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  • Video: A Tough Year for Big Labor

    It’s been a rough year for unions in America. Yesterday on PBS NewsHour, Heritage’s James Sherk explained why unions–both in the public and private sectors–are in so much trouble.

    In a new paper, Sherk and Rea Hederman, Jr., explain how unions make businesses less competitive and discourage investment. In doing so, employment is significantly affected. Meanwhile, 14 million Americans are unemployed, and the economy is at a near standstill.

    Read their paper, “Heritage Employment Report: This Labor Day, No New Jobs, High Unemployment,” at Heritage.org.

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    6 Responses to Video: A Tough Year for Big Labor

    1. Bobbie says:

      if a company offers pension, they're obligated to pay it. When government unions expect pensions upon request, the tax payers, who don't benefit are forced to pay without hesitation. The government derived their benefits from the private sector, taking unfair advantage from the private sector! Thea suggesting government workers have to fight on their own for human rights, pension etc. is horrendous to suggest! what kind of ethics is the American government following to allow government employers to violate workers rights into union protection at the expense of tax payers? Why do we have government? to protect themselves???? How disingenuous for people to choose government work in serving the people they fight against!! if the government was sincere to it's people, the government would protect the tax payers and workers from corruption,, but corruption and government work hand in hand with no respect to the people.

      Look at how productive Wisconsin and Ohio have become as "they attempt" to reduce union demands. Look at the poorly run states the traveling union protesters are fighting in. No attempts, it has to be done! Government unions have too much time, stolen money and access in getting whatever they want behind the backs of those they disservice and regardless of the consequences placed on this country.

      Where the private sector holds accountability, government is protected from it!!! Why does anyone want that representation in America? How low and unfair of those in politics who's authority they use abusively. Look at what they show union members to appear as… bust the government unions, bust the NLRB and all it's entities. STOP CHEATING AMERICA!

      Keep in mind, the private sector generates money, the government steals it. the more taken, the more government control. The more government control, the less freedom! wake up government workers!!! have some dignity and self worth only shown in the private sector, free market! Release yourself from the chains of government!

    2. Jeff, Illinois says:

      The problem is not Unions . . the problem is free trade . .
      Free trade . . guarantees that our industrial base will be lost to countries that have miniscule wages . . Unions bring higher wages (living wages and benefits) . . free trade guarantees that the wages / benefits gained by union efforts will be vilified by corporations because they want to exploit workers who will work for peanuts and without working safety standards. . . As long as we have free trade our economy is doomed.

      • The Skip says:

        Please tell me you're not serious. Free Trade will doom our economy? Wow you liberals have no brain whatsoever. Paying the ridiculous rates that the Unions demand is whats killing our economy. The union used to be the standard for the best workers and tradesmen, now its become a group of thugs looking to squash every business that's non-union. The higher wages are not for the workers, they are for the union leaders and their pensions and all the other union "fees" that are associated with it. Get a brain Jeff.

        • Jeff, Illinois says:

          Here's the brain . . you'd have our workers earn what they earn in China, then you'd be happy . . And please is it not getting old . . very old . . to call everyone in a union a thug . . Is that all you have to say. That's an intelligent statement . . ????

        • Bobbie says:

          one of the many unfortunates, socially indoctrinated…

    3. Stirling says:

      Hey Unions, you can complain all you want about the wages and capitalist system but in the end if the companies that you are employed with go bankrupt you are also screwed like the rest of us. Stop bitting the hand that feeds you, take an economics 101 class and realize your place on the food chain can not be supported by such burdensom regulations.

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