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  • Conservative Nabs Naming Rights to 'American Jobs Act' After Obama Delay

    President Obama repeatedly asked members of Congress to pass the American Jobs Act last week. But when no Democrat filed Obama’s bill after he presented it to Congress, a conservative congressman swiped the name for his own legislation.

    The American Jobs Act introduced in the House of Representatives looks quite different from the version President Obama outlined in his speech to Congress. Instead of hiking taxes on working Americans to pay for another stimulus, Rep. Louie Gohmert’s (R-TX) legislation offers a tax cut.

    UPDATE: Gohmert’s bill now has a number. It’s HR 2911.

    Text of the legislation is below.

    Gohmert American Jobs Act

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    197 Responses to Conservative Nabs Naming Rights to 'American Jobs Act' After Obama Delay

    1. Janet says:

      You gotta love this! Louis Gohmert is a stitch! I would vote for him as president in a minute.
      More political ineptness from the Obama administration gang that couldn't shoot straight!
      (oh and by the way, you might want to report this post to the new snitch web site)

      • Dick says:

        Do any of you really think giving corporations more money will really create any jobs???
        They have record cash reserves and still will not hire…
        The only way to get them to hire is to give tax credits for decent jobs – ones that pay $50K or more – not the BS minimum wage jobs that Texas creates – all while having 16% of the population on food stamps.
        Then they can drive their tax rate to zero – or even get a tax credit!

      • NWBill says:

        This isn't a real mistake by Obama – he never intended for this bill to be submitted to Congress, or for it to be debated …. this was just a political show for some of his special interests supporters. That was obvious from the fact that he (a) never produced a written bill, and (b) never had it sponsored by a House Democrat. Since the President himself can't submit bills directly to Congress, this was sussed out as an obvious political game.

        Doesn't make what Gohmert any less funny (you can do things like this when the President is as ineffective as this one is), but it was never a big deal to begin with.

        Just another episode of Obama trying to be smarter than everyone else … and once again failing miserably.

      • Mike Bergsma says:

        He is an Aggie by the way, like Perry.

    2. Jordan says:

      I'd love to see Obama's face when he is told his precious AJA title was "stolen". Must be Bush's fault….

    3. ~AV~ says:

      REPORT him to AttackWatch!


    4. JeanMac says:

      gotta love Texas!!!!

    5. doowop says:

      epic! LOL

    6. Patty says:

      And what was the point of introducing this bill with a name that was already being widely used for another plan? Just to be contrary? To be amusing? To be intentionally confusing? Could we please have some mature adults in our legislature?

      • SDH says:

        It's almost ludicrous that you cannot see the humor in this. Seriously, FDR raised taxes to put Americans to work during the Great Depression. He made folks run all over the midwest planting trees, bldg bridges, and damming up waterways. This all created a huge inspiration to get the states back on its feet after the entire country was on the brink of collapse. Now, in our time, there's way too much fat and it's time to skim it off the milk. Folks need to take responsibility for their own actions and way of life. Folks need to stand on their own two feet, lift their head up, and stop relying on the govt to fix their problems.
        I'm a working American and I pay my bills. I fought in more than one war. I love my country. If a Tea Party Republican wants to make a joke of some flippant empty promise from the president… well God Bless the man.

      • GRU says:

        Oh, please!

      • ConservIN says:

        Sounds like we have one, clear concise legislation on a few pieces of paper that would have an effect instead of grand and glorious "campaign" speeches and a supposed bill. What was he doing on vacation wasnt he working on his bill…..? You remember the one he was going to present and needed a joint session to announce that he really didnt have.

      • tim says:

        I think the point is that, once again, Obama is demanding Congress pass something that has not even been introduced yet. Anyone recall "The Grand Bargain"?

      • TheOptimist says:

        When can we have a mature adult in the white house?

      • Katherine says:

        Mature adults? Like the ones who giggled and laughed, "In order to know what's in this bill, we have to pass it first." That's right, the largest and ultimately the most expensive legislation ever passed. One which will affect every aspect of America and every American, was too important to actually be read or understood by the legislators or the American people.

        Patty, take your complaints and your spurious indignation and put them where they belong.

        • Ryan says:

          Katherine, we're in this mess because the GOP thought deregulating the banks would be best for the economy — well it was — for a couple years. Which resulted in the banks crating fault mortgages. Thanks GOP!

          • Danny says:

            Uh, actually we're in this mess because of the Community Reinvestment Act which forced banks to lower their lending standards so more people could secure loans. Thanks Carter and Clinton!

      • Paddyspig says:

        "Widely used…."???
        Just 'cause Chicagobama read it off the teleprompter leventyleven times?

      • MrCurious2011 says:

        Because tgey were never serious aabout using the obama plan as anything but a campaign tool. Someone needed to put an american jobs act forward that will actually create jobs. If the proposal by obama was serious it wouldnt have been sitting on a desk…

      • LarryG says:

        As if you're the authority on adult behavior.

      • Aryadne says:

        Funny how I voted thumbs up on this comment and it didn't seem to count it. I agree that Gohmert seems to just want to confuse Americans and it just a stupid political stunt. But that's what this congress is all about, plays games like a bunch of children all while trying to claim that they are the "adults in the room".

        Thanks for wasting our time, Gohmert. And thanks for promoting it Heritage Foundation!

      • dbr says:

        Because someone in Congress wanted a bill that would actually have potential to create some real jobs

      • Jenita says:

        Gohmert's bill has truth in labeling. Sure, we'll pass the American Jobs Act!

      • BobVelon says:

        It would be nice if the Democratic party had adult leadership….

      • E LEE says:

        or to be as amusing as "I guess the shovel ready projects (heh heh) weren't as shovel ready as we thought" (heh heh ) right Jeff ?? Boy that was amusing wasn't it ??

      • Scotty Don't says:

        To create jobs. It is in the tile of the bill. Taking the corperate tax rate to 0 would create jobs. Lots and lots of them. Remember corperations dont pay taxes anyway. They just collect them from their customers and pass them on to the governemnt.

      • heartlander says:

        Patty, you're just pissed because the GOP has read the Alinsky playbook – and is finally starting to out-Alinsky the Alinskyites.

      • ScottyDont says:

        Did you not read the title of the bill. It is to create jobs. Are you trying to imply that if the corperate tax was lowered to 0 it would not create jobs?

      • Guest says:

        agreed.. the message still is not getting across, I don't care if you are Democrat,Republican or Independent, get off the pot and do something….

      • @IAMPCBob says:

        We kept asking him to 'show us the bill' and he didn't respond. It didn't exist, so Gohmert did it, instead. Get over it. President Zero couldn't deliver.

      • didi says:

        Reason? Probably because Obama has been "campaigning", spin-doctoring, his lies as usual; actually asking his deminished believers to "pass this if you love me"(YIKES!)…while he has not yet Actually submitted the Bill he speaks of!! Sooo, most of the USA has learned basic Economics 101 and acquired a more-informed view that exposes the 'smoking mirrors' and corruption that exists within Obama's administration and exhorbitant numbers of Czars who represent his Marxist/Alinsky philosophy! Before you respond, please review the bios of these folks and the LOUD absence of Obama's credentials….while, with open eyes, looking at FACTS about his allegiances. Last, if you're looking for maturity, as we all are, in our legislature(and accepting mistakes have been made by both sides!) , please ask yourself when this President has stepped down from "campaigner/community organizer" , user of the 'perks' of his office (ad nauseum) via Air Force One, trips, concerts, golf time, etc.~~~He wants to "redistribute wealth", but not before he wallows in it, usually at the taxpayer's (that's 50% of us!) expense!!

    7. Spartan4Palin says:

      God Bless Texas!!!

    8. Larry says:

      love this!

    9. Sam says:

      More waste, showmanship, and pointless stupidity from Congress. These shenanigans do NOTHING to help the American people.

      • GRU says:

        I totally disagree. They show the idiocy of how legislation gets a name. In addition, it shows how the name of the legislation is meaninglessand designed to mislead. Otherwise the Obama legislation would be called, "The need to repay Union Leaders Act," or the "Am I the only one that doesn't know that Kensian Economics has been completely discredited act."

      • JeanMac says:

        just amusement when some is desperately needed

      • eagle275 says:

        If you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen, and take your scam of a jobs bill with you. At least the one from TX will actually help small business. It's obvious some of you clowns don't know how to run a business.

      • Dave Tudor says:

        Since Democras don't think it's important to read bills, maybe this bill will get bipartisan support.

      • Ferdolphin says:

        Pro-tip : This is a 2 page bill, not a 2,000 page one. You can read it before spitting out the same trite agenda we've heard over the past few years.

      • Michael E Picray says:

        We're in the worst economy since the '30s – mostly because the current misadministration insists on making ALL the same mistakes that Hoover and FDR made in the '30s – the mistakes that made the depression AT LEAST 7 years longer (according to recent UCLA research) (and some research indicates that the Great Depression would have lasted less than a year had Hoover and FDR done NOTHING!)

        So along comes Baroke – and makes a fuss about doing MORE OF THE SAME (insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time).

        And he is SO cool, he doesn't even know how to introduce a bill – that he needs a House sponsor!!! (And Pelousy KNEW that – yet said NOTHING! )

        What a Moron! Obama's most dedicated admirer is Jimmy Carter because Obummer makes even Carter look GOOD!

      • Neal Wright says:

        "shenanigans"? more like tomfoolery, if you ask me!

      • PistolP says:

        Maybe the dems and obama should trying living by the physician's oath:

        " Firstly, do not harm"

        Because I can't see how they could be doing more harm than they are now!
        Except by passing that assine obama "jobs bill"!

      • Justthefactsmam says:

        Yes they do. The provide some humor for the American people at a dark hour and they push back on the most inept, expensive and divisive president in our nation's history. Sam, you'd better get used to these shenanigans because the American people are fed up with Obama yet we must endure him for another 15 months. So what are we supposed to do, resort to some humor that pokes a bit of fun at the teleprompter in chief.

        • Ross R says:

          For the record – Obama has introduced only a fraction of new spending as compared to his direct predecessor. http://ezkool.com/2011/07/two-potus-spending-2/

          Please use some facts to back up statements like "the most inept, expensive and divisive president in our nations history"

          • CBO Projections says:

            A number of those figures are inherently wrong as they were projections made by the CBO. The "Clinton surplus" was based on the dot com bubble continuing to expand the economy but that burst meaning the surplus projections were meaningless. The Bush tax cut deficits were also a misleading projection because the CBO is required not to take taxpayer behavior into account. Records of the actual revenue taken in during these years shows the tax cuts INCREASED cash flow to the government, not caused a deficit.

            Bush and both the Republican and Democrat Congress sessions under him definitely spent more than their fair share, but just taking out the tax cut deficits and not inspecting his other spending puts him closer to Obama's spending. The big difference, and why people claim Obama to be the most expensive president yet, is that the money spent during Bush was over 8 years while under Obama it has come close to that in just under 2 with plans and attempts to continue at this reckless rate (if it weren't for that pesky House blocking everything since last fall)!

          • CBO Projections says:

            A number of those figures are inherently wrong as they were projections made by the CBO. The "Clinton surplus" was based on the dot com bubble continuing to expand the economy but that burst meaning the surplus projections were meaningless. The Bush tax cut deficits were also a misleading projection because the CBO is required not to take taxpayer behavior into account. Records of the actual revenue taken in during these years shows the tax cuts INCREASED cash flow to the government, not caused a deficit.

            It is true that Bush and the Republican and Democrat Congress sessions of his terms spent more than they should have. However, just removing the tax cut deficit and not inspecting the other spending under Bush puts it a lot closer to what has been spent under Obama. The big difference is that Bush's spending was done over 8 years while Obama's was pushed through in less than 2! That is why he is often called the most expensive president. With most of 2011 gone past, one can only imagine what spending would continue to be like if the House hadn't changed hands.

          • Bobbie says:

            so far nothing seen but…

      • Micheal Duke says:

        And you think the President's political payoffs to the unions, disguised as a jobs bill, will really help the American people? Grow up and pay attention to what is really going on; an ever expanding dictatorship as the President legislates via executive fiat while scolding Congress for not bowing to his every (economically destructive) demands. A little levity by this Congressman is exactly what America needs right now… and who knows, a few jobs might really be created.

      • Obaman McFailJoke says:

        It would if they passed it

      • Carl Humphreys Sr. says:

        This was a fine way to make one more truth known. Obama was speaking for the sake of a bill that was not even drafted and filed. In government,even though it may 'inconvenience' some politicians,
        there are clear steps and procedures that one must adhere to in order to propose or pass legislation.

        Try skipping a step if you are dealing with the judicial branch. This is a Republic not a Kingdom.

      • guest says:

        A real bill with its bill number with REAL tax cuts. Speak for yourself about it not helping the American people- -a tax cut helps our small business!

      • Phergusberger says:

        Sam ; uh… I think this REAL AJA named bill does more than anything barky has alluded to may be in his bill…when he gets around to it…whenever that is.

      • Jack says:

        I am with you on this. These people up there are idiots. While we all suffer and the economy collapses they are up there playing games and they will continue to do this when America collapses and people are literally starving to death.

      • smct1 says:

        No-it's pointless to put forth a plan that will kill more jobs and redistribute the wealth of hardworking Americans. America is onto this president. We just don't think he knows what he's doing and we're not about to let him handle our money any further.

    10. Skyfox says:

      Louie, you magnificent bast*rd!

    11. Kevin says:

      Obama's jobs act offers several tax cuts. Just because your rich overseers and funders get taxed, doesn't mean you need to disapprove of it. Work for the people for once

      • Holly says:

        How about the people work for themselves instead of wanting everybody to support them?

      • PatriotArrow says:

        I don't want my overlings taxed, they pay me. They go broke, I lose my job, simple as that, the less my corporation gets taxed, the more valves we can make, the more we sell, the more money we make, the better I get paid, simple as that, I'd vote for this in a heartbeat.

      • Brian says:

        You mean the sane rich overseers and funders that take care of Obama

      • Neal Wright says:

        Oh yeah? Well, your rich overseers keep you locked in a shed, forced to post on conservative blogs for WoW cash.

      • Rich Schuch says:

        Is this the reply that Dear Leader's snitch page provided you with?

      • Bill P. says:

        Yep. Rick overseers. I suppose you think just because someone is conservative they have "rick overseers". Do your homework. There are more rick dems in congress overseeing this economic disaster for you and demanding passage of bills that make you even poorer you lame brain. take a look. Obama's modus operendi does not work and has never worked no matter which side of the political isle it comes from. It's the principle that all of these bafoons can't seem to get into their heads.

      • Who Cares says:

        Sounds like a good socialist, you go get em!

      • Non-lib in ATX says:

        How would you know? I doubt anyone has even read it yet.

      • guest says:

        his "bill" sates tax increases 235 times!

      • Phergusberger says:

        barky's carnival barking acr offers nothing but the same old spend spend spend tax tax tax Dogma. The only "tax cuts" in the speech are in name only. More demorat symbolism over substance…again.

      • disenchanteed says:

        I might be mistaken if it is page 155 or 156 but it says clear as a bell the bill payer is you and I through more taxes.

      • Bill says:

        Temporary tax credits do nothing to add jobs for business. Temporary payroll tax cuts do nothing but
        rob from social security tht is already in deep trouble. Everything in this bill is a repeat of failed ideas he has already tried. The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again with the same result.
        America has the Charlie Brown president. Kick that football Barack!

      • wilbur says:

        "Overseers" LOL! Those "overseers" already pay virtually all the taxes. You should be thanking them, since they supply the money you liberals give to your chosen victim classes to buy the drugs and alcohol that keep them subjugated and voting Democrat.

        Has anybody else noticed that the line Obama is running to peddle this bill is the exact same garbage he used to sell the LAST failed stimulus? Whatever happened to THOSE "shovel-ready infrastructure jobs"? Where's the money we gave him to create those jobs? Could it have gone into the pockets of the Democrats' rich overseers, such as union bosses and politically-connected but corrupt owners of failed "green" energy companies perhaps?

      • Dave says:

        I'm not even sure you could cut it as a useful idiot.


      • @IAMPCBob says:

        The Social Security program is running out of money, so Mr Obama's plan cuts the tax withholding even further, guaranteeing it's failure. Exactly where is the common sense in THAT idea? It's time for a regime change in America.

    12. steeltoad says:

      It would be funny, if it were a school prank, and not the running of the country. Yes, it's a cute stunt, I'm sure the founding fathers did that kind of thing all the time … oh wait … they didn't

      • G-Pa says:

        The Founding Fathers where building a nation, not trying to tear it down. That Name "AJA" is about all you can take from Obama – He sure as hell has nothing to give.

        • rjdague says:

          Actually the early congress was notorious for lots of silly stuff. As it says in scripture, there is nothing new under the sun.

      • Balin says:

        The Founding Fathers would certainly have favored repealing the Corporate Income Tax.

      • wix says:

        The founding fathers just rowed a boat across a river and shot one by dueling with pistols.

      • Mike Tobin says:

        Actually they did It was called the "Boston Tea Party"

      • Neal Wright says:

        From the BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A41157957

        When Jefferson was elected to the Presidency (at least partly due to Callendar's work as a surrogate hatchet-man against Adams), Callendar hoped to get a government job. Jefferson refused him, and in retaliation, Callendar printed a story in the Richmond Recorder in 1802, alleging an affair between Jefferson and one of his slaves named Sally Hemings. He wrote:

        It is well known that the man whom it delighteth the people to honor [Jefferson], keeps, and for many years past has kept, as his concubine, one of his own slaves. Her name is SALLY…. The name of her eldest son is TOM. His features are said to bear a striking, although sable resemblance to those of the President himself.

        By this time, the Federalists were barely relevant as a political power in the US. However, they did what they could to keep this story going, in order to try to destroy President Jefferson. Lines of doggerel appeared in Federalist newspapers:

        Of all the damsels on the green
        On mountain or in valley
        A lass so luscious ne'er was seen
        As Monticellan Sally

        Despite these smears1, Jefferson ended up as one of the most beloved US Presidents ever. Callendar ended up as a miserable drunk — loathed by both sides of the political spectrum. In June, 1803, his dead body was found floating on the James River. No one knows exactly what happened to him, but it's not difficult to guess.

      • maluwa says:

        and you know they didn't because…….

      • justthefactsmam says:

        Oh get over yourself already!

      • Diane Crouse says:

        No Bill Obama. What part of no Bill don't you get? He is all talk no action.

      • Guest says:

        agreed, time to get serious

      • smct1 says:

        Have you even read Madison's Notes on the Convention?

    13. 1joallenjones says:

      excellent… a jab with panache!

    14. Bunni says:

      HA HA HA, the hits, they just keep coming!
      Another MASSIVE FAILURE for team clown car. He's too busy whining for people to "LOVE HIM", and setting up gestapo websites to write his OWN bill…ha ha ha

    15. JayT says:

      Because none of his Democrat's want to be the dummy to actual take up the bill……. they ran for cover! Now the Pubbies have control again of the issue…. keep America on the RIGHT side!

    16. matt says:

      Sounds like Dem supporters are mad. Want to borrow my hanky??????????

    17. OtisDrftwood says:

      I don't think it's wasteful showmanship, school prankish, or to be confusing, contrary etc…

      It shows Obama for the fool he is.

      The Emperor is Buck Naked, ya'll. Someone needs to say it.

    18. Rachel says:

      @Steeltoad…and you know what the founding fathers did or didn't do, how again?

    19. Nj Ghost says:

      Hey slobama..if you snooze you lose, got it?

    20. SDH says:

      My only argument is… I'm tired bleeding heart libs who think the world should be all peachy and smell like roses. Let me tell you something… the world is mean and very unforgiving. There are leaders out there that would kill you for your attempts at making the world a better place. Just to be realistic… there are many more of them than there are of you. You are able to sit here in this magnificent country, b/c of men and women like me who provided that luxury, and raise your hands in some PITA type fashion professing the wrongs we're doing to others. Understand this… Americans are the only ones who listen to you and many of us don't want to.
      I would suggest that you heed my advice. Gather up all your like minded friends (by the 1000's like the military does), get a visa to a 2nd or 3rd world country, and openly profess your complaints to their leaders. Help them make the world a better place. But whatever you do, don't come back home asking for military or govt help if your mission fails.

    21. frank marshall davis says:

      Plugging Zeros restless loophole golf jets void, that will put dem "adolts" panties in a Wasserman Weiner party of knots' crisis :-)

    22. the little prince says:

      True maturity in congress.

    23. Joe Dagostino says:

      If President Present came prepared, with a bill, to a joint session of congress and the American people instead of 'phoning it in' HE WOULDN'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THIS BS :P

      • Jeff Buddy says:

        That's exactly right, Joe. BO asks to appear before a joint session of Congress in order to give a lousy campaign speech with no bill in hand, all the while wailing, "Pass the bill." BO got what he deserved for the stupid, sophomoric campaign stunt he pulled. BO is a total amateur, and Gohmert ate his lunch.

    24. QB_AR-12 says:

      It's beautiful! If the Dems don't have the courage to file the bill the name is up for grabs. Dems do worse to us good guys.

    25. I don't see this as a prank at all. He is making a point and doing it the only way progressives will ever pay attention to….when it COSTS them. This administration does everything in such insanely careless, haphazard ways and thinks nothing of it. Showing up for briefings/etc half hour to an hour late just expecting networks to work around them…..Not submitting a budget for two years-etc. They think they can just do or not do whatever they want to without consideration for others. I applaud this guy for getting their attention.

      • Where do you get this idea that budgets have not been submitted for two years? I see this canard repeatedly ad nauseum…. there has been a budget every year, it is Congress that has not *passed* one.

        And this "Jobs" bill (I hope you read it, it's only 2 pages long) does nothing for jobs – it's just a ploy to reduce all corporate taxes to "zero." It's a totally disingenuous plan… one of these days the Republican Party will actually try to do something about job creation, but for now their philosophy is to cut taxes, and magically everything will get better and Americans will have jobs. It's a truly sad state of affairs.

    26. MILL says:

      Now the House can pass it and claim victory, the president can also claim victory, and the bill can go to the bottomless pit of death known as the senate.

      • uhohjim says:

        LOL from what I have read Obama's FIRST so called idea..can;t really call it a bill since he was making it up as fast as the telepompter guy could type……..won't even make it through the Senate………..even Dems are fed up with him I think

    27. Bob says:

      Screeeeeeeeeeeeech! *sound of Obama's Jobs Tour coming to a halt*

    28. ironchefofmunchies says:

      Maybe Obama should go brush up on his 4th grade Civics. Or just watch Schoolhouse Rock's "How a Bill Becomes a Law" video.

      Obama MIGHT just learn something.

    29. InstantEnemy says:

      Let's pass this jobs bill right away!

    30. Heather says:


    31. ironbill says:

      I agree with OtisDriftwood

      This demonstrates what a pure idiot amateur Obama is.

      He's spent all this time (since Marthe's Vineyard, not since his inauguration touting his monumental jobs plan.

      Where's the plan?

    32. ironchefofmunchies says:

      Maybe Obama should go brush up on his 4th grade Civics. Or just watch Schoolhouse Rock's "How a Bill Becomes a Law" video.

    33. Rocketeer67 says:

      Hey, Dems:

      You mad bro?

    34. cajun says:

      Don't Mess With Texas!

    35. Scoobie says:

      Poor, Poor, oBama had his bill title stolen – you mad bro!

    36. Larry Fred-R says:

      Deserves it. Nexttime make sure you have your duckies in a row before bullying everyone to pass it.

    37. A Voter says:

      When you take someone else's work, and claim it as your own, isn't that called 'plagiarism'?

      • Larry Fred-R says:

        No, but when "A Voter" makes their very best effort to post an intelligent comment on this article, it is still only called "a dribble of liquid defecation".

        This bill is NOT someone else's work. It's Gohmert's own, and it is absolutely brilliant. YOU GO, GOHMERT!

      • Cheryl Brown says:

        I'm pretty sure he didn't take Obama's "work", just the name. And if it's not copyrighted, it doesn't belong to anybody, legally.

      • Tim says:

        Only if there is something to plagiarize.

      • Guest says:

        It's not an original work anyway… it's a rehash, silly! Serves him right for not being "present" enough to understand how a bill is created. What a marooooon!

      • Eric says:

        Not if they actually don't have any work

      • FREEObamaMoniez! says:

        This isn't the same bill. It just has a title that is the same! As it was filed first….well. First come first serve. I doubt they had time to trademark or copyright between him telling the crowd he loves them and his last few rounds of golf.

      • Turophile says:

        Only if you call Obumbler bloviating in front of a joint session of Congress "work".

    38. I love it. Now pass it and have obama explain why he vetoed his own bill.

    39. @dougragan says:

      The biggest difference between this bill and the bill proposed by Obama……

      This one will have a positive impact on the US economy.

    40. H_Tuttle says:

      I guess Obama forgot to say "SUBMIT this bill NOW!" in all his ranting.

    41. Andi says:

      no wonder your country is falling into chaos – you're all a bunch of moronic school children.

    42. Bobbie says:

      If a person is going to be held back at their job because of someone else, good work ethics takes matters into their own hands to avoid wastes of time!

      Doesn't anyone see this for what it is? Democrats procrastinate by deception and coercion at the expense of the tax payers especially when they know they are interfering for their own personal gain. More proof of the Presidents leadership of non-productivity, inefficiency and ineptness holding America back! Undeserving to America(ns).

      Thank you Mr. Gohmert! Texas, one of the few states recognized to be American, that took matters into his own hands. And Thank you to the people of Texas who exemplify American principles and values in the name of freedom who's leaders are proud to represent!!!! AWESOME!!!!

    43. Bobbie says:

      Although I have to say, it doesn't seem American to have a federal government title called "American jobs act." sounds communistic with an increase of government regulations and ridiculous protections! Has it always been this way? With states "right to work" policy? If not, why, where and when did it come about?

    44. Brian says:

      Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!

    45. politicaljules says:

      I am a proud Texan and will donate to Rep. Louie Gohmert’s campaign right after I type this comment!

    46. Stimpy says:

      Back to the banner shop. LOL.

    47. Keith Myatt says:

      I know that most people think that offering to do away with the corporate tax is helping the rich. I have news for you, corporations and businesses do not pay taxes. They either roll the tax into the cost of their product or they add it on top of the service/product they supplied. If tthe corporation/business has to pay property taxes, guess where that cost goes. Into the cost of the product/service they sell. It is always the consumer who pays the taxes every time. The only tax not paid by a business/corporation is the half of the payroll tax paid by the employees. Guess where the other half goes. Into the cost of the product/service they provide.

    48. To quote the "A-Team" "I love it when a good plan comes together."

    49. Sandi says:

      I can't wipe the smile off my face! This is just too good!

    50. KCasey says:

      I am sorry if you don't think this is amusing…it is over the top in exposing Obama for being what he is… inept, unqualified , in experienced, and a 1 termer… God Bless Texas. The eyes of the Nation are upon you.

    51. Donald says:

      So how does Gohmenrt plan on making up for the lost revenue that will result from eliminating the corporate tax and the AMT? I don't see any offsetting spending cuts or revenue enhancers in the bill. So, if the bill is passed at it stands, it would immediately add over $100 billion to the deficit.

      • Vrooden says:

        The additional jobs that widen the tax base will MORE than pay for it. Doesn't this administration claim that every dollar given to an unemployed person generate $1.85? Those people don't even pay taxes.

      • Vrooden says:

        I would also like to point out that Obama's plan adds $455B to the deficit.

    52. Frank says:

      I've said for the last 30 years that corporations shouldn't be taxed. They don't pay taxes anyway: they simply pass them on to consumers through higher prices; workers through lower wages and benefits; and investors through lower dividends. I say bring it to a vote.

    53. beck says:

      Since the Democrats never bother reading bills before casting votes, this has a real chance of passing.

    54. I hope everyone is reading Gohmert's "Jobs" act – because I don't see the word "job" mentioned anywhere but the title. The whole point of this piece of legislation is simply to remove all corporate taxes and make them "zero". What a crock! You expect us to believe that reducing revenues even further and just standing back, will magically create jobs in America? You must believe in Unicorns, too.

    55. hinckleybuzzard says:

      I am amused by the desperate efforts to defend the feckless obama by attacking republicans who have already passed two compehensive jobs bills, only to see them die in the Senate.

    56. Sage says:

      set up the bill so that it only hikes the taxes of registered democrats

    57. thehahabooks says:

      God Bless Texas! I love it. See? The government doesn't have to be slow.

    58. Matt Jackson says:

      I Love this! While I'm in favor of a flat tax for everyone — individuals and corporations (8% across the board sounds about right,) I like the bold step Congressman Gohmert has taken. It'll probably never pass in the Senate, but it will force those greedy taxing/spending addicts to address the issue. He should have added a flat tax for individuals to the bill. Then the Dems wouldn't have a leg to stand on in opposing the bill since it puts more money in the pockets of individual taxpayers.

    59. doug says:

      Ive been unemployed for 2 years . Haven't drawn a dimes worth of unemployment . Work when i can get it and one thing Ive noticed. not one homeless person has hired me to do work . The only ones who hire me are those nasty rich people. Darn them

    60. Pst4USA says:

      Joke? I think not, you want jobs? you want to see this country's economy explode with growth? pass this bill, and have the President sign it and you will have trouble finding enough people to fill all the jobs created.

    61. jon says:

      I have been working/praying for 60 years waiting for these Elite Liberal Democrats finally get their leaching, parasite way's called out. The Dem's. turning on their naive, not so smart president, it don't get no better, watching Barney (spits) Frank slobber all over the place, trying to defend himself and the rest of those counterfeit, bumbling, worthless dumbo's!

    62. LibertyInDayton says:

      One key job to be created is a special prosecutor to investigate Obama and Solyndra.

    63. Mark Petermann says:

      I wish they would of thought of this for Obamacare.

    64. Lisa L says:

      I'm not considering this a stunt at all. I'm calling my congressman tomorrow and asking him to support HR2911. Then I'm calling my Senators to ask them to support this instead of S1549. Who's in?

    65. marge says:

      I think it is about time some one turns the table on these idiots. Go for it any thing else you can do to get their attention ,is great.

    66. Kevin says:

      Obama has done nothing for the American people, this whole administration acts like a bunch of spoiled brats! As you can tell I stay away from the kool aid, some of you folks should too. This post may need to be reported to #attackwatch. LOL

    67. Kurleelocks says:

      To those who don't see the point of Gohmert's action, you're cutting off your noses to spite your faces. Do YOU want your country to win, or do you just wish to defend your choice no matter how bad it turned out to be?

    68. Charlie P says:

      It will work to increase jobs and Obama will then take credit for it! :)

    69. UpChuckLiberals says:

      THE absolute best part is Barry is out promoting the AJA. Telling his minions to promote it, telling their Congress critters to vote for it. It's going to be a bytch retracting it. Oh this is too good.

    70. kellyjaye says:

      In a word: Sweet!

    71. GeorgeTyrebitre says:

      I don't think I have ever seen anything as hilarious as this! All it takes to make these Libs look like fools is some quick thinking and action. What a fool that White House renter is.

    72. AFrustratedCitizen says:

      We need Congress to actually get things done rather than simply trying to work against the President when his entire term he's been trying to advocate compromise and working together. This is just another immature act by conservatives who are simply wanting to make Obama look bad rather than actually try to help the country.

    73. Thinking 4 the rest says:

      Please people! Before you post any comments, in the name of all that is true, THINK! The point here is…1. Obama is screaming across the nation that congress is not doing it's job. He is the one that said he has a great plan to get Americans back to work and then went on vacation instead of submitting it! THINK! "Patty" 2. He and his cronies have been pushing for passage of "this bill" since his campaign speech before the joint session of congress and yet here we are a week later and there is no such bill to pass. It is still just another foolish idea. A perfect example of the product of public education! Create an ass and name it smart.THINK! "Sam" 3. His plan is to do the same thing that did not work three times before. I understand a leftist ideologue having an ignorant understanding of what makes our economy work, but give me a break, your idea failed… three times. THINK! "Kevin" The answer is to get off the throat of American corporations so that they can hire people to work again. Government works best when it stays out of our bedrooms, bathrooms, boardrooms, and bank accounts. Look at history and THINK! So now we finally have a bill that can be voted on. A bill that will put people back to work. And a bill that will not bankrupt another generation of Americans. True it will not pass as long as the Dems have a say, but better a good bill that won't pass than a bad one that will! THINK PEOPLE! Kudos to the congressman from Texas, a classy way to make the point. The President should get out of the way and let someone who understands America lead the way.Now go ahead and report me to attackwatch.com you backwards progressives.

    74. Proud Conservative says:

      I see it as an American that wants to put forth a true plan to put Americans back to work and save what businesses have not been sent to China by Jeff Immelt with the blessing of Obama. Obama is nothing but a balloon filled with hot air that doesn't even float. Obama thought he had the Republicans behind the 8 Ball and this was supposed to be trickery by him for re-election and get it to put the Republicans in a bad light no matter which way they went on his bill. I guess now when he is out campaigning on our dime (ala AF1) and asking for the bill to be passed he is asking for Rep. Gohmert's bill to be passed. What a kick in the pants that is for O. So who is behind the 8 ball now? Can't wait for the next move. (Apparently Obama doesn't know how to play chess).

    75. Dave Pavano says:

      Uhm… What bill? I thought it was a campaign speech funded by American's tax dollars !!!
      What a fraud!

    76. Julie Branom says:

      Milton Friedman in his book "Laisse Faire Capitalism" tells a story about a guy who wanted to start a radio station that was all swear words, there was no market for it and this rich man became a poor man very quickly. Business needs 4 things now in this order (1) Demand (2) Consumer Confidence (3) Stablization of the economic environment (4) removal of unnecessary legislation. Obama's bill addresses all points and this reps bill does not. Business is sitting on piles of cash, but not investing as there is not demand. It would be a violation of a CEOs fudiciary duty to invest and grow a business without market demand. So the idea of pushing more capital at them would not create a single job. This notion rich people make jobs is a myth. They are are not social service agencies. Demand drives need for resources, An investor sees a demand for product and services and applies the necessary resources needed to make a profit. YOu don't sell ice in a snow storm just because you have the money to make ice. Don't you get it. You are immature to think that stealing a name of a bill scores some brownie points, its the content of the bill that matters. There is plenty of time for Obama to rename the bill and have it be known which bill it is. The tax credits for hiring certain classes is to encourage companies to hire workers instead of using technology and efficiency programs to use less workers. Workers working increases demand, promotes consumer confidence. Business has tax writeoffs for equipment purchases which drives manufacturing and the infastructure bank is based on need and economic development, a win win. Learn Economics, how did they get you all to vote against your best interest. Now I see why your party embraces anti intellectualism and supports perry who finished 10th in a class of 13. It truly is amazing to me.

    77. This bill is funny, but it reminds me of a quote I hear back when Proposition 13, freezing property taxes in California to 1% of the properties value, was being debated. Howard Jarvis, who started proposition 13, said at one of the debates:

      “Some say we must tax corporations more.  What they do not understand is that corporations do not pay taxes. They never have, and never will.  One of our governments conditions for a companies existence is they collect taxes from their customers and pass them to the government.”

      They are in effect unpaid tax collectors even if the “evil corporation” crowd does not believe it.

    78. Ciceroo says:

      Is Obama smarter than a fifth grader? HELL NO !! What an arrogant alien – to BADGER Congress and the US citizens over 30 times to PASS THE BILL — and yet HIS stupid AJA BILL was never filed and did not exist for a vote purpose.

    79. corthew says:

      You do all realize this is a joke. Right? It didn't happen. And if it had, anyone who thinks repealing corporate taxes is a good thing is a moron.

    80. bellamags says:

      Kevin, the tax cuts are bogus. Until something is permanent it really doesn't help anything. No one is going to hire based on temporary "feel good" legislation….We view it as a siren's song, lulling us to the shore of disaster. Get over it. Obama is a disaster and so are his policies.

    81. erick1740 says:

      0bama standing at his podium waving a crappy cover page and a stack of blank pages, now that is the real joke. I think obama is going insane, i hear rumors of clinical depression and starting to believe.

    82. Just goes to show that they cant have a original idea.

    83. luchadora41 says:

      Oh, you gotta love Louie! And he's one of the 85 Reps who voted AGAINST the debt deal. Yes!

    84. Dave says:

      What's funny is Obama's plan was filed on 9/13/2011, and you can't find Gohmert's bill anywhere on thomas.gov

      Oh wait. Here it is. Gohmert's title is "To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to repeal the corporate income tax". Why is that? Because he filed on 9/14/2011.

    85. Gerry says:

      Gohmert did not do this simply as prank. His bill is a real bill that eliminates corporate taxes and the alternative minimum tax. The fact that he was able to snatch Obama naming choice is just icing on the cake. Love it!!!

    86. @jay_pe says:

      Eric Boelhart at Media Matters called it a childish stunt. Maybe so, but it shows the absolute amateurs and disarray the Democrats and the Obama administration brings to politics. Obama was gonna ask Nancy Pelosi to file forgot about it at Hole 9.

    87. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      I'm proud to say I've read the bill before it passed, Mrs. Pelosi, and I didn't need a lawyer to do so, Mr. Clyburn. Now, why can't they all do the same?

    88. Tom says:

      Might not happen any way… democrats have been known to change language to suit their needs before a vote any way..

    89. Kathy G. says:

      This isn't funny, I can't understand the vehement and vitriolic cruelty of the extremist right who find it so, just as I cannot find any good reason to cheer at the thought of someone who is critically injured and near death to be left to die because he has no health insurance, this isn't what makes America great, just like the roaring cheering at 230+ people executed, regardless of one's political beliefs on the subject it is as barbaric to cheer about it as the blood thirst of the ancient Romans cries of lust at a prisoner being torn to shreds and devoured by lions at the Coliseum, with over 14 million Americans out of work and all the right wing extremists want to do is make more Americans jobless.

      • Vrooden says:


        Lots of nice, emotional rhetoric there. Now try a fact.

        FACT: Obama DID propose a bill (3 days after he said "Pass this bill NOW 17 times to a joint session of congress) and he couldn't find a democrat willing to touch it with a 10-foot pole. They know damn well another tax-and-spend bill will get them fired faster a hooker in a monastery. Its now been a week since he started this CAMPAIGN, and now there IS a bill. I'll bet he doesn't think we need to pass THIS bill now.

      • Frank says:

        People don't die in the streets. Everyone in this country is entitled to health care. There are free clinics everywhere. If you go into ANY emergency room in the US and are bleeding to death, they WILL treat you and then will have you go to a clinic and follow up from there.

        That is a misnomer and a scare tactic. This is not a third world country. Don't be ridiculous.

      • ScottyDont says:

        That was one individual. I know it is different for liberals to understand but people within the same party can believe different things. It was one audience member on TV. Do we know his name? No. Do we know his party affiliation? No. For all we know it could have been a democrat that was just there listening to the debate. No need to imply that one random guy speaks for the entire right wing.

        As far as you claim that we want to make even more people unemployed, how would the proposed jobs bill cause more unemployment?

    90. Bill says:

      Temporary tax credits do nothing to add jobs for business. Temporary payroll tax cuts do nothing but
      rob from social security that is already in deep trouble. Everything in this bill is a repeat of failed ideas he has already tried. The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again with the same result.
      America has the Charlie Brown president. Kick that football Barack!

    91. rubus says:


      Win The Future???

    92. VA_Magoo says:

      Cant wait for all the Obama Zombies to call their Reps to support the Bill!

    93. David Waldman says:

      Nothing about using the title "American Jobs Act" actually precludes others from using it later. If that were the case, Gohmert wouldn't have been able to use it, because Harry Reid introduced an "American Jobs Act" two days before Gohmert did. It's S. 1549.

    94. American African says:

      Go Louie Go!

    95. Gina Sofia Albright says:

      I disagree that business should have to pay NO taxes at all. Twenty five.percent is normal for the world so maybe 20% would be a better number. They are paying 35% now. That is quite a difference. All those companies that went to Europe and other countries should have to pay a stiff tarif to bring anything made out of the country into America. American businesses should not be allowed to profit from Americans if they are denying americans jobs and products made in America. American businesses should not have to compete with out of the country businesses.

    96. CliffB says:

      The first "American Jobs Act" was passed by the Congress in 2004 with tax cuts to create jobs.

    97. StedyRuckus says:

      This doesnt give him naming rights. The first act to to cite the bill as the American Jobs Act is not Naming Rights at all.

    98. Karl says:

      It only proves in the most massive way how out-of-touch and unsuited to lead ANY of this crop of self-absorbed, incompetent Republicans are.

      There are people losing their life's fortunes, their investments, their kids' futures, and everything they hold dear in this world, and elitist arses like this typical Texan fool are playing games with the American peoples' lives.

      What a sad, sad shame for not only our country, but for every ignoramus who expresses any approval of such heartlessly anti-American shenanigans. Is this REALLY what you think "America" IS?

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