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  • Morning Bell: The Tale of Two Jobs Plans

    It’s been one week since President Barack Obama announced his latest “stimulus” plan, and despite a cross-country road show aimed at selling his proposals to the American people, the commander in chief is finding that his message of more taxes and spending isn’t hitting home. Meanwhile, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) has outlined a markedly different way to help the U.S. economy get back on track.

    According to a new National Journal/United Technologies poll, only one in six Americans think that the President’s plan will decrease unemployment “a lot,” while one-quarter doubted that the plan would affect unemployment at all. Then there are the 39 percent who think that the President’s policies have made unemployment even worse (twice as many as those who say he’s made unemployment better). Now The New York Times is raining on the President’s parade, too, reporting that Democrats are “balking at Obama’s jobs bill” and “say there is little chance they will be able to support the bill as a single entity, citing an array of elements they cannot abide.”

    Though it might be surprising that the President is struggling even among his own party to garner support for the plan that he has demanded they pass, it’s no wonder that the country doubts his plan for job growth. After all, with its $447 billion sticker price and reliance on big government spending, it looks much like what he has tried and failed for the duration of his presidency. In short, it calls for more borrowing, spending and higher taxes–none of which is going to help America create more jobs.

    Rather than take a stab at making government bigger, Ryan says in a new video that there’s a better path forward–pro-growth tax reform that makes the tax code fairer, competitive, and simpler, all of which will help unleash the creative power of America’s private sector. In an exclusive interview with The Heritage Foundation, Ryan explained why the tax code is so desperately in need of reform:

    [The tax code] penalizes all those qualities that make us great and make our economy grow–saving, investing, risk taking. It penalizes those things.

    It’s basically a crony capitalist creation, where Congress has decided to put itself in the role of picking and choosing winners and losers in the economy through the tax code.

    When you carve out all these preferences to benefit one industry or business over others, you have to raise tax rates higher than you otherwise would have to, which makes it harder for the economy to grow, for businesses to become created.

    Ryan says that the tax code has become “an economic incumbent protection plan” that ultimately leads to higher taxes across the board, leaving the United States less competitive in the global economy. His solution? Level the tax code playing field:

    What we want to do is get all the social engineering and crony capitalism loopholes out, so we can lower the tax rates and let businesses keep their money in the first place–let people keep their money in the first place–and that way the determining factor of whether a business succeeds or fails will be based upon merit, will be based upon achievement, will be based about innovation, will be based upon whether they’re pleasing customers or not, and not whether they have access to people in Congress or the federal government.

    Don’t confuse Ryan’s call for fairness in the tax code with President Obama’s calls for “shared sacrifice” — which for him means higher taxes on America’s job creators. Ryan says there is an inherent difference in aspiration and philosophy about the role of government in the economy:

    I aspire to achieve a culture, an economy, a society where we promote equal opportunity, so people can prosper and make the most of their lives. I would argue with the President’s rhetoric and actions–he’s aspiring to a society where the government sees its role as equalizing the results of our lives. It’s a way of looking at the economy and the society as if the pie were fixed, and therefore the government has to have as its role redistributing the slices of the pie more equitably in the name of fairness or equality. That’s not how the world works. That’s not how the economy works.

    Our goal is to grow the pie, not have the government figure out how to redistribute slices from some to others–which ends up putting a penalty or a hurdle on growth and innovation and prosperity–but grow the pie itself. I will grant the President that class warfare can make for really good politics, but it doesn’t make for good economics.

    Ryan is on the right track. Whereas President Obama wants to keep increasing spending and paying for it with higher taxes, Ryan is advocating a much-needed revamp of the tax code. Whereas the President’s policies would permanently increase taxes, increase the size of government, and make America’s unemployment picture even worse, Ryan looks to make government smarter and fairer, allowing businesses to grow, compete, and thrive. The former is a recipe for continued failure; the latter offers some much-needed hope to a country that has been struggling for too long.

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    57 Responses to Morning Bell: The Tale of Two Jobs Plans

    1. hermanng says:

      Since Obama will never see the economy as an open playing field, where everybody putting his effort has a chance to succeed, there is no other option open but to remove him for not being constitutionally qualified to be President.
      The Constitution says that to become President ogf the US, a candidate must be a Natural Born Citizen, i.e. born to two citizen parents, on American soil.
      Since Obama
      s father was a British subject, he was at best a dual citizen at birth. That makes him NOT qualified to be POTUS.
      Please use your considerable influence to remove this man from office for not qualified, thereby striking all his Legislative, Regulatory and Executive Orders "contributions" to the US economy, making it free of all the threats imposed by his tyrannical rule.

      • Honesty says:

        hermang, perhaps you should take a good look at our constitution. It requires that the person be born in the US and says naught about parents. If your point were true, I would not be a citizen as neither of my parents were US citizens when I was born.

      • marjorie emmer says:

        agreed- but it will never happen with these thugs in charge

      • JeffK says:

        You are an idiot. The corporatists and those giving tax break after tax break to the billionaires and the corporations shipping jobs overseas will never give anyone a chance to succeed. Get your head on straight and realize you are being made a fool of and voting against your own best interests.

    2. Robert, TX says:

      Then little johnny should put his wine glass down and bring up Ryan's plan for a vote. The key to any of our goals is that Harry Reid should be denied everything unless he gives on key issues. Of course, we should have shut down the government; we should have held firm and NOT increased the debt ceiling; and repealed obamacare (like they promised last November). It's called HARDBALL, and you don't send a kitty kat to the mound when you need a strikeout. So what, if there is gridlock. The lobbyists are the only ones that can't "afford" gridlock.

    3. Bud says:

      Paul Ryan's is a better way, but only if you believe in a free market system. This President clearly does not the sooner Republicans come to grips with that, the more effective they will be. Our leadership must approach this on a very basic level with the view of convincing, not their liberal colleagues, but an American public that has taken freedom for granted of generations.

    4. Honesty says:

      I agree there are many holes in Obama's plan; is it worthwhile to try to fix it? Or is the only alternative Ryan's. They both enter this business with history..M.any claim the entire fiscal mess is the result of Obama's errors and foolish attempts to fix. An other group finds it hard to forget Ryan's last proposal; that went over like a lead baloon.
      We do have enough of Obama's current proposal to criticize it, but we do not know enough about Ryan's to even dscribe it.
      I thinkthat thoughtful Americans will want to see more of Ryan's work and will likely wish to see constructive
      criticism of Obama's.

    5. Robert, TX says:

      Nice video by Congressman Ryan. While Congress "works" on eliminating loopholes, we could solve the problem by setting a minimum corporate tax of 15% – that way the GE's and the AT&T's will pay at least 15%, instead of zero or 3%. The top rate should be lowered to 24% immediately (Ryan says 25% – small discrepancy). That way, good companies like Home Depot and Wal-Mart can stop paying 35% and use that money to better their businesses and improve customer service.

      • Mike says:

        NO WAY , better to take from grannies than to tax the sacred "job creators" never. let babies perish from famine, but please jesus, don't let them tax the "job creators" sniff…sniff

    6. Don Harper says:

      What does MorningBell have against quotation marks? Just putting the quote in a separate paragraph
      often doesn't make clear where the quote ends.

    7. gene gruner says:

      Please give some attention to Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan.

    8. Stan says:

      The other major area destroying our country is campaign financing. Please explain why anyone or entity, not domiciled in a legislative district should be allowed to contribute to that election? When contributions from outside special interest groups (often with little or no interest/exposure in that district) can exceed the local contributions we have elected and aspiring representative motivated/controlled by interest other than their constituents. This is a major reason for the problems we face.

    9. Johna32 says:

      Congressman Ryan hits the points directly and effectively, especially in his analogy of "growing the pie" as opposed to redistributing the slices. We do not grow the pie with tax code imablances which result in the necessaity for higher rates for some and no taxes for others. Nor do we grow the pie through heavy handed and costly regualtions, the likes of which the US has never seen before our socialist President. The voters will ultimately decide and their wisdom over two centuries has provided balance to our government. I expect the same going forward.

      • PEGGY says:


    10. KG Allen says:

      Stop the talk and get it done already!!!

    11. Ray Reed says:

      Obama/democrat party "crony-capitalism" is one reason why I support the Fair Tax. (Go to http://www.fairtax.org/site/PageServer for more about the Fair Tax.) By replacing all federal business and personal income taxes along with payroll taxes with a national inclusive sales tax, we can achieve the following:

      1. Eliminate the tens of thousands of pages of indecipherable, loophole-filled, political-patronage-rewarding tax code.

      2. Eliminate the need for individuals to file a federal tax return AND more greatly protect our financial privacy in the process not to mention eliminating the IRS as we currently know it.

      3. Reduce the power and scope the federal government has over both individuals and businesses.

      4. (Greatly?) Reduce the need for businesses to assess the tax "consequences" of investment decisions which then makes these decisions more about growing the business and not about whether those decisions will result in higher effective taxation.

      5. Increase the incentives for businesses to (re)locate in the USA because of there being no business income tax.

      6. Make the tax system more honest and straight forward as we clearing-thinking people know that the only people who pay taxes are individuals. That is, the taxes the businesses pay are from the money they get for selling their goods and services and not some stockpile of money they have just sitting there.

      7. Collect tax from the so-called "underground" economy, those individuals who earn their income "off the books" or "under the table" or from tourists visiting the USA.

      These are just some of the reasons why the Fair Tax would be good for the USA, but I do not think it will be an easy battle to win. The political class will not be willing to give up the power and control they would lose by replacing the current tax system with the Fair Tax without a fight.

      • Violet says:

        My problem with a national sales tax is that they always start out tiny – 1 or 2 percent and grow until the people can no longer afford to purchase the necessities. What I want to know in all this is what are the limitations (how high and how often can this tax be raised) and how will it be enforced. Until those questions can be answered I will reserve my approval.

      • Whiskers says:

        If the tax codes are reduced to 10%, 20%, etc, then what will our counties though out the nation do?
        Will the counties, cities, etc., follow suite and require that we pay 20% of the value of our homes, cars, and other property?

        The counties piggy back on the Federal tax codes and I for one do not want to pay 20% or even 2% to the local county and city governments. We pay enough taxes on gas, tires, food, etc. The state, county and city taxes should be lowered or stopped. Enough already.

        Another thing that makes me mad is that 40% of Americans (excluding illegals) do not pay taxes. This is absurd.

    12. Russ McNair says:

      Pure Common sense and in today's political climate…pure genious, Paul Ryan & Rubbio would make an incredible ticket in 2012! We could settle for 2016 but why wait?

    13. Mike Thayer says:

      Can some one please explain how a "corporate tax" is not a tax on the people who use the corporation's products, or are investing in the corporation? Much as I am a fan of Paul Ryan – he's going to have to explain to me why any tax on a corporation isn't a hidden tax on people.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        We do pay corparate taxes, it's included in the price we pay, to lower coporate taxes as proposed would allow a price cut as well as an increase in profits. We do need to stop showing preference, ie: being bought, to companies that contribute to campaign funds or back bills that show them preference. At this moment we are seeing how allowing bribery, no other word for it, works as a 1/2 million of tax money went to a company going belly up so BHO could have a big photo op. This calls loadly for a reform in how fed money can be spent and monies can be contributed to political campaigns.

      • Bobbie says:

        shouldn't you really be asking the President to explain that?

    14. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Again! If Obama was trying to destroy our American way of life by collapsing our economical system, what else could he do? Obama is not stupid, incompetent, naive, nor inexperienced. He is cold and calculating.
      He knows exactly what he is doing. He want this nation on it knees so the people will turn to full government control (socialism) to same them.

    15. H Snyder says:

      This Solyndra loan deal smells to high heaven, as does much of Obama's policies. Half a billion dollars down the toilet in less than two years. Unbelievable, except for "the One." And, of course, the almost a trillion ($1 000 000 000 000 ) dollars for the "Stimulus" which made jobs only for the union buddies of Obama. And the demand, demand, for another half a trillion ($500 000 000 000 ) for another stimulus "paid for" by a permanent increase in various taxes. What a bloody nerve of this little Chicago operative. I. guess we have get used to twelve zeroes. (000 000 000 000 ) in government pronouncements

    16. "all of which will help unleash the creative power of America's private sector." That is what it's all about, this is the best Morning Bell I've read in a long time I encourage everyone to read it. To unleash the creative power of America's private sector is what built this Country and that is referring to you- "The American!!!"

    17. Daver says:

      The Ryan plan–needs to be "sold" as the best solution to taxation reform. Because it achieves the 3 basic goals a democracy should have for it's revenue acquisition:

      A) It's fair. By being more transparent–everyone can take advantage of whatever benefits exist.
      B) It's consistent–businesses and families cannot easily plan financially for laws that impart significant financial swings at the last minute. Having to wait till February every year to see if AMT straps me with an extra $5k to $10k hit is ridiculous and counter productive to an economy that prospers when people can afford to invest their capital.
      C) It promotes the right behavior for it's citizens. It rewards hard work. It penalizes slothfullness, recklessness and anti-American behavior. It promotes domestic savings and investments.

      Everything else is secondary–yes, it's nice to promote charity, but putting the economic benefit of donating to a favorite cause on the same footing as paying state, local, property or sales tax isn't quite right.
      FICA and State Unemployment tax should also be deductible as taxes–they are mandatory payments toward the common good that not everyone makes, and yet everyone benefits from.

    18. Daver says:

      Nobody–should get money back that they didn't originally pay in.

      If tax codes were simple–millions of more people would file by themselves, saving both the preparation expense as well as the audit requirements (number of IRS agents) required to police the effort.

    19. Jim Galbreath says:

      Now is the right time to implement the FairTax Plan.

    20. Carol M Kite says:

      Rep Ryan definitely knows what he's talking about, such proposals put in place would be a true American dream. Barack Hussein Obama hasn't a clue how to lead us back to the America we enjoyed, he sees nothing beyond his desire to share what others work toward with those who don't.

    21. J E Houser says:

      History has undisputedly taught that limited government with a group of competitive states has been the only consistent progrenator of both wealth and knowledge.

    22. Morris says:

      Lets not forget, the Presidents job plan is just talking points for his campaining for re-election. Do you believe that even he could possibly praise the successes of previous spending bills and his economic policies? Brag on his own economic record- NOT!

    23. Whicket Williams says:

      Yes, the tax code needs to be eliminated, and a flat tax implemented. BUT the FDA and the EPA Must be eliminated as well, and regulations impeding business, freedom, and energy production must be repealed. The spending by the government must be reduced by 2/.3rds, and somebody needs to go to jail over that 535 million stolen by the loan to the bankrupt energy company, who was involved in a crooked scheme with the white house maybe the president needs to go th jail, as well, as it was his baby.

    24. Frank says:

      Ryan is on the right track & should be supported. But it is still too incremental for me. We should drastically cut government spending & the size of government. We should cut corporate taxes to zero. We should eliminate all loopholes & deductions from the tax code & go to a simple flat tax (or better yet, junk the whole Income Tax system & go to a "Fair Tax"). Cain's 9/9/9 tax system also sounds good. It would be nice if we actually started to do the right things, for a change, instead of heading off the financial cliff we are headed to. Then we will be FORCED to make changes like this & downsize the government.

    25. Frank in Arizona says:

      Pressure on Harry Reid is the only way to move forward with Ryan's ideas. A joint proposal for real and meaningful tax code rehab would be impossible for Obama to ignore.

    26. msmii says:

      How about developing this nation's natural resources, like oil and gaxs? Seriously, I think we are going to do the environment much better care than Iranian led OPEC (http://msmignoresit.blogspot.com/2011/08/state-terror-sponsor-to-head-opec.html).

    27. historybuff says:

      Ron Paul said a couple debates ago "If we balance the budget, we don't need Democrats". How true is that? Will they become desperate to hold power or even existence?

      Who wrote the loopholes, and how long will it take to put them back in? Both sides "Attach" bills to bills, especially big stimulus bills. Maybe we need some congressional reform (ethics, etc) with the tax reform.

      How may political names will be on the list of Swiss bank accounts, soon to be released?

    28. historybuff says:

      Ron Paul said a couple debates ago "If we balance the budget, we don't need Democrats". How true is that? Will they become desperate to hold power or even existence? If there is no limit to ways to waste money, is there any limit to acts taken in desperation?

      Who wrote the loopholes? How long until they are put back in? Books were written about abuse of power under Republicans that sound very much like books written about Democrats.

      Any possibility for a congressional reform? Neither side will own that one. How about ethics, term limits?

      How many political names will be on the list of Swiss bank accounts soon to be released. We will have to sue to see the list, I am sure.

    29. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Campaign contributions need to be in the open, this way everyone would know that groups are getting preference rated on the contributions, NO MORE bundling so as to hide donors, such as Unions. This should be in ALL elections. This exposition is just the tip of the problem, there is a lot more which will ooze through this crack, including the fraud and those involved in producing the false birth certificate. I f all this comes to light, as it should, there will be a lot of DEms from Potus , Gov. and congressmen sitting in Leavenworth.

    30. Bobbie says:

      no matter what, the broad speak needs careful analogy. Obama doesn't explain he only spews. No specifics! common sense trumps the administrations creations of circumstances!! Common sense is respectable and livable and appropriate. creating circumstances is not and is wrong.

    31. toledofan says:

      I guess, that ,anytime a President has to envoke the words 'if you love me you'll help me pass this bill' something has to be wrong in Denmark. This entire debate regarding job creation, the economy in general and Washingtons approach has becomne an epic debacle. The solutions are simple but can't be applied because of the lefts ideology and their uncanny arrogance. I mean no matter how you talk about it it boils down to doing what we have already doen and failed or do what worked in the past. The decision is simple and until the Democrats are defeated nothing will change.

    32. KC - NM says:

      Ryan – gooooood – he has a clue to fix the issue. Obama – baaaaaad – he is clueless!

    33. Glynnda says:

      Ryan has a nice plan, but not one that will solve the problem. The problem is not the tax system itself, but the people who are in charge of it and those who have the power to constantly revise it. The tax code doesn't need to be reformed, it needs to be scrapped. The 16th amendment should be repealed and the Fairtax should be voted in. This one measure will greatly decrease the power of Congress since they cannot make changes to it, and shut down the IRS. The entire bill is just over 100 pages long and is full of common sense…..a foreign concept in Washington DC.

    34. Ron W. Smith says:

      Yes, the tax code has long needed revamping. Let's get on with it.

      However, the base problem with incomes in America will not be changed much, if at all, by any imaginable kind of tinkering with the tax code. First of all, until we get to the point where hard work is rewarded sufficiently to not only encourage it but, also, to discourage sloth, we'll only have furthered what we already have: success and achievement the only routes to good incomes. There's not room for everyone on that route. What is more, there's plenty of room for hopelessness for tens of millions in dead-end jobs that the demand for cheap labor creates in abundance.
      It's important to separate opportunity from hope–not just the opportunity for better but the hope for it. Look back to the 19th Century to see what I mean: free land for the willing, gold and silver just waiting to be plucked from the earth. Everyday folks could participate–no education required, just spunk and willingness to work in hope for riches or, at least, a better tomorrow. Where's that hope today? Everyone has the opportunity, but not everyone is created equal where background, drive, ambition, intelligence are factored in. And the jobs for those folks? By the millions at low wages, no benefits, questionable working conditions, and maybe even part-time so employers don't have to cope with add-on costs for employees. Certainly not the hope of quick riches from gold or silver, or a future farming the free 100+ acres.

      Since 1980, the "rising tide" that was supposed to "lift all boats" missed the small ones. Average wages, adjusted for inflation, have gone up for roughly the bottom 40% of wage earners by about 8%. 8% in more than 30 years! Check how much they've gone up for CEOs, CFOs, and other executives in business or for pro athletes during that period on the other hand.

      Yes, we can create more jobs than we have been doing, dent unemployment figures significantly by revamping the tax code. But do I need to ask you what won't change? Right, reward for those not working "where the money is," not working where if you're dedicated and work hard you're really rewarded. Think teachers, think firemen and policemen, think retail sales employees, think–well, think the majority of Americans. Tinkering with the tax code won't touch them and maybe even won't make a difference in the way benefits are eroding and the way productivity demands are decreasing workplace satisfaction.

      Revamp the tax code at will. It can't hurt. My bet is it won't help average Americans at all except to employ more of them at lower level wages. When annual income in the U.S. was many years ago recomputed from head of household (wage earner) to "housefold income," it was no accident. It was necessary to make it look like, inb this land of abundance, there really is a middle class of size.

    35. The Farmer says:




    36. Wayne, La. says:

      I have one question that needs a solid answer. What policies does this country support that allows someone earning the minimum wage to save for retirement, pay for health care and live with basic necessities?

    37. jon says:

      Every one of the comments above are the right opinion, plus positive answers to the questions we face. We see the problems, why can't the president see what we see, Oh yea! that's right he is a elite liberal Democrat politician.
      Shutting down Gibson, hurts my friend that makes guitar picks, another friend sells guitar strings, no need for him either, no telling how many guitar players will have to learn another (wind) instrument , which normally is a liberal instrument, all blow no go!

    38. harold caton says:

      the president hase more than wax in his ears, his thinking is more tax and gov to solve all problems
      the problem is we started browing money to pay for things we didnt have money to pay with,
      we need to get back to a gov that is smaller,let the people pay for what they need

    39. Bob says:

      Who is going to agree on anything!! there is no one in this country who doesn't feel that they are paying to much taxes . The folks we have running our country do not have a clue how a family lives on 45-55 thousand a year before taxes, not a clue and you know what, they don't care either. If past performance is any indication of future problem solving our blessed leadership needs to do a bit of soul searching, get their heads out of the bank (of sand) and into realizing that the farther down the road to ruin this country goes the harder it will to come back and the greater chance there is of never returning to normalicy. There are to many groups in this country who are just waiting for things to get bad enough that people will listen to almost anything to move in and change the world. Jobs keep people busy and idle hands are the devils workshop. People need work not words ……

    40. Al Hillstrom says:

      Until we start calling a spade a spade, our political and economic climate will continue to degrade!! We NEED tariffs on imported goods, to the point that U.S. small businesses could see their way clear to start manufacturing consumer products again locally, with the tariff money going to bail out the deficit. Isolationism? Maybe. Its worked before, why not now? And, while we're at it, how about eliminating "the aisle" at the capital, and seating everybody alphabetically — so maybe — maybe — our congressmen could get off the party line and get on the constituent line.

    41. Ed Manser says:

      Paul Ryan (R-WI): "The tax code penalizes all those qualities that make us great and make our economy grow–saving, investing, risk taking. It penalizes those things."

      …I think elimination of IRS (Code) is key to explosive growth for the economy and will contribute to deliverance from the "upside- down" (Liberal) influences pervasive at all levels of US governance. Waste caused by a tax code that defies interpretation will save billions, and the economy will flourish in freedom from the complicated code, the bloated IRS bureacracy, and the needless expense to the system for planning, preparation, collection and oversight.

      Kudos to Representative Ryan…it's about time this has been mentioned by someone in government. It is not only economically viable, but truly a timely key to saving the nation, and a political winner for the side that champions this cause of tax simplification.

    42. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      Reading yesterday’s local newspaper (amNewYork, page 9, 9/15/11), we see BHO got a slight boost in his approval rating following his phony jobs proposal. Of course the drones will always support BHO. Perhaps there are also many Charlie Browns being polled out there. Again, think of the Peanuts comic strip, in which Lucy always lies to Charlie Brown and tells him to kick the football. Then she pulls the ball away, and Charlie Brown falls on his back. Well, BHO is like Lucy, promising more jobs when most of us know it will fail. Many people are like the blockhead Charlie Brown, who keeps falling for such lies. GET REAL!! BHO has promised likewise trillions of dollars ago, and we still have the worst recession since the Great Depression!! ….. How much more money has to be wasted before people will admit that Barack Hussein Oblunder is a failed POTUS and that they made a big mistake on 11/4/2008?? How much more unsustainable debt must be passed on to your kids and grandkids??!!

    43. Ed Texas says:

      I beleave a few quick steps that can be taken without cost to the tax payer would be to freeze federal hiring.Let the size of the federal government shrink through attrition. As people retire or leave government service. Find those agencies that are duplicating the work of other agencies and combine them where possible. On the state and city level freeze all entry-level hiring. Technical and professional fields exempt. As employees leave or retire review to make sure that position is really necessary. If so fill that position with those already being tax supported through welfare. By enacting a community service requirement for all recipients. Let the liberals and unions cry foul if they want. They forget they're a tax supported group too. Obama is the most unqualified president I've seen in my 70yrs. Winston Churchill said it best. Spending yourself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket trying to pick it up by the handle.

    44. Stan says:

      Why not offer businesses incentives? Eliminate the loopholes. then lower their tax rates…but only if they create jobs.

    45. Cecilia Ruhnke says:

      Cele Ruhnke says we need Paul Ryan for congressman. He is doing a fine job as chairman of the House Budget Commottee. Wisconsin is a swing state which the democrats usually win. Paul Ryan needs our help. We can't afford to lose this good man.

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