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  • Morning Bell: Obama's War on Job Creators

    Today, President Barack Obama is expected to announce his latest plan for reducing the deficit, and central to it are $1.5 trillion in new taxes, aimed predominantly at wealthy Americans. Unfortunately for the 14 million unemployed Americans, the President is continuing down his steady path of ushering in big spending policies, then turning to even higher taxes in order to pay for them. Who ends up paying the price? America’s job creators and those on the unemployment line.

    It’s a “glut the beast” strategy the President has employed before–increase spending as much as possible, and then argue that the only answer to the massive deficits is to increase taxes. Last week, the President played that philosophy to a tee when he unveiled another series of tax hikes intended to pay for more stimulus–his newly unveiled $447 billion American Jobs Act. Not surprisingly, the tax policies the President proposed were more of the same he has offered up since he first took office.

    In a new paper, Heritage’s Curtis Dubay explains that the tax hikes in the President’s plan would be permanent, while his jobs policies would be temporary. And, in a senseless irony, those taxes would be levied on the very job creators whom America needs to create jobs. Dubay writes:

    In the Administration’s poorly crafted and contradictory jobs package, the American people get permanent tax hikes that would enlarge the federal government to offset the cost of temporary jobs policies that would not create any jobs. In the long run, the tax hikes in this plan are more likely to destroy more jobs than the jobs policies create.

    Unfortunately, President Obama will not consider policies that would actually create jobs by reducing the high level of uncertainty that persists in the economy today.

    Those tax policies include raising taxes on job creators by capping the deductions that families and businesses earning more than $250,000 a year could claim. And that tax increase would be on top of the 3.8 percent surtax on investment income coming in 2013 under Obamacare–not to mention the new taxes that the President is proposing today.

    The President also proposed tax hikes that target the oil industry and jet manufacturers, limiting their ability to “expense” purchases of capital equipment. Though Obama frames this tax as one on owners of corporate jets, Dubay says the result will be to increase their cost, thereby reducing demand–and hurting those who manufacture the planes. Read more about the details of those tax hikes in Dubay’s paper, “Obama’s Jobs Plan: Permanent Tax Hikes on Job Creators.”

    On yesterday’s Fox News Sunday, House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) explained the problem with the President’s spend-more-tax-more philosophy and the road that the President is going down. “If we tax investment in job creation more, you will get less of it,” Ryan explained. “This looks like to me not a very good sign, because it looks like the President wants to move down the class warfare path.” And while the President walks America down that path, he’s marching to the beat of the big government drum that will lead to more spending, then more taxes to pay for it, and fewer jobs as a result.

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    88 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's War on Job Creators

    1. Robert, TX says:

      Where was Ryan when Boehner was folding on the three, separate spending resolutions that the republican sheep gave Obama? Where was Ryan when Boehner folded on the debt limit "compromise" where Reid, Obama and Pelosi got EVERYTHING they wanted? In fact, where has Mr. Ryan been for the last ten months – while the republican House has done NOTHING. Obama has ZERO opposition.

      • peggy says:

        and where is your president absent from reality and i think you are to, closing down businesses is not obamas job its his job to serve and protect nothing more or else its called tyranny not liberty if he does more than that andwhat about sylandro and clash for clunkers and all these measly jobs he creates and then closes he needs to step down

    2. ThomNJ says:

      "And while the President walks America down that path, he's marching to the beat of the big government drum that will lead to more spending, then more taxes to pay for it, and fewer jobs as a result."

      Why does almost no one just say what "big government" really means: socialism.

      • Janice Avery says:

        People in the media have said that big government equals socialism, but no one has laid it out to what life would be like in the real world if we have socialism. I would think that the majority of young people have no clue what socialism is and how that would change their lives as they know it. They need to study their history and vote Obama out, not just assume thee older generation will provide for their welfare.

    3. Wanita says:

      We all know that Obama is leading us to oblivian, but I can't understand why our Congress, and others who can possible impeach him, are standing silent. Please tell me why?

      • norgeblonde says:

        Because the Senate is controlled by Harry Reid and the Democrats

        • Robert, TX says:

          Wrong! Because Mitch McConnell is a spineless, worthless RINO (to be polite) who cannot muster any opposition and he has 47 members – plus two independents – to work with. Rand Paul brought the Senate to its knees for 3 days (while trying to block gun control measures in the Patriot Act) – and McConnell was opposing Rand Paul! Harry Reid's power comes from the gummy spine of McConnell.

        • jjay says:

          Take a look at the votes and see who is OBSTRUCTING ANYTHING that gets presented, even from being debated. Look at who is keeping judges from being appointed. Look at who is keeping funding from infrastructure while bridges are falling all around us. If you look at the obstructionists, you will change your tune…

          • Bobbie says:

            pretty sad the government suddenly informs us of infrastructure problems they've been in charge of for many years. Now threatening us not to trust government infrastructure. Obstructionists are irresponsible government leadership.

      • Pat O'Lone says:

        There will be riots in this country if Obama loses the election, what do you think would happen if he was impeached? That is one of the reasons the movement chose him to run for President!

        Of course in today's world there are riots over WINNING a sports championship so I think we can expect one in any case. Oh well, repairing the damage would create jobs! Oblabla would get the credit of course!

    4. Tom says:

      I am conservative 100% but it is really getting hard to feel sorry for these socalled job creators when all we see in the real world America is jobs being created outside of our borders, until these so called job creators get patriotic and loyal to domestic growth this country will never recover. It makes me sick when everything a person can buy is made in china(poorly at best) and tech support is from India(also poor). The road to recovery is by way of defunding the EPA, military at the borders, and tarrifs equaling trade, it's not right that I have to compete with 12 year old slave labor that is making pennies per day.

    5. Tom says:

      I am conservative 100% but it is really getting hard to feel sorry for these socalled job creators when all we see in the real world America is jobs being created outside of our borders

    6. Jeff, Illinois says:

      Most of the populace disagree with the view that the wealthiest are the job creators. The GOP is pushing this false agenda simply because they've been completely bought out by the Kock brothers and other billionaire corporatists. The truth is "demand" in supply and demand is what ultimately produces jobs. There is little demand because the economy is weak. The president is correct in the plan to infuse money into the economy by taxing the wealthy and putting that money into the nation's infrastructure which needs repair anyway. The wealthy in america are at the lowest tax rate ever at present . . and yet they're not creating jobs. In times past the tax rate on the wealthiest was as high as 90% and america was thriving. This tax the job creators is a completely false premise and conservatives need to wake up and see that their party has become a cult sold out to large corporations.

      • Richard B says:

        "In times past the tax rate on the wealthiest was as high as 90% and america was thriving."

        One of those times was when Carter was president but America certainly wasn't thriving. Several presidents caused tax cuts and the result was increased federal revenue.

        By your way of thinking the United States of America must have struggled to survive between 1790 and 1930 when the federal government spending averaged about 3% of GDP and it was only when the federal government began spending a much higher percent of the GDP under FDR that the nation prospered. You must be reading some strange history books!

        Demand does NOT create jobs if there is no supply to fill those demands. It takes money to build plants, buy material and hire workers to fill orders. It is the small businesses that hire the most workers to meet the demands of the pubic. Not large corporations. Corporations do not pay taxes, they simply collect their tax money from the consumers and pass it to the government. It is the small businesses, the ones who hire the most workers, that can't afford higher taxes and stay in production.

        • Jeff, Illinois says:

          Think about what you are saying . . "Demand does NOT create jobs if there is no supply to fill those demands" and how ridiculous . .!!! . . Ok time's up, I'll explain it . . when people have money they want products . . when they want products . . companies meet that demand and produce products . . when they can't keep up with demand they expand and hire more people . . Ok go ahead and defy common sense . . !!

      • dexter60 says:

        The largest 'corporation' and employer in American and all of the Free World is the US Govt.
        How much bigger do non-producers need to get?

      • Doug Nicholson says:

        "The truth is", to quote you, it doesn't matter how high the demand is if the suppliers can't (due to being taxed excessively) or won't (due to uncertainty caused by Odumbo's tax policies) make the investments necessary to create the supply. As a businessperson, one must have a reasonable expectation of making a…plug your ears, here it comes…P-R-O-F-I-T!

      • Janice Avery says:

        Please explain to me how raising taxes on anyone is going to create jobs in our country????

        • Jeff, Illinois says:

          What's so hard to understand . . ? The point is the wealthy are holding on to their wealth. When the government raises taxes and in turn . . infuses the economy with that money to create contracts to for example rebuild our infrastructure, thousands are put to work . . Alternately the GOP talking point is to not raise taxes on the so called job creators. Well if that is true . . since taxes on the wealthy are the lowest they have ever been . . then they would be creating jobs. So where's the jobs . . We already had Republican president for eight years again with the lowest taxes in our nation's history, yet at the end of that reign we were losing 700,000 jobs a month.

          • Jan says:

            How soon you forget Lehmon Brothers, AIG, auto manufactures, CitiCorp, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, money markets, hedge funds, banks going under, stock market plunge, business failures, etc. You going to tell me that that is all Bush's fault? Moron!

        • Bobbie says:

          In America, the wealthy use to have the freedom to spend their wealth anyway they see fit. Nobody's business but the ones who the wealthy made their business and when opportunity defined personal effort. People like Jeff, who don't put time and labor into gaining their own wealth, want it stolen to ease his hatred for personal achievers, trusting the cost of government to give him a job or more programs instead of his fellow American able to hire without government overload on restrictions. He says more money to government will pay for contractors to proceed with infrastructure admitting the hold up is federal government. Remove the federal government and their costs and we'd be freely on our way at less fed expense. There is absolutely no constitutional reason to raise taxes to create jobs in our country. There are many unconstitutional reasons that forced America where she's at today and continuing to be held back by government's abuse of authority! Wherever government is outside their constitutional duty, freedom isn't!

    7. Lloyd Scallan says:

      At risk of sounding like a broken record, I'll ask the question again. "If Obama was trying to collapse
      our economical system, resulting in the destruction of our American way of life as we have known it, what more could he do"? How can anyone now doubt that Obama is deliberate and calculating how to bring America to it's knees thus replace our governmential and economical system with socialism?

    8. Kathy Kennedy says:

      Please ask the GOP, especially during the debate, to show the American people the truth about taxes. Show them how the "wealthy" do pay their fair share and how much of a % they are paying now; and show how much corporations pay, please. If Warren Buffet wants to pay more taxes, why doesn't he? He can stop looking for tax shelters.

      • jjay says:

        They won't do it because they CAN'T DO IT. It ain't happenin because it don't exist. Oh, I forgot, there were no WMD's but that didn't make any difference for those who just had to have a war to convince us that we needed to be patriotic and support them…

    9. Terry Stone says:

      Anybody with common sense wouldn't propose such policies. Either Obama doesn't have it or he is trying to destroy this country on purpose,

    10. Ted Hensley says:

      As a mature entrepreneur with a long list of successes and failures to my credit, and as one who stepped up locally last fall to become elected as one of our county commissioners – I believe I have put my finger on the problem. It is 'mindset'. I have found that those who have always worked for or have always received their support from 'the government', have the 'mindset' that government is the answer. While those from the private side believe just the opposite. I am no longer saying Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican.

      • Richard B says:

        If you are a piglet sucking on the teat of a sow – you want that sow to be fed enough food so that she can produce all the milk you want. If the farmer decides that it is time for the piglets to be weaned (so that he can butcher the sow so that his family can eat) the sound of piglets squealing will be shrill until they learn to root for their own sustenance instead of sucking a teat.

    11. Ted Hensley says:

      I am now referring to 'public' vs. 'private' in speaking to the 'mindset' of individuals. This is not a derogatory statement, merely the fact. We make decisions today based on our lifetime of experiences, for that is all we know. This 'mindset' can be seen all up and down the spectrum – even to the Presidency itself. In the choosing of our future elected officials, we must make sure that they have at least some experience in the 'private' arena so that they can understand the reality of the business world. I find it laughable that proposals are made to help 'create jobs' when those making the proposals have never themselves done such a thing.

    12. Victor Barney says:

      It's called a "fundamental transformation" of our government, a promise made during his election process to our more verbally receptive female species, who just loved it! After all, thet too are gatherer's, they just by their biology! Watch! Next comes economic collapse! Watch!

    13. West Texan says:

      This is the story of my life. You see the train a coming and can't convince the manipulated mob it's dangerous standing between the rails. I tried my best to warn folks in 2008 about Obama. Like most of us that did, I was verbally attacked with insulting lies about my character. All while these same people stood entranced, mouth agape, at Obama's self-proclaimed greatness. I'm sure they learned about this guy around the same time I did, as he campaigned for president. Which of course has never ended.

      • IAmAProudAmerican says:

        I agree with you 100%. So many people thought he was just perfect while I was yelling…..NO HE ISN"T!

    14. aqualung says:

      Let America's job creators create those jobs that we keep hearing so much about and then we can talk about their significant tax breaks for being such corporate citizens. All I keep hearing is you can't tax the rich they are the job creators, but America is not seeing one iota of a job. You know and I know those jobs are being created overseas where employees are competitively priced. Ever have a bill collector call you–there in India. And on top of that you keep blaming the president. Face it–he's a democrat and the repblicans have to work with him — to get things done–get it!!! I would expect the same from the democrats. If this were an office and I was the manager I would fire the lot of ya!!! I need an office that functions well and gets things done. Hey there is a novel idea–fire the lot of ya!!! Could be!!!!

      • Bobbie says:

        aqualung, there is no business certainty that there once was in the past. It doesn't exist in this administration. I'm not a business owner but I do pick up on common sense. One day it sounds good to the business owner, the next you're looped into something you weren't expecting and that if governed honestly wouldn't have to think to expect it. There's been no word on the irresponsibilities of business owners causing anything of government's concern, yet look at em! acting as if you need a college degree to pick up on common sense? hmm, who knows… he ALWAYS sees MONEY to be the ONLY answer? and then burdens with regulations and more costs. When challenge is the motivator but the leadership is damning it, we'll be sucked into government controlled, 100%!

        America isn't able to control the actions of ANYONE running government and why elected leaders take oath to vow to the American Constitution, so we the people (Americans) can expect and know their (government) function and our responsibility to our personal freedom and liberties. We can't control actions and behaviors but our individual own and unfortunately the American Constitution has been severely damaged by those expected to work according to, behind our backs and beyond our control.

        Where we're stuck here is 1/2 America sees themselves with no self worth (yourself and those that believe in socialism or seeing government as a resource to fulfill personal responsibilities and interests,) 1/4 that caters to them with insincerity, paid by thieving the American tax payers and 1/4 trying to build the deprived up to see there is self worth in freedom and within us all! It's understandable the president will defend his tax hikes on the rich and personal achievers as not being "class warfare," cause his actions are gonna hit ALL the country and they're gonna hit hard!!!!!

    15. The Farmer says:

      The Fix ONE TERM LIMIT FOR EVERYONE 6 or 8 years

      If we had such a limit this guy wouldn't of had a chance to destroy us like he has!!!!!

      p.s. If the tax payer making the big bucks is the one creating the jobs he will have sheltered what ever it cost to create the job from the tax collecter through such a venture, so who is kidding who?
      If one is getting the big bucks without creating jobs they can pay more, and don't tell me we need them to keep that money invested for our economy to grow on, when my money isn't able to grow because there is to much money available already, the interest rates suck!!

    16. toledofan says:

      At the end of the day, when the lights are turned off, everybody has to be having nightmares and thinking about what the heck are we doing, and, for sure, where are we headed. It's like the madness is unabated and never stops. It obvious, that as long as Obama and the Democarts are the majority, the country will slide left and people will continue to be miserable and suffer. Who would ever have thought that this could happen to America?

      • jjay says:

        You really got to be in your own bubble. Cheney/Bush led this country right off a cliff into two unnecessary wars based on lies and then cut taxes to boot. Who do you think is paying for those disasters? Obama and a majority of the voters have had to construct an economic parachute on the way down out of the shreds the Reflubs made of the first federal budget surplus in 60 years – and you STILL can't conceive of anything Obama has accomplished in spite of the "NO WAY" Reflubs who have vowed to destroy this Black guy that trounced them in the last presidential election, even if it ruins the national economy? Obama saved your precious auto industry with thousands of jobs over the protests of Reflubs. He ain't perfect for sure, but you need to push your reality button soon or your "American Dream" is gone much sooner and for much longer than you obviously think. Best wishes…

    17. John Funk says:

      Be sure to educate all Americans to watch out for the "Slick Willy" propaganda campaign. Former President Clinton suddenly is appearing on talk shows everywhere with the message that only in America is this urgent government spending to create jobs being blocked by ideology, not by economic rationale. He contends that the rest of the world is doing it just the opposite and we all know how the rest of the world is doing.

    18. Whicket Williams says:

      Heve you all forgotten the "Rules for Radicals" that Obama seems to be following, with the intention to force the U.S. into the New World Order? Seems to me you ALL are ignoring the Facts I am beginning to think you are in on it!

    19. 2Dokie says:

      What is it? Doing the same thing repeatedly expecting different results is a form of insanity? But then, watching the process repeatedly and doing nothing is either criminally unconscienable or stupid. When is someone going to tell the pres. that we all know what he's up to and to quit trying to destroy the very society that gave him and all his self-obsessed worthless friends the iincubator to live in while concocting their ungraeful, ridiculous fantasies. Shame there's no FF button on the calendar.

    20. Ed Kimble says:

      The class warfare crowd made a huge mistake. I won't say what it is but the elements needed to fix the American economy are exactly the things Bush and Obama refused to do. Step 1. Tell the WTO to stuff it and erect new trade barriers. The choice is simple, create food, clothing, goods, and services locally, and stop the outpouring of vital resources like iron, silver, and titanium. Or outsource everything, allowing inner cities to become war zones full of CW zombies looking for the miscellaneous "rich guy" who must have taken it all and hid their government "cheese". Soon, just like Russia, there will be no wealth in the conventional sense left to redistribute, only the fixings and findings of a few creative hands. Step 2. Stop the influx of illegals and begin instituting Chinese style population controls. It's time. The entire welfare system is based on pay-per-birth madness. Step 3. Return education to local communities. As long as the CW zombies are in charge, you will get more CW zombies. Step 4. Religion. Got God? If your morality is set by a bad Boris Pasternak play, you are always going to always be a slave to the government God du jour.

    21. Bobbie says:

      Stop this man. He's not going to let anyone get ahead!! everything he's done is a set up for worse. tax the rich? the rich what? It's an adjective! "poor" is a person who believes he is incapable of fulfilling his personal responsibilities with belief he has no self worth. Now becoming the majority of Americans under President Obama! No financial status relevant. "rich" is a person who realizes to carry out their innate ability of personal responsibility. No financial status relevant. So what he is doing is destroying the "rich" to bring us down to a 3rd world mentality.

      His conduct, his words, his plans are always with contention so broad the plan is misleading! stop the taxing phenomenon of the President! He is wrong! Always has an exact number!! There is no purpose for an increase in taxes! There is a purpose for discipline and reprimand when money of the citizens is taken from their hands and forced into government!

      Buffet bill? Make sure only those living off capital gains and produce no income tax are the only ones effected by this "income tax," false sense of urgency increase!! Ridiculous!

      • Janice Avery says:

        Obama does not walk his own talk. If he didn't use so much fuel to globe trot, spend so much much money on vacations, and take contributions from the rich and famous, he actually might pull off what he wants to do if he actually lived the life he wants for our citizens in the US. If he drove a Smart Car and spent more time at home in the White House, and didn't associate with celebrities he would seem more credible.

    22. Frank says:

      Paul Ryan's comment on Obama's plan is correct. I also see Obama's new plan as similar overall to his last plan, but at half the price. His last plan created zero new jobs. Half of zero is still zero. His new plan will add more deficit with no better result. We need a different plan & a different direction for the Federal Government & our nation.

    23. Gary says:

      Can't wait for 2012, You thought Jimmy Carter was bad !!!!!!

    24. J Jay says:

      If, as you say, the "job creators" will be hurt by the President's job creating plan, let us know where the jobs are that these so called "job creators" are creating or have created in the last three years.

      The point is, those you say are the "job creators" ARE NOT CREATING JOBS. They are the ones who buy up small businesses and incorporate them into their corporation while maintaining that they THEN are a small business… NOT!!!

      These so called "job creators" are sitting back, cutting back on employees and requiring more hours and work of the employees they still have. In doing this, these so called "job creators" are making record profits while the rest of us have not received a salary increase to match inflation in more than twenty years. We have less now than we did in the Reagan Administration!!!

      Stop promoting this false and misleading "job creators" sob story. Get real or get out of the way.

      • Will says:


        • Jjay says:

          Thanks Will, but you need to stop being led around by these CON jobs and start thinking for yourself. Where can you point to the last jobs created by corporations with all the tax breaks, using those gimmes and advantages from Congress to establish more jobs in the U.S. instead of OUTSIDE the country ??

      • Bobbie says:

        Good one, Will! What's wrong, J Jay? Did the government take your sense of comprehension away? Can't or won't you understand what the government is doing?

        First: stop your narrow thinking. Government is filled with people that lie just as easy as anyone else. Government has lost dignity and will hold no accountability while government makes sure to hold EVERYONE that isn't working for government, accountable! The only difference is government rules!…with no accountability! 2ND accept the fact government control is OVER REGULATING private sector businesses to the point government will take them over (bailouts) or watch them collapse. Why do you think we're in this crisis now?! All under government control, J Jay. So learn to accept the truth, or step aside so the truth can come out!

    25. Leith N Wood says:

      Why the herd continues to follow BO is insane. He is not brilliant or he would not be doing what he is to America. Socialism does not work and his use of class warfare is disgusting. People need to speak out against him, explain why they are and fight to save our country. The hell with politically correct. It's a farce.

      • Janice Avery says:

        He's not insane or dumb, he knows exactly what he is doing and seems to be intent on his own agenda, or that of others behind the scenes telling him what to do. He is worried about keeping his job so he can continue his extravagant lifestyle.

      • @dboyerdr says:

        As long as it takes to get a comment approved, maybe only a few have that much time. Approvalseems awfully slow to me!!

    26. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Increase import tax, make it harder for American firms to have businesses outside USA. These businesses are evading taxes in several forms in USA. First their employees are not paying taxes here, SS or medicare either, they pay no corpoate taxes and no income taxes as it's not earned here. Increasing import taxes serves a dual purpose, makes it harder for China and it's like to ship poorly made merch. here as well. We were once a proud nation and "Made in USA" was on most of our products, once the gov't. got greedy it forced jobd to places like Mexico, China, India, and the Slav countries, Unions drove up pay for unskilled workers making jobs un available for those with limited skills, it's a multi level failure.

    27. DrRGP says:

      The good thing, and, believe me, it is a really good thing, is that we are still allowed to leave the United States for other lands, taking what savings we have with us. Of course, I can't predict how long the latter freedom (taking our savings with us) will last.

    28. KC - NM says:

      This administration and most of Congress has got to go in 2012. Obama and his Czars just do not get it! If he really wanted to fix the stupid tax issue he would propose the flat tax process where every American pays a set percent of their income. There are no deductions, no exceptions, everyone pays their real fair share. This is not class segregation when there is a flat tax but to just target the very rich is a class segregated issue.

    29. Curt Krehbiel says:

      Obama scores again. His "jobs bill" is the basis of his campaign for reelection but is actually  a massive tax hike in 2013. This is a real "squeeze play". If the Republicans kill the bill Obama may get reelected by an uninformed public. If the Republicans pass the bill America goes down the drain into socialism and poverty.

    30. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      You keep blaming Obama, and to be sure he is a great failure as an American but a great success as a socialist/communist. So he is actually doing what he believes is right. You fail to go after the lifer Republican & Democrates who for the last 50 years or so, many of them being in the Congress who sold us down the socialist river.

      Heritage – you support the very people who have had a large part in destroying the America that was the standard of the world. Don't just look at Obama – take a look in the mirror.

      (I know it will not be printed, but at least it is noted.)

      • Bobbie says:

        Mr. Sinopoli? Why are you so intimidated by truth? Why are you so reluctant to conduct your business according to your rules? In the private sector? Why do you feel worthless without government supervising your work which shows you to be worthless to outsiders, who'd wisely think twice before being serviced by you with your government backed influence? Maybe you need another field. One that doesn't burden society!

    31. paul says:

      I agree with Jay. Many of these job creators are holding on to their profits. They would
      open factories in China, Vietnam or elsewhere . If the wages rise in one country, they would
      shut down their factory and go some where else, such as south africa.

      we have a structural industrial problem. Apple's subcontractor employed about one million people
      in china. Wheres, apple employed about 15,000 in america on the design of products.
      General electric did not pay one cent of taxes. However, I have to pay several thousand.
      Let us be fair to each other.

    32. Harry Adams says:

      The Republican controlled congress needs to draw up , pass and submit to the senate bills which would correct some of problems we have with the economy. When the senate does not pass them, then the congress can blame them for not acting responsibly So far, congress has done little except refuse to act on Obama's "bankrupt America plan", and get blamed by the Democrats for all the problems.

      • Doug Nicholson says:

        You are correct. The Dems know how to play the game much better than the Republicans.
        Is your nickname "Butch" with sisters Gale & Barbara? If so, we know each other.

    33. Charles R. Eno says:

      What is the matter with you Liberals/Socialists. You are the part of Society that says the Government will take care of us. Ha Ha so sadd. That has not been the case for 235 years We have made our own way. We have been responsible for ourselves. We have made our own way without Government handouts, or told how run our lives. I have been in business all of my life. I have had many success and some failures. Because we are Americans we have the right to do that without government telling us what to do. Come on folks let's rebuild our government back to the Constitution all way and re-start our nation.

      God Bless America and you who decent from my ramblings.

    34. Bernard P. Giroux says:

      Same thing I told my 88 year old father this weekend: We did not opt for these huge government stimulus programs. Why should we be asked to pay for them by paying higher taxes? What is wrong with this picture? Obama's policies do not work, so he adds more of it on top? He is looking for a revolution from the middle class and it will not be pretty. This has to stop. Now. This president does not have a clue. He exhibits absolutely no understanding of this economy and he is even worse at judging his constituents. With $2 trillion sitting in corporate coffers, the strategy should be to lower taxes, permanently. Get the corporate tax rate down from 35% to about 15% and start competing for capital which may be fleeing overseas. Make it easier, not more difficult to build a business in the U.S., so corporations will start hiring again. This pablum Obama keeps trying to feed us is really getting old.

    35. billy barney says:

      "There was a good reason the Ancient Persians had a 'Brigade of Assassins'."

    36. parkypundit982 says:

      These "Job Creators" of which you speak… where are the jobs?

      Question for all Republicans. Journalists, pay heed. This is what you should be asking them.

      "Since you have declared the president's suggestion that the mega rich pay taxes at the same rate as those in the middle class as "class warfare," which side are YOU on??"


      • KC - NM says:

        The real problem that the administration nor Congress really want to address is the current and broken tax system. A flat tax is the answer based on income – no deductions, no loop holes, no exceptions. If you are an American citizen, then you pay something in taxes – everyone has skin in the game, no class warfare as we have today. The filthy rich like Hollywood and Buffet would be paying much more than they do today!

      • Bobbie says:

        Be careful what you choose to believe! Jobs created (under freedom) in the past didn't need government interference! I'm on the side where the opportunity to gain wealth once existed before this administration. Can't find it? Where is it? why is the President taking away from people just because he can? why? why should people that worked for their wealth you didn't, be punished because government actions and inactions and abuse of authority caused this crisis? why parkypundit982!-62p? why?

    37. Henry Holder says:

      Obama's war on job creators will become an economic disaster. Need a means to display to the American people via media, radio, television. Suggest display of impact on taxpayer by financial earnings per year and by ethnic catagory. People must see the impact in dollars and impact on each taxpayer.

    38. Jim Patterson says:

      at the moment forget the "job creators" but focus on higher taxes. If Big Gov takes more money out of your pocket book,then you have less to spend at the store and cannot go out to eat much anymore. so who suffers? the waitress, the cook, the busboy, the retail sales person, and on down the line. You think you shouldpay higher taxes? great, forget the next vacation with your family and just send in the money to the state, county, whoever and you can feel good and not worry about the businesses that fail and the jobs that disappear.

    39. RennyG says:

      $200-250,000 is a good number for him because it keeps votes. By this I mean he is excluding all his union votes from increased taxes. Why didn't he choose $75-100,000?? Below that I would consider that to be "low income people!!" This guy is something else. He is applying the "Alinsky Model" for his future kingdom and no one "will" stop him!!!!

    40. William Jackson says:

      Wake up America ! Are we All so Blind that we can't see the Forest from the Trees? What ever Trials and Tribulations our Fore-Fathers went through to make this Country the Greats on Earth. It was built on mainly Truths and belief in God. (that being many choices of their type of Gods) Everyone who had the chance to come to America did so for Our way of Life.Look around yourself at All the different races. Most All have fought and died to keep this Country. But now we've allowed the two "G's" to change places. We've removed God and Country and replaced it with Greed and Country! And neither are the same! If we don't get off our butts and kick the so call leaders out of the Power they now hold, then we to will be a Third World Country run by Slave Labor! God have Mercy on Us. One World Order is right around the corner!

    41. Lorenzo Gonzales says:

      Taxing the rich is not the answer for creating jobs, all it does is pay Obama's failing programs, and more money to support the government. We the people do not get one single peeny.

    42. Clearhead says:

      Sheeple !! Must someone manufacture the world's largest alarm clock and import Big Ben to activate it to awaken us from the deep slumber we've been lulled into by the opium of "hope and change"? Has everyone discarded their history books, memories and common sense? Have we all forgotten everything we once knew about basic arithmetic? It seems that everyone's eyes are closed to the fact that unless drastic and immediate remedial action is taken by the citizenry of America, the demise of our precious Constitutional Republic in imminent. We can speak directly to the "administration" through our elected representatives who are Constitutionally mandated to uphold our direction. Let's MAKE them do their job!!

    43. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Everybody knows. or should know, that you don't raise taxes in a recession.

    44. Wayne Peterkin says:

      Cloward and Pivens economic policies at work. What Obama is doing is nothing but his carefully planned "fundamental transformation" of America.

    45. F.D O'Toole says:

      Obama is calling the new tax after Warren Buffett, the guy who supposedly pays income tax at a lower rate than his secretary. Let me tell you as a CPA, you have to work really hard (and have very clever tax counsel) to pull that off. There is already an Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) in place that looks at what successful people pay, and in general, if its not high enough, the AMT adds enough to bring your taxes to 28%, Guys like Buffett have foundations and shelters to ensure that they don't pay. They also have yards of cash in the bank. They made it already. Forget the suckers who are trying to move up the economic ladder.

    46. @dboyerdr says:

      Tthe 14,000,000 jobless mentioned above does not include those jobless for a year or longer so to get the true jobless add 15,000,000. That makes the real number 29,000,000. Our total work force is about
      150,000,000. that makes the jobless rate a lot more than the 9.1% we are being told, in fact 19% of our workforce is jobless!!!

    47. William says:

      Will someone please explain to me how the unemployment is only 14 million. Since Obama has taken over the White House over 65+ million have collect over 300 billion in unemployment checks. Over 500,000 a week for the first year and over 400,000 a week over the last 20+ months which total 65+ million if you take away one year at 500,000 a week that is 52 weeks equal 26 million total for a year. That still leaves 30 million still drawing unemployment and receiving checks. Now there is going to be some taking maximum and some might have gotten lucky and found a job but there has to be more than 14 million unemployed! Prove me wrong!

    48. Mike T. says:

      The drones in the beehive now prefer to be called "Job Creators", because they keep so many worker bees employed feeding them.

    49. Bob Godwin says:

      The Obama intent is to make more people reliant on government. Let's not give anything he says about job creation the dignity of calling it that. Let's just call it more of the same – class warfare to increase welfare.

    50. Mike, NC says:

      As in everything else Obama says and does, his war on (private, non-government) job creators and creation has the marks of Statist Marxist Communism/Socialism, and shows how he is following, among other Statist things, Cloward and Piven who also urged things which would overload the system and make possible to replace it with Socialism/Communism.

      Fans of Obama's war or agenda need to check, see, and realize that such an agenda makes everyone "equal", alright…equally broke, dependant on, and thus controlled by government; that the broke/poor don't create jobs and employ the broke/poor, and that government is no less culpable or fallible than any private person, group, or business.

      With all due respect to the Presidency, the problem and the consequences of it are such that the Statist Marxist Communist/Socialist things Obama does and says all speak so loud that we cannot hear his denials of being such a Statist, exactly because that agenda is so destructive of freedom and private wealth and job creation, and so always shows that "The problem with Socialism is that you run out of other people's money" as Lady Margaret Thatcher said.

    51. Cecilia Ruhnke says:

      Cecilia Ruhnke What do the republicans plan to do to create jobs?

    52. Orval Wood says:

      I have sent this to Senators and Representatives in MT, AR, TN and WA.

      This is the United States of America. Am I living in a police state? What is going on here? Gibson Guitar Co being raided by Federal Agents with out due process. Eric Holder should have been called before Congress within 24 hours. Where are our faithful
      Democrats and Republicans? What has gone wrong? Am I to lose all faith in my country? This is absolutely unbelievable.

      Orval Wood

      The Boeing Deal in S C, the above , the effort to emiminate dams, supporting off shore drilling in Brazil but not in US, and this morning some EPA folks micro managing the water run off in forestry lands in WA as mentioned in a message from Rep Cathy McMorris Rodgers this morning is beyond me. The list is much longer. Why isn;t congress making a complete list and confronting Pres. O'Bama with it item by item.
      after his speeches.

      God Bless You All
      Orval Wood

    53. sly311 says:

      Sounds like the Cloward and Piven strategy is really working. Hard to believe that the president of this soon to be once great country, espouses these tactics and what's more, they're working. He is indeed collapsing our economy. And no one (even Fox News) brings this to the forefront. Such a shame. Such a shame.

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