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  • Morning Bell: Five Ways to Create New Jobs in America

    Two years ago, President Barack Obama was bold in his optimism for job growth in America, promising that his stimulus spending plans would create 3 million jobs by the end of 2010. It didn’t work, the Obama jobs deficit now stands at 6.7 million jobs, and tonight the President will present a jobs plan chock full of new promises. Unfortunately, that plan appears to be a retread of the same policies that have blocked job growth in America.

    The good news is that there is another way, and there are things the President can do to pave the way for businesses to create new jobs.

    1) Do Less, Not More: For the last two-and-a-half years, we have seen the federal government spend more and regulate more. Instead, the government should step back and free America’s businesses to grow, thereby creating jobs. Heritage’s J.D. Foster writes:

    At this stage the primary focus should be on government doing less to the economy in its attempt to do anything to spur recovery. The basic strengths of the American economy remain undiminished and undamaged by recent events. What is lacking is not smarter nostrums from Washington, but a chance to breathe, more clarity, and a respite from the flurry of “do somethings” that have spewed from the nation’s capital.

    2) Restore Confidence, Eliminate Uncertainty: One of President Obama’s favorite talking points is that wealthier Americans should “pay their fair share” of taxes, threatening to raise rates on small businesses and investors. That rhetoric might play well in populist circles, but his calls for the redistribution of wealth at the expense of the most productive elements of the economy has a real cost–provoking uncertainty.

    The President should stop proposing tax hikes and instead focus on instilling confidence in the economy. He can do that by pressing Congress to make current tax policy permanent or, at the very least, extend current policy until the economy returns to near full employment.

    3) Get Spending Under Control: President Obama has tried massive government spending to stimulate the economy, and today we’re seeing the results. Deficits, 9.1 percent unemployment, 14 million unemployed, no new jobs created in August, and a reduced credit rating.

    Instead of more spending, the President should focus on getting spending under control, reforming entitlements, and setting the United States on a fiscal path with greater economic certainty.

    4) Eliminate Unnecessary Regulations: In the first six months of the 2011 fiscal year, 15 major regulations were issued with annual costs exceeding $5.8 billion. Since Inauguration Day, the Obama Administration imposed 75 new major regulations with annual costs of $38 billion. The regulations that are on the books–and the ones that are yet to come–drive up the cost of doing business, discourage investment, and leave businesses waiting on the sidelines until they have more certainty about their future. Instead of regulating more, Washington should end the regulatory assault, eliminate unnecessary regulations, and free our businesses to grow and create jobs.

    5) Repeal Obamacare: The President’s signature health care law brings with it more spending, costly mandates and regulations, and higher taxes, all of which weigh heavily on individuals and businesses. Repealing Obamacare would go a long way toward getting America back on the job creation path. Heritage’s Nina Owcharenko explains:

    Obamacare is perhaps the most damaging of the Administration’s policies that are impeding the country’s recovery. At a time when there should be a focus on cutting spending, reducing regulation, and lowering taxes, Obamacare does the complete opposite. It spends more, imposes costly new mandates and regulations, and raises taxes on individuals and businesses. This is no way to get the economy up and running again.

    Today, there are 1.7 million fewer Americans working than when the President’s stimulus bill was enacted. Bigger government did not deliver on the promise of creating more jobs for Americans. And though many on the left see an even bigger government and more spending as the cure for America’s stagnant job growth, that simply has not worked. Instead, it’s time for the President and Congress to look away from government–not toward it–have Washington get out of the way, and allow job growth to return to the fruited plain.

    Quick Hits:

    • Attorney General Eric Holder claimed Wednesday that neither he nor other higher-ups at the Justice Department had prior knowledge of the massive Fast and Furious gun-running operation within his own department.
    • Three men were detained in Kashmir today as part of India’s investigation into yesterday’s terrorist bombing that killed three and injured 74 outside a court in New Delhi.
    • Forces are closing in on Libyan dictator Muammar Qadhafi and have him surrounded within a 37-mile radius, according to a spokesman for the new Tripoli Military Council.
    • California taxpayers could be on the hook for $65 billion to fund high-speed rail from San Francisco to Southern California, despite the fact that the state is already broke.
    • 9/11 Video: As Americans prepare to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorists attacks, it is vitally important that we remember to stay the course in the war against terrorists. Watch our latest video.
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    71 Responses to Morning Bell: Five Ways to Create New Jobs in America

    1. Jeff, Illinois says:

      Hey . . I know . . let's condemn the president's job plan before he even delivers it. Yeah . . that's it . . that's patriotic . . !!! We already know the GOP plan . . we had that for eight years previously . . and the country slid into a deep recession . . losing 700,000 jobs a month . . Not to mention being thrown into two unpaid for wars . . where 3000 plus of our men and women have been killed. Oh . . but of course our president did everything wrong in Libya . . because he used a coalition and not one of our service men has died. But, back to economics . . of course the stimulus plan did nothing for the auto industry . . !!! We've had trickle down economics, where the wealthier pay almost nothing . . where were the jobs?? Where are they now, with the lowest tax rates for the wealthy in our country's history?

      • The Skip says:

        Did you seriously say the rich pay "almost nothing"????? The top 10% of the wealthiest people pay more than 70% of the federal income taxes. Oh and 51% pay NOTHING. The unemployment rate is higher than its been since WWII. Also, this wonderful president of ours had a democratic majority in congress that passed anything HE wanted (notice the HE, not we) and that has made us spiral out of control. The nearly $1 Trillion stimulus that was going to fix all the countries problems has been a monumental failure. GM is headed back to where they were. Ford can't open plants in the US because of all the regulations. The "infrastructure" he speaks of, yea that was in the first stimulus, look at how great that turned out. Please, tell me all the fantastic things this man has done for our country. Get a clue Jeff and stop drinking the cool-aid.

        • Mark says:

          If you take into account state taxes,sales taxes, local taxes. excise taxes and social security taxes the wealthiest americans actually pay less as a percentage of their income than someone making 100K or less.

      • Al from Pittsburgh says:

        Jeff you are one stupid human! this economy and the debt belongs to your beloved marxist and chief! George Bush did start spending at the end of his term but has not been President for over 3 years and you still stick to the company script and your figures are just a bit off. the deep recession you speak of was by and large caused by the likes of Barney Frank and his crowd who committed bank,securities and mortgage fraud and literally brought the real estate industry down in historic fashion. Your President then slaaped the American public with unheard of and UNREAD YES I SAID UNREAD ECONOMICALLY CATASTOPHIC HEALTH CARE BILL with more debt than George Bush and every other President befor him combined!! How do you expect the economy to turn around with this pathetic excuse of a President getting in the way of th entreprenuers, and business etc…of this once great country.

        • Jeff, Illinois says:

          Al, putting aside your ignorant personal attack . . If you keep watching Faux News you'll never awake from your programming!!

    2. Lloyd Scallan says:

      I'll ask the question again. Assuming Obama was trying to destroy this nation by destroying our economy,
      what more could he do? Nothing! He doing all of it now.

    3. victorbarney says:

      Are you serious?

    4. Fred Pechin says:

      I have to agree with all that you have written but would like to see a flat tax. Say 15 per cent with no loopholes for the people who can afford lawyers.

    5. barack says:

      For all those leftist millionaires and billionaries like Soros and the freaks in Hollywood who think taxes should be raised on "the wealthy," there is nothing in the law that prevents them from donating all the money they want to the Treasury. Let's see how many of them belly up to the bar for that.

    6. L.Wolfe says:

      Great article! Boy, I hope our President receives a copy of this.

    7. marilyn says:

      drop the salaries and benefits of those in congress. it is high time that they feel what every other american is going through. we are enabling them, and until that happens, so will big government continue.

    8. Whicket Williams says:

      Five Ways To Create Jobs In America
      1 Cut the size of Federal Government.
      2 Eliminate the FDA (they are more destructive than helpful )
      3 Curtail the size and scope of the EPA
      4 Reduce the amount of money used by homeland security by 50% and return the cash to the people.
      5 Remove the impediments to producing energy domestically.

    9. Frank says:

      I strongly agree with all 5 points put forth by Mike Brownfield above, the trouble is, Obama won't do them. Obama (whether out of blindness or maliciousness, I'm not sure) will continue to destroy America with his big government Keynesian economics… New Deal Phase II: redistribute the wealth & over-regulate to death. It didn't work for FDR back then, it won't work today. Permanently cut taxes & drastically shrink the size of government, balance the budget, cut regulations, end the corrupt Federal Reserve & return to sound money. No more "bailouts" or "stimulus" spending. It will be painful as Market forces exert themselves in the short run, but once worked out, recovery will be fast & there will be good long term gains with increased jobs, productivity & taxes (despite the cut in tax rates). We also need to dump our complex tax code for a simple new tax system. I kind of liked Mr. Cain's "9-9-9" Plan. Sounds like it could work.

    10. Robert, TX says:

      All good ideas, but if the government wants to produce jobs it can do so with three strokes of the pen:
      1. Open up ANWR and offshore Alaskan drilling – result 750,000 new, high-paying jobs
      2. Build the Keystone pipeline – result 250,000 new, high-paying jobs
      3. Re-open the Gulf of Mexico to drilling – restoring another 250,000 jobs
      4. Actually commit to $65 billion in new, real, highway, road and bridge jobs – result 2,000,000 direct jobs
      Why do republicans hate road construction? Wasn't Eisenhower the one to (correctly) propose building the interstate highway system? None of the $800 billion, so-called stiumulus actually went to ANY new road projects. It's not about jobs – because the fix is easy – especially if we had any patriots in the House.

      • Jan, VA says:

        @Robert in Texas:
        Republicans do not hate road construction! Republicans hate allocating billions of dollars for road construction, only to find out that the money was spent, but little or no road construction took place. You said it yourself with your own comments:
        -"actually commit to.."
        – "None of the $800 billion…went to ANY new road projects."
        – "so-called stimulus."

        Those are the reasons Republicans do not want stimulus spending. If the money really went to road repair and construction, we would probably support it. But who can honestly support a program in which the money is allocated for one thing, but just disappears. Remember "Shovel ready jobs weren't so shovel ready after all" followed by laughter,

    11. Jim Morgan says:

      Your points are well made. However, I believe that at least one more should be added to your list and that is the Cap and Trade Bill which has been passed by the House and needs only the Senate's approval to wreak additional havoc on the economy.

    12. Liberalsownfalsehood says:

      You forgot a 6th, Drill here, drill now. Never mind the eco-zealots and global warmers. We need jobs!

    13. RogCol says:

      It has been noted on several occasions as to the number of jobs lost due to the onerous regulations set by governmental agencies. That is factual. Why not reverse or delay any job destroying regulations until the economy recovers. Event this will take time to have effect and the jobs will compound as they jobs return. Severely reduce corp taxes to bring entrepeneurs back the the US and stop wasting money on green jobs, invest in research, not in a technology not ready for prime time. Get the cash sitting in foreign nations back home by a temporary tax "holicay". In a couple of years, we would be moving again.

    14. albo says:

      You forgot the most obvious one… replace the CEO.

    15. B. GREEN says:


    16. KC - NM says:

      While I agree with the 5 items listed, I think we need to do the following as well: 1 – fix the tax system and invoke a flat tax where everyone pays based on income, no deductions, no exceptions. 2 – reduce the impact of the unionization attempts to dumb down private business. 3 – elect real leadership into Washington on both parties that really give a darn. 4 – pay attention and address the majority of America and disregard the far left and right groups who are out-of-touch with reality.

    17. The Farmer says:

      Hello!!!! Anyone awake out there?
      Jobs has never been Obama's goal, his goal is to destroy America, and as long as he is not being called on it he will accomplish his goal.
      Neither party will do much of anything to put America on track to restore our Country, they see the public thouth as a slush fund that they can use against the other party in an attemp to retain office.
      SINGLE TERM LIMIT maybe 6 or 8 years but only one term!
      Divided government would soon thankfully vanish from the scean!
      The Lord says a house divided WILL NOT STAND, what about that don't folks understand?

    18. Jim Delaney says:

      Tragically, I fear Obama and his Progressive minions have bigger plans for this country than merely remedying its economic woes. "Fundamentally transforming the United States of America" remains his single-minded ideological goal. He's not dumb, so what other plausible explanation for his destructive actions could there be? Forewarned is forearmed.

    19. victor hamel says:

      I often wonder, why isn't anyone in the position, to do so, come out with the real reason that nothing seems to help, no matter what our President does or trys to do.to help our sinking Country, do you suppose that the last thing He wants, is JOBS?, Would you?, if your goal was Destroying the Economy of the U.S., and allow the New World Order to take us over, think about it.

    20. A perfect example of the crazy Obamacare regulations: I own a pharmacy and have a hospice as a client. The hospice asked for some advice on compliance and reimbursement issues – easy questions to answer for us. Unfortunately, I had to tell them that we couldn't help them…neither for free nor for pay because doing so would violate the Medicare Waste, Fraud and Abuse statutes. They weren't very happy. Laws like this are absolutely ridiculous and we must navigate this nonsense every day.

    21. Bobbie says:

      excellent and doable, TODAY! Here's one other. Get the government out and stop the president's abuse of authority. we want the productive and respectful, America BACK!

    22. chatmandu002 says:

      Obama is tone deaf and can't hear anything but his liberal/progressive/socialist heart saying to him. "More income redistribution, More union jobs, Bigger government."

      • Steve says:

        Obama may be dumb, but what is wrong with the IVY League republicans, who cant think of better ways to reduce the deficit and increase jobs. Jobs are a national priority, If have any suggestion on how to increase job please contribute, this is discussion forum not the congress.

    23. Karen says:

      I you leave something alone, sometimes things will happen like it is supposed to on it's own. It is like the man who decided to help the butterfly out of it's cocoon. While he was trying to help he unknowingly interfered with the natural process of the butterfly's emergence. He actually hurt the butterfly as it's wings were damaged and it could not fly! This is a lesson the government should adhere to. LEAVE IT ALONE!

    24. ClydeB says:

      Every suggestion you make is good, just ineffective in solving the real problem. All of them combined miss the mark. To restore US manufacturing jobs the trade deficit must be addressed.

    25. deleted700641 says:

      Another home run article; I think this article should be sent to every congress person and every govenor. I mean, when you put things into perspective, it really isn't a daunting task to fix what ails us. It's not like we're on our death bed awaiting a new heart; our heart is strong and we've gotten an infection that can be easily cured with a good old fashioned home remedy called common sense. I guess that's the major problem that has to be over come, the difference between those who actually want to fix things and continue creating a nation like no other and those who see a uthopia where life is perfect and everyone in it must be happy and everybody, except those in charge, must just do as they are told.

    26. Neil H says:

      All that's needed to fix our unemployment problem is to have Mr. Obama and his partner in crime, Mr. Biden, resign. The stock market would shoot straight up, the uncertainty would be gone, Obamacare would be repealed and the hiring would begin.

    27. Curt Krehbiel says:

      All of your suggestions are economically valid. They do, however, run counter to Obama's agenda to establish a socialist order. Obama must be defeated at the ballot box in 2012!!!

    28. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      The only way you are going to do anything positive for our Country is to impose Term Limits on Washington elected officials. Make the position a part-time position and eliminate all pensions and perks. One other thing, have Heritage stop supporting the life-long politicians and begin a process to be independent of the political system.

      (Again, I know this will not make it to the public comment section.)

      • Robert, TX says:

        The best way to impose term limits is for US to vote these liars out of office – all of them. We need to stop asking everybody else to do something for us – and start doing it ourselves. FIRE CONGRESS! The best term limit is to vote in somebody new – preferably an independent, libertarian or Constitutional candidate.

    29. Steve says:

      I understand that one of the tenants of the speech is to position stimulus money to give to States. That would be used to maintain employment for State Government jobs.
      That runs counter intuitive to creating any new business climate. I generally perceive government workers as non-producing for the most part.
      This appears to be more support for Union Labor. State employess are part of a Union.
      That is buying votes, similar to the Union bail out at GM and Chrysler, once again buying the votes of Union Labor. Thoses industries should have gone through restructuring in an official bankrupcy filing. That would have legally allowed those companies to renegotiate labor contracts. Most likely those contracts would have created a much better balance of wages, benefits and retirement plans that are more in line with an open market.
      I also believe the infrastructue labor will be performed more by Union workers, Teamsters and the like, for the most part. Again this appears to be vote buying stimulus money for the most part.
      We should not have a 'Stimulus Lite' plan.

      • Jeff Dover says:

        In most any form, "stimulus" is a failed idea which should be dropped forever. The economics of it simply don't work. It is counterproductive to draw money from the economy — like taking a sick man's blood — and then washing it through Washington's "skim" machine prior to redistributing it. Further damage is done by then giving it to dead-end public employment projects where the money is spent and not allowed to make more of itself or to companies making products no one cares about or wants — which is probably why the company needs the money anyway. No "stimulus" of any kind. At best, it's failed. At worst, it's theft and a scam.

    30. William says:

      Good post, I have a question since Obama became President he averaged over 500K a week getting unemployment checks since then the last 20+mos he has averaged over 400K a week and I am pretty sure that is on the low side. That would total over 64 million that at one time or another have collected unemployment checks. I cannot believe that there are only they say 14 million unemployed, It doesn't make sense. The federal government has grown 35% since 2007 cut it back 15% immeidately and stop the 7% increase built into every budget! 416 limos the federal government has at 3.4 million a limo a year. Cut them out. Then cut the dept. of education and dept of transportation to 51 employees, one for each state and a MGR. Return the funds from the states back to the states dollar for dollar and let the states take care of education and infrastructer of the roads and bridges.

    31. Glenn says:

      I agree 110%!

    32. Earl Harris says:

      The best way to put Americans back to work is to "buy American". If we would stop buying cheap Chinese made crap and buy quality American products, this alone would help get Americans to work once again.

      • Lodewyk says:

        If quality American made goods were available I would buy them!! At present only Automobiles and some appliances are made here, Try computers, phones, socks, Tee shirts etc. etc.

    33. Paddyo says:

      I See where Eric Holder also denies targeting Gibson Guitar Company. Yeah right.
      Gibson donates to Republicans not Democrats. Obama says reward your friends and punish your enemies and this guy expects to be believed? Congress should look into this Administration's war on American businesses!

    34. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      Think about it. Except for drones, does anyone really want to hear BHO’s speech on jobs?? We already know what he wants – to squander a lot more money (which we don’t have!!) on his failed policies of the past 31 months. In fact, it appears he wants to add another stimulus/porkulus bill of up to $1.5 trillion to the existing failed porkulus bill of 2 ½ years ago!! And we hear the administration now believes unemployment could remain above 9% beyond the 2012 election. Instead of empty meaningless speeches by BHO, we should request explanations as to why the first porkulus bill failed to keep unemployment no higher than 8% as they promised!! LOL!!

    35. Curt Krehbiel says:

      All of your suggestions are economically valid. They do, however, run counter to Obama's agenda to establish a socialist order. Obama must be defeated at the ballot box in 2012!!!

    36. Jeff Dover says:

      The idea that "the wealthy" of any description or parameters should be held to a different standard than any other citizen is anathema to me, and should be to any right-thinking American citizen. After all, if individuals can be singled out for different treatment for taxation, why can't they be singled out for different treatment in other areas, as the Jews once were in Germany and other nations? Further to that, why should success be punished? If anything, the wealthy should be singled out for tax breaks because it is they who largely create employment opportunities and furnish the nation's economy with the most liquidity!

      The word "fair" — a perfectly relative term having meaning only to the person using the term — should be scrapped in talk of taxation, and left on playgrounds where it belongs. We're adults, living in a country whose founding principles include "equality under the law". A higher tax rate for some is not "equality". At any tax rate, universally applied, the wealthy will pay more in absolute dollars anyway. So, let's get to that point with a flat tax and zero deductions for anyone for any reason. Any citizen of this country should pay some tax to help cover the costs of running it. No one should have a free ride. That's "equal". When people are driven by "equal", no one needs to ponder someone else's definition of "fair".

    37. Wayne Peterkin says:

      The points in this article are true and good. However, the article is based on an assumption that I think is flawed. It assumes that Obama wants to improve the economy. I have a different take. I think Obama is following the Cloward and Pivens economic model to fundamentally transform America. I think he wants to make people think he is doing what he can to improve things in the hope he can fool them into voting for him again, all the while undermining this economy with continued massive government spending, more onerous regulations, and higher taxes if he can get them. I think Obama's actions belie his rhetoric. He smiles, shakes hands, says his concerned about creating jobs, while killing jobs as fast as he can. Con man extraordinaire! All in the name of socialism. He is not incompetent. He is an enemy of this nation.

    38. Bob Ulrickson says:

      A suggestion for your already thoughtful rhetoric: "cost-provoking uncertainty" makes it sound like businesses are uncertain. Uncertainty is not the problem. We have become certain that the Obama administration has done, and will continue to do the wrong thing for this economy. Every proposal ignores "the forgotten man" and costs both government and businesses more; whether it's over-regulation, Obamacare, energy policy or tax policy.

    39. Tony Centore says:

      With regard to Item 4 Regulations, if the President proposes to slow down new regulations Americans should ask that all new regulations from the start of the Obama administration be repealed or voided out. He should not be credited with taking a small step to reduce regulations on job growth. The entire term of the president on regulations is a disaster and letting him turn a new page now would let him get away looking like a man of change. Deregulate his entire term and all the regs they have put in place. No credit for now getting on the wagon and reining in regulations.

    40. Liz says:

      How about number 6: Secure the borders and deport illegal immigrants Wow look at the millions more jobs available once they are gone.

    41. Carol M Kite says:

      Off topic a little, why is Pres Barack Hussein Obama thinking for one second of leaving a mere 3000 troops in Afghanistan, further endangering their lives with sadly adequate protection. I despise that we've been at war so long but either leave them safer, always in question, rather than less safe. Just get them all out of there yesterday!

    42. Robert says:

      When this president speaks, it is a very good idea to have a shovel ready.


    43. Mike Sheahen says:

      Evidently wishful thinking and writing continues as if Obama (along with other such government power growing and grabbing, vote-buying politicians) will listen and heed as if not deliberately ignoring and doing, in true Borg-like "Resistance is futile" style, for a collectivist Marxist/Communist/Socialist/Progressive agenda, by design, and purposely, as even he, himself, notified us when, amon other things, he said "fundamental transformation of the United States of America".

      Well not only is a definition of insanity "continuing to do the same things, expecting (or claiming) different results", as Obama does as he evidently continues, and makes it evident that he will continue, doing the same things, such as foisting and inflicting insane, unsustainable government power-grabbing and vote-buying spending and debt upon both current and subsequent generations, but another definition of insanity, or at least of futility, is continuing to wishfully speak, think, and write as if Obama will listen and heed as if he is not deliberately doing as he evidently is doing and will continue to do.

    44. Ed Angelo says:

      Mr. Brownfield and others commenting, please cut the garbage about "redistribution of wealth" and socialism that supposedly President Obama is trying to foster.

      The only redistribution of wealth that ever occurs in this country is the never-ending flow of more and more wealth to the greedy rich and super-rich–aided by our laws, fueled by our tax code, and supported politically by the zombies on the right, drunk on the koolaid the rich ply them with. Wake up!

    45. Mike says:

      Evidently wishful thinking and writing continues as if Obama (along with other such government power growing and grabbing, vote-buying politicians) will listen and heed as if not deliberately ignoring and doing, in true Borg-like "Resistance is futile" style, for a collectivist Marxist/Communist/Socialist/Progressive agenda, by design, and purposely, as even he, himself, notified us when, among other things, he said "fundamental transformation of the United States of America".

      Well, not only is a definition of insanity "continuing to do the same things, expecting (or claiming) different results", as Obama does as he evidently continues, and makes it evident that he will continue, doing the same things such as foisting and inflicting insane, unsustainable government spending and debt upon both current and subsequent generations, but another definition of insanity, or futility, is continuing to wishfully speak, think, and write as if Obama will listen and heed as if he is not deliberately doing as he evidently is doing and will continue to do.

    46. Eve says:

      Ohh nice…..this king wanna be wants another stimulus…when the first one didn't work…..and wants us to pay less in social security…when ss is already going bankrupt! Nice going…….more bankrupting of America and Americans……..the pupil of G Soros and Jeremiah Wright certainly follows in their footsteps of hatred……….and more unbmployment benefits………where is this money coming from? Ohhh wait I know…..all of us taxpayers…………………thanks again obama!

      NOPE in 2012!

    47. Jeff, Illinois says:

      The wealthy are not just smarter and harder working individuals . . many are "positioned" to take greater advantage of the American and World economies . . That's why a bit more from them is reasonable. On the flip side . . the poor or working poor are not dumber, lazier individuals . . but they are not positioned to increase their wealth to any appreciable degree. The Bible says to those who have been given much, much is expected. It's not about singling out . . . . it's about responsibility.

      • Bobbie says:

        Oh Jeff, that's so sweet and thoughtful. But in opposition, the poor are inspired by opportunities of America to earn wealth using personal drive and ambition. For what reason is there to take more from the wealthy? Because government can? Why? The wealthy weren't given their wealth as you suggest. They worked for it! While government attacks them, what makes you think it isn't going to trickle down? And why won't you see the poor can work for it just as hard as the poor before them did?

        The bible teaches inner strength and encourages that in the weak. Unlike the American government using the distorted mind set to cheat some out of their wealth and personal achievements to give to others the government deems inferior, will actually abolish the opportunities and destroy the mind's initiative in being personally responsible.

        In America people had the equal opportunity to "work to prosper" as the "bible" tells us. Now the government unconstitutionally steals it from those that took the opportunity by free will while depriving personal dignity, potential, wisdom and opportunity from those the government stole it for. Could be in a different book but the bible promotes amongst many other positive things; personal dignity, strength and wisdom! Inalienable rights! Until government dictates their authority taking away the reasons by government doing everything we can do for ourselves…

        The government like evil, mocks the bible. Unless the government is encouraging individual freedom and personal responsibility, the government does not EXEMPLIFY the true bible!

        Only evil steals from the rich to keep the weak happy, held back from their personal dignity.

    48. Wallace Hoffman says:

      I agree with all of your suggestions. Let me add another that is most important: The United States should develop all forms of energy production through our existing natural resources, in order to become energy independent. Of course, we protect the environment but also eliminate restrictions that presently preclude development of existing and potential resources. Energy independence is economic strength. Energy dependence is economic weakness, and also political and military weakness. Keep our petrodollars within the United States and open up another million jobs in energy production.

    49. Mark says:

      The Heritage Foundation needs to support the FairTax.

    50. Sue says:

      It may not do much but it would give Americans a real boost that their legislators are on our side – cut their salaries, like most or ours have been! Even 10% would show us that they feel our pain!

    51. Mike, NC says:

      "'The rich' should pay their 'fair' share", as in "'The rich' should pay more" (to quote Obama and others)?…simply because "their", and for that matter anybody's income is more than anybody else's, and that's the "progressive" attitude to have and way to go?

      Ok, let's look at and actually think about that, considering the following:
      The top 10% of earners have already been saddled with 70% of Federal Income Tax, yet top earners are the target for new tax increases, but the U.S. tax system is already highly progressive.
      In fact, the top 1 percent of income earners paid 38 percent of all federal income taxes in 2008, while the bottom 50 percent paid only 3 percent, and 49 percent of U.S. households (which are not "the rich") paid no federal income tax at all…And those numbers have only been made worse under Obama.

      Question: What's "fair share" about that, besides nothing?

    52. Bobby B. says:

      All of these are well thought logical points to improve our economy and stimulate job growth. Are we to believe that Obama is inept and has no grasp of what he's doing. When he stated that his goal was to "fundementally change this country", did anyone do the research to see what he meant? I have done research checking his past, although much of it is well hidden. His background,and friendships should have been a red flag to voters. Unfortunately, many people bought in to his catch phrases and well crafted
      scripted speeches. If you read The Cloward/Piven Strategy you will see that our President is following an agenda that doesn't bode well for this country.

    53. Ray says:

      Affirmative Action Reversed

      How about this…. Let's start a "Positive Response Program" (PREP).

      Goes like this…

      Let's tell all of congress, the president is also included in this PREP, that…

      OK folks… go home, don't do anything while you're there, don't call anyone, talk to anyone, do any planning, just act like you're already retired… cut the grass of something. Don't come back! We don't need you… or want you…

      Leave it up to us, we'll take care of everything from here. Also, don't worry, we'll pay you your full amount, along with all of your benefits, IF, you'll just stay home! OK?

      Guaranteed it'll be cheaper and we'll make more progress doing nothing than they are doing…. doing something!


    54. Joan D. says:

      You guys are putting your heads in the sand again. Do nothing, that's your plan. Try telling that to the Americans who have worked all their lives and have lost their retirement savings, lost their homes and are now working three minimum wage jobs to feed their families. Corporations are making runaway profits and no new jobs are being created. Do you want to explain that. No regulations on the banking and financial services industries is how we got into this mess in the first place. You are shameless and clueless

    55. JSNYC says:

      RE: Excellent 5 points – but you forgot to ad CUT

      Q. Don't you want a WHAT TO CUT suggestion box on your website – or a bumper sticker w. email address to send suggestions to?

    56. J. Sartain says:

      So, I'm watching TV, and see people in China buying cars with cash. Of course they are. That's where all of our jobs went. And, we can not bring them back. The companies realized that there are so many more people in China to sell to, and China wont let them do it, unless they have their plants over there.
      Solution? Start back up the businesses that left, with NEW companies.
      Advertise these companies as 100% made in America, and say in the ads that buying from OUR companies is what it will take to put us back on top.
      Of course, our own government regulations caused the other companies to leave, so they will have to fix that. And, we can't have unions, because it costs the companies too much (ex. paying someone 85 thou. a year to pull parts, and giving them full benefits). I think if a person has a lower paying job, they should have medical and other benefits, but at some point ( over 30,000 a year), they should be required to buy their own insurance, and encouraged to save their own damn money. So, at that point, it would be cheaper for companies to pay more, and let us be responsible for ourselves.
      We should also stop giving life sentences to criminals and just give the death penalty. Free up the prisons and money spent there.
      We can also stop giving hundreds of thousands a year for some idiot to study why monkeys throw poo at each other.
      Also, for every useless government job that we should eliminate, we can create a replacement job, investigating every illegal who has 2 S.S. cards and is drawing double welfare benefits.
      Then, mandantory sterilization of welfare moms after the second child.
      As we are doing this, we should slowly stop importing useless plastic crap from other countries, and create out of steel as we used to. Things used to last more than one persons lifetime, and now most stuff becomes garbage within a year.
      And, yes, a straight tax so everyone pays equally according to their wages. Then, the government can create more jobs tearing down junk buildings and houses and replacing them with something inhabitable.
      Oh wait, these things actually make sense. So, they wont consider it.

    57. Mark Wisler says:

      History of the Individual Health Insurance Mandate, 1989-2010

      Republican Origins of Democratic Health Care Provision

      Heritage Foundation's 1989 report is considered to be the conceptual origin of the health insurance mandate.

      The concept of the individual health insurance mandate is considered to have originated in 1989 at the conservative Heritage Foundation. In 1993, Republicans twice introduced health care bills that contained an individual health insurance mandate. Advocates for those bills included prominent Republicans who today oppose the mandate including Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Charles Grassley (R-IA), Robert Bennett (R-UT), and Christopher Bond (R-MO). In 2007, Democrats and Republicans introduced a bi-partisan bill containing the mandate.

    58. This author is a koch sucker, The private sector and dinosaur industries are responsible for all these woes… repressing technologies, securing their monopolies, buying regulations etc.. ofc you can say the top 10% pay most the taxes.. they've extracted the entire wealth of the nation and the % they pay is peanuts to what we all would pay collectively if we were allowed livable wages.

    59. ironman820 says:

      So you think that businesses should continue to move their plants and employment to overseas nations and third world countries so that we can wait to sell them as cashiers and waiters? Doesn't anyone want to be the plant managers, engineers, and creators of our own products anymore?
      What happened to "Made in America?" OK.

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