leaders. It's all about results and nothing else. They are just policy instruments and if they can't deliver the policy, I want them gone.

      • Bryan says:

        Because he never said that until fast and furious? Fact check before you post bro, makes you look like a moron… Sorry, a liberal who's repeating talking points from big brother.

    2. m mason says:

      …and we thought the Clintons were organized crime. Hah! Now we are seeing what the real mob is like-the Chicago mob. If there were to be an ultimate cage fight, I would like to see the Obama family up against the Sopranos.

      • @artisan62 says:

        The Mafia and the Chicago Mob have controlled this country for a long, long time. Now they're doing it with legitimate businesses and the government control of the liberals, and bad politicians in general.

    3. Robert A. Hall says:

      If these scandals happened on Bush’s watch, Chris Matthews would break into your house and tattoo the story on your chest. I will link to this from my Old Jarhead blog

      Robert A. Hall
      Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
      (All royalties go to a charity to help wounded veterans)

    4. ThomNJ says:

      Sadly, NOTHING will come of all of this for a couple of reasons. The press is bay and large an entertainment group and will not and does not report real news and facts anymore. They are also so far in the tank for the left that they simply choose not to report the unpleasantness that interferes with their desired worldview. And really sadly, is the simple fact that no one will go after obama because of the color of his skin. It is as simple as that. The Republicans fear the resultant smearing by the left, riots by blacks and staying in power – and so, as a result, our leadership will not lead – except to lead the USA further into oblivion by fear and inaction.

      • Rafael says:

        You over estimate black's support for President Obama. He's screwing up so badly that even they are leaving him in droves. Dr. Cornell West is supporting a Democratic primary challenger to Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus is openly deriding the president. Before all is said and done, Obama supporters will denounce him. The media and many of Obama's supporters will distance themselves once things start getting ugly — ugly as in Articles of Impeachment. Even Jesus was denied by Peter three times to save his own skin!

    5. gary says:

      Solyndra will likely wind up being a case of embezzlement, but Lightsquared is a threat to every American. Test after test has shown that Lightsquared technology will seriously impact operation of the GPS system: Airlines rely on GPS, the military guides weapons with GPS, our smartphones use GPS, cars navigate by GPS. Yet the FCC, under political pressure, continues to move forward to give Lightsquared a license to operate. Recently, a senior Air Force general was "encouraged" to change his testimony to Congress, testimony which was highly critical of Lightsquared technology. In the end this is Chicago politics at its worst.

    6. Mike Thayer says:

      Personally, I am sick of hearing about these scandals and having nothing done to end them or punish the guilty.

      I also can't figure out why we need the DHS – isn't that DOD's job? Why we need ATFE – isn't that the FBI's job? Why we need the NSA – isn't that the CIA's job?

      We need to be screaming about the wasteful, dictatorial subgovernments our elected officials have approved.

    7. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama lied. People died.

    8. Ken says:

      Can there be any more confirmation that the news media have given up all pretense of being objective or of being the watchdog? That's why they are losing viewers and subscribers.

    9. mike says:

      REALLY?????and what would you expect from a chicago community organizer—honesty??????
      even hitler didnt have as good a backing with the german media !!!!!!

    10. The Farmer says:

      The only way to STOP the scandals in DC is "ONE SINGLE TERM LIMIT FOR ALL OF THEM"!!!!!

      Either 6 or 8 year terms, that would eliminate re-elections the reason behind the wholesale corruption accross the board, and it would soon phase out the Party System another area of corruption!!!

      Think it through folks, its foolish to dissmiss it, if we don't demand it, we will live in a dictatorship real soon!!!

      • West Texan says:

        I too am concerned about the overreaching transgressions by our federal government, good intentions or not. They've abused the constitution's by-laws to gain evermore power for themselves over the sovereign affairs of individual states. Like true despots, the national government cites Article 6, section 2 as giving them unlimited license to do as they please. I very much doubt our founders, to include Hamilton, would have agreed with such a self-serving view. I recently checked out a library book titled Judicial dictatorship, published in 1995, by W. Quirk and R. Bridwell. Looks like it may be interesting read. I suspect it'll validate the anti-federalist commentary by Brutus regarding the U.S. Supreme Court's power grab.

    11. Stephen says:

      If you are referring to the lame stream media, as they say in New Jersey, fugedabouit." Most American are relying more and more on news from sources such as your site and other conservative sites. What is more troubling to me is that even Fox News (fair and balanced my foot) hasn't asked either. Even WND's White House corespondent hasn't asked about these scandals either.
      This may be due to Jay "Baghdad Bob" not calling on him for fear of embarrassing himself or the administration. Still, even the lame stream press has got to be wondering what is going on; some might be in a quandary due to the editors they work for. Far too many are either so liberal they dare not question the administration, others may be in fear of losing their employment.
      With the internet, Americans can learn the truth; however as the old adage goes, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink."

      • ThomNJ says:


        BTW – I have lived in North and South Jersey, and I don't know anyone outside of perhaps Newark, NJ who actually says: "fugedaboutit" :-)
        New York, yes.

    12. Jeanne Stotler says:

      What ever happened to Investigative reporters?? In the past there were reporters that were constantly looking under corners and such to seek out the TRUE story. As of late it seems they all stand and listen, as someone tells them what they can say and how to say it.. All this smoldering smut that is coming out now should be the topic of conversation of all the networks and there should be a reporter with his/her nose so deep in the pile that BHO and Holder would be shaking in their boots.. I believe there is a lot more to come. Where there is smoke there is fire.

      • WaltEly says:

        The investigative reporters now all work for Alex Jones and the GCN Network. If you want to find out facts and truths listen at infowars.com or prisonplanet.com and become a subscriber to promote truth, justice and the American way!

    13. Carol M Kite says:

      It's about time these isues are addressed! The Solyndra incident, there are others, that Obama invested taxpayers' money in, ending in bankrupsty and illegal return of private investors' money before taxpayers'. It's been reported this is just the tip of the iceberg related to Obama's manuevering.
      The government 'gun-running' Fast & Furious is just a huge abomination, actually appears the plan was intentionally dropped, why–haven't a clue, but this administration is known for shady, often illegal actions, this being unconscienable to leave guns out there, deliberately available but unaccounted for & no 'owning up' by this administration that indeed knew from the top down.
      Investigate away and insist on accountability by Obama & cronies.

      • Shirley A.Rhodes says:

        I am telling everyone, Follow the Money!!! If they follow the money in FAST & FURIOUS!!! the true story will come out!!! That volume of money is traceable… A federal operation this large had a lot of money to set up, administer and operate!!! I saw where only 10 million was diverted from "Stimulus" money… I am sure much more was taken from multiple budgets…. Exactly where did it go!!! The pockets you find it in will show the real rats!!! Why did the President invoke "Executive Privilege"???

    14. Lie_Sniper says:

      "The President had made "green" energy a centerpiece of his failed plan to boost job growth in the United States, likening his effort to America's "moonshot"–the space race following the Soviet Union's launch of Sputnik."

      At least during the space race the Soviets had actually launched a rocket. In today's debate, the U.S. is wasting money on ineffective energy solutions while the Russians are exporting oil & natural gas. I wish America would respond in kind and focus on domestic energy production on & off shore.

    15. Rich Kingston says:

      How come the Fox News Press Corp member did not ask Carney about it? That would make the lame stream media say something as well. Probably cover the president with some bullsh..

      The President is a crook, involved in fraud and circumventing the Constitution. He belongs in JAIL. I would be pleased to slam his jail cell door closed…after he is in it. Can the country last another 14 months. Obummer makes me sick.

    16. EON59 says:

      The green scandal with Solyndra and the other soon to be defunct green energy companies ties right into the administrations push against coal and oil production in this country. I cannot understand why even 40% of the population still backs this administration. Where are all of the lawsuits against unconstitiional regulations coming from executive branch agencies. Nothing is really getting done at this point to counter this destruction of our country from the administration and their cronies.

    17. WRB says:

      Great review of two gigantic blunders by our socialistic Obama regime.

    18. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Don't hold you breath waiting for the left-wing media to "start demanding answers". In many cases, not even FNC is demanding full answers. However, the scandals so numerous and coming so fast, even Bill O'Rielly has changed his approach to addressing Obama. But understand, the overall media has so much
      capitial invested in Obama and his left ideology, don't expect answers until after 2012.

    19. Tom Chappell says:

      Forget about winners and losers, they all should be losers, our government has no authority, and no business making loans to private companies.

    20. jlb says:

      Never mind Obama answering questions; maybe it is time that the media answer questions. What media? Where are you? These stories are easy because this administration appears corrupt. This should have been some of your greatest moments. Are you Zombies, the walking dead?

    21. Jill Maine says:

      It makes me crazy when I see BHO giving speeaches about the Republicans in Congress just thinking about their party. All of America is thinking about the Republican party. We are hoping they will save the day come 2012. All BHO thinks about is staying president. He will throw all our investment of blood and fortune in Iraq and Afganistan out the window just to please his pot head base. We are living in a nightmare with this inept fool.

    22. minuteman55 says:

      Follow the money trail in these investigations. See where it goes. Prosecute. Prosecute. Prosecute. If Holder refuses congress must demand his ouster! Expose everything including the drive-by news medias collusion in keeping these inmportant matters quiet!!

    23. K C Somers says:

      One wonders what the dominant left mass media would have done it any ONE of these scandals had errupted while a Republican was POTUS. The headlines would scream for impeachment.

    24. Don DeHoff says:

      As usual, very well done. However, what is preventing congress and other responsible departments from starting impeachment hearings? I sense they are keeping silent and hoping for 2012 to come around and again, hoping the problem will go away. We can not afford to wait until the next election as our President and his ilk can and will do irreparable harm, to this country and our way of life, while he is still in office. I sense fear, ineptitude or "being part of the problem" are possible reasons for this inaction.

    25. Casey Carlton says:

      Only two major scandals to investigate? Surely this is the tip (maybe even the tip of the tip) of the iceberg.

      • 2Dokie says:

        Casey: Your analogy is very good, but truly the tip of the tip hasn't even surfaced yet. Acorn, the UAW, GE, SEIU are all recepticles of corruption and collaboration that haven't even been given a glance yet. Everything in all the stimulus funds that have gone so far went to his reelection.

      • Shirley A.Rhodes says:

        Just last Sunday, Obama made an 18 minute Conference Call to his largest funders on Air Force One, asking for cash that was described as “pleading” and “a tad worried.” Daily Beast columnist Lloyd Grove, who obtained the audio tape from an Obama donor, went on to refer to the call as “rambling[s]”…from “a dog-tired idealist.” U. S. Code 18 U.S.C. § 607 probits this…. I am sure if someone got dedicated to the cause, it would not be difficult to make an excellent impeachment case and perhaps this would make his "changes" unlawful!!!! Especially if he were not ever qualified to be President…. Everyone has concentrated far too much on Hawaii…. Kenya is where the digging should go on!!! That's where he was born… Also if somebody with a little smarts followed this money in these nefarious activities… I am sure that that would add fodder to the fire!!!

    26. Harry the hook says:

      The media just refuses to treat obama like they do,and have done, to all other candidates, They give him a pass on everything. They should be ashamed of themselves, because they are not reporters anymore, they are obamas cheering squard.

    27. M arge says:

      When will our senators and congressmen stop messing around and impeach the hesd of all this spending, non-transparency, back door deals, tax ceazy ideas, and the sabotaging of our country. If the voters don't wake up we might all go down the drain.

    28. MerryJ1 says:

      Invoking the Fifth Amendment can — can — be rewarded with an indictment and charge of Criminal Contempt for obstructing justice. That (dubious) strategy was waved around when Oliver North invoked the Fifth during a Congressional investigation in the middle or late 1980's, but a charge was not pursued.

      However, there was at least one (and I believe a couple more but am not certain) federal conviction for Criminal Contempt based on a Fifth Amendment plea before a federal grand jury, the conviction was upheld by a federal appeals court, and passed muster when the US Supreme Court denied cert. The convicted Fifth Amendment-taker served the full four years (1986-1990) he was sentenced to, in the Sandstone (Minnesota) federal penitentiary.

    29. Red August says:

      Cannot help but wonder if there is a tie between the FCC rejection of the ATT/TMobile agreement re. 4G services and Light Square's temporary approval of further testing if same?

    30. Gayle says:

      Well, get busy and nail these people. Quit being politically correct and get it done. I have seen Issa at work and King, and am proud of both of them. But they are up there with a bunch of idiots. Too bad Rand Paul can't jump in there too. Off the subject, I received an obama mailing for his campaign, three pages of his bs, return envelope and a picture. You can donate no less than $25, and save his money use your own stamp, and the picture will be attached to my tree for target practice. But, just who paid for this? If the obama admin was concerned about the environment they would not send all these paper mailings.

    31. Red August says:

      Cannot help but wonder if there is any tie between the FCC rejection of the ATT/TMobile sale and Light Square's temporary approval of further testing?

    32. Bobbie says:

      When the president causes all this danger then suggests "peace is hard?" well Mr. President, peace can come naturally but peace is as hard as YOU want to make it when YOU think YOU'RE the SOLE control of it. you are the sole purpose peace is hard!

      This man has to be stopped for the good of all humanity! he needs to step down or impeach and find to arrest those known and unknown associated with this foreign fundamental transformation, collapsing principles and freedom of civil America who had it to share with humanity of the world!

      his foreign fundamental change destroying the good of America is behind schedule. So he'll leverage America's troops! he is corrupting this country while his foreign fundamental change is BAN from America's expectations and Constitutional government duty! America is a country where individual people discover themselves, not be discovered by government! Please the people of the world are belittled by this man's arrogance. Humanity doesn't deserve uncivil indecencies and life threatening impositions.

    33. Red August says:

      Are the FCC rejection of the ATT/TMobil proposed agreement re. 4G and the quick temporary approvement of Light Square's request for additional testing in the same spectrum related?

    34. Pat O'Lone says:

      Mr. Obama,

      In making " CUTS " in order to lower the public debt, you included the fact that we won't have any cost in future years because the wars in Iraq and afghanistan will be over.I think you overlooked a few things and would like to suggest the following items for futher cuts in the Obama budget !
      WE won't have a cavalry in future years so we wont need saddles- spurs -wagons- feed-stirrups – harnesses
      sabres Estimated savings for ten year period $10,000,000, 000
      The navy will not be building battleships in the future ( Average one per year ) Est. Savings 10 yrs. two trillion
      A few other items for further cuts. No howitzer cannons! No b 17s b29s p47s etc. Figures not available but substantial savings possible.
      Obama math will save the future of our country!

    35. gary sheldon says:

      Federal gumMINT is soooo big with sooo much to do overseeing all it's convoluted laws and rules by 1000's of bereaus that it it is now a bloated overweight pervert that cannot fuction without failing. Holder's Dept. of Injustice is a perfect example. God is the only person Who can be all things to all people but Communism eliminates God so the state can become god and interfFEAR with U,S, at nearly EVERY concievable level. GumMINT needs to get out of peoples lives. They have so much time on their hands they come up with endless laws for everything . They should have NEVER become full time poliTICKers. I believe the social security problem rose when gumMINT began using it as a bank. That means prison for for someone else who raids a pension plan. I love the Tea Party and i am righteously angry at BIIIGGG GUMMMmint. The social programs we have can be fixed and Heritage could probably devise a workable plan to do it . GumMINT is too prideful to comply and the typical American is too stupid to understand gumMINT covolution. WHEN A GOOD "KING" RULES THE PEOPLE REJOICE the Bible says.

    36. Eleanor Vollmer says:

      Lets investigate NOW. Everyone seems to just talk about it. Let's clean the Whitehouse. Start with the DOJ and go on. I never have seen this country in such bad shape. Please!!!!! Let's get rid of what's there now. Do not allow more spending. Also, let's get the UN out of the US.

    37. Sherryl Wilson says:

      More revelations add to the already strong suspicion that President Obama is not capable of leading our country.

    38. taichicrane says:

      Are not any of Obama's offenses impeachable ?

    39. KJ Ricotta says:

      At the top of this list should be Obama's ineligibility to even be our sitting President. The silence from Capitol Hill and the mainstream media is deafening, when there is so much factual evidence that Obama is not who he led all of America (and the world, I might add) to believe him to be. His number one offense, preceding all of his other questionable "activities"…he is sitting ILLEGALLY in the White House!
      Stinks to high heaven, and needs to be addressed immediately!

    40. Dick says:

      What's it going to take for somebody to use the word "impeachment"?

    41. Glen says:

      The media does not report news anymore. All that you get from them are their opinions, which mainly lean left. Even so-called reptable reporters have become an arm of the adminstration. The media definiletly is not doing what it supposed to do, and that is report the real news. Opinions are one thing, and news is another. Media,—— START DOING YOUR JOB!!!

    42. Gene says:

      More of the same B.S. Where were the investigations of President's Bush & Cheney (sic) for lying to the American people about Iraq and WMD? I don't think we can trust our government. Like many previous articles that have appeared in The Heritage have implied or stated, Washington is out of control. Policy after failed policy … and we get to pay …

      • MA0bama says:

        WMDs? The material is being used to run Canadian NUKE PLANTS. Sheesh you leftists cant take the TRUTH for evidence.

      • lcallady says:

        that's right.. so why do that same thing, but on steroids? what happened to all that hope and CHANGE

      • daryl says:

        Hey Gene, there probably we not missiles loaded and pointed at New York, DC., or wherever else. I know of US soldiers who stood guard over large quantities of chemical stockpiles, that could very easily have been used to kill thousands, as had already been done to the Kurds, at an earlier date. Is it amazing how convenient it is to forget these things when we have an agenda, and an ideological bias to promote Now where was the lying by President Bush , and Vice President Cheney. Are there problems in DC. Without question, but lying about Iraq and WMD's is not one of them. Remember Gene, pay atention to the details and not the propaganda

      • jim says:

        You are a political fool Gene. Other countries believed he had it. Our intelligence agencies believed he had it. Even the Democrats in the congress believed he had it (before they said they didn't.) As gung-ho as the Democrats were to catch Bush in ANY wrong doing…if there was ANY of evidence to pin him down to wrong doing we would have had a full investigation and impeachment. You are just another example of Liberal bias. Instead of looking at the facts that Obama is in a lot of trouble for illegal activity, you divert attention away to another pointless argument. Maybe you should stop worrying about your Bush Derangement Syndrome and pay attention to the pathetic President we have now. If you were an honest person and intellectually honest with yourself, you would see the problems with THIS President.

    43. DocJohnM says:

      Why is this particular president given carte blanche privileges in the growing number and scope of scandals without any media coverage per se? It's as though he is completely insulated from any alleged illegal action taken on his part. The Chicago style politics as usual thuggery would have deposed any other president but Obama comes out unscathed! This has to stop and these serious allegations need be followed through by an in depth independent panel to cease this morally reprehensible behavior.

    44. Greg says:

      I hope no one is shocked about these scandals. It's just another day at the Obama administration.

      • West Texan says:

        Agreed. Obama and a number of his staff are from Chicago's political machine. Back alley corruption is business as usual for them. Obama world adheres to the old adage "the end justifies the means" Big government socialism is the purification Obama believes will save a nation full of tilted windmills.

    45. ThomNJ says:

      What is up with the comments section? Half the time my comments do not get listed at all, and now I see only three other comments – and those only wihtin the last 45 minutes? My comments from a few hours ago are not listed.

    46. john says:

      Just another day in D C's la la land

      "It's time to clean out the barn"…….Ross Perot

    47. Sel Sothern says:

      If Heritage has so much influence over Republicans, why aren't the RINO Republicans listening to you? Why are the RINOs tip-toeing thru the tyrants like Obama and the Dems. The Real conservatives want these liberals Stopped – not bargained with. Or is Heritage against the Tea Party conservatives also?

    48. June says:

      Wake up media. Its as if you want the downfall of America. I can't believe all of YOU are against America. Are you afraid or don't you have a mind of your own. Surely you have some values left. I keep hoping that one of them is honesty but have just about given up. Where are the reporters who used to be the watchdogs and ran down the truth, made sure the truth was told, not made up? Where are you and the pres. when Acorn changes its name and is back in busines, getting paid off again for votes? Where are you and the pres. when seiu bosses have riots and make threats against anyone they want to? If it had been private citizens , they would have been charged as terrorists and you would have made sure that was headline news. Don't call yourselves reporters anymore. You are only people who follow what you are told. Newspeople have let us down and allowed criminals to do what they please and slanted the news instead of telling the real truth.

    49. Redwood509 says:

      The Chicago Way! Demolition crew stripping the country out of its resources!

    50. and2therepublic says:

      "The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant."

      Maximilien de Robespierre

    51. Bobbie says:

      When the president causes all this danger then suggests "peace is hard?" well Mr. President, peace can come naturally but peace is as hard as YOU want to make it when YOU think YOU'RE the SOLE control of it. you are the sole purpose peace is hard!

    52. PatriotPat says:

      It's time the media start demanding answers? Rather, it's time for impeachment !!! The media is irrelevant.

    53. Leith N Wood says:

      The majority of the press in this country is corrupt and in Obama's pocket. Until the press is cleaned up and starts reporting the truth and we rid ourselves of Obama and his team, our country will remain mired in muck and lies.

    54. Casey says:

      I'm sure you are well aware of the pure hatred of Pres. Bush and V.P. Cheney. Had they forged false or misleading intelligence the Democrats would've pulled every stop to impeach them and the media would've had a frenzy with it! Saddam had used chemical weapons against his own people in the past, he refused on many occasions to let inspectors in to verify what weapons they had, and after many attempts he was given an ultimatum. Now all of this information was presented to Congress, and CONGRESS APPROVED IT!!!!!!!! Stop watching Matt Damon's stupid Green Zone movie!! How long are we going to have to keep hearing about this crap!!!! George Bush's war, George Bush's recession! George Bush is not President!!! We have an anti colonialist in the White House destroying our economy, spending us into oblivion, cutting shady deals, and doing everything he can to dismantle our Constitution which he claims is "deeply flawed", and all I keep hearing about is dam George Bush!!!!! May God help us!

      • Clearhead says:

        Casey, it seems that you are one of the apparently few Americans whose brain has not been remolded by the covey of propagandists we have in Washington, each trying to outdo the other, and all trying to outdo Joseph Goebbels. Congratulations, kudos, and all that stuff. If my computer would allow it, I'd punch your "Like" button 1,000 times. And thank you for being so congenial to 'Gene'.

    55. Mary says:

      These companies recieved money from the taxpayers, and we need to demand that we are paid back. As for President Bush and Iraq…. The democratic senate and congress saw the same documents and voted to go to war, and guess who one of the senators was: Barack Hussien Obama. It gets old hearing him talk about inheriting all the problems Bush left. Presdient Bush was a saint compared to this one. This giving money to private companies, and people who do not work for a living has cost this Country trillions of dollars and we will never have the freedom and incomes that we have had for many decades…. The American lifestyle is almost gone, but we can all help save it, and get rid of all the Socialists, liberals. We need to make huge changes this next election.

    56. RG Schmidt says:

      I'm sick and tired of hearing how Bush and Cheney "lied about weapons of mass destruction." They don't have to be nuclear, for God's sake, and he had enough poison to kill a quarter of a million people. Sorry the liberals don't consider that "mass destruction," but I damn sure do.

    57. Mutantone says:

      They are still ignoring the gun running that took place out of Florida that went to gangs mostly inside the United States those scare me far more than the ones that went into Mexico

    58. Mike Crews says:

      Everyone commenting is completely in the right-why can't something be done about oboma and his "ilk" committing out-and-out illegal dealings. How do we as citizens stop this insane idiot from destroying everything that we hold dear? Start at home and work from there-tell everyone even if they do not want to hear; people you work with, people you meet standing in line at stores, people everywhere you go-IT IS TIME TO STOP THIS DICTATOR FROM TAKING OVER OUR COUNTRY!!!!! We can't let this dangerous bunch continue for another year-what do you think they will get away with in that time? Look what has happened in the last year-we can't afford to wait-enough is enough-this outrageous "president" needs to be impeached over any one of the many "actions" that are completely illegal-they are just piling up like a snowball on the roll. I love my country and we desperately need to do what is right for this country and our children that do not deserve to endure the results of this administration"s failings.

    59. KVAN says:

      Electing a different and uncompromised president is the best strategy in bringing all of this to light. The Obama administration has way over stepped its boundaries and is fast becoming Fascist in scope, demeanor and proclamation. Our course of action is to "Clean House". Hopefully America will find justice with the next administration. The dismantling of the last four years of Obama's misdeeds and calculated destruction of our great country should be investigated swiftly and thoroughly. All parties convicted and found guilty of treason by way of subverting the Constitution, restricting our freedoms, defrauding voter registration and election results, redistribution of wealth by increasing tax burdens, campaign finance laws, destroying small business etc, etc, etc, should be imprisoned for life or banished to the country of their choice. That is if they can find one who will accept them and continue to honor their rights of free speech.

    60. Mike Crews says:

      We as responsible citizens of this country have to gather togather to stop this "illegal president" from breaking our country's back. He and this corrupted administration is responsible for so much wrongdoing that isillegal that we seem to be in shock from it all. We have to wake up before he has this country completely on its knees. Start at home and continue at the place of work, at the line in the store, on the phone; speak up and band togather and march in the streets as peaceful demonstrations-we have to get word to our elected officals that they can stop this snowball or they are out with the dirty water…do you want your children to have to live in a dictatoral state?

    61. Whicket Williams says:

      Thats all well and good I have a question when is ANYBODY going to srtart talking about how over regulation is killing the Economy? another thing When is anybody going to start calling Electric Cars Coal burners?

    62. Joe D'Uva says:

      How about the loan or grant to Brazil while BP was cleaning up the mess in the Gulf . Soros is the big investor in the oil company that's doing the drilling with the same kind of deep water drill. Let's not forget the revised birth certificate that refers to Barry as an African-American when the term Negro was still the norm. By the way did we ever find out who was in his wedding party? Did we find out why he got a social security # from Connecticut? Did your parents ever tell you that you are who you hang out with (Bill Ayers and his wife,Wright,Farakan, Jarret, Muslims from the Brotherhood)? Keep piling on the scandals and don't forget how him and his gang from Chicago have piled more regulations on us not to mention all the new taxes and restrictions Nation wide. We have to get all the "D"'s out in 2012!

    63. Howard Reed says:

      Hello America,

      Having been conflicted with delusions of deification years ago, the Bama believes himself above the commonality of things he commands and endorses. It is the way of narcissist's. He is not above the law according to the US Consitutution. The Obama administration more than any other defines 'high crimes and misdemeanors'. I think a shameful congress should fast track their investigations into his crime activities and begin not only impeachment proceedings, but removal from office in which prosecution crimes that involved the death of Mexicans and Americans, along with capital cronyism.

      As a matter of fact a grand sweep should be made of his dirty bureaucracies. The Labor Department and their involvement in union thuggery should come under the microscope for future prosecution. It seems if it wears the Obama label it is dirty. It is time for the government to do its job all the way around.

      The Turban Torpedo

    64. @Algorithim says:

      Where are today's Woodwards an' Bernsteins?
      …Americans need to crash Ozero's party, an' soon…
      I agree with Farmer – one-term limits on all elected officials…ESPECIALLY the presidency.

    65. toledofan says:

      The entire Obama Administration should be an investigation in progress, but, the main stream media continues to provide cover. It's too bad that one of the major arms of freedom has allowed itself to become so invested in Obama's success.

    66. 2Dokie says:

      The American people need to quit electing dumbocrat Presidents. Dumbocrats just lack the morality and intellect to fill the position. Carter couldn't even work with his own party. Clinton, unfortunately, projected the idea that the presidency was a fun place to do women while the country was on autopilot. Both their damage records will never be fully accounted for, but we do know 9/11/01 probably wouldn't have happened if Clinton had been concentrating on the job instead of Monica. BHO has raised the bar for records of corruption and greed in office.Unless enhanced interrogation is used we'll never know the extent of the damage and loss. He probably doesn't know…he's not smart enough.

    67. Herbert R. Moore says:

      If Obama is not a citizen of the US, can he still be impeached? How many crimes does this ******* have to commit before Congress acts to impeach?

    68. Donald DaCosta says:

      "It's time the media start demanding answers." Yes but don't hold your breath. The so called "main stream media," that's, by definition, the one that the vast majority of the American public get their news from, is so in the tank with Obama they'll drown before they give up on their messiah.

      What is my basis for that claim? How was it possible for this incompetent mystery man to be elected on the basis of an intentionally obscured record and the nebulous mantra of "hope and change" and how is it possible, given his numerous flips and flops and failures on the economy and foreign policy, his recess appointments of radical individuals to agencies that have gone rogue, most notably the Justice Department and the NLRB, how is it possible for such an individual to have a personal approval rating still hovering around 40%? Compare this to the abject hatred engendered by the same MSM for George W. Bush whose primary flaw was the (R) after his name but obviously, to any reasonable, mature observer, one of the most likable guys on the political scene; not the most uncontroversial but the most likeable.

      A real head scratcher and very enlightening regarding the complete disintegration of professional journalism that continues, unabated, to this day. An unsubstantiated conclusion no doubt but, in my considered opinion, the result of the rampant infection of Liberalism prevalent on the college campuses of modern America where these journalists received their indoctrination, er, education.

      Don't hold your breath expecting this to end anytime soon; certainly not before 2012. Who will dare to confront this Liberal, propaganda, hate machine with its entrenched dogma that "the ends justify the means."

    69. Mike, NC says:

      "It's time the (mainstream) media start demanding answers"…In other words "It's time the foxes, posing as if guarding the farm, besiege their fellow canids with asking and demanding answers to telling questions about their robbing and taking over from the farmers"…Obese opportunity…meaning "fat chance".

      In other words, let us, the people, not kid ourselves and hold our breath waiting for that to happen…they (the lame-stream/mainstream media, and their politician, bureaucrat, and crony capitalist buddies) have already shown, and continue to show how they'd rather see the farm go to hell in a handbag, and us dependent upon and so controlled by them, before that happens.

    70. J. Young says:

      We all know that the general media leans toward the left. Fox is the only source that reports both sides equally.
      We have given way too much power to the media. My right to speech is not their right to publish.

    71. Jay says:

      They have it all wrong Fast & Furious was a attempt to convince the public that legal US gun buyers were selling guns into Mexico for the next gun ban .
      But they got caught with there pants down.

    72. Richard Kittler says:

      Historically new administration do not investigate or hold accountable their predecessors. Despite the "dangerous pecedent" it might set, assuming a Republican Victory in the 2012 elections, investigations and charges must be filed for these criminal acts and malfeisants in office at all levels.

    73. americawho says:

      I hear people complain by mouth and see people complain on posts but i never see or hear of anyone really doing anything. Americans are weak pathetic people to scared to do anything but run their mouth. If everyone that has something bad to say about our government (which its not turning into a dictatorship it is already a dictatorship) would actually do something instead of hiding. Maybe something would actually change, but then again the way americans are now it would probably only get worse. America has lost all of its rights to be something worth being proud of and Americans have allowed themselves to become slaves and idiots.

    74. J. Cottingham says:

      An Independent Prosecutor/Counsel needs to be appointed immediately and a Grand Jury convened that is empowered to subpoena witnesses, documentation, and evidence and require witnesses to testify, and jail them until they testify if they refuse to answer all questions. What has been committed is an international crime known to have extended as far as Honduras, resulting in growing numbers of deaths in multiple countries. Ultimate responsibility belongs to the USDOJ and their failed oversight and the Obama administration that holds responsibility for administration of the USDOJ and its Attorney General, Eric Holder, whom Obama appointed and a Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate approved. I personally believe the responsibility for this international crime scandal goes all the way to the top.

    75. Carol M Kite says:

      I'm throughly disillusioned with this administration. Obama disrespects anything American, starting with its flag, and apologizes for America to our foreign enemies. He's done nothing to advance our economy, continuing actions that break the back of the taxpayers, taking away the freedoms America has always stood for. I now trust absolutely nothing concerning this administration, faulting Congress as well!

      • Shirley A.Rhodes says:

        Carol, you are right!!! Congress have no shame in admitting they didn't even read OBAMACARE before passing it!!! Just this week, my senator, Rand Paul, acted on a bill in Senate that was given to the senators for action 30 minutes before the vote and it passed???? He was so upset he introduced legislation that would, if approved, stop this action!!! We have problems and they must be corrected…. However to focus, first we must get the lead dog behind the destruction of our nation and that is OBAMA, et al… next the liberals who want to re-make our great country into a third world Socialist nation!!!

    76. Alice says:

      Seems to me that before we can expose the scandalous corruption in our government on a large enough scale to get the crooks voted out of office, we FIRST must find a way to investigate and prosecute the unethical cover-up, outright lies, and liberally-biased reporting by the news media! I'm amazed at the number of people I encounter who have not heard a word about these scandals, but only the propaganda that's about as bad as I remember from Tokyo Rose during World War II. Is there anything we patriots can legally do to hold them accountable while we still have a country???

      • Shirley A.Rhodes says:

        Alice, I know how you feel, I felt the same way…. all of these things are amazing and demand attention… Then I realized we have to concentrate and focus on the Head Dog!!! Time is short…. We are bleeding and the main artery must first be stopped!!! Obama and his lead minions must be removed!!! They are vulnerable now!!! If someone would intelligently follow the money on these scandals, I am certain that will be where we can achieve this!!!

    77. Vernon Rice says:

      So all of this that you just put in print is very old news. Let's see if there is some new news out there. If there is someone with a little authority, lets put those 2 lets call them friends of Obama that took the 5th from the Solar Panel company on notice if they don't start talking they will be held in contempt and until they start talking their butts will sit in jail.
      It is also time someone back there steps up and shows the country they have the balls to file the needed paperwork against the guy that calls himself the president or as I refer to him, George Saros' puppet. Impeachment is way to good for him. He needs to be physically removed in handcuffs after being formally arrested and then perp walked out to Penn. Ave. right after every news venue is called to totally embarrass him like he has done to this country world-wide. Call Sheriff Joe from Arizona, troops from each branch of the service and have the team led by what is left of SEAL TEAM 6 that Obama has not been able to execute yet.

      • Shirley A. Rhodes says:

        Vernon, I totally share your sentiments…. However, we are the majority and must get organized with a three way plan!!! The preferred is your plan, Criminal charges and removal… I am not a Constitution expert so I will leave the procedure for that to the legal beavers…. I am certain by following the money methodically in his various actions would incriminate him eventually!!! So, you have essentially three solutions: FIRST: Criminal removal…. SECOND: Impeachment: THIRDLY: Elections… Until the mission is accomplished, none of the three can be ignored!!!

    78. Shirley A. Rhodes says:

      The one complimentary thing I can say about this Administration is they have been consistent and dedicated to their aim!!! If you look through their actions, Consistently their actions have served to Remove America from our Leadership Role!!! Remove anything "Christian" from our Christian Nation…. Divide our Nation on all fronts …. Support every Muslim Activity in the U.S.A….. Encourage Illegal activities…. Weaken and/or take over, where possible, our Courts… ETC. ETC. ETC….. These all point to the President's hatred of whites, anglo-saxon's, Christianity, and everything American!!! We need to be equally dedicated from now until November to awaken the masses, like me…. and many others…. WE ARE THE MAJORITY!!! and if we don't keep quiet and get organized and active, WE CAN TAKE BACK AMERICA AND RESTORE THIS GREAT NATION TO OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION!!! WE OWE THIS TO OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN, AND FUTURE GENERATIONS… I AM GOING TO PARAPHRASE AND MAY GET SOME WORDS WRONG BUT THE MESSAGE IS THE SAME!!! LINCOLN SAID IT SO ELOQUENTLY….. "THAT THESE DEAD (SOLDIERS) SHALL NOT HAVE DIED IN VAIN!!! THAT THIS NATION, OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE SHALL NOT PERISH FROM THE EARTH" By the way, anyone is welcome to correct my above quote from the greatest President we have had…

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