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  • Texas Coal Company Announces 500 Layoffs, Sues to Block EPA Regulation

    It was sadly ironic that Texas energy company Luminant announced it would lay off 500 employees on the same morning that President Obama unveiled legislation designed to promote job growth. The company said that a new rule from the Environmental Protection Agency will force it to cease operations at two electricity generating plants, and close three coal mines.

    “We have hundreds of employees who have spent their entire professional careers at Luminant and its predecessor companies,” Luminant CEO David Campbell said in a news release. “At every step of this process, we have tried to minimize these impacts, and it truly saddens me that we are being compelled to take the actions we’ve announced today.”

    The company cited the EPA’s new cross-state pollution rule as the impetus for the decision, and noted that it had worked to identify other means of reducing emissions, but that “meeting this unrealistic deadline also forces us to take steps that will idle facilities and result in the loss of jobs,” Campbell said.

    Campbell also announced that the company has filed a lawsuit against the EPA in an effort “to achieve [EPA emissions] goals without harming critically important Texas jobs and electric reliability.” The suit seeks to block the cross-state pollution rule for Texas companies, and to grant a stay to Texas companies to prevent them from having to comply with sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions standards by the existing January 1, 2012 deadline.

    But though the company called the regulation unrealistic policy, it also said that it will seek emissions reductions. ”Luminant supports continued efforts to improve air quality across the state and nation,” the company’s release stated. “Since 2005, for example, Luminant has achieved a 21 percent reduction in SO2 emissions, while at the same time increasing generation by 13 percent.”

    Faced with potential economic damage from the cross-state pollution rule and other EPA regulations, other groups have also spoken out for environmental solutions that do not imperil the nation’s economy.

    In Missouri, for instance, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity established a state-level coalition to push for “reasonable environmental regulation that continues the pursuit of cleaner air while balancing economic priorities.” While clean coal has problems of its own, the emphasis on economically sound environmental policies seems to be gaining steam as the EPA steps up its regulatory efforts.

    Even groups generally on the political left have spoken out against those regulations while still noting the importance of environmental concerns. The president of the St. Louis chapter of the AFL-CIO, a member of the Missouri clean coal group, called on the EPA to “consider a balanced approach that gives us cleaner air without sacrificing jobs and increasing energy prices.”

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    28 Responses to Texas Coal Company Announces 500 Layoffs, Sues to Block EPA Regulation

    1. Here's one of Obama's promises…..destroy coal industry! !!!

    2. Sarah Gunter says:

      Lets make some rules to reduce 'government pollution' (or government interference in our states' business) in our nation. Lets send some of them packing and see how they like it!

    3. Bobbie says:

      EPA regulatory efforts amount to nothing but the collapse of the business. Now, get them out!!!! There is no reason of substance that should allow the EPA this abuse of authority and no reason government should be hiding behind them!

      • traitors in our gove says:

        No one is going to stop them, as we are almost at a Socialistic level if not already there.. Obummer will keep on and I bet he will cheat (or do anything) to remain in office so he can put in Sharia law and keep us Americans down…

        Will someone in Congress please stand up and show us you have a spine and are in fact a PATRIOT OF THESE GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA??

        We, "the little people", are getting sick and tired of your job killing, American killing, and Marxist policies…. We are the ones that made this country great, and we are the only ones that can bring it back from the brinks of catastrophe… You are a muslim/marxist that doesn't know the first thing about economics… and it is time we show you…

        First thing the new CONSERVATIVE POTUS should do is kill the EPA (and forget Kindness) second is the complete dismantling of the killer Obummercare….

        then, maybe then we can get rid of the UNIONS and start rerbuilding America.. and one of the processes would be to put Obummer on trial along with Eric Holder, Reid, Pelosi, and of course Mr. assassination insurance Biden…..then and only then will we be able to say America is bacik!!!!!!!

        • Bobbie says:


          the feds are doing much and internationally behind our backs! they need to be abolished ASAP!! America doesn't need a one world government, we govern ourselves!! It's called FREEDOM!!!!

    4. calvin pauley says:

      We are watching in horror as the EPA and it's green communists close down or regulate to shut down industry, regardless of the consequences. It is time for states to stop EPA agents at their borders
      and tell them to stay out or get a blanket party.

    5. Jeff, Illinois says:

      My guess is Luminant was dragging it's feet for years about any EPA compliance and that finally their bluff had been called. I don't believe the government wants any company to be forced into bankruptcy unless their own practices had caused their own demise. I'm guessing there's another whole angle to this story!

      • Chuck says:

        What KoolAide have you been drinking Jeff? Obama, himself has said he is going to "kill coal". As unlawful as ole "blue gums" is about everything else, what makes anyone think this might be the industry's fault?
        I think it is time for each State to close down the EPA and any other federal bureaucracy that even appears to be anti-business or anti-capitalist.
        Lets dig the commies out of every gov't job and clean house.

    6. hubcab says:

      I did ask a dozen Congresmen and some Senators why this? Why now?

      • Joann says:

        Why this, why now? Because he's only got how many months left to destroy this Country before
        Nov. 2012. Isn't it obvious by now?

    7. Dean says:

      CONGRESS: How many times do we, your constituants, have to tell you to defund the EPA? It is the most destructive branch of this loser administration.

    8. Denise Greer says:

      I had a man come to my home last week trying to sign me up with a plan that is a "Government Program". It had t o do with Wind Turbines. He told me he could save me money on my electrical bill, would I be interested? I politely told him NO. He was shocked at my answer and I explained to him when he said "Government Program" he lost me. He then told me that in Texas there would be 2 or 3 plants that would be closing down at the first of the year and that our electric bill would be going up. My response was “Thanks to our Government” have a great day.
      The EPA needs to be dismantled.

    9. Lloyd Scallan says:

      When will everyone understand that the EPA is just another cover for Obama's ploicies. THe EPA cannot and will not act on their own. This agency of the Obama government must follow the directions and instructions of Obama. It's not the EPA that should be sued. It's Obama, but of course that cannot be done and Obama know it.

    10. vicki says:

      Not only the EPA, but the NLRB also – they are way out of control. But, after all it's this administrations job to bankrupt this country.

    11. November 2012 can not get here soon enough. We need to repeal all of these destructive green socialist regulations ASAP. When we replace Obama and get rid of him and all of his left-wing socialist out of all of the agencies, then we can get the economy and job creation back on track. Next we need to pass legislation to either drastically cut back on the EPA and all the other out of control agencies or eliminate them all-together. The only way this will ever happen is to elect the best and strongest conservatives that we can in the White House, Senate and House.

    12. Joetta says:

      Obama said in 2008 that he would put the coal companies out of business with his impossible EPA controls, now we are seeing the results of his intentions; to ruin this country.

    13. smokey geo says:

      the EPA believes in good faith that their ozone transport regulations (recently suspended, by the way), are based on sound science whereby the pollution aggravates real health problems (asthma in particular), leading to economic loss as well. I'll be up front and say I don't have any expertise in this area, ie. of the health effects, but before y'all just give your knee jerk responses and dismiss these contentions out of hand, show the evidence that you're right.

      One thing is clear – without the EPA and the clean air act, instituted by president Nixon, we'd still have lead in gasoline and smog so dense you couldn't see the sun in LA. Just look at the air pollution China has. When I was living in Texas, whenever the air would blow in from Mexico you couldn't get out of bed without choking. Back in 1972, industry claimed they'd be bankrupted by complying with clean air regulations because they underestimated the ingenuity of scientists and engineers in figuring out cost-effective technologies. (one of my late colleagues from ExxonMobil invented the catalytic converter).

      So show the evidence that the air regs don't improve human health enough to be worth it or go back to your caves.

    14. Eric in Atlanta says:

      This just reveals the liberal modus operandi – implement policies through bureaucratic action instead of passing laws via constitutional means. The Constitution grants legislative powers to a Congress of representatives, not to quasi-experts who are basically unaccountable because they are not elected by the people. If the people do not support liberal policies, the liberals just move to implement their agenda through the bureaucracy or via presidential fiat (the Obama Administration's decision to not fully enforce immigration laws qualifies as an example).
      Does it strike anyone else as ironic that liberals call themselves Democrats? That title implies they believe in rule by the people, when clearly they believe in an elite class ruling the people. That view is more reminiscent of the medieval concept: nobles ruling the serfs.

    15. libbylindy says:

      The EPA has one goal. That is to promote communism. Do you really think that they will have all the regulations against themselves when everything is under their control? If you think that, then I have some good swamp land to sell you in Florida. The EPA and obama want things to fail, along with all the other progressives/socialists/communitst/Marxists that are in the current administration. Open your eyes, America. The devil lives in Washington.

    16. David says:

      How much of this problem is Obama going to blame on Bush and his administration.
      Lets see how the media and white house shifts the blame on the unemployment of coal miners and others to the previous administration.

    17. lastry says:

      Why is anybody surprised??? This is what that person in the white house campaigned on. He was elected by people who agreed with him that America should be brought to its' knees. Well "you" people got what you derserve, and now the rest of America will suffer. But that's not your problem, because your now foaming at the mouth to get this person back in the white house. What a terrible waste of human intellect.

    18. Larry says:

      We may not make it to November 6, 2012 or worse still JANUARY 20, 2013!
      As hard as Congress – or at least The House – tries stopping The Obama Administration's Bureaucratic Despotism* is TOTALLY OUTSIDE our Three Branch System!

      How many times has Mr. Obama told us…"fundamentally change America."…"electric prices will necessarily sky rocket"…."you can build a coal power plant but you will go bankrupt"… defying Court orders to keep his drilling moratorium in place. And these only relate to his energy policy!

      I am convinced President Obama means what he says …Rather be a 'Really Good One-Term President".
      Think about how much damage he did to America in one day, Christmas Eve, 2009! How many days to the Inauguration of our next President?

      *Dr. Larry P. Arrn's, Hillsdale College President, description "…stop our sliding into Bureaucratic Despotism which is worse than socialism." emphasis mine.

    19. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Show me where the Constitution, either in letter or spirit, authorizes a bureaucracy like the EPA. Let the states pursue clean air, water and land as technology becomes available not as statists dictate. People will vote with their feet if some states lag behind in the pursuit thereof.

    20. TimAz says:

      It's pretty clear that when a State like Texas demonstrates how to create jobs while at the same time the regime is trying their level best to bring America to economic ruin, while attempting to appear to the gullible as though they are trying to create jobs. Texan's must be punished for their willful contempt of the regime and their policies of instituting socialism through forced poverty upon all Americans. Texan's must be made to kneel to the regime even if that means they must be targeted for economic destruction through any and all govt. agencies necessary to obtain the utopia of mediocrity through socialism. Resistance is futile. Had enough yet?

    21. LuC says:

      Here it is – Obama's Jobs Bill in action! And he's wasting more taxpayer money traveling around the country trying to hype his plan. The man is completely dangerous and everything we learn tells us that we have to focus on getting him and everyone associated with his administration out of office in 2012. I guess this post will earn me a spot on AttackWatch, right?

    22. Fedup says:

      It is time for this federal government to be defied on matters such as this and the NLRB fiasco in S.C. It will probably take a revolution to correct and downsize this monstrocity; it might as well start in Texas!

    23. Coalworker says:

      Texas being thrown into this bill at the last second suggest that Obama fears Rick Perry and resents the fact that Texas economy is in good shape. Obama is playing dirty back door Chicago politics. Maybe some of us should go down to the local unemployment line and ask those who voted for this communist dictator if they would like any spare "CHANGE".

    24. When Obama ran for president he lied to the people of coal producing states like Texas,New Mexico, Wyoming, West Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania about clean coal technology. Now he has sicked the EPA to do his bidding to shut down coal burning power plants after he trashed the Keystone XL pipeline. But then again Barach Hussein Obama II also lied when he debated Hillary Clinton saying that she was for mandatory health insurance and he wasn't. When will the good people of Texas wake up are realized that they were duped? CO2 is necessary for all plant life to produce Oxygen. Obama is either extremely stupid or intentionally trying to take America down as payback for his angry parents. Anyone but Obama!

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