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  • What Does the FBI Worry About?

    An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack is one of the “huge” potential threats that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) worries about. At least that is what Art Cummings, a deputy assistant director in the agency’s Counterterrorism Division, told Ronald Kessler in an interview for Kessler’s new book The Secrets of the FBI.

    An EMP is a high-intensity burst of electromagnetic energy caused by the rapid acceleration of charged particles. The burst causes disruption of an electromagnetic system and fries electronic devices within its line of sight. Depending on its intensity, an EMP could instantly send the United States back to the 19th century. An EMP is one of the results of a nuclear weapon explosion, but non-nuclear weapons and geomagnetic storms can cause it as well. Despite the FBI’s recognition, the United States remains largely unprotected from the effects of an EMP.

    The most effective way to cause an EMP is to detonate a nuclear warhead at a high altitude. A ballistic missile could be the means for such an attack. Iran and North Korea possess ballistic missile capabilities that would allow them to target the U.S. homeland and U.S. allies in Europe and the Middle East. North Korea has nuclear weapons, and Iran is well on its way to obtaining these as well. The Russian Federation and China have EMP capabilities and delivery means. In addition, their nuclear warheads can be augmented to create a stronger EMP blast and lower radiation fallout. But an EMP, albeit on much smaller scale, could be created by a lone terrorist with right equipment. If the electrical power grid were destroyed, it would take years to replace critical transformers, since only a few countries build them; it takes more than a year to make one transformer.

    Fortunately, the United States has the means to protect itself at its disposal. For about $200 million, the United States can harden the major transformers associated with large metropolitan areas and protect populations of these cities from an effect of an EMP attack. In addition, a robust missile defense system comprised primarily of Aegis ballistic missile defense capable ships; Aegis Ashore, a land-based missile defense component; and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle capabilities can deprive the opponent of the opportunity to deliver a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile and cause an EMP in the first place. The U.S. government must not hesitate to provide for the common defense.

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    6 Responses to What Does the FBI Worry About?

    1. David Granger says:

      There's a book entitled "One Second After" that depicts a fictionalized account of what we'd potentially be facing in the aftermath of an EMP attack. Interesting book…and quite eye-opening.

    2. Drik says:

      A terrorist with a shopping cart sized device could easily set up and permanently disable every electronic device within a 3-5 mile circle. Every phone, not just cell phone, every TV or radio, every motor vehicle, every cash register, credit card reader, every credit card, every computer, elevator, refrigerator, most stoves and home appliances, every electronic transformer, every Congress required new CFL light bulb. Pretty much everything that we use for life in the city and suburbs. And it's relatively cheap to make. Not like trying to buy a smuggled Stinger missle or suitcase nuke.
      Even all of the "hardening" won't stop it from hitting every part of the life of Joe Average within that radius. It will just let some of the infrastructure get back up to functioning quickly, like the utilities and some of the communication equipment. Set off a dozen devices in a dozen cities and the cities shut down. Do the same thing every day, adding a new set of cities and see how long our economy lasts. Not long.
      And how many people would it take to set it up? Fewer than attacked on 9/11.

    3. AmandaK says:

      When I heard about EMP and the things that one can do, I started to read and look more into them and about how I can prepare. I have found really great blogs and articles that I always go back to, mainly this one radio blog. They have guest(s) on every Wednesday, it's online. Next Wednesday the 14th two authors are going to be on their show, Paul Palango and Reza Kahlili. It should be really interesting to listen to. Here's the link if you want to check it out: http://empactradio.org/pvp/pvp66-paul-palango/

    4. SWIFT says:

      I believe the FBI is more worried about being caught or exposed in one of their many false flag events than they are about EMP's. An EMP event, after all, would give them justification for being even more draconian than they currently are. After an EMP event, they could drop the fascade of being "the good guys"!!!

    5. AmandaK says:

      I posted on this article before about Paul Palango and Reza Kahlili being on that radio show (EMPactRadio) a while ago. But I wanted to let people know that Reza Kahlili is actually going to be back on that radio show again this Wednesday if you missed him last time or if you want to listen to him again! He's really great! Here's the link for this Wednesday's show: http://empactradio.org/pvp/episode88-reza-kahlili

    6. AmandaK says:

      I apologize; Reza Kahlili is going to be on next Wednesday the 22nd now. I hope you guys can catch the show. Again, I'm sorry about that mix up but I wanted to let you know.

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