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  • Remembering 9/11: U.S. Senator Marco Rubio

    Reflecting back on September 11, 2001 as we reach the 10th year anniversary of that date, I am reminded – as we all are – of where we were on that day. I was actually a state legislator in Florida, and I was sitting in the Capitol when these events were unfolding. I think even though we knew what was happening was an important moment in American history, it was impossible 10 years ago on that day to fully comprehend the impact it would have on our lives for so long.

    In fact, the last decade has been defined by 9/11, and the last decade for America has largely been defined by the events of that day. So much has changed.  The world has always been a dangerous place, and America and our freedom have always had enemies. But usually it’s been countries and nation states, leaders and armies that wore uniforms, and this changed everything. This was an act of terrorism that actually reached the shores of our country. It’s a deep human tragedy, but politically and especially in global politics, it really redefined the world in a way that we’re going to be living with for a very long time. It reminded us that, even now, there are people all over the world who hate the freedoms that America stands for, that want to impose their worldview on as many people as possible, and they see America as the only nation willing and able to stand in their way.

    What I’m proudest of is that America not only quickly stood up and recovered, but actually went out and went after the people who did this. And 10 years later, the world is still dangerous and there are never any guarantees, but the people that carried out this event and this attack on America are now no longer able to do the things they used to be able to do with impunity just 10 years ago. And we, as an American people, should be proud of what our nation has stood for, once again standing for the values that America has always stood for – the defense of the liberties and freedoms of people all over the world.

    Marco Rubio is the United States Senator for Florida

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    12 Responses to Remembering 9/11: U.S. Senator Marco Rubio

    1. Michael says:

      Very well said Marco, thank you!!!

    2. Martine in Cen Tex says:

      I have been impressed with Marco Rubio since first time I heard him speak. It has given me hope for the state of our politics to see a well-spoken, Hispanic representative from the very liberal state of Florida. Being a conservative from the great state of Texas, I would vote for Mr. Rubio to be president of the U.S.!

    3. Richard Ingham says:

      Thank you Senator Rubio
      to quote George Washington " To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace"
      we must stand united to preserve our Republic, The United States of America!!!!

    4. You are the best Senator Marco Rubio. God bless you and your family.

    5. Joey Cochran says:

      I thank God for you sir and I pray your moral compass stays strong amidst the wolves in Washington.

    6. S Cole says:

      It gives me Heartache to know that there are people in this world that still hate this Great country. The people of the USA have defended Freedom and rights like no other country in the world. For so few to influence so many to hate is Satan's work.

    7. Marijane says:

      And an added reminder: "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatique of supporting it."

    8. Marco Rubio is the quintessential example of what has made America great. The son of immigrants who came to this country to escape communist oppression who wanted to give their children a chance to reach their full potential in Freedom. Marco has served Floridians well in the State Legislature and is serving them again as one of the new conservative voices in the Senate. I believe he would serve all Americans well as the Republican candidate for Vice President in 2021.

    9. Tinker16 says:

      Marco is our new straight talking Senator from Florida. We expect great things from him! Next year, we will send him a conservative to replace liberal Bill Nelson.

    10. T.E. Thieman says:

      Dear Mr. Rubio, I agreee with what you said pertaining to the 9/11 act of War, BUT so was the Pearl Harbor act 12-7-1941!!! The 911 incedent truly had the Wold's eyes on us & wondering what was going to happen next!!!. In the Virginia Pilot Saturday is a story "SHE WAS READY TO DIE TO BRING DOWN FLIGHT 93." Can you imagine how much that told us that she didn't have her Guns armed for any kind of combat nor was her wingman as a flight of 2 F-16's. That in it's self tells me, "our state of readiness" that we really don't have a state of readiness! Perhaps you could share why or if we do have any kind of readiness for the citizens of our ""USA" !!! T.E. THIEMAN, RETIRED EAL PILOT (at least give this some thought beyond getting into office) !!!

      • Bobbie says:

        every thought of 9/11 brings me to tears. the young lady on flight 93 who told her mom "I'm sorry it's going to be so much harder on you!" Oops, crying now, gotta go…

    11. Bobbie says:

      Marco Rubio, a man of intelligence, integrity, strength, dignity, courage and bravery! A beautiful role model for immigrants that are here to live free and make something of themselves!! We're not seeing this desire to live free in immigrants today? No Immigrants should be in America as a burden to society but the government grabbed their hands for government gain!!!

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