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  • Why Hugo Chavez Will Not Be Missed at the United Nations

    Five years ago, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez woke up the somnolent delegates to the United Nations General Assembly with his rude and undiplomatic President George W Bush is the Devil speech. This week, when the General Assembly meets in New York City and the focus falls upon President Obama and other world leaders, Chavez will be absent. He is forced to skip the U.N. event in order to undergo a fourth round of cancer chemotherapy in Havana.

    His presence will not be missed.

    At the General Assembly, world leaders hope to assure an anxious world that they have plans and ideas for fighting economic uncertainty, ending terrorism, curbing rampant criminality, and advancing democracy. Chavez has nothing to contribute on all four accounts. Recent developments drive home this point.

    With the international economy on shaky ground, Chavez wants to add to the uncertainty. He wants to bring home his gold reserves. Meanwhile, he threatens to turn his socialism of the 21st century—allegedly achieved with compensation—into 20th-century communism or outright theft.

    By threatening to withdraw from the World Bank’s International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes, Chavez wants to walk away from $40 billion in outstanding claims. He believes that in an oil-thirsty world, even the U.S. will ignore his economic misdeeds and economic extortion and pay any price for his oil.

    While the rise of a nuclear-armed Iran constitutes the gravest threat to world peace, Chavez promises to roll out the red carpet for fellow master of repression Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in an upcoming official visit to Caracas. Iran and Venezuela remain critical allies in their axis of anti-Americanism.

    Days after the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., Nicolas Maduro, Chavez’s foreign minister, admitted on state television that Venezuelan authorities have made “permanent contacts to support” Venezuelan terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, a.k.a. Carlos the Jackal. Maduro said the Chavez regime is providing support “from a human standpoint,” an attitude that victims of terror around the world certainly find disconcerting.

    In his prison rants, the unrepentant Ramirez previously praised Osama bin Laden and announced that for “rotting democracies” terrorism must remain a daily fact of life. Chavez praised Ramirez for being a “revolutionary fighter.”

    Crime and narcotics trafficking remain global concerns—but not for Chavez. This September the Obama Administration identified four senior Chavez officials as backing the narco-terrorists of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, placing them on the kingpins list, and the White House determined that Venezuela, along with Bolivia and Burma, “failed demonstrably during the previous 12 months to make substantial efforts to adhere to their obligations under international counternarcotics agreements.” Chavez calls it all a farce.

    As for democracy, Chavez’s support for repression in Cuba, mayhem in Libya, and tyranny in Syria continues to raise eyebrows.

    It is with good reason that Chavez’s absence from the podium at U.N. headquarters will bring a sigh of relief from those who unswervingly harbor the illusion that the U.N. remains the most effective forum for resolving international disputes and working for mankind’s betterment.


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    6 Responses to Why Hugo Chavez Will Not Be Missed at the United Nations

    1. john says:

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    2. Do you have any evidence that Hugo Chavez wants to turn socialism of the 21st century into "communism or outright theft."?

      Also, you cite Hugo Chavez pulling out of the World Bank like it is a bad thing, when there is ample evidence that neo-liberal(pro profit, anti labor, anti democracy, anti sovereignty) World Bank, and IMF, policies have inflicted economic chaos on virtually every nation that has followed them. Japan, Taiwan, and China are all examples of countries that have managed to evade IMF domination. They were able to pursue their own course, instituting anti-neoliberal policies to support their own industries, and are flourishing as a result.

      Also, with regards to Chavez's connections to Carlos the Jackal, yes Chavez has supported his human rights, along with millions of other people who have their basic human rights denied to them by Western Powers. Chavez has shown NO inclination of supporting terrorism.

      Regarding the 'backing' of narco-terrorists, this allegation is nothing more than a joke at this point. The Regan administration used the same 'pretext', which never survives any scrutiny, to invade and put pressure on states like Nicaragua, while in turn supporting states like Colombia(who happen to listen to U.S. orders) which actually DO back narco-terrorists.

      As for Democracy, Venezuela has more Democracy than it has ever had under rule by U.S. Corporations and the elite few. People turn out in record numbers for elections, and are more involved in the Democratic process than they ever were (also more than we here in the U.S. could ever dream of). If you would like to learn more about Hugo Chavez from the perspective of someone who actually lived in Venezuela, and has something resembling an accurate knowledge of its history, please read 'Hugo!: The Hugo Chavez Story from Mud Hut to Perpetual Revolution.' by Bart Jones

    3. MSMII says:

      The cost of oil is currently around $85.92 per barrel, $1.56 per gallon. The rule of thumb has it that we should be paying about $2.56 per gallon at the pump. Why are we paying as if the cost per barrel were $143 not the $85.92 it is today?

      With the current price of $85.92 per barrel, the actual cost of the oil is $58.42. The cost of refining that is $11.17. The taxes, give to Caesar what is Caesars’, comes out to be $10.31. The marketing and distribution portion of this comes to $6.01 per barrel.

      The FTC feels that Price Gouging is afoot, and so do I. http://msmignoresit.blogspot.com/2011/09/price-of

    4. William says:

      Ray Wasler, President Hugo Chavez is warmly remember and everybody was expecting see him, but enought is to listen his speach. The letter of President Hugo Chavez to United Nations and read by the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister, Nicolas Maduro, with the occasion of the 66th annual assembly, highlighted the current state of the world and reiterate the necessity of a fundamental re-foundation of UN.

      Due to the fact that you are not listening to Mr President Chavez, in my opinion, the key elements expressed by Mr President are: UN is becoming more and more a tool of perpetual war and not an organization secure permanent peace.

    5. William says:

      There is an alliance at the military and economic elites to keep running wars in different corners of the globe for profiteering purpose. Why is acceptable the representation of the rebels of Libya among the UN delegations, but is not acceptable the representation of Palestine? Why the crisis of the hunger in African deserve so little attention? When $1400 millions can solve the hard crisis for enough time, while 20000 NATO air strikes on Libya so far costs £1.7 billions just for UK, without mentioning France or US. President Chavez ask for a full withdrawn of the NATO forces from Libya. Why the same format against Libya is intended to apply to Syria? Where the tip of the lance are the media corporations.

    6. William says:

      How is acceptable that the economic siege practice by US against Cuba remains above the overwhelming request of the General Assembly stop it? The reasons for all this wrongdoing of the UN is reflection of its undemocratic nature, in special the security council permanent seats. It’s this a call for deep reflexion, and you Ray, should listen the democratic president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, rather than align your talent to the darkest forces of the planet. Stop spreading lies, prepared it by obscure officer in detriment of the reputation of honest people. You repeat ill comments, not political ideas. I think you can do it better. You should, you could, you must do it.

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