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  • House Set to Rebuke NLRB for Meddling in Boeing's Expansion Plan

    The House of Representatives is poised to pass legislation today that prohibits the National Labor Relations Board from interfering in the business decisions of U.S. companies. The bill would effectively end the NLRB’s complaint against Boeing’s expansion plans in South Carolina.

    Boeing came under attack from the NLRB in April after constructing a plant in South Carolina to build its 787 Dreamliner. The case is currently before an administrative law judge in Seattle.

    South Carolina Rep. Tim Scott wants to put an end to the matter now. The freshman Republican is the chief sponsor the bill that blocks the NLRB from ordering any employer to close, relocate, or transfer employment.

    Scott said the Boeing plant would create 11,000 jobs for workers in South Carolina. He warned that the NLRB’s action has sent a chilling message to employers in the United States and abroad.

    “This is an issue about government overreach, overregulation and the destruction of American jobs,” Scott said on a conference call. He later added, “We have a major fight on our hands against socialism and the liberals who support it.”

    Heritage’s Hans von Spakovsky and James Sherk wrote earlier this year that the government’s actions against Boeing “are outside the legal jurisdiction of an overzealous NLRB.”

    The federal government does not have the legal authority to prohibit a company from expanding its business or building a new factory in another state. Regrettably, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is attempting to do just that. In asserting that the Boeing Company is engaging in unfair labor practices by establishing a new aircraft assembly facility in South Carolina, the NLRB is twisting the law to benefit a special interest—unions—at the expense of the rule of law and the nation’s economy.

    They recommended Congress amend the National Labor Relations Act to reaffirm that new investment decisions, such as expansion or relocation, are not unfair labor practices.

    In addition to curtailing the NLRB’s activity, the bill would also bring an end to the case before the administrative law judge in Seattle, according to Scott. He said the legislation would apply to all cases that have not reached their final adjudication.

    “We are going to have a multi-pronged attack on the forces that destroy jobs in America,” Scott promised.

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    25 Responses to House Set to Rebuke NLRB for Meddling in Boeing's Expansion Plan

    1. socialworker says:

      OK, even if the House passes such a thing can it be struck down or ignored by the Senate? I love that they are trying to scale back the bloated arrogance of this board.

      • Walter says:

        You are so right. Our president is Preaching Jobs , Jobs and Jobs. And his board is killing jobs. He trying to tell business where to locate. He must think he is in another country. Ore he think he is a king of another country. Thank the republican congress for try to stop his insult on jobs. If Harry Read does not pass this He will be voted out alone with the other who support him. They better move away from the government take over.

      • conservative says:

        shame on the NLRB for derailing the possibility of 11,000 jobs! in this economy those jobs are a stimulus for all of us, and will add more money to the economy and help restore dignity to those who have lost their jobs or are about to lose their jobs.

    2. Dave Knoepp says:

      Finally, a congressman has the guts to stand-up to an overly aggressive NLRB. Maybe the next step would be to reduce their funding by 50% and let them experience the joys of cost reductions that have impacted American workers for years.. Hope that Boeing can hang in there…and not move those jobs to Mexico…or who knows where!

    3. jweb says:

      Deregulate…decentralize…promote free market capitalsim

      Let the people work!

      Now they need to establish sound currency, cut spending, lower taxes, and let's start to move forward.

      One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all!

    4. Lloyd Scallan says:

      This may be one of the most important pieces of legislation to ever come before Congress. No doubt it will pass the House. The problem lies in the Dem controled Senate. Every American should take note that
      any Senator that votes to kill these legislation should face the voters in 2012. We must remember the
      names of every Senator and make our objections known in the strongest means possible.

      • The Right Writer says:

        I am so totally in your corner!! I live in the Peoples Republic of maryland with Senators Cardin and Mikulski. They support EVERYTHING that Obama and the rest of his ilk keep pushing down our throats. If we can get REAL control of the Senate (along with the Presidency) we can put this ship on the right course. The Senate is definitely a key.

        • Walter says:

          Yolu are so right. I live is Louisians and with I could help you get rid of those guys. We need to vote out all the ones that are in special instreast pocket. They do not represent the people that put them there. Just make sure you guys remember how they vote and kick them out next time.

    5. Mutantone says:

      Jweb, well said. And why they are trying so hard to keep the Unions in the mix any way they can.

    6. Lee Burns says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Scallan. It's time that our congressional representatives start listening to the will of the people and stop currying the favor of unions for their votes and their money.

    7. Laura Henning says:


    8. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      The rock-solid, limited-government Senator Jim DeMint is not planning to run again in 2016 but informed Mark Levin and his listeners last week that there is a good farm team in S.C.'s House delegation. Tim Scott is proving him right.

    9. Slick says:

      I received the "Score Card" put out by Heritage Action for America yesterday which rates the person on how they have supported the conservative agenda on a wide range of issues. Rep. Tim Scott (R-SC) is rated at 88% and so I KNOW why this man has rated so high.

      THANK YOU, Rep. Scott, for taking the bull by the horns by stepping up and offering a bill that would remedy the problem at hand. Your governor must be very proud of you as is your State! There may be more Democrats in the Senate who will vote for this bill than you think. After all, they ALSO have to face their constituents when they run for office again, and these days it is really hard to get away from that voting record!!! Voting to stop a company from creating jobs is VERY unpopular and will remain so for a good while to come . . . .

      • Walter says:

        We are proud of Rep. Scott. I like his bill and will be watching my officals on how they vote on this matter . If they do not support this . We will hold them responsible for there vote. We will replace them for voting against the people will. Walter, family and friends and neighbors.

    10. West Texan says:

      The next step is to stop bailing out favored "To big to fail" businesses in the private sector.

    11. Slick says:

      I received the "Score Card" put out by Heritage Action for America yesterday which rates the person on how they have supported the conservative agenda on a wide range of issues. Rep. Tim Scott (R-SC) is rated at 88% and so I KNOW why this man has rated so high.

    12. Dick schoonover says:

      The recent NLRB recent ruleing that all non union business,s must post that employees have the right to form a union is over the line and MUST BE STOPPED we are a small non union 72 years old family business that has to deal with fighting twice to stay non union becsuse our employees voted NO BOTH TIMES.The house should fight this as well IF the unions get there way many small business,s will close and more JOBS WILL BE LOSTED. My question is Heritage involved in stopping this very bad ruleing ?

      • Walter says:

        I am wondering why they didn't add that to the bill. This board is getting out of hand. They should not be allowed to make laws Without congress passing there ok on it.

    13. Bobbie says:

      good luck! go Boeing!! too bad it even came to this interference under government overreach and abuse of control! wasting time and money and livelihoods! corrective actions necessary!

    14. Peter Ingraham says:

      Paul Ryan's video report regarding taxes and job creation is excellent . Thankyou Heritage for noting it a worthy "must see & hear for your audience".

    15. Fedup says:

      Boeing should just tell the NLRB to go to hell and ignore the S.O.B.'s
      Why does such an entity even exist; and why in hell do they supposedly have ANY power over a private enterprise?
      As I have been saying for months – this government is out of control, has outlived its usefulness and should be abolished – PERIOD!

      • Clearhead says:

        Now, now, Mr. Fedup. What you need to do is discipline those who ELECTED the members of the NLRB. WHAT ?? They're not elected? Then what entity gave them the power to dictate ANYTHING to ANYBODY? Let's go after not only them, but also the mentally challenged scumbag(s) that "appointed" them. (Nota bene: None of them are capable of deductive reasoning or any other branch of logic. Their god is money, and they DO understand the loss of that, and they understand physical force).

    16. allen says:

      It will fail in the Senate and then the Sen. that voted against should be voted out the next time they come up. Deund EPA and cut the Post Office by 33percent. 2012 will be a Blood-Bath for the Mules for a long time and I believe that no Black President will bve elected for a Hundred Years. He ruined it for the rest of us.

    17. RennyG says:

      I would say screw you NLRB, I am doing what I want to do so let the chips fall where they may. It's your call!!

    18. Evy says:

      It is also disgusting to know that the Gibson Guitar Company in under false investigation by the Obama Justice Dep't.. They have done nothing wrong but contribute to Republicans, whereas Martin Guitars was not investigated for the same thing and supports Democrats. They were even told that they should move out of the country to India, which they won't do because they state that they are an American company. Again, that would be a number of jobs lost to the public. I am getting sick of Obama and members of his administration humiliating people just because they do not agree with them. They are working so hard at bankrupting Gibson, that they are going back to an old law about "feathers" and reinterpreting it in a way that would require anyone who owns a Gibson in the past many decades to have to relinquish their guitar/s. All of this is foolish, conniving, petty—lies…and usurpation of authority that these "Emperors without clothes" do not have. We definitely need to remove them from office.

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