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  • County Subsidizes $500,000 Homes Under 'Affordable Housing' Banner

    Fairfax County, VA, has used taxpayer funds to subsidize “affordable housing” in luxurious housing developments where homes retail for more than $800,000, an investigation by Virginia’s Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy has found. The affordable housing units are reportedly worth about half a million dollars each – more than six times the average value of the 3,600 affordable housing properties managed by the county.

    There are housing developments in Fairfax County where subsidized homes have sold for about 16% of the cost of the “normal” home in that development.  Where there are $860,000 homes, the county has required “similar looking” homes to be built and forced to sell these for only $145,000. What kind of market priced home is there anywhere in the county for $145,000?

    Although a little smaller than the “big homes,” and with less expensive interiors, these “affordable homes” in high priced neighborhoods are not an incentive for the subsidized homeowner to ever move out.  Why should someone want to better their life in order to buy a “nicer, better, bigger” home in a quiet neighborhood with a good school when the government provides them the opportunity to live in a luxury community or a nice apartment/condominium without having to make much money at all?  This can only be described as “subsidized luxury.”

    Reacting to the study, the Chairman of the county’s Board of Supervisors deflected:

    Responding to our study and Supervisor Herrity’s trumpeting of the issue, the Chairman of Board of Supervisors, Sharon Bulova, tried to defend these luxury housing residences by saying the overall program provides homes for lower income people (she did not respond to the issue at hand which is the three luxury communities in the study),  that the alternative would be “pockets of poverty” in Fairfax County for those served by the housing programs (the alternative is not that – the alternative is to use more modest homes and condos in the program), and that the monthly fees pay  for grass cutting and  snow removal (again she avoids the issue altogether of our taxpayers paying up to $6800 a year according to the county auditor — $2100 more than our study found — for gold-plated amenities like resort grade swimming pools, billiards rooms, office suites with computers and printers, etc ).

    County Supervisor Pat Herrity (R) ordered the county’s independent audit, and has called for Fairfax to “revisit our housing policy,” the Washington Examiner reported.

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    6 Responses to County Subsidizes $500,000 Homes Under 'Affordable Housing' Banner

    1. gary says:

      good way to drive the working people out of the workforce since they make too much money working to qualify for subsidized luxury housing. Now, we could say poverty has provided an incentive to never work – other than – and have move into where those working class slaves live.

      But I/m wealthy worked hard, saved, risked starting a business which created jobs and paid 865,K for my home. Tried to sell it and never go an offer over $250K because of the 5 subsidized homes around me oh, and a registered sex offender lives in one of those homes. What a great experiment – working fools lose money and the non working leaches sell and get $hundreds of thousands free – socialism at its finest – It works until other people's money runs out. Who said – this is a STICK UP!

    2. Jeanne Stotler says:

      what ever happened to buying what you can afford. We ought out first house in Pimmit Hills in 1954, cost 11,500, In 1963 we bought an older bigger house in East Falls church/Arl side. !972 we moved to Fla. 1988 I moved back here rented for a year then bought a house in Dale city, 1997 we bought out present house it's the largest of any of our houses and we have a livable mortgage as well as low rate. If one of our neighboring houses went to subsidized I'd put this on the market so fast. It's not fair that people work to get ahead then the county says you must have low cost housing in your neighborhood so as to bring your property value down. P.S. we made money on all but the last house and our fla. home, still own house in Fla. a son lives there and we bought other house on a high market and just broke even on it.

    3. Bobbie says:

      this blatant attack on the responsible has got to stop. 500,000 dollar homes affordable? what kind of government authority is sending mixed messages of irresponsibility is that!? My God! Get the abuse of government's discriminative, bias racist behavior out of our house!! There is affordable housing according to the income of the interested!! How dare the government intrude to give more! It's unfair and extreme! People getting their way paid being made exception to by American leadership? that's not AT ALL what America stands for!

      It's extreme and indignant of the American government to act on pity of people with special costly favors and benefits when there is nothing to reflect people can't make their own decisions and take responsibility for their own lives. Nothing to reflect people can't learn and live by the same rules regarding matters that effect us all! LIKE HOUSING! Everyone has a right to buy a house that can afford one. Everyone has a duty to figure it out for themselves without tax payer paid, obama given bailouts. Nothing else is relevant but the ability to afford until this disgustingly rude government decided to discriminate and favor stealing the hard earned money of the dignified. lets see the faces of those getting more then they can afford helping themselves to public funding! Lets see the faces in public to who the government unethically favors!

      the display of discrimination and favoritism by bending rules everyone else follows and are personally held accountable, is obviously not acceptable! LAWS ARE EQUALLY APPLIED AND HAVE TO BE ENFORCED THAT WAY because it effects the economy everyone lives in!

      How are the property taxes determined in these subsidized luxury government tax paid homes and if the people can't afford the homes but are made exception to having, are they actual "owners" at someone elses expense with unfair increased burdens of the claimed owners responsibilities? It's not the role of government to exploit inferiority amongst Americans. If you can afford a home you have a right to buy one. If you can't you have no right cheating Americans because of your government induced self-pity! Pull up your own pants! this is America!!!! where freedom exists, personal responsibilities have to be met by the person not the government!!! HAVE SOME DIGNITY!!!!! Quit taking part in destroying America!!

      Please American minds of government, correct this disgrace…

    4. FedUpMan says:

      Subsidized govt. housing is a codeword. Lets just say my neighborhood changed. Things disappear from yards etc. Cars get vandalized. Three blocks from my house homes have been broken into. The value of my house went from $329k to $71k, what I payed for it in 1985, and I don't think I could sell it for that now. Only 7 of the original owners from 1985 ish are left on my street. The needs of the many have screwed the needs of the only people left on the 2 blocks. To say my world has changed is an understatement. I can't afford to move so we are stuck.

    5. jack says:

      Think about this the next time you pull the lever for a Democrat Board Supervisor in Fairfax County. Democrat Gerry Connolly and Democrat Sharon Bulova have controlled Fairfax County for well over a decade. They wasted the tax revenue from the boom in real estate cowtowing to illegal aliens, letting the developers over build residential without proper road building to keep up. Is the quality of life better today than it was 10 years ago?

      Keep rubber stamping Democrat supervisors and expect more of the same. Vote independent, republican, martian, just don't vote for the establishment again.

    6. Orimark says:

      Yeah Jeanne Stotler , I truly agree with your opinion. Thanks for posting your valuable suggestion !

      Keep it up!

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