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  • Rep. Jan Schakowsky: "You Don't Deserve To Keep All Your Money"

    In a interview with Chicago’s Don Wade & Roma radio show this morning, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky claimed that Americans aren’t entitled to all of their own money.

    Toward the end of a wide-ranging interview, the hosts played a clip from this week’s Republican Presidential Debate where California teenager Tyler Hinsley asked, “Of every dollar that I earn, how much do you think I deserve to keep?” Co-host Don Wade asked Schakowsky to answer the same question.

    After some initial back-and-forth, she replied, “I’ll put it this way, you don’t deserve to keep all of it. It’s not a question of deserving, because what government is, is those things that we decide to do together.”

    Despite the hosts’ persistence, Schakowsky declined to answer what percentage of a person’s income they deserved to keep. “I pay at a 35% tax rate, happy to do it,” she explained when the hosts persisted with their question. She again declined to say how much more she would personally be willing to pay.

    But Rep. Schakowsky is not alone. Her views are sadly typical of a liberal worldview that sees a person’s earnings as belonging first to the state. In fact, the left is now doubling down on this misguided belief, with the President pushing for more stimulus spending despite the failures of earlier “stimulus.”

    But while the left continues to promote the same failed policies—more taxes, more regulation, more big government—conservatives need to trumpet the benefits of low taxes, sensible regulations, and small government. As Heritage’s Dubay explains:

    The best way to grow revenues is to promote faster economic growth, which will increase the number of taxpayers and taxable income more rapidly. Tax hikes—whether through higher tax rates or slashing credits, deductions, and exemptions without offsetting reductions elsewhere—will not do the job. Under President Obama’s current policies, spending will continue to grow at a faster rate than can be paid for by tax hikes—even assuming the huge tax increases the President insists upon. To add insult to injury, as history has shown, tax hikes would slow economic growth and make it even harder for unemployed Americans to find a job.

    Listen to the full interview here:

    WLS 890 – Don Wade & Roma’s interview with Jan Schakowsky

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    89 Responses to Rep. Jan Schakowsky: "You Don't Deserve To Keep All Your Money"

    1. WinBuffaloNY says:

      Government has to be made smaller so that it functions within the ability of We The People to pay for it. And I'm not talking about Future Generations. Why don't you get that Rep. Schakowsky!!

    2. WinBuffaloNY says:

      Government must be made smaller so that it functions within the ability of "We the people" to pay for it. And I'm not talking about future generations.

    3. John Powers says:

      Interesting that Rep Schakowsky wanted a break on her own property taxes (a break that was denied btw, resulting in a contested election for Cook County Assessor)

      • Jason Muñiz says:

        John Powers: AWESOME link!!!!! Thanks for exposing the hypocrisy of politicians; in this case and in most, The Left, but both sides are guilty of it! Hell we are human and we are ALL fallible!!! I guess we just hope that our elected officials could rise above the corruption and double talk. I mess up EVERYDAY, in the Eyes of God, we just need to be able to admit it and move on with gained insight!

    4. oldpuppymax says:

      Strangely enough, leftists also refuse to define that "fair share" they are always talking about! Suffice to say, these people will only be happy when they take it ALL, and then decide how much you deserve to GET BACK!!!

    5. WinBuffaloNY says:

      Government should only cost what we can afford to pay. And I'm not talking about future generations.

    6. troy s. says:

      This woman/rep is not worth a comment. Her misguided view of America will destroy our great nation.

    7. Alex Ward says:

      Another big government liberal revealing the true motive of the liberal party. All the money you make belongs to the government. Once they take what they want they give you the rest to placate you. I bet she also supports Obama's "We have to spread the wealth around" rhetoric as well. Time to boot these Socialists out of office. And I dare someone to present the facts that show they are not Socialists.

      • Old Man River says:

        She is one. She regularly attends functions of Socialist Internationale. Her husband is also a convicted felon.

    8. John Powers says:

      Interesting that Rep Schakowsky wanted a break on her own property taxes (a break that was denied btw, resulting in a contested election for Cook County Assessor)

    9. matt says:

      I wish that all of the representives and the white house would practice what they preach.. I am at of 50% tax rate and under 40,000 a yr. Why do they insist everyone but them pay more taxes. My taxes have gone up by 15% since obama has been president. You all make over 200,000 a yr. Why do you give your FAIR SHARE as you ask everyone else to do.. just saying..

      • Patricia says:

        Am I understanding you correctly, did you say you make under $40,000 a year and pay a 50% tax rate? You need a new tax consultant! Someone is serously screwing with your head… and your money.

      • Bobbie says:

        the only way to fix this problem is to reduce government. tax hikes out of their paychecks come out of our pockets, also! Their expense doesn't generate a dime of revenue! they're nothing but COST!

    10. Texasron says:

      I'm going to buy a new car. I'll send you the bill because you don't need to keep all your money.

    11. Chris in N.Va. says:

      I'm sure this benighted and befuddled soul routinely, out of selfless personal compassion and over-exercised white-Liberal-guilt, writes large checks — nay, some even signed with the amount left blank!! — to the IRS because she feels so UNDER-taxed, yes? Anyone care to guess how many accounts and/or tax advisers she routinely employs? Hmmm????

    12. Kossack says:

      As much as I hate to say it, according to those quasi-USA citizens in Washington, D.C., she's probably right. The citizens of the United States have turned over so much to the federal government that we no longer know what rights we truly have and which ones we have been stripped of while we slept. We need to get Congress' attention so they will mimic the immortal words of Adm. Yamamoto at the beginning of America's entry into WWII: "We have awakened a sleeping giant."

    13. Bobbie says:

      How rude, Ms. Schakowsky! And as a woman to voice such arrogance in front of our youth. Actually beneficial for the youth to know what you are up front.

      We deserve every penny we earn. You thieving it from us is what is wrong! You taking away personal responsibilities for government gain and more thievery to cover those costs, is more of what's wrong! Government control over freedom of the people is taking over and even more of what's wrong!

      You are filled with conceit to think you deserve ANY of your pay that isn't earned but forced from the honest earned money of tax payers. Sounds like your 35% of your government check is actually paid by the tax payers!!! You don't deserve to be in public office promoting oppression, lady! This is America!

      • paul says:

        Absolutely correct! Schakowsky's mind set is with the President ! and her fellow thieving Democrats ! She's from Chicago ! Obama's stomping grounds. "We the People" of this nation need to pull our heads out of our rear ends and wake up ! We deserve every penny we make ! why? because we work for a living and are not sitting on our welfare rear ends waiting for the entitlement checks to arrive! I work two jobs just to make ends meet. I paid over $23,000 in taxes last year with a tax rate at 39%. If that isn't enough for these greedy swine! they can kiss me where the sun don't shine! I'm sick and tired of hearing we have to pay more, and trickle down to the lazy. ENOUGH of this insanity ! We vote these traitors out in 2012, or we won't have a country anymore !

    14. Alex James Andrews says:

      Americans deserve to KEEP every SINGLE penny that they earn through HONEST and FORTHRIGHT means! What they do NOT deserve is to gain through the usage of tax evasion by means of ethically QUESTIONABLE and yet legally(currently) acceptable means! As Leona Helmsley stated "We don't pay taxes, only the little people pay taxes". This is EXACTLY what has been taking place in this country for nearly 80 years and it MUST be STOPPED or else, a second US Revolution is inevitable and will be upon us in the near future! EQUITABLE tax laws that apply to EVERYONE across – the – board, with NO exceptions is what Americans NEED to regain their faith, hope, trust and motivational imperative in this nation's sociopolitical and technoeconomic system and its philosophical underpinnings. Personal federal income taxes should be eliminated for all individuals that earn less than $1,000,000 USD per year, and ALL personal federal income tax loopholes should be PERMANENTLY closed for EVERYONE else! Raising the rate on individuals earning more than $1,000,000 USD per year becomes unnecessary, once the loopholes are closed.

      • Brian says:

        The top 5% pay 60% of the entire tax bill. How much more would you like for them to pay?

        • Alex James Andrews says:

          99.92% of Americans earn less than $1,000,000 USD per year. Therefore, the personal income tax should be eliminated for all Americans except the top 0.08% For those 0.08% out of approximately 140,000,000 filers. So, basically, 350,000 filers in the USA should pay any Federal Personal Income tax. For that group, there tax rate should NOT rise from its current level. Mind you, this is only an idea and ideas are a penny a million.

          • Alex James Andrews says:

            I apologize for my spelling mistake, the 6th word on the 4th line should be "their" NOT "there"!

      • Lee says:

        Actually what about the part of the top half of the current population are paying 90% of the private person taxes do you not understand. your warped liberal lefty agenda is simply wrong.
        Try taxing people at a reasonable rate: Median income is $50k, minimum wages is a little too low in my opinion right now at $15,600 a year ( and yes in certain areas people CAN live ok on that amount to start) but from there to half of median income have them pay 5%, from $25k to $50k 7.5%, from $50k to $500k 10%, from $500k to say $5m pay 15%, and from $5m up pay 20%.
        Take corporate rates and find a 3 tier system small ,medium and large business rates. Set deductions at writing off of percentages of reinvestment into company so that corporations CANT get away with not paying like GE has.
        Also the percentages should be also rated by how much production is domestic vs non domestic. Like if the company has 20% of its work force in US(like it farms 80% of production/design to overseas) then that company gets less break than company that has 80% of its work force in US.
        your a fool to believe the lowest income people should not pay anything. OH and welfare system should be revamped to only let people stay on it for specific period of time, with a max limit. PERIOD!

        • Alex James Andrews says:

          Hello Lee,
          Please explain what is the "Lefty liberal agenda" in the implications of my comments.

          Here are the numbers from the US Treasury itself:
          99.92% of Americans earn less than $1,000,000 USD per year. Therefore, the personal income tax should be eliminated for all Americans except the top 0.08% For those 0.08% out of approximately 140,000,000 filers. So, basically, 350,000 filers in the USA should pay any Federal Personal Income tax. For that group, their tax rate should NOT rise from its current level. Mind you, this is only an idea and ideas are a penny a million.

          Please tell me where the "Liberal, Lefty Agenda" is hiding here and I'll be glad to remove it; before we all get gobbled up by that frightening scenario!
          It would seem that you're the actual liberal lefty and your agenda is to discredit actual educated conservatives who don't communicate via "Bubba – Speak"!

          "Bubbas" should think before they speak. Keep that in mind the next time that you choose to attack an idea that you don't have the basic intelligence to comprehend!!

          • Erik says:

            Not to throw nails in your tires but I'm very much a social liberal/moderate economist and that basically is the argument typically heard from liberals for taxing the wealthy more and one that I personally subscribe to. The only difference is that you're arguing for no taxes for you at all. I think the wealthiest of the wealthy basically get it too. To reduce their taxes in a significant way via tax flattening method, they'd have to pretty much piss all of us off in a big way and they'd much rather continue to profit madly at a smaller percentage of the truckload they earn through removing anti-trust legislation and other pro-functional-capitalism measures that once protected us from abuse and made it easier for new businesses to enter the market.

            Anyway, to hold that POV, you can't really be an avid supporter of supply-side economics, which is where a lot of conservatives might see you as straying too far from the fold. Not that you'd be alone in your skepticism of it. Bush Sr. called it "voodoo economics."

      • malbuff says:

        We need to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment. and eliminate the federal income tax altogether. The real cost of income taxation is in the compliance, avoidance, and especially the massive invasions of privacy associated with tax withholding.

      • Alex James Andrews says:

        Eliminate ALL personal federal income taxes(PFIT) for all individuals that earn less than $1,000,000 USD per year and capping the PFIT rate at 10% for all filers that earn more than $1,000,000 USD per year.
        For businesses, all income taxes should be eliminated for those organizations that gross less than $10,000,000 USD per year and capped at 20% for all organizations that gross more than $10,000,000 USD per year. Simultaneously, all deductions, loopholes, exemptions(including those for ALL non-profit, religious, & charitable organizations) should be eliminated(across – the – board). The IRS tax code would then be reduced from 1000's of pages to no more than a handful of pages. This philosophy may seem counterintuitive on the surface; but, if the mathematical economics are microanalyzed, a case can easily be made to support this as a positive method of very strong and SUSTAINABLE GDP growth over the mid and long term. Mind you, correspondingly appropriate gov spending adjustments(CUTS) need to be made as well. Again, ideas(good or bad) are a penny a million; so people should not start launching personal attacks on those that seek to engage in the art of discourse through the process of "idea" generation.

    15. Ray, Trussville, AL says:

      I am absolutely appalled at he comments even though I am equally sure she believes deep down in her hear that what she is saying is true. It is such a sad, sad commentary on our political culture that she and others of her ilk can get elected, let a lone hold office!!

    16. BMartin1776 says:

      When these monsters start paying more after April 15th then they can run their mouths at the rest of us. Ought to send her that Chuck Woolery video about paying more! I want to know how much of the money she earns she gets to keep vs the avg Joe/Jane! 35% my a**, and its not ridiculous to pay more if you think ppl should pay more. Its clear she has this mindset b/c she like most corrupt politicians love to spend other peoples money.

      45 cents to 49 cents on the dollar is what she is suggesting, do that folks get a dollar in change and pull that much out.. do this esp if you have liberals in your circle at your next get together! Thats how much she and the rest of the degenerates in DC would like to have if not more! I think the visual will really hit home for many to do this. So I dare you to do this visual whether its with change or step it up into dollars example get $10 and pull $4.50-4.90 out, or do it with a $100 dollars ask a lib you want to do an experiment and bring $100 in cash, when they show up say "ok here is the experiment give me $45-49 out of your $100". I guarantee you they will have a hard time just handing it over for your experiment. Once you have it say "this is how much those YOU elect want to take from all of us to waste on frivolous spending!" http://SavingtheRepublic.com

    17. Cajunwarthog says:

      Hey, Lady(?),,, just give the IRS all of it, since you did not earn any of it!

    18. Beti says:

      And she doesn't deserve to keep her job! Let's see how "happy" she is to pay taxes when she's unemployed!!

    19. Bill says:

      Hey folks Personal income tax did not even begin to be readily enforced" For the people" until somewhere in the 50's. country did fine without it as most local communities took care of things for themselves. (old news) Ummm, over the last few years with the FEDS just creating money out of thin air, hasn't that kind of shown the whole FEDERAL income tax is some kind of a scam?

    20. WinBuffaloNY says:

      There are 50 states. People who live in states with too high a sales tax try to buy things they need from other states over the internet. Why? Because they feel they deserve to keep more of the money they earned. This, in turn, decreases the economic activity in the state they live in and ultimately leads to job losses in their own communities. That's why people have been leaving NYS by the millions these past 10 years. Heavy-handed states like NY have resorted to policing internet sales activity. That's going to be about as successful as trying to stop people from buying untaxed cigarettes from indian reservations. Bottom line: Hey Government!! It's not your money.

    21. Jerry Irwin says:

      I wonder if she would be happy to pay 35% in income tax if she was barely scraping by like most of the middle class now. Besides congress and senators are so over paid it is ridiculous. Where else can you vote your own pay raises. Besides she does not pay Social Security they have their own retirement system that enables them to retire rich but most of them already are. Especially the ones that keep getting voted back in every four years. Most of them end up millionaires from their Washington insider graft and shady dealings.

      • Bill says:

        Sorry Jerry, a few years ago congress {small g on purpose} set it up so pay raises are automatic unless voted down. Our good reps NEVER vote themselves a raise, only take it because they are forced to.

    22. guest says:

      Fascist loon

    23. "…because what government is, is those things that we decide to do together." Just who are the "we" that she is referring to? I don't remember anyone asking me what I thought about doing. The government TELLS you what you are going to do.

      • Erik says:

        You express your desires by voting for or against representatives and trying to get support for your candidates within your community. It's not ideal but all 300 million of us attempting to discuss the issues at the same time is kinda messy.

    24. Average Joe says:

      This is a prime example of what Democrats think. You should not be allowed to keep your money, you should give it to government because they know best on how to spend it.
      Are you Taxed Enough Already? This lady isn't. And according to her, neither are you.

    25. StaticKlingon says:

      A wannabe tyrant who deserves to be grabbed by the scruff of the neck and propelled by a boot on her flabby ass off the peoples' property.

    26. Mark says:

      This elitist witch needs to go back where she came from.Who the Hell does she think she is to tell anybody that we dont deserve the money that we work for. Maybe she should just sell everything she owns and donate the money to the IRS. That way she can say that she doesn't desrve anything she has because she is getting paid with Tax Dollars. What if everyone just refused to pay taxes. Where will she get paid from ? I bet she will change her tune then.

    27. hassledenuff says:

      Heck, I work like a dog in the traces and I don't have any money I deserve either….What a presumptous comment…coming from a LiBTArd, it isn't a surprise to me at all.

    28. Earl says:

      We have over 100 taxes that we didn't have 75 years ago. Not to mention all the "fees" that are still taxes, but they change it to fees trying to fool the people. Good people have been asleep for far too long and these so called Reps. are not working for us,only theirselves and big government.!!

    29. TexasRed says:

      The left LOVE to say how happy they are to pay taxes and how they would gladly pay more. Warren Buffett said the same thing a few weeks ago, yet his co. has been fighting the URS for nearly a decade over 1 billion in taxes!

    30. guest says:

      Libs always want to tax the "rich" more, but when it comes to their money they have violent fits. The ones who do say they would be willing to pay more in taxes are the ones most likely lying on their tax forms and hiding money in offshore accounts.

    31. James Woods says:

      Government getting more than 10% of your overall income is absurd. Tired of all the class warfare.

      Flat tax is the only way. Rich or poor you get basically the same government except the poor usually get money from the government.

      Stop all the tax cuts for non-profits and corporations. We need to get into a fair system that treats everyone equal. Too much fraud in non-profits.

      10% that's it, right now government takes alot more and they still have no budgets they just spend whatever they want to and raise taxes as much as they can get away with.

      It'll never be enough. Enough however is enough.

    32. Benjamin Dogood says:

      Time to throw everybody that thinks and acts like her out!!! Peaceful revolution via the ballot box. Let's hope we can all survive 13 more months of this garbage from Obama and his surrogates like Jan Knucklehead and her felon husband.

    33. … except her husband was arrested for tax evasion.?? Lunatic Democrats don't pay tax for themselves but want everyone else to give it up. What jerks !

    34. gus says:

      time to cut the whole size of government its self by 1/3 and no more income taxes on the people !

    35. skip gainer says:

      Wake me up please!m Did we do obamacare together? Did we get a say in the stimulus bill as the democrats locked the doors and mocked republicans saying republicans were the party of no as pilosi says we have to pass the bill to see whats in the bill. A year after it passed we still do not know what is in that bill nancy!

    36. Joe McGaffigan says:

      We pay your salary and all your expenses for a part-time job. You work for your constituents, not special interests and liberal agenda. True Constitutional core values.

    37. kregg says:

      she is right, otherwise more people would be taking up arms and causing a revolution over this, but instead their not. only kicking back and pouting, nothing more. so more power to her. shes right and thats why shes smiling so smug because she knows shes right, and no one will do a thing about it. well, talk about tea party days, but even back then, they started a revolution over taxing of tea. yet everyone kicks back, whines but allows gov to tax your air your breath and basically allow you to PAY to work a job LOL

    38. Tim says:

      Duh! Schakowsky is a communist and the folks just got a bit of truth, in Obamaland what's yours belongs to THE STATE and elitists like Schakowsky are happy to tell you how to live, what to spend the money they let you keep. Welcome to Obama's utopia. This is what Hope and Change looks like folks.

    39. Trina says:

      This Jan Schakowsky is proving the point, that the communist are trying to bring down America. A high taxe rate is one of the planks of Karl Marx, people here in America better get this and get it fast !! Who is she to say we have no rights,take almost 50% of their wages,see,if they would like it. Make for Congress what they want for us.

    40. gneubeck says:

      In order to impose a Socialistic Society, it's first necessary to destroy any vestiges of free-market capitalism that are inherently antithetical to that objective. Barack Obama has been intensely schooled in the mechanics of such a transition since childhood; and, is systematically in pursuit of his life-long dream of a conversion of the epitome of free-market principles, America, to his Socialistic model. While incessantly attempting to obfuscate that obvious fact by his ad-nauseum teleprompter recitals on repeatedly failed methodologies for job creation, Obama has been methodically working 'behind the bureaucratic cloak' to implement a plethora of job destroying decrees that have stalled entrepreneurial incentives. Greg Neubeck

    41. gneubeck says:

      Examples are multiplying on a geometric scale; but, let's review a single distortion that is embedded in Obama's latest assault on the intelligence of the American people. In his deceptively announced strategy to supposedly facilitate the hiring of long-term unemployed workers, Obama includes a provision that would allow the unemployed to sue employers who, after interview, fail to hire them 'presumedly' on the basis of their long-term absence from the workplace. Certainly, an opportune blessing for Obama's sycophant Trial Lawyers; but, anathema to the job creation process. What employer, endowed with common sense, would expose himself to potential litigation by agreeing to interview the long-term unemployed under such a perilous millstone? Obama is not so stupid as not to recognize this obvious consequence. Beyond challenge, the 'Deceiver-In-Chief's' objective is something other than job creation; and, the American people are awakening to that fact. Greg Neubeck

      • Alex James Andrews says:

        Terrific commentary Greg! Frankly, I haven't read the "fine print" of BO's provision; but, if your claims are true; then, I can only agree completely with your subsequent assertions, regarding the lack of motivation on all employers to proceed forward with interviewing "long-term" unemployed individuals. Now, if an objective government approved, of course, computerized, auto-graded aptitude(generalized knowledge + psychological battery) test were to be included in the interview process; then, the case for interviewing chonically unemployed individuals would seem somewhat more girded. Just a few minor thoughts!

    42. Rob says:

      OK So let her and all the liberals pay 35%, She said she and liberals do not mind it so lets go by the voting rolls and start collecting

    43. hubcab says:

      Miss Jan you don't deserve to be a Congresswoman. You and many others in Congress have betrayed the American trust on the back of hard working citizens and the blood of our American soldiers. Congress needs to just go home for all the good they do. For us to be in this jam is due to letting obsolete organizations demand trillions from the USA. Those in congress and the senate who continue to send money to the UN and Foreign Aid and Natio are just as unsustainable as these obsolete agencies.

    44. j Huey Brown says:

      I am a 26 yr old single white male i pay around 47%, saving up now because there will be no social security when i retire, the house i bought 5 year ago is worth 1/2 what i paid Obama was right about white people being the source of future terrorism, just imagine all the service men coming home they are going to be p^ssed

    45. mirt davidson says:

      Why is the tax rate always stated as only the federal income tax rate. A tax is a tax no matter how you disguise it. If one takes into account state income tax, sales tax, license, property tax, and other revenue schemes, the true tax rate is in many cases over 50%. Everyone knows that government employes are payed more and have much better benefits than the people paying for these salaries and benefits. Everyone knows there is out of control waste in government. Everyone knows that the federal government has its hands in many areas that it does not belong. Everyone knows the judicial system is out of control. Everyone knows the executive is inept if not anti-American.
      The question is when is congress going to start doing there job. Time is running out.

    46. upstateconservny says:

      Here is the simple solution for all the dems and obama and how to pay for obamas new jobs plan.
      As part of the bill to raise funds to pay for this all and only registered dems and libs will have there bank accts levied by the irs to cover the 450 billion. Moving forward, as a part of all bills passed by congress and signed by the president that raise taxes, all and only registered dems and libs will have there bank accts levied by the irs to cover the costs. Then lets see how they feel about paying their fair share. Guaranteed there wont be a registered dem or lib left in the country after the first levy.

    47. guest says:

      So is she putting her money where her mouth is ? Is she making out a check for 35 per cent of her income and sending it to the IRS? bet she isn't. take 35 percent of my income and that leaves me $14,444.12 to live on all year. after house pmt I have 3,577.52 a year. Out of that utilities, gas for car, medical, prescriptions, car repair, home repair, food deduct a years utilities leaves me at – $1127.88yep I have to borrow $1,127.88 in the hole. and she thinks I should not keep 35 percent of my money .
      She can no doubt pay 35 percent of her wages and still come out smelling like a rose. Of course that does not include her off shore accounts she probably has.

    48. sjokinen says:

      Funny that taxes are such a bigg issue but no one can say what the perfect tax rate is, they just want more of your money. Under Carter the top % were paying over 70% and our economy was terrible. We should spend more time find the right balance of taxes and allowing people to keep there own money which they can spend on what they choose not the job of 51 people in Washington. I would like to see her tax return, I guartee she chose itemized deductions and pay less the 35% of her total income.

    49. sjokinen says:

      I guess she pays 35% of what he husband did not, where do we find these people. Husband imprisoned for fraud

      In 2004, Schakowsky's husband, Robert Creamer, was indicted on federal charges of operating three check kiting schemes that defrauded banks of at least $2.3 million while he ran an Illinois public interest group called the Illinois Public Action Fund. Schakowsky herself sat on the Board of Directors of the organization during the time that Creamer committed the fraud. [4]

      Creamer was also charged in the indictment with failing to pay more than $300,000 in federal income taxes for employees of the group and for himself between 1996 and 2000. Four other counts allege he filed false income tax returns between 1996 and 1999.

      In August 2005, Creamer pleaded guilty to two bank fraud felonies. In June 2006, he reported to the Federal Correctional Institute in Terre Haute, Indiana, where he served a five month term.[5]

    50. Intellibronc says:

      Federal gov't number 1 mandate, PROTECT THE BORDERS!!!
      How are they doing on their number 1 mandate???
      To do anything else before this defies logic, but then when does a federal government 'worker' produce logic?

    51. hollonder says:

      So I don't actually deserve all the money I earn through my job? HOW IN THE FRIGGIN HELL DO LIBERALS KEEP GETTING ELECTED???!!! Exactly how stupid do liberal voters have to be to think these people should be leaders???

      Does anyone else miss the days when tarring and feathering a particularly inept politician was considered a valid form of protest?

    52. usaadultman says:

      Hopefully shackowsky, the good people of your district will find your statements about their money (not your money) offensive and kick your butt out of congress. You are arrogant and a fool.

    53. sanjuan says:

      I like to call politicians like Jan "COMMIE MOMMY"S" !
      Jan, Hillary, Babs, Dianne, Nancy, Michelle and a host of other "COMMIE MOMMY'S" should be forced through an executive order to donate 90% of their GROSS worth. The Girly Boys like Bill, Barry/Barack, Michael, John, Joe and others like-wise.
      Their money's can go into a fund that would pay for illegals and teachers (the two go hand in hand).

    54. James says:

      Actually you do not deserve any of the money you earn. You see slaves only deserve to work and submit to their masters. Then if their masters chose to remit a pittance to the slaves you are to be grateful, smile and kiss the right end of the master bowing and saying thank you. Now stop your belly aching and start kissing. Maybe the masters will smile on you and increase your food stamps.

    55. abama62 says:

      She is why Illinois is belly up.

    56. DONALD says:

      THIS STATEMENT BELONGS IN THE REPUBLICAN HAND BOOK, The best way to grow revenues is to promote faster economic growth, which will increase the number of taxpayers and taxable income more rapidly. Tax hikes—whether through higher tax rates or slashing credits, deductions, and exemptions without offsetting reductions elsewhere—will not do the job. Under President Obama’s current policies, spending will continue to grow at a faster rate than can be paid for by tax hikes—even assuming the huge tax increases the President insists upon. To add insult to injury, as history has shown, tax hikes would slow economic growth and make it even harder for unemployed Americans to find a job

    57. jimgur says:

      I will keep my money you and the feds can go to hell

    58. sue says:

      WOW ! Total stupid ! How did she get elected? She has not read history or studied economics !
      Top idiot.
      She would fit in – move to Russia.

    59. Bruce says:

      If any of you received the list of 70 Democrats that are members of the Socialist Party as they call themselves The Democratic Socialist ,the old Socialist Party of America.

    60. Jamie says:

      You Americans are half-wits. Greedy half-wits. You pay taxes for the good of society. What you should be mad at the govt for is spending your money unwisely. Reading these comments, no wonder your country is going down in flames.

    61. TPaine says:

      I support Jan and her views. We need to balance the needs of the individual citizen with the needs of the country as a whole. I wish that we could all keep 100% of what we earn but then how would we pay for the needs of our civilized society, e.g., infrastructure, defense, police and fire protection, education,etc. No doubt much of what the government does is corrupt but to think that the solution is to do away with taxes is naive and dangerous. That would be like throwing the baby out with the bath water. Why can't millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share? Clearly that is now not the case. And the whole notion of trickle down is a bunch of hooey. What we do need is for both parties to quit playing politics and get serious about governing fairly and wisely. We need to curtail unnecessary spending and also look for ways to increase the revenue side of the equation, namely, more taxes for the rich and corporations. The tax rate in Denmark is 40-50% and the citizens get free health-care, education, etc. Everyone wins—–and it is considered one of the best working democracies in the free world.

    62. JAKE WOOD says:

      I saw JAN SCHAKOWSKY on FOX and she must be paid by the BANSTER TO A agree with those silly ideas she said.How did she get voted in?

    63. JAKE WOOD says:

      I saw Jan on FOX NEWS how did she get elected?

    64. CHI-Town Monk says:

      I believe the way to properly thank this non-representing Representative, is by replacing her and all her current congressional members in November. Course, then we'll be paying her retirement salary for way too many years.

      Ain't Congress great!

    65. Erik says:

      No taxes? So you guys are Republicans or MadMaxicans?

      You do realize that without maintenance of critical infrastructure and something resembling a central authority capable of creating and enforcing laws there is no economy, no job, and no paycheck to be earned in the first place, right?

      Could we reduce spending? Sure. But if you want us to take you seriously enough to work with you, you have to stop letting the talking heads get your riled up about the NEA before you actually look at the numbers compared to bigger fish that need frying like a military industrial complex that has clearly spiraled out of control, entitlement programs we can all agree on actually being entitlement programs, pork barrel spending (we all hate it), and the real villains profiting at everybody's expense, the lobbyists that elevate special interests to a position of greater prominence than the clearly expressed desires of the voting majority.

      And like her politics not, Jan is one of the more respectable reps when it comes to maintaining intellectual integrity and actually pursuing her stated goals honestly and transparently. I have no doubt her interests are representing her community and improving the nation at large. Those are qualities I wish a lot more of our officials and voters on both sides of the aisle possessed.

    66. Eileen Soderstrom says:

      Congresswoman Schcakowsky's comment is absolutely correct. It is the responsibility of all of us, according to our means, to pay for the services which government is supposed to provide for us. These things are defense, health care, education, support of the arts, regulation of business, protection of the environment, gun control – all the things that make for a civilized society.

    67. Stan says:

      Yes, government is too big, too wasteful, too oppressive but if I'm reading this right, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky is simply saying that we must all pay something to run the government, that we can't be sovereign anarchists not contributing toward the building of roads, schools or national defense. Of course all of us taxpayers pay too much for too little but if we expect to keep all of our hard earned money and not contribute anything via taxes, where would we be as a nation?

    68. John Poland says:

      Liberals and socialists and communists think you work to Support THEM !! Government is their Religion and they want you to tithe a percentage Or go to jail !!! What percentage do they want?? As Much as they Can Get ..Oh..and the next year they will ask for MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    69. Ben says:

      If you take a close look at all requirements for a tax, a required permit, in many instances a fine, and now, thanks to Chief Justice Roberts, a penalty, what you will find is a right that has been relegated into a privilege you now have to rent from the government.

      For #67 above, the tasks required of the federal government is limited, and specified. It’s pretty much limited to national defense, maintaining roadways for interstate commerce, and delivering mail. Taxes supporting the “arts” is crap–art is an optional luxury, not a national necessity; education is not a federal function, it’s local govt; health care is an individual responsibility; and gun control, of the sort striven for by groups like the Brady handgun control people, is fascism incompatable with a democratic republic.

      When any government facing a budget shutdown says if they don’t get their way that 600,000 non-essential government workers will temporarily lose their income if a budget isn’t passed… why doesn’t anyone question why we have ANY “non-essential” personnel drawing tax-based paychecks? Fire the non-essentials, and see how much further the blood they’re already sucking out of our veins will go.

      For #66, no one is saying that no taxes is the way to go. Certainly any government has to be funded. But, surprise, the Founders listed funding means, and they weren’t all on the backs of working people for the direct benefit of non-working people and a hundred tons of feel-good social programs. Off the top of my head I recall tariffs being one of the designated means of government funding. But I guess it’s easier to nail citizens for their personal income than risking a “trade war” with some other country that is already engaged in a trade war with us, and is subsidized by their govt to the point that they can undercut us as long as our elected officials refuse to grow a pair and do the right thing–if you have to hammer someone, don’t make it a loyal, hardworking citizen.

      It wasn’t until the US needed to find funding for imminent hostilities–to pay for another war–that the bright boys finally found a way to convert the absolute right of earning an income into a privilege that 53% of us pay every Apr 15. And they pitched the previously-rejected idea of taxing income as a “tax on the rich,” which was originally specified to be only on the ultra rich, and was originally locked at a low percentage rate–if memory serves, it was something like 3 or 5% and would only be charged to people making hundreds of thousands of dollars–the exact figure escapes me. Think of Obama’s “raise taxes on the rich making $250k,” and you’re hearing essentially the SAME argument against the SAME people that was used to pass the 16th Amendment in the first place.

      There’s a reason that federally directed school lesson plans steer away from actual education, particularly history. It’s easier to use the same old schemes when the victims have no way of knowing they’re being played the same way their great-grandparents were, and how devastating the new round of class warfare taxation con jobs will leave a bunch of us and all of those who come after us.

    70. Jason Prather says:

      Wow! At last a truthful Democrap! She's right of course, especially you Obama Supporters, or lap dogs or whatever we should call you, worshippers I guess. If you voted for Obama you DO NOT deserve your money! Nor do you deserve the right to whine when he confiscates it completely! This is the man you elected! May your great grandchildren choke on him!

    71. CPT Monk says:

      Jan sure doesn't make light of the fact that she led a sparsely attended caravan to Wiscoland to try and recall the Governor of a state that she doesn't represent.

      She does her best to talk about the other party without spouting about HER parties record for the last three plus years.

      Attend one of her home town meetings and you will see how well it can be orchestrated with plants of her choosing. Probably time for Jan to start watching the rear view mirror, cause your constituents are getting wise to her venom.

      Just for grinz: http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/10/why_doesnt

    72. CPT Monk says:

      Will Ms Schakowsky and the rest of the talking heads inside the belt-way be on Obamacare? Inquiring minds want to know Ms S!

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