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  • Morning Bell: More 'Stimulus' from President Obama

    By most accounts, President Obama’s $800 billion “stimulus” bill that was passed in February 2009 with the promise of keeping unemployment below 8 percent was an absolute failure. However, last night in a speech to a joint session of Congress, the President demanded that it spend another $450 billion on more of the same “stimulus” that has left America with zero job growth and continued economic stagnation. But don’t worry. His top economic adviser Gene Sperling told NBC that this one would likely get us down to 8 percent.

    Despite Sperling’s predictions, there are a lot of problems with the broad outlines in the President’s proposal, not the least of which is the fact that President Obama is insisting Congress immediately pass a bill that doesn’t exist. No legislative details have been offered; nothing has been scored by the Congressional Budget Office; there has been no debate or negotiation; and there is no accompanying plan on how to pay for it. President Obama only promised he would talk about paying for it in the weeks to come, and that onus likely will fall on the congressional “super committee” that was supposed to be focused on reducing our debt.

    “Minor” details such as the lack of an actual bill or money to pay for it aside (or the fact that $450 billion in one year is more than twice as costly as the annual sticker price of Obama’s last foray into stimulus spending), there are serious substantive problems with the ideas the President proposed. Last night, Heritage’s experts provided their reactions to some of those proposals:

    Unemployment Benefits: President Obama wants to extend unemployment benefits yet again as a way to boost the economy. That just won’t work. Heritage’s James Sherk writes, “For welfare reasons Congress wants to help workers who cannot find jobs. This is understandable. That doesn’t mean it will help the economy, no matter how much the President wants it to.”

    The stimulus bill extended unemployment benefits, Congress has kept them in place several times since then, and the federal government has spent over $300 billion on unemployment benefits since Obama took office. It hasn’t stimulated the economy before. It’s not going to stimulate it now.

    Reviving the Failed Hiring Tax Credit: In order to help businesses create new jobs, the President proposed a tax credit for businesses hiring new workers. The trouble is that he’s been there, done that, and it didn’t work. Why try it again?

    Heritage’s Curtis Dubay explains the problem with the proposal: “A credit of a few thousand dollars, a mere fraction of the cost of hiring a worker, does nothing to change that calculation. The only positive effect on hiring the credit could have would be on temporary positions if it makes adding a few new temps profitable in the short term. But once the credit expires businesses will let those workers go.”

    Tax Hikes on Job Creators: Taxing those who create jobs as a way to help create jobs is entirely counterintuitive, but the President proposed it anyway. Even though he has agreed that tax hikes slow economic growth and deter job creation, last night he proposed raising taxes on investors, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Dubay says, “This is akin to bailing water into an already-sinking ship.” And with businesses looking for more certainty, continuing to threaten more tax hikes will only dampen America’s chances of real recovery.

    Infrastructure Banks That Won’t Build the Economy: Throwing more money at building roads and bridges, President Obama tells us, will create new jobs. So he is proposing the creation of an infrastructure bank that would require a whole new bureaucracy. Heritage’s Patrick Knudsen says that increasing spending on these projects “simply moves resources from one place to another — it may employ construction workers, but only by reducing jobs in other sectors.” And taxpayers end up paying the price, all without creating net job growth or boosting the economy in the near term.

    Going the Wrong Way on Education: America’s education system needs less federal involvement, not more. But the President used his jobs speech as a way to shoehorn the federal government further into the education business, proposing that Washington spend billions on school construction and new jobs for teachers. Never mind that since 1970, school enrollment in public elementary and secondary schools has increased just 7 percent, while staff hires have increased 83 percent. Heritage’s Lindsey Burke explains, “On a per-pupil basis, federal spending on education has nearly tripled since the 1970′s.” And for all that spending, Washington hasn’t improved results.

    There’s more the President proposed, as well, but much more he didn’t mention, too. He demagogued his political opponents for favoring smaller government and the “rigid ideas” of what government can and cannot do.

    He presented one false choice, among many, between reducing government regulations and protecting the American people. He also promised to “root out” unnecessary regulations, as he has for four straight years, while only adding more costly rules to the books. He proposed a puzzling plan to allow refinancing of mortgages without explaining the details or who pays for it. He proposed extending the payroll tax “holiday,” which won’t create jobs. He ignored serious ways to grow the economy, like pursuing domestic energy production, which he himself has stalled.

    President Obama has spent two and a half years increasing federal spending, growing government, and punishing businesses with burdensome regulations, and today 14 million Americans remain unemployed. Now the President is demanding more of the same at an even higher price. That is not a plan to create new jobs–that is a politically motivated message that ignores the reality of America’s economic crisis.

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    111 Responses to Morning Bell: More 'Stimulus' from President Obama

    1. Mutantone says:

      If he were to take that amount of money and instead return it to the people in an equal share for each American far more would be achieved with longer lasting results, instead of pandering to the Unions with another failure ready to happen spending event to gain votes

      • JamesDrouin says:

        Obama has hiked taxes 21 times in his miserable 2 1/2 years in office. There's not even a snowball's chance in hell that he's going to return ANY money to taxpayers.

    2. MWC says:

      Not necessarily related – but I've not yet heard much discussion on the "super committee" of, as I understand it 6 republicans and 6 democrats, and it takes a simple majority to pass any recommendation. IS anyone on either side politically concerned that all the other side need do is "flip" 1 vote, meaning to me at least, that it is not really 12 people deciding our fate rather it is a committee of 1?

    3. Beverly says:

      Pass a bill. Then read the bill to find out what is in it. Since this was just a speech, not a written proposal, the house should actually write a bill using legislative language, tell everyone it is just the president's jobs bill and put it to vote. When the bill passes and people subsequently read it, they discover it is everything Republicans have already passed or want to pass such as eliminating and rolling back recent regulations, reforming the tax code and abolishing the EPA, the NLRB and the Department of Education as well as opening up lands and waters for lots of energy exploration and development. They might even repeal the Health Care bill in one well-hidden sentence! Of course the beginning and end would be transcripts of the president's words for those who thought they read it.
      Even Nancy Pelosi can say nothing because she is the "pass the bill so you can find out what is in it" author.

    4. Opanow says:

      I guarantee that nothing Obama proposes tonight will do anything to help. One action that would help is to get the "Government" out of the way and let the free-enterprise system (the greatest system ever invented) work. But what is the "Government" doing instead? Going around raiding businesses like Gibson, rabbit growers, milk producers and lemonade stands and in general being huge impediments to business. Can you blame corporate America for wanting to leave the USA and set up their businesses elsewhere? The "Government" won't even let Boeing set up some of their production in North Carolina, which last time I looked was a state in the USA! Here is another example I just found out about:
      US: EPA has classified hay as a pollutant and requires farmers to store it in pollutant-containment areas. Enforcement is selectively applied against family owned farms and feed lots while ignoring the large, corporate operators. It appears that EPA has partnered with corporate processors to squeeze out small competitors.

    5. Perfectlyaged says:

      Obama keeps taking a sinking boat out into the middle of the lake thinking he can bail out more water than is coming in and still stay afloat! My lawyer told me yesterday that Obama is a brilliant man…now I see two ignorant men…Obama and my lawyer!!

    6. TLC says:

      Heritage – Keep speaking the truth – thank you!! We are in a battle for the hearts and minds of people. We all need to carry the banner for truth every chance we get, with friends, family – our sphere of influence in general. And be on our knees daily – only God can truly set things right – for His Glory and Honor.

    7. Terry Stone says:

      It's sad that a man, especially a President, is so ignorant as not to learn from his own mistakes.

      • FlaJim says:

        The policies initiated by Commander Zero are not out of ignorance; they're by design. He's not interested in getting us out of the hole we're in but he is interested in digging it deeper. He's not American by culture and it's probable he's not even an American. What is not in doubt is that he hates our country and all it stands for and is hell bent on destroying the middle class.

        In his speeches, he appeals to the ignorant and his left wing base of communists and extreme socialists. While trying to sound like the guy who's above it all, he's actually the guy whom most thinking Americans have written off as a blowhard and do-nothing.

    8. Whicket Williams says:

      Are all american brain-dead? Government spending creates NOTHING but DEPT!
      The EPA MUST be reined in.
      Hay is a pollutant?
      Somebody better get a grip soon or you are ALL DOOMED!!!

    9. John D. Schutt says:

      Everyone talks about the PLAN, but unless I was asleep, I didn't hear any PLAN. What I heard was a campaign speech; something like "Give me four more years and everyone will be in velvet." Empty promises backed up by ephemeral plans. This is not a servant of the people; this is a man applying for a job he has no qualifications for.

    10. Phil Grant says:

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

      • Jeff Dover says:

        Yeah, but isn't that why communism never worked? They just didn't get it quite right. But it will work if only someone gets it right! That's the thinking.

    11. THE SOOTHSAYOR says:

      Reports from Skye News London focused on his building fast trains to stay competitive like those in China part of the speech. Skye is, regretably, very proactive for Obama while mentioning the spending will "probably" face resistence from the "Republican Congress". Skye sends up alot of strategic trial balloons before they touch down here.

      • JamesDrouin says:

        To say nothing of the fact that government spending , "targeted" or not, has NEVER boosted the economy.

    12. VC Geezer says:

      For me is was just the same old twaddle and empty promises.
      He kept saying that his jobs plan is paid for. He talked about taxing the "rich" and by closing the "tax loopholes" used by Big Oil. All of the rich and oil companies don't have enough money to pay for all of the government extravagance. Besides, all that will happen is you and me will pay for it anyhow.
      He kept saying, "Sign it now". This is a repeat of Obamacare. "You need to sign it so that you can find out what is in it."
      What does he mean by a "jolt" to kick start jobs? Is this like a defibrillator where your heart stopped and you are going to die unless you get a massive electric shock?
      He also used the word "crisis" over and over, just like his previous campaign speeches.

    13. SoapyJohnson says:

      A reminder, how popular the first stimulus bill was … http://placeitonluckydan.com/2011/03/how-popular-

    14. sdfultz says:

      I have followed you guys for a while and I just don't remember your advice to GW Bush, Maybe that's why he failed so badly. Thanks for the advice to the current President.

      • Allan says:

        I don't really understand the comment about GW Bush. But even more, I don't understand the comment about our current president. He doesn't deserve having his title capitalized. More accurately, he probably doesn't deserve the title.

      • Morning Glory says:

        You are so wecome. Just wish this current pretender would LISTEN to us!! Too bad the tables aren't turned and Bush had this present bozo-in-chief to blame for all the ills of society, natural disasters, and an attach on the US like never before……………..but, Bush would never do that………..he happens to be a REAL man, not a wanna-be~

    15. Dan says:

      After three, seemingly longer, years of do nothing, he now proposes as reelection nears more government spending. Reminds me of someone who has ignored the pinhole size of a leak in their boat for several years and now when he wants to sell it rushes in to fix it. The main thing wrong with this idea is the hole is now half the size of the boat and the method first tried is an even worse idea.

    16. foundingmama says:

      The new proposal was not only economically flawed (and I am speaking as an employer and business woman) but also philosophically flawed. The President stated that it is and has been the job of the federal government to provide "security" for the people. Untrue! The government that has the power to provide economic security for the people will also have the power to take away their freedoms. People who want security from the government has relinquished their freedom AND my freedom.

    17. johninohio says:

      I am sure that everyone on the left would agree with the following statement: The purpose of government is to assure the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

      But if your policies are designed to do good for a minority (extended unemployment benefits, mortgage assistance, welfare) at the expense of the majority, how does that not fly in the face of that 'hallowed' principle?

      Does this mean that the unfortunate few should be neglected by the successful many? No, it just means that it's not the government's duty to provide charity. And since charity is a religious sentiment, separation of church and state demands that it be in the hands of the people, not government.

    18. Camille Cowlishaw says:

      The President clearly spoke to the Unions in his speech when he referred to the jobs of teachers, infrastructures, etc. This was another campaign speech.

    19. Jim says:

      Obama needs to resign! The market would jump a thousand points in a day with the threat of his failures gone!

      • Great-great granny says:

        AGREE 100% – Hate to think how much deeper in this hole we will be by the time America wakes up & GETS HIM OUT OF THERE!!!! It's a SAD, SAD, situation America has permitted to happen :-( :-(

      • Lala says:

        That's the truth

    20. Robert says:

      This president, an inadequate piece of affirmative action, has promised rooting out waste and spending money wisely for years. When Obama speaks of "Stimulus", I suggest that listeners have a shovel ready.

    21. Ed Soon says:

      I have two observations to make: The "non-stimulus" proposal offered by President Obama appears to be very similar to the stimulus bill passed in 2009. It protects government jobs, union jobs(Davis-Bacon for infrastructure jobs), and the unemployed at the expense of the employed. It does very little to encourage long term economic growth. Therefore, it does very little to promote job growth.

      The Federal Government spends $25-$30 bln/mo interest on it's debt. Most of the cost of this "non-stimulus" proposal could be paid "out of pocket" if the National debt was not so high.

      Ed Soon

    22. Ray Reed says:

      Last night's speech was just a campaign speech intended to maneuver the Republicans into a politically disadvantageous spot. The President is trying to set himself up as "for jobs" while at the same time trying to make the Republicans look like they are "against jobs."

    23. Ed Soon says:

      I have two observations to make: The "non-stimulus" proposal offered by President Obama appears to be very similar to the stimulus bill passed in 2009. It protects government jobs, union jobs(Davis-Bacon for infrastructure jobs), and the unemployed at the expense of the employed. It does very little to encourage long term economic growth. Therefore, it does very little to promote job growth.

      The Federal Government spends $25-$30 bln/mo for interest on the national debt. If the national debt was not so high, we could pay for this "non-stimulus" proposal "out of pocket".

    24. kaydell bowles says:

      President Obama said it was an urgent time, an economic crisis, and a politcal crisis, Yet he failed to deliver a plan that we can debate or even discuss. He did ask Congress to pass this bill. What bill? He mentioned the people he wanted to help–the teachers, union workers. government workers and yes the veterans. This is nothing more than a campaign speech to set up the Republicans and TEA party to demonize them as obstructionists and their fault if not done in a timely manner for he said it was urgent.

    25. KC - NM says:

      There are both good and bad points from Obama’s campaign (jobs) speech. The turn offs were the 17 “pass this bill now” since this is what the liberals did with Obamacare. Remember Pelosi stating that we needed to pass the bill to find out what was in it! There is no guarantee on how this bill will be paid for since the money will need to be borrowed to fund it. Another turn off was cutting SS payroll tax which makes no sense when the SS system is already lacking funding. Obama made a reference to big labor – this is not acceptable since the unions have already hurt job growth. Get rid of the Hoffa influence! Local government aid is also a turn off – this just continues to add to the size of government with more government employees. The roads, schools, bridges are government-owned so how will the funding really benefit workers? Finally, getting a tax break because you hire someone who has been out of work for over 6 months does not help the business focus on getting the best new hire. Good things – employer tax cuts, reducing the corporate tax rates, and unfortunately extending the unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits need to be conditional and controlled.

    26. Eileen says:

      This is the typical devious way Obama conducts business. He can't provide us with any new ideas or constructive plans because he doesn't have any wisdom or compassion for helping others by giving them autonomy and freedom at the same time. He wants to control it all. With this as his real hidden agenda, he will ruin it for everyone. There he goes again – making Congress do the hard work just to shoot down their ideas and/or ask for more money. His goal: being the one who says the last word so he can blame everyone else by saying "you rejected my ideas." Selfish ideas they are – no wisdom, no accountability, and no transparency.

    27. JCED says:

      These articles are written as if Obama is just ignorant and isn't purposefully bringing our government down. Our discussion about how to rationally right our economy is pointless because Obama and his handlers do not have the same goal as we do.

      • LibertyAtStake says:

        Amen, brother.

      • Jeff Dover says:

        I agree. It's not a matter of policy for us, it's a matter of what to do about it. We're analyzing policy day in and day out. We need to analyze all available methods to stop what these people are doing.

    28. Ed Soon says:

      I have two observations to make: The "non-stimulus" proposal offered by President Obama appears to be very similar to the stimulus bill passed in 2009. It protects government jobs, union jobs(Davis-Bacon for infrastructure jobs), and the unemployed at the expense of the employed. It does very little to encourage long term economic growth. Therefore, it does very little to promote job growth.

      The Federal Government spends $25-$30 bln/mo interest on the national debt. If the national debt was not so high, we could pay for this non-stimulus "out of pocket.

    29. azwayne says:

      He is very careful to write nothing down, never leave evidence any where. Have to record and lock up copies of video.

    30. Jeff Dover says:

      Obama and his Democrat cadres in leadership are socialist fundamentalists. As such, the baseline in their thinking is that capitalism is wrong and that the state should reign supreme — that is assuming they're not also wondering how much they can personally steal. So, commensurate with that understanding, we see their nostrums. They grow government at every opportunity and in all situations, see government as the solution to the problems they view as posed by capitalism in a free society. It's really not hard to figure out.

      What is hard to figure out is where are we going to find true leadership to counter their control? Barring Reagan's terms, we've seen a procession of weak Republican presidents –Nixon, Ford, Bush and Bush. Even Geo. W. Bush, who had a majority in the both congressional houses, did little to roll back our slide into socialism. So who do we go for to get the right leadership and vision? It can't be the doctrinaire Romney, who would bring credentials to the office similar to those of G.W. Bush. Perry is still an unknown, but looking at his resume, he has never been in private business, which leads me to wonder how he'll be able to know what is good for small businesses and what is not. How will he know if what his advisors are telling him is true — unless they too come from a small business background. Let's face it, folks, every large business was once a small business. That's where they come from. Ultimately, they're more important than the large ones. The people who run the small businesses are more important too. By the time a business is huge, it's bureaucratic and can basically run itself. So, as impressive as "big business" credentials may be in a candidate, what do they really mean in terms of his understanding of "business"? Perhaps not much. So again, who among the candidates has that mix of vision, altruism and a first-hand understanding of small business with the fearlessness to put on the blinders and get done what needs to be done? It might be a woman. It might be a woman the Republican Party needs to find it's conjones. Whoever it ends up being, if they don't have the attributes mentioned above, it's unlikely that we'll get done what has to be done to stop the authoritarian socialist fundamentalists and their theft of our heritage.

    31. Roger Rutschman says:

      The Heritage foundation says, “Taxing those who create jobs as a way to help create jobs is entirely counterintuitive…” That isn’t what the President proposed. Almost all small business net earnings are between $31,000 and $75,000 a year if they are profitable. The President’s proposal doesn’t start till a business earns $250,000, a far cry from $75,000. As a small business owner employing more than 200 people I never got close to $250,000 in net earnings. It is time someone speaks up and calls this what it is, a lie.

    32. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      RIDDLE: What happens to a drone or Obama supporter who loses $100 at a horse race?? ANSWER: He loses another $100 on the instant replay!! LOL!! Of course, that makes as much sense as anybody who was really impressed by BHO’s speech last night. Face the truth!! BHO has already squandered trillions, and what do we have to show for it?? NADA!! Nothing, except more debt which future generations will be stuck with. And as usual, he suggests higher taxes on the rich. Absolute nonsense!! Just the class envy game in action!! Whether it’s on your Form 1040 or not, anyone who pays taxes will pay for Obama’s failed policies. As the Great One said last night during the speech, didn’t BHO promise the same things 2 years ago?? And why doesn’t BHO suggest free market solutions, individualism and getting government out of the way as a better alternative?? If the GOP picks the right nominees who are effective campaigners (those who will emulate Ronald Reagan as opposed to RINOs, wimps and Republicrats), I’m convinced there could be a landslide GOP victory in 2012.

    33. Bobbie says:

      deregulate the excess and unemployment would come down at no cost or reason to increase taxes on Americans! simple!!!!! Get rid of corruption and special interests spending with accountability and the deficit would correct itself…

      Many solutions without the need to punish the people with higher taxes and increase government incompetence!

    34. Texas George says:

      I dont have a job ,,, I am retired and draw less than the amount paid for longer unemployed.. How about the people that he has screwed with his stubid "big deals " that he has planned for some body else to take the blame for. I paid in for 50 yrs or more and am tired of going broke to support this stupid commie president. HIs policy has cost me 50 % of what I was going to live on and he blames it on my ways of life.. Because I got old and need medical help now he takes that away as well. Dont any of you libs try to tell me he didnt do that as I have done seen the big finger screwing into my health care.

    35. James Hart says:

      What would you expect from a person who we do not know if he ever graduated from college let alone law school. He has had one job for 1.5 months (probably let go when they found out he had no law degree. His only clain to fame is being a union organizing thug in the Chicago area, no great accomplishment!

    36. MNJ says:

      I agree w/ JCED – every move O makes is to consolidate control of everything. He has no intention of every helping job creators, making us energy independent, or improving our schools. He (and his cronies) honestly believe they know all the answers.

      Every top person in history who has believed they have the perfect solution eventually discovers they are dispensable. It's the damage they do to millions upon millions of others in the meantime. The totalitarian mindset fails.

    37. Edwin says:

      We keep underestimating Mr. Obama and his advisors. They know exactly what they are doing. If the Left cannot get their way then they prefer to leave chaos. People keep assuming they care about the USA as most Americans do. They truly want change. They want to change America forever. So Obama fails to get re-elected and the Democrats lose the Senate think of how long it will take to fix the mess. If the Republicans immediately begin trying to repeal everything done in the past five years the unions, the community organizations, and the media will be in the streets. Most people forget that the Democrats have ruled Congress since the 2006 mid-terms. So they have had five and half years to create chaos, not just three and half.

    38. ESC says:

      Empty words again! When will Americans stop rating the Presidnet on eloquence and start listening to what he is actually saying? Thank you, Heritage Foundation, for clarifying so many issues of our day!


      I am a little sick of Obama glorifying his Good Buddy, the magnanimous Warren Buffett, in his speeches on "fairness" and " sharing' the pain of this recession. Perhaps Prez Obama should read his Wall Street Journal more carefully in the morning; Berkshire-Hathaway owes corporate back taxes in the hundreds of millions of dollars and his unpaid tax liability dates back to 2002– as I recall from a recent article. Dragging the union bosses around for cover (and inviting them to his so-called performances) only reminds us how unions have pretty much destroyed our economy and competitiveness.

    40. LibertyAtStake says:

      Yeah, sounded like he was recommending the "hair of the dog" as a remedy for a bad hangover. Get ready for an extended hangover.

      d(^_^)b http://libertyatstake.blogspot.com/
      “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    41. Gene says:

      The way I read it … it's one last gasp at trying to keep the wolf from entering the door. Nothing wrong with trying. But, our "capitalist system" has failed. Trickle down economics didn't work. I see this as a watershed moment … we will have to become more socialistic or drown. At least for a time. Fighting words for some I know. Me too. The only economy we've known is the free enterprise market based ponzi scheming winner take all economy. And, we can count on the following socialist programs to help keep us out of harms way while we struggle with the issue: our Armed Forces, the Police & Fire Departments, and Homeland Security, not to mention the FBI and CIA.

    42. TimO says:

      Desroy America with their own money. What a plan. I love this country.

    43. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Maybe Heritage should send a copy of the Constitution to Obama, he's to "Protect us" as in a Nation, not destroy the Country. It is not the job of POTUS to provide jobs BUT to create an inviorment for jobs to florish and he has done the exact oposite. He has made us weaker, not protected our borders, angered our allies and bowed to our enemies. He has said in his book that he would side with Muslims if he had to choose, Wake up America, if you don't you will be serving under Sharia Law.

    44. toledofan says:

      The irony is that until Obama is voted from office little will change. This speech was one of the worst in terms of saying anything new and actually rehashed the same old stuff we heard in the original stimulus and it clarifies, even further, the actions or non actions are by design to bring America to her knees. What is sad is that some people actually believe what he proposed would work.

    45. leftshot says:

      Excellent analysis as usual. However, I think you overlooked the biggest deception of all. You wrote this as if you seriously believe this was President Obama's Jobs for America Program, when in reality this is President Obama's Keep My Job Program. It's easy to see that the real motivation behind each of his proposals is to buy votes, not create jobs.

    46. F.D. O'Toole says:

      And now, he departs on another taxpayer funded campaign tour to tout his "plan."

      Doesn't seem fair that we all fund his campaign.

    47. William H Hooks says:

      To: Congress

      Please show ME, where it is legal for the Awesome 6 and Now the Dirty Dozen to set a Policy for the American People.!!!

      > Constitution of the United States
      > Article. I. Section. 1.
      > Section. 7.
      > Section. 8.
      > I cannot find it, and I feel You All are Breaking the Law of this Land.!!!

    48. I wonder if President Obama worked with his economic super team to come up with his new economic policy?

    49. leftshot says:

      One more addition to your job analysis. Last time I checked, public sector unemployment was 3.3%. So why would you spend money to create jobs for teachers and the people who maintain our roads, when that is one of the few sectors with full employment?

      The answer of course is that like everything else, President Obama's proposals have nothing to do with getting the economy going and creating new jobs and everything to do with trying to save his own job.

    50. Ben C. says:

      This is the most transparent administration yet. It is completely clear that Obama's motivations are defined by his actions. He is sending us down the path of self-destruction. However, listening to Col West Labor Day on CSpan cemented my opinion of this Congressman. He has my vote for President. Sadly, not this election cycle.

    51. Harry Adams says:

      Our presidents goal is to bankrupt America – he has not produced any reasonable solution to any problem our nation is faced with. Everything he proposes is counter- productive.

    52. Robert says:


      How many times is Obama going to try to sell us the same approaches that have failed miserably? guess as long as there are people who will fall for them.

    53. We cannot afford four more years of this administration.

    54. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Obama is a joke, but a bigger joke is everyone who believes the lifer-Republicans or Democrats are any better. Heritage can buddy-up with all the 'conservative' lifer-Republicans, attend their functions, write their press, but if any politician has been in Washington for 10+ years they are part of the problem…not the solution.

      Keep supporting them Heritage and watch your credibility soar…the wrong way.


      You don't have to run this by the thought-police censors…I know it will not be printed.

    55. JohnL2 says:

      Hoo Hum!! Thought it was de-ja vu, but Obama really DID say the same old thing! A few things did have some merit, but have already been proposed by the GOP in Congress but tabeled in the Senate! As for Medicare and Medicaid, BOHICA!!!
      Unfortunately, we wasted another hour listening to the rhetorical BS of Obama's pep rally with absolutely NO particulars…….those will come in 10 days………and THAT is a definite MAYBE!!!

    56. doc-polymer says:

      As a business owner/ceo it is my responsibility to bring programs to our board for consideration. The programs have to be detailed on their effects on the company and where the money to pay for them will be generated. If I presented what Obama did last night I would be laughed out of my own company. His "PLAN" lacked any of the components of a true business plan and no justification. It was simply another campaign speech aimed to shore up his union support.

    57. Mark Buchner says:

      If someone brought me a contract, and within the span of 45 minutes, told me to "sign it now," I would run as fast as I could. Never mind the fact that the contract hasn't been writen yet, or the details will come in the weeks to come, or the fact that the money to pay for it would come from a committee that hasn't even met yet. As Bugs Bunny once said, "What a moroon." I can't wait till Jan '13 to get rid of this bunch.

    58. Bill says:

      Since 1970, school enrollment has increased 7% but federal spending has increased 83%. Think of all those jobs supplied when the Department of Ed was created under Carter. I guess they kept building the bureaucracy as if the inflation rate under Carter had continued. We DO have to be aware of the new federal programs like Heather has two Mommies and Science (which used to explain how God works) trumps all God no matter what your idiot parents say! Let's hire back those union teachers (and I am a retired teacher in a right to work state….different creature).

    59. VIC B says:

      You'll have to admit that our president gives a great 35 minute speech about the contents of a box not yet opened by anyone other than his immediate staff. It's obvious to the most casual of observers that he used his position to make a reelection speech using taxpayer money – shame on him. Based upon his speech and promises of "Jobs", if those with common sense don't support his administration's not-yet-revealed act, they are anti-american – more politics. I'm pleased to note that there are some President Obama supporters who comment on this website no matter how misplaced their loyalties might be and their lack of understanding of the economy and the intent that the founders of our constitution had for our great nation.

    60. steve h says:

      It's sad so many have been duped to think the recovery act/stimulus was a failure. I wish more folks would open their eyes to the facts instead of buying into these flimsy arguments made repeatedly by heritage and conservative news channels/websites. If you look at the direction the country was in pre-stimulus to where it ended up, no sensible person would call it an absolute failure. To see the increased GDP, the increased job numbers – sure it did not stay below 8% – but it absolutely added jobs (going from losing 750,000 a month to adding 100,000-200,000 a month – and you call that a failure), to looking at the stock markets double in value, to household worth shooting up, etc… But we have so mnay that will just attack anything the rpesident does – no matter how much he turns around the dismal economy he inherited. It's fairly easy to see by the comments, most folks just regurgitate simple sayings and don't want to look at facts and evidence. Sad for the future of the country and this anti-science, anti-intellectual push going on.

      • JudyM says:

        Failure does not even begin to explain the presidency of Barack Obama. He is simply incompetent. Two million jobs have been lost under Obama but you say we are adding 100K to 200K a month. Did you hear this on MSNBC? We still have over $400K people a month registering for first-time unemployment benefits. Obama wants to return political payoffs to teachers, police and other unions and could care less about secretarys, construction workers (in my area they are all illegal), grocery store clerks, accountants, etc. The only jobs he does care about are unionized. Why don't people in local comunities concentrate on their own police, teachers, etc. — the Feds should butt out. Please concentrate on Obama's character rather than the color of his skin. He cares ONLY about his reelection and little about our country. He is a fraud foisted upon us in an American-idol-like campaign. It will not work a second time.

    61. Gene Adamusik says:

      Our national wealth (Stock Market) has decresed by approximately 30% since 2008. Our national debt has increased has by over 40% in the same time period. The solutions proposed are an insult to the people of the USA and Obama has become a political joke and disgrace to the office he was electred to..

    62. Big Pa says:

      His stiulus reminds me of the old carpenters joke." I cut a board and it was too short then I cut it again
      and it still was too short."

    63. Irma from MA says:

      What I find irritatingly curious is that Obama is always going to present a plan "next week" and "next week" never gets here! The Emperor had no clothes, and Obama has no plan (other than the destruction of America)!!!!!!!!!!!!

    64. HARRY SNYDER says:

      The Obama/DNC cabal is in full campaign mode 14 months before the 2012 elections. This "Son of Stimulus One" is a campaign promise paid in advance to attract union (especially Government unions) voters plus the unemployment check recipient vote, and encouraging his left-wing supporters. The DNC and BHO will pull out "all the stops" in trying to save him from his errors and destructive policies. Voter fraud and potential disorder or riots are possible, if not probable. Targeted programs to but votes can be anticipated, also.

    65. Nancy says:

      Nancy's plan for reviving the economic engine of the United States of America:
      1. Lower corporate tax rate to 15%
      2. Repeal Obamacare and Dodd Frank.
      3. Offer amnesty to American tax dollars currently residing overseas. if you bring it home, you won't pay more taxes on it. Currently corporations have to pay taxes in the country the money was earned and then if they want to bring it home to invest in their business they have to pay taxes again!
      4. Implement the Fair Tax
      5. Fire Obama, Pelosi, Dodd, Frank, Waters, and the rest of the communists!
      6. Fix the border.

      Economy fixed. The American dream; fixed. Our pride and willingness to work hard; fixed.

    66. Irma from MA says:

      (—prior comment didn't get submitted—) What I find irritatingly curious is that Obama is always saying he will "present a plan next week" but "next week" never arrives. The Emperor had no clothes, and Obama has no plans. I respectfully suggest that he has no idea WTF he's doing – not only can he NOT submit a plan on paper, he mispronounces words he reads on the teleprompter (remember "corpse men" instead of "corpsmen") or the fact that he was completely unaware that there is no such language as Austrian! Of course my favorite is when he said he had "visited 57 states SO FAR" and even though he would not get to Alaska or Hawaii, he still had about 4 to go!!!

    67. CJM says:

      It is clear that there should be NO MORE STIMULUS MONIES expended to any business, corporation, bank, mortgage lender, et al. As a matter of fact, since the banks are NOT using the monies as directed (but are sitting on it while it generates massive monetary increases by virtue of interest gained for the respective bank, mortgage lender, et al), and corporations/businesses are NOT providing the jobs they were supposed to generate, then all recipients should be ordered to return the monies WITH INTEREST. This would significantly reduce the debt and put those businesses–whatever it is that they pedal to the public–where they belong. Obama claimed he had a solution for the job market–and failed to present it. What he has done is to expand his tax and spend agenda as far as he can take it. This inept fool who considers himself to be the President of the United States is anything but—-IMPEACH OBAMA for his direliction of duty, failure to support the US Constitution, and a multitude of other highly questionable acts.

    68. Ellis says:

      Mike Brownfield’s critique of President Obama's proposal offers no suggestions for improving the current economic situation. A critic, to be credible, must offer valuable counter proposals. Unfortunately, the problem that plagues America today is that pundits and politicians are engaged in tearing down one another, without understanding the intertemporal consequences of their current enmity.

      • leftshot says:

        Actually, there is plenty of suggestions for improving the current economic situation on the Heritage Foundation site. They just didn't try and cover everything in a single article. (Which is good. It would have been really really long.)

      • Nancy says:

        Read my reply to this article. I have a proposal! Also, if you pay any attention to HF at all, you'll see they have a lot of proposals and plans. You failing to do your homework and be a critical thinker does not translate to HF not credibility.

    69. GDRN says:

      My "Hope and Change" is that the American people will never again let our "Lame Stream (totally without credibility) Media" tell them how to vote. America, do your own homework, think for yourself, and never let this catastrophy happen again.

    70. LAURIE says:


    71. Donald DaCosta says:

      President Obama knows he has the unwavering, sycophantic support of every liberal communications network, Hollywood, academia and most of the popular press. He gives no thought to what is good for America, a country that he quite likely despises. His only goal and overriding purpose is to demonize, denigrate and blame the opposition for whatever failures he creates or has created so that he can have another 4 years to complete his promised "transformation of America," the transformation that is the opposite of the one he allowed everyone to assume was his intent in the 2008 run up.

      If the Republicans remain as clueless as they've so far demonstrated themselves to be Obama will successfully paint them as "obstructionists" determined to prevent him from succeeding in his "glorious quest to save the working man" from the "disastrous policies" of the Bush administration. Note how often he prefaces his teleprompted sermons on the mount by mentioning how tough it's been "over the past 10 years," the desired implication being the unprecedented difficulty he inherited.

      If we've learned nothing else over the past 10 years it's that, in the absence of any credible rebuttal, the electorate is vulnerable to the persistent repetition of the bald face lie. That credible rebuttal is conspicuously but not mysteriously absent from the most popular prime time news networks.

    72. G. R. Jarvis says:

      What and where is the plan from the other side of the isle? Reduce taxes for the wealthy? Reduce funding for Social Security and Medicare? Continue fighting these ridiculous wars that cost us all billions and I am not sure protects this country from harm. I basically agree with most of your critique on the President's speech but criticizing a plan or saying "NO" all the time does not solve the problem.

    73. concerned says:

      I disagree with the "president," re: his stimulus bill of $400,000,000+ to
      create new jobs! Where is the money??
      However.I would like to hear the Republican's answer to this proposal.
      His previoue bills have been nothing but failures.
      Just what makes him think this additonal spending is going to be any better?
      But.we do need an alternative plan, and I would like to hear it!
      Was his speech just a campaign speech? I think so!!
      He is becoming very desperate! I do think he needs a 6 or 9 year REST!!!
      It appears to me that Einsteins therory applies here!

    74. concerned says:

      Concerned's correction!
      Sorry,forgot a few dollars! Many dollars!!!

    75. Elaine says:

      Thank you, Heritage Foundation for stating this so clearly. I feel that the House should just "pass" all of Obama's crap and let the chips fall where they may. His plan is not going to work, but the Republicans WILL get the "blame" if they don't pass it. I believe that is the Dem plan and with the help of the liberal media, it will ALL be the Republicans fault. I say let it be clear that the Republicans did not stand in the way of Obama's big plan. Let it be HIS.

    76. Mike Sheahen says:

      Ah Obama, as shown by "More 'Stimulus' by President Obama", at least we can count on him to say and do anything for his agenda to grab and increase government power (which, as Thomas Jefferson said, and our Constitution was designed and written to remedy and limit against, decreases liberty), including through dangling token "goodies", demagoguing and pandering, all in the “bribe the people with their own money” way, and otherwise doubling down on subversive, insane and unsustainable government deficit spending and debt. So of course what Obama “proposed”, as in demanded in his “my way IS ‘compromise’” all or nothing presentation, is all rather evidently, and would again prove to be, designed to promote dependence upon government and create ever more dependants upon government.

      But of course who cares that "As government power grows, liberty decreases" as Thomas Jefferson said, and that "Those who surrender liberty for a little (imagined) security, deserve neither and will lose both" as Benjamin Franklin said?

    77. Dan says:

      The man hates America and is doing everything he can deliberately to destroy it.

      I just hope we actually have a set of elections in NOV 2012, and that it is tolerable fair.

    78. Sandra/Texas says:

      This speech was about building the unions on the backs of the tax payers. Nothing new–more funds for teachers (union); more infastructure jobs (unions); more police/firemen (unions). This didn't work with the first stimulus, but here we go again–same song, different tune. By the way, who will write the bill?? — the union leaders??? Interesting. Will we have to wait till it passes to read it?

    79. Morning Glory says:

      I have the utmost faith that our POTUS will do exactly NOTHING that is necessary to help the citizens and EVERYTHING he can to help himself to another term in OUR White House…..he's a squatter; he abuses his position time and time again; he spends OUR money as if it were going out of style; he never practices what he preaches. Time for this loser to GO BACK TO BANKRUPT STATE OF ILLINOIS and live under Rahm……………

    80. Lala says:

      The governement is going to get unemployemtn under 8 percent!
      Yeah, right! What are they going to do? Pay the people who calculate the statistics to lie?
      Every time the government get involved in something the result is bad. It always leads to problems and fruitless expense.
      Our government is filled with contemptable cheats and liars.
      You can't believe anything they say.

    81. GEORGE says:

      He may be right, but it is easy to tear everything down. I would like to hear some idea of what he proposes

    82. auhunter says:

      Cutting the unemployment rate by 1.2%, wow, what a deal, that is using his figures. Withe actual unemployment rate at about 16%, counting those not on the rolls anymore, that would take it down to 14.8 %, with more being added every day, in addition to all of those that have extensions pending. Total insanity, which according to Einstein is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Wake up "President 0" if nearly 900 billion didn't do the job, what in hell do you think another 400 billion is going to do other than get us deeper in debt. You can't spend what you don't have.

    83. Roy Hale says:

      I don't understand how our people can have ANY KIND OF KNOWLEDGE and still be in favor of this clown. He is destroying our nation and should be IMPEACHED! We are in serious trouble and he is the perpetrator. He should be tried for treason.

    84. oscar lopez says:

      same old bullshit from an arrogant person.He would do this country a big favor if he resigned.

    85. Michael says:

      When we are tired of being a gimme, gimme, society maybe a real leader will emerge and say KIDS!
      IT IS TIME for you to get a JOB, move out and fend for yourself. The financial state of this Country is a nightmare. So be it, if to save a great Nation of people, we must kick some kids to the street because mommy and daddy can,t afford to keep you in cigs, and materialistic items you want. I drive thru the city I WORK in and see the welfare state. If you have been on the teet for 20 years and , IN THIS COUNTRY!!!
      Have not done anything to support yourself or better your position, you are either lazy or lazy. I will not help you! Figure it out!!!!!
      We need a president that will get rid of this big GOV. that is making LAZY citizens and get regulations off our back, then we the WORKING AMERICANS will do the rest.

    86. Barbara says:

      It might be that Obama is in a hurry to get this new $450 billion Jobs Bill rolling in order for it to be used to pay the salaries of union workers. This happened with the $800 billion stimilus in 2009. The union jobs were funded and protected – teachers, government workers, etc. Then these union job holders will continue to pay their union dues and the union dues will continue to be funnelled to democrat politicians — especially Barak Obama. He can use the money for the current campaign for the Presidency.

    87. Mike, NC says:

      Ah Obama…we can always count on him to say and do anything for his agenda to grab and increase government and government power, including dangling one or more token "goodies", demagoguing and pandering, and otherwise doubling down on insane and unsustainable government deficit spending and debt, all to get people surrender freedoms to dependence upon (and thus control by) government.

      So of course what Obama “proposes” (as in demands in his “my way IS ‘compromise’” way") is all rather evidently designed to do so regardless of what and how it costs us, the people in businesses, jobs, liberty, security, and more.

      Of course, evidently according to the way Obama (and other “Progressives”, etc.) talks and acts, we, the people, aren’t supposed to know and care that "As government (power) grows, liberty decreases" as Thomas Jefferson said, and that "Those who surrender liberty for a little (imagined) security, deserve neither and will lose both" as Benjamin Franklin said.

    88. Jack D Bear says:

      He kept saying "pass this bill" – What Bill? He would have the Congress vote on his phantom bill right then and there with no scrutiny of its benefit and flaws. One of the Fox News pundits stated he quit counting the number of times obama said pass this bill at 15; I did not – 21 times he blurted out those words expecting some glorious response, like what, a standing ovation? Each time he regurgitated one of his edicts from his socialist spend and tax bill I put the dvr on pause and jotted down my own first impression. I believe in the final analysis there is no way to pay for all his "new" recycled programs without impacting the nat'l debt.

    89. Kinderlynn says:

      Spending 450 billion dollars to pass a bill to create jobs truly feels like the wheels of prudence are spinning out of control, yes Obama does have good intentions; however, it looks like he is team captain of a white house team that is not workng with him to find the right solutions. Handing out money to corporations and individuals through stimulus blank checks is not working- create opportunity where individuals including corporations can work under fair conditions, lower tax deductions to offer and incentive to work more and to drive business back to US soil.

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