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  • Morning Bell: Big Government Rising?

    President Obama speaks to labor unions in Detroit on Labor Day 2011

    How does a trillion dollars in more federal government spending sound to you? For most Americans, the idea of growing government at a time when deficits are sky high might seem preposterous. But for many on the left, it’s the only way they can think of to get the economy moving again, and they think some sort of new New Deal should be included in President Obama’s much-touted jobs speech on Thursday. Their end goal? The continued rise of big government.

    Case in point: Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA). On Sunday’s Meet the Press, she unveiled her prescription for pulling the U.S. economy out of its slump, and it carries an incredibly high price tag. “I’m talking about a jobs program of a trillion dollars or more,” she said. “We’ve got to put Americans to work. That’s the only way to revitalize this economy.”

    Now one might write off Waters’ call for a trillion in additional spending as hyperbole (after all, she had some choice words for the Tea Party last month), but the amped-up rhetoric demanding bigger government is becoming pervasive on the left, despite a seemingly endless stalemate this summer over the debt ceiling, whether the government should borrow even more money, and what spending could be cut. Now, though, it’s clear that liberals are ready to keep up the fight for big government, whether it’s Teamsters president James P. Hoffa calling for a war on the Tea Party or Vice President Joe Biden applauding the AFL-CIO for keeping the “barbarians from the gates” — that is, their political opponents.

    It’s no surprise that the left favors more government spending–after all, it’s the core of their philosophy. Yet for months we have heard President Obama give lip service to cuts in spending, largely in response to the political shift that conservatives and the Tea Party revolution ushered into Washington last November. But with the President’s jobs speech on Thursday, Americans may see Obama “go bold” and propose a return to big government.

    In his speech to labor unions in Detroit yesterday, President Obama gave a preview of what “bold” means to him: more infrastructure spending. The trouble is that the President tried this approach before in his stimulus plan, and it just didn’t work. The stimulus included $48.1 billion for transportation infrastructure, but the funded projects have been very slow to get underway and have had a minuscule impact on economic activity.

    An “infrastructure bank” is the latest permutation of the President’s plan for more of the same kind of spending. In the President’s February 2011 highway reauthorization proposal, the infrastructure bank would be funded by an appropriation of $5 billion per year in each of the next six years and would provide loans, loan guarantees, and grants to eligible transportation infrastructure projects. Translation: more big government spending and more federal bureaucracy. As Heritage’s Ronald Utt explains, that’s a road to nowhere.

    The President’s ongoing obsession with an infrastructure bank as a source of salvation from the economic crisis at hand is—to be polite about it—a dangerous distraction and a waste of his time . . . Obama’s infrastructure bank would likely yield only modest amounts of infrastructure spending by the end of 2017 while having no measurable impact on job growth or economic activity—a prospect woefully at odds with the economic challenges confronting the nation.

    But that’s not the only way the President is planning on increasing spending while growing the reach of the federal government. Another of his ideas? New federal funding for school construction, a job that has historically fallen under the direction of state and local governments. Heritage’s Lindsey Burke explains why the idea is problematic:

    Practically speaking, the federal government is the most inefficient mechanism for financing school construction. If Washington funds school construction, it must pay prevailing wages, which increase costs, on average, by 22 percent. Because of Davis–Bacon labor laws, schools that receive federal funding for school construction would typically have to hire union workers, increasing costs and preventing non-union construction companies from having a seat at the bidding table.

    Both the infrastructure bank and the President’s plan for funding schools have common denominators: increased spending and the expansion of government. But he’s tried that before–in tandem with new regulations–with the only result being more deficit spending, businesses sitting on the sidelines waiting for certainty from the government, and an economy that produced no new jobs in August. And now, as 14 million unemployed Americans wait for the hope and change they were promised, they’re getting more of the same from their President and politicians on the left: a movement toward bigger government that will only make matters worse.

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    65 Responses to Morning Bell: Big Government Rising?

    1. Robert, TX says:

      Our Constitution provided a system of shared government between Washington D.C. and the states. A system that has been continually marginalized with federal mandates – a very popular tool over the last 23 years. In 1960, the total cost of our combined government was 29% of GDP (24% in 1950). Surprisingly, that figure was as low as 33% in the year 2000, only to rise to 43% in 2009. So, please tell me Heritage, who exactly is going to "make government smaller?" Because it is NOT smaller in Massachusetts – and it is growing by leaps and bounds in Texas.

    2. ThomNJ says:

      "But with the President’s jobs speech on Thursday, Americans may see Obama “go bold” and propose a return to BIGGER government."

      There. Fixed that for you.

      They are seeing their victory slipping away. That is why the left is screaming so loudly. They need and want a crisis – and will likely create one – in order to suppress the rest of us. They are doing their darndest to get us to "fire the first shot", so to speak. They have already blamed just about everything lately on the Tea Party, because of this fear. Don't give them the satisfaction. Be cool and calm. Let's destroy them at the ballot box.

    3. Jeanne Stotler says:

      All the Dems can think of is SPEND,SPEND SPEND, never a thought of where it's going to come from, or how we are going to pay back what is already owed, then it's TAX,TAX,TAX, a vicous circle. When are they going to realize that waste needs to be cut out of Gov't. first. Another blow to the economy IS ASKING FOR A PAY RAISE FOR THENSELVES, how about a pay CUT, Retiress who depend on Soc. SEc. didn't get COLA 2010 or 2011 yet part B Medicare increased and so did the premiums on supplement health Ins. so Congress and POTUS should cut their pay back to 2008 level. And POTUS, stay off Air Force 1, it cost too much for all your little flings which your campaign should be paying for, it's the law.

    4. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      What is needed is for Heritage to write another morning update, white paper or conservative news story. Then send it to the White House where Obama's wife, 'the bell'…can fold it nicely and put it in the bottom of the bird-cage.

      Because that's where most of the informative conservative writing ends up. Dictators don't listen or care about public opinion because their thought process is like a train on a track, and only they care about the destination. If you want to derail the train…listen, research and vote for statesman, not politicians.

    5. Robert A Hirschmann says:

      Government has proven time and again that every time it gets involved in any type of business it fails. They can't even run a house of ill repute without failing. So why don't these morons in Washington just back off and let the private sector handle it? The less rules and regulations on business the better the economy. We're being taxed to death and falling deeper in debt. Will Obama ever wake up to that fact? I doubt it.

      • Robert, TX says:

        Who is going to pay for their re-election campaigns if they back off? Every person in Congress knows exactly what they are doing – and who they are doing it for – and how much they will receive for doing it. If Congress runs a house of ill repute, then last November's voters are the ones working there 24/7 with no benefits, no breaks and no vacation time.

    6. Dale Moncaeux says:

      There is a very simple reason for the failure of Obama's efforts at stimulating the economy. Almost without exception, programs have targeted union jobs. The 1st trillion in stimulus monies was directed at "shovel ready" roads and infrastructure union labor projects or to save public-section union jobs. Little, if any, went to non-union private sector jobs creation. With private sector union participation at a near historic low of 7.2%, over 90% of the U.S. workforce is being ignored by this president.

    7. I talked to a company that does road construction. These companies don't just pop up out of nowhere. They have many government requirements to even be able to bid on projects. Since is only so much they can do, they inflate their bids. Government throwing money at roads projects just makes them cost more. If they know the money will soon dry up as it does, then they hold back on hiring.. of course, they are smart business people, not stupid politicians.

    8. Charon says:

      And precisely BECAUSe of the Davis-Bacon laws he will be pandering to the unions, some of which are not very happy with him now.

    9. Terry J Sigmon says:

      For those who need an "outright" sign that our current Administration is trying to move America towards Socialism, look no further. To spend billions or even trillions on construction or other infra-structure projects and having no way to pay, but instead by using borrowed money would be much like paying your spouse to wash your clothes and using a credit card that is in both names. The budget battles recently fought in Congress and will continue shortly, is not about building things, improving our roads and bridges, and especially not about creating jobs, but is about "CONTROL". Control, especially by people in Washington, DC, who don't mind spending your, your children and money of your grandchildren is the opposite of FREEDOM.

      Today, America is still a great country, founded on the principles of Liberty and Freedom and divinely inspired, encouraging individuals to be vigilant in their labor, responsible in their habits, and thankful for their blessings. Today, the motto of those seeking a "Fundamental" change of America are not asking "…what you can do for your family or country", but will you let your country control every aspect of your life by providing you with handouts, no personal responsibility, government dependence, and a society described by George Bernard Shaw and Carl Marx…and all you have to give up…is your FREEDOM.

      It truly is the time for Americans to decide if they wish to be free and provide their own labor in return for an honest living or stand in line in order to accept your daily bread from a government employee. Your choice…you Decide!

    10. KC - NM says:

      President Obama took a shot at the GOP Monday as he talked about the roads and bridges that need to be repaired. There are many workers out there who can benefit from this work. But who owns the roads and bridges – basically these are federally funded so the work will be federally funded – from somewhere. This action does not generate job growth in the private sector and it only grows the size of government. Something about the level of intelligence in what he says versus what he does just does not warrant the position of president – of anything!

    11. Al Connelly says:

      How do we as tax payers stop this idiocy and get the Congress and Senate to work together and turn things around. Waiting for November 2012 is not a viable option. Obama's insanity is killing our country, his required review of 300,000 deportations of illegal who violated laws, the $105B hidden in Obama Care, monies spent on Foreign Aid to countries that are anti American, the recent $4.2B in tax rebates to illegals, $5B to Ethanol production, reduction of the contributions to SS when that program is already in trouble, etc. etc.!

      This administration is insane!

    12. When I lived in Houston Texas, in the early 70's, I worked in the "jobs" program of LBJ's Great Society. I saw people, who were supposed to be working at their "community service jobs," not working at all. Instead they went to watch major league baseball games, while actively on the payroll. What a waste that was! I do not trust Obama, Maxine Waters, or the organization formerly known as Acorn, with any more tax dollars. If we voice our concerns, we are "terrorists," or that name that Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. called us.

    13. John D. Schutt says:

      The prestidigitations of the Obama Administration are so blatantly transparent. What does an infrastructure bank do, but provide work for the unions, who are his staunchist supporters simply because he is supporting them with this type of nonsense. He is also supporting those he perceives to be his new voter base: the illegal immigrants who are counting on the amnesty bills being proffered, who will eventually be employed in this "new deal".

    14. Roni says:

      This President has more than obsession with additional spending and more debt. He has obsessions with golfing and vacationing. Wearing the American people down so they will have to be dependent on the "big government" is his intent. His intent from the beginning. He is following the string pulling of his puppet master who literally hates American and wants to make us a communist controlled country…George Soros! As for the stupidity Maxine Waters projects every time she opens her mouth, I hope by now the public has figured out she is an unadulterated worthless waste of air space. After cheating with her husbands bank and getting caught, she should not even be permitted to remain in office. The People will speak in 2012 and the Tea Party will be there to support us.

    15. HARRY SNYDER says:

      Obama's words and policies seem to be right now two items: Huge government projects and bureaucracies plus much greater power for unions. Obama hates the Brits but seems to admire the huge power enjoyed by their unions, even having one of the two political parties comprising the government. It is reminiscent of the union involvement of unions in the re-election of Bill Clinton. Incidentally, at least one union official went to prison for corruption.

    16. Denis Palmer says:

      if there is one program that will work it is,,, give the trillion dollars divide it evenly among all American Citizens,,, when they spend it,,, there will be a trillion products purchased,,, and that will bring the need for more products,,, will increase shipping for foreign products and wages for workers here and shipping for American products,,, and this will trickle up to business owners and they will respond by hiring people to do these jobs,,,

    17. Bonnie says:

      This administration, along with it's far left base are grasping at straws. We've heard it all before. Demonize the Republicans, demonize the Tea Party. What they are propogating is more of the same only with vitriol and pointing of fingers. When you have no ideas, that is what you do. They are riling up the unions and ignoring their black voters (they will vote for us anyway). Next they will go after the woman voters, armed with nothing but hatred. wha, wha, wha….

    18. Bobbie says:

      Maxine Waters. What a disappointment. Can't think beyond other people's money!! Think, think, think. what to do? what to do? hmm. well, well, well, if we deregulate all the excessive regulations we unnecessarily put on the private sector businesses, more money could hire more people and generate more taxes. hmm… but what to do?? we could stop intrusions on the free market to inspire people to become their own individual personal business entrepreneurs to build the economy. hmm… no, if we do that, we government with no reason for authority, are out of a REASON TO BE AUTHORITATIVE! hmm… here's an idea, we'll bash the only party trying to bring freedom lost, back to America! Yeah, that's what we'll do!!!!! put up your dukes! put up your dukes! Silly little lady…

      AMERICA, ALL of us have to see it for what it is!!!!! government TAKEOVER!

    19. Dwana Townsend says:

      I am sure yesterday's speech by the President to the Union heads and workers motivated them to get organized to be among his major supporters in the upcoming campaign. Jimmy Hoffa and others are declaring war on "Tea Party Members", calling them SOB's, terroists. I think this should give fuel to fire up the Tea Partiers everywhere. I am not an official member of any Tea Party but I can tell you as an independent average American, I am outraged with the language use to condem such Patriots.

      It was interesting watching Debbie Wasserman this morning sidestep the question as to whether she thought Hoffa's statement was appropriate, when she was the one who called for civility!! I think the President should condem Hoffa's statement (they are American Citizens too) Mr. President and you are supposed to be for all Americans not just in favor of one but for all.

    20. Steve Cafaro says:

      Increased government spending is not the answer to our economic woes. I continue to demand a repatriation of the jobs, factories and industries that have been exported, for a profit, to foreign countries. I would suggest this happen through a series of tax and work incentives for American businessmen and workers. The object of this plan is to set in motion a revitalization of American industry by simply producing what we use as a Nation.

      "Free Trade" and globalism has not only structurally harmed employment and opportunity in the USA, but it has created a cumulative trade deficit of more than 8 trillion dollars since 1975. Indeed, America has been a annual loser in the "free trade" business and has clearly illustrated that unfair free trade does not benefit the USA or her workers.

      True — the cost of goods and services will increase as Americans begin to work and wage/price inflation will result. But the benefit of jobs, opportunities and economic participation will far outweigh the effects of inflation. As an addition benefit, the goal of the FED to increase inflation in order to reduce long term debt would be realized.

    21. far2right says:

      Heritage needs to be wise to what is going on of late. Obama is playing the good cop role while Biden, Hoffa, Waters, Carson, etal surrogates are setting up the Tea Party, Heritage, etal fiscal responsibility organizations to be the fall guys. When the Tea Party House Representatives block the next Big Government spending plan (again), the cruel, heartless Tea Party, Heritage and others will be blamed for the continuing unemployment numbers that Obama should be held responsible for (in Truman-like manner). And of course, the establishment GOP will apologize for the "extremists" in their ranks.

    22. AD-RtR/OS! says:

      Yes, this is wonderful.
      Just what we need:
      More Government spending;
      More Government borrowing;
      More Government debt.
      We can't afford the government we have now, and these "maroons" want us to have more?
      Who in the He!! do they think is going to pay for all of this debt they've already run up – the Tooth Fairy?

    23. Dan_In_NC says:

      Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting a different result.

    24. Paul Lapp says:

      Same old CRAP……….. But don't worry the NRC will aid & abet it …….Term limits on members of Congress…. 30% cut in pay & 50% cut in staff and benifts…..Cut the FN spending….

    25. john weisenberger says:

      What is the overhead cost of government spending? How many dollars do we tax payers (and business owners) have to "contribute" for each dollar to be paid to 1) a worker doing infrastructure work, 2) a worker on long term unemployment, 3) a family of 3 on welfare in an intercity? Like other charities anything over about 6% is skimming. The skimming in government we see today came in with the notion that people who teach know how business works – - – it is time to get back to trusting people who have run successful businesses as serve and be the norm at all levels of government.

    26. There is little doubt that the Republican form of government which was created over two hundred years ago to serve our states and their people, has been seriously compromised. As a result, our personal freedoms and right to own and use privte property now hang in precarious balance. When people loose their fundamental liberties to tyranny they reat predictably in reclaiming their freedom. It was Abraham Lincoln who recommended that wayeard government be amended or abolished when it comes oppressive.

      We must withdrawn any political and moral allegiance we have to that oppressive government. We must reduce its power by diminishing the size and scope of its influence over our lives.. Repeal the income tax, reduce the size and power of the federal government, restore individual liberties, stop inflation and eliminate those functions the government now carries on in violation of the Constitution.
      Waste Watchedrsx Inc
      Richard Ahern-Vic e President
      (510) 791-7964
      (510) 673-2249-Cell
      http://www.judgenap.com http://www.wastewatchersinc.org
      Constitution in Exile ,

    27. ClydeB says:

      OK, let's get this straight.
      The FED prints more money. The money goes to rebuild highways and schools. The workers on these construction projects spend their wages on more imported goods, thus supporting the payrolls of several foreign countries. In this scenario, as soon as the projects are complete, we are right where we started on jobs, but another trillion dollars in debt.
      Suppose it went like this:
      The President signs an executive order that says we will have balanced trade as a national priority. In order to achieve that goal, tariffs, sufficient to achieve balance, will be levied on the countries exporting to the USA, and that the amounts collected will be used as incentives to domestic manufacturers for job creation.
      In this way we, the USA, either collect the tariffs, thus reducing the drain on our economy or we restore domestic manufacturing, OR BOTH. Job growth happens either way, payroll taxes rise, communities prosper.

    28. Dale says:

      There is an ominous undertaking in this great land that ought to scare the living daylights out of every God-fearing, true Conservative American. There is the revealing of a movement that is being led by the hardcore left and…the labor unions in this country that is going to have to be faced one day, whether we like it or not. I am still of the belief that there are more of us Conservatives out there than there are Statist'. I can only hope that we will make a REAL difference at the polls this coming November! With God's help and our votes we can start making the turn around..gradual and long turnaround unfortunately…but a turnaround nonetheless back toward common sense and fiscal responsibility. I only wish that I could turn back the 36 years of time and money that I WASTED on paying union dues. I now see what they really went towards;liberal leftists agendas!!

    29. Dara Walker says:

      Repeal Davis-Bacon. Everyone who works, pays taxes (well, 53% of us, anyway) not just Unions members! This law puts tax dollars from all of us SOLELY into the greedy hands of Unions. WE pay the taxes… in their minds, if you don't pay dues to fund union bosses high-dollar lifestyle… you don't count.

      Every contractor should be allowed to bid on any job… not just Unions! Union work a) takes longer to complete b) cost more and c) is (usually) lower in quality – (obsolescence built in – so they can fix what they did wrong in the first place).

      No unions built the pyramids – they're STILL standing!

    30. Bobbie says:

      wow, I just heard Jimmy Hoffa! What the heck is this war monger so scared of? Nobody excluded him from the tea party! Lots are older then he!!!! He's gotta flaunt his disrespect for the English language and people who want freedom within self control? workers need the control of a union???? pretty low Jimm bob!

      Members of the tea party work, Mr. Hoffa! Only we don't pay money to hold hands with corruption and it's unions and their bastards (sorry I lowered myself!) Jimmy, It's not "the workers of Michigan and America!" It's "the misled workers by union thugs of America for your profit for future jobs GONE and the collapse of America!!" You like a good fight? Come join the tea party and we'll teach you how to respect the hand that feeds you! You don't have to raise your blood pressure waging war on your fellow Americans! Silly little man.

    31. rrdudley says:

      If the us government wants to start americans spending again,Give them a one million dollar tax rebate,.
      that's ,what?,280 million dollars.
      do you think they wont spend it?
      nothing you can do will make CEO,s hire now.nothing.
      so ,instead of a business bailout,have an economy bailout.
      you can talk all you want,this is a good plan,cheep and fast,it will work in a short time ,if you dont drag your feet on it.

    32. Jerry M Griffith says:

      Do the American people expect anything different from this president. We need real change in 2012 but we need someone who actually cares for America not just someone who wants to be President. We need a businessman and a professional people persons who can solve problems not cause them. Someone who love America and wants this country to stay strong and a leader of the world. Last we need an American to be the leader of this great nation, someone who is proud of his education, grades and accomplishment earned, not given to them.

    33. Bobbie says:

      thought I better explain what "respect the hand that feeds you" means? self respect in freedom, Jimmy! can't have self respect if you have to get through life following Jimmy Hoffa's instructions while Jimmy Hoffa corrupts all he can for profit and politics.

      the real workers of America need more real workers of America! PRODUCTIVE!!!!!! NOT DRIVEN BY UNION WAR MONGERS!!!! just don't understand why people would want to pay that extra cost for the union to demand collapse of businesses? look at the CO's that went bye bye because of these violent, hostile, overpaid, begging PIGS! union reps. including their heads and their tails!

    34. MJF in CT says:

      Why wasn't Mr. Obama chastising Hoffa for his Tea Party SOB statement? What happened to "civility in dealing with others" as Mr. Obama preached? I guess "civility" is only for Republicans!

    35. James V. Burnette says:

      You are exactly right about government-funded construction projects. I'm an architect with 40 years experience and every government-funded construction project I ever worked on ended up costing at least 20% to 25% more than it would have cost in the private sector. Example, I was an inspector for a subcontractor on the new "Capital Visitor's Center" in Washington. The project was bid around 2002 or 2003 and the original budget was $70 million. It was supposed to be finished in three years and took six years. I visited the site in August of 2010 and the six fountains, my job to inspect, were still not finished. The original $70 million turned into over $250 million. Not sure about that last number but it was at least that much. I looked on the Internet and oddly I could not find the final budget. I went on the tour of the center in August when I was there in 2010 and the tour guides would not say what the final cost were.

    36. haroldson says:

      Why is it that the Obama white house always thinks spending more of every ones money(except theirs) is the solution to a ragged out economy, this is the same stupid train of thought that got us where we are now, Out of jobs and over our heads in debt, This is a disgrace to the American people, We know he can not fix the problems we are facing, he is the cause of them, So lets do the right thing, Move him out and bring some one who has the knowledge to fix the mess he has made, he has been in office to long now and we don't need any more of his big money pass outs.

    37. haroldson says:

      Maxine waters is as big a threat to this country as obama is, All they think is spend and keep spending. Big mouth small brain and big lust to put America in the hole, we need her out and retired put her in a home for the mentally disabled, She is a waste.

    38. LAURIE says:

      Even mice understand that if you do the same thing (throw trillions out of our pockets into government spending)…..go the same path and get the same result (no cheese, less people investing their $ into jobs and growth…..economic disaster)…….even mice try a different path….to get a different result…..CHEESE AND JOBS!!!! Mr. President, we, non-union workers and non-government workers are PEOPLE. too.
      We deserve to be treated fairly and get the same as Union workers. No wonder you are going down in the polls…….You are cherry picking your favorites….unions,……..sacrificing the whole country (to collapse)…..to give everything to unions and your favorite corporations/government bail-out stuff. THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN CORRUPTION AT ITS WORSE AND THAT IS HOW ROME FELL!!!. STOP BIG GOVERNMENT SPENDING NOW!!!!! AND IT WILL BE A WIN-WIN FOR ALL.

    39. Jim Patterson says:

      Aren't we still waiting on 'shovel ready" projects? When do those start? You know,the ones from what a year ago or is it two years ago? No matter, they still aren't ready and they are not producing jobs.

    40. toledofan says:

      So, at the end of the day, it's more of the same song and dance. I was just wondering if all these construction jobs will be filled by all the people graduating from college or those who have graduated in the past couple of years? I just wasn't sure how many of these actually learned how to operate a back hoe or a dozer or have a degree in construction? Doesn't all of this same old nothing get old; no fresh ideas, no other approach other than the same old stuff that didn't work for the past almost three years, spend more, grow the government, create class warfare and increase taxes. I'm sure after the big speech on Thursday everything will be crystal clear on what we're going to do. LOL

    41. MNJ says:

      The issus is not spending, it's control, control, control.

      Logic, real solutions and common sense have nothing to do with the problem Mr. Hoffa's (a Hoffa you cannot refuse – hat time, Mark Steyn) uncivil, unprofessional, indecent rant yesterday is just a warning of what is to come. The left (aka Democrat Party) wants control and they'll take to the streets to obtain it. WI was just the beginning.

    42. Wendell Harrold says:

      Business as usual.

    43. Better Schools says:

      Parent controlled schools will out perform State controlled schools any day of the week. Get the Federal Government out of our face and let local communities run their schools.

    44. Richard M says:

      I'll tell you what's needed here, and I mean right now. Stop all this analyzing everything Obama says in his speeches, the man's been proven to be a liar. We still don't know through documentation about this man's past, he's a fraud and a usurper, and he likes to play the class warfare game along with his pastor Rev. Wright (which he threw under the bus because it was convenient for him to do so at the time).

      Obama is a Marxist. There is a war of ideology going on right now in America. The 'enemy' is inside the gates, and is destroying everything and anything resembling what America is and could still be. We have a do nothing Congress that's well aware of Obama's ideology and they've all sworn an oath to 'protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic.' Congress knows Obama is a Marxist and they do nothing. Therefore, Congress is complicit in this fraud. I guess their oath doesn't mean that much to them. We must get rid of Obama either through impeachment or by vetting.

    45. JBinGB says:

      Buy American, Buy non-union,and FREE America

    46. Bill says:

      Obama is going to present every program ever heard of that costs billions knowing the Congress will never approve them. Than the obstructionist demonizing will fall on the conservatives who obviously will be labeled. Every liberal in this country will rally around the obstructionist theme and that will be his platform for relection. He has nothing else to run on for 2012. When failure is emminent begin demonizing and lying.

    47. craig says:

      Pls remind your readers that $5B is $5,000 million and that $1T is $1,000,000 million.

    48. Jim of ME says:

      Here we go again – grow the government, which is retoric for Socialism. Obama and the Democrats would like nothing more than to control every aspect of our everyday lives. More taxes – more control, more Czars and departments – more control. Pretty soon our entire lives are controlled by Washington, the Socialist Government he and they are hoping for. It's time to step up and say no, no more big government – more state control, no more taxes – leave that to the states, send the Federal Government back to what the Constitution states with it's main job being protecting our country. The more we let them expand their interpretation, the more we lose our rights.

    49. Wayne Peterkin says:

      The reason that the left-wing promotes the big government spending and growth is that they are all basically socialists at heart. That includes Obama. The right way to grow jobs is to dramatically cut business tax rates, eliminate the regulatory burden including Obamacare, and get the government out of the way. Creating a climate that encourages business profits and growth will grow jobs. Obama and the rest of his minions cannot conceive of that, it simply is not in their genes. More government leading to more socialism will always be the answer to every problem for these fools. That's why they need replaced. 2012 can't get here soon enough! I only hope we can undo the damage already done.

    50. Dennis says:

      More government spending like this is the most inefficient way to get people back to work any time soon. To the extent that congress is irrationally willing to go along with that nonsense, however, they should be required(!) to explain what they did will all that returned TARP money. In fact, no further 'stimulus' of any kind should even be considered until there's a full(!) accounting what happened with all previous stimulation and bailout money taken from Americans.

    51. Paddyo says:

      What are Prevailing wages other than Union wages and that's because Unions are able to force companies to sign union contracts if they want to stay in business! Why are the Unions allowed to establish Prevailing wages? Card check will break this country"s economy if Obama doesn't succeed in acomplishing that!

    52. Barbara says:

      I really appreciate Heritage Foundation's point of view and am kept apprised of things I wouldn't otherwise see. Thank you. BUT isn't it preaching to the choir? How can you and/or I get the education to the unsuspecting? Those on entitlement programs can vote for Obama and then suffer with all of us. No president or administration can keep on the current trajectory an fill all the outstretched hands? Our education system has given us at least three generations of this kind of ignorance. I homeschooled my three kids. Your readers probably include some seekers, but what about those who don't know enough to look?

    53. catsup says:

      I heard it said that every one in the U.S. knows at least one person who is out of work. How many of those are construction workers? You know, the ones who will rebuild our infrastructure. Could all those jobs be the ones Americans don't want to do?

    54. catsup says:

      I heard it said that every one in the U.S. knows at least one person who is out of work. How many of those are construction workers? You know, the ones who will rebuild our infrastructure. Are those the jobs Americans don't want to do? Is this another scheme to reward the illegals?

    55. Robert, TX says:

      I guess while we debate these ridiculous "meals" that the mainstream media and the Obama machine set the table with – then, no one is minding the store. No one is asking why Congress is not fighting Obama. Why the republicans have not repealed Obamacare (they have not even voted to repeal or defund). Why spending has not been reduced. And why for the last 33 years, government has NOT gotten smaller, but has actually tripled in size – and scope.

    56. LTC_Ray_Burke says:

      Well put. It looks to me like revolution may be brewing.

    57. Jan1 says:

      I want to see a detailed list of the economic plan from both Obama and the GOB. I want to see a detailed list of the projected expenses. Our people in Washington keep talking about a plan for this and a plan for that. WHAT PLAN, I don't see no stink'n plan? What exactly is included in our budget. Give me a RED pencil and I can balance the budget really easy, and no one has to grease my palm for me to do it.
      These guys think they are so smart. I'll bet not one of them can balance their checkbooks.

    58. Mike Larson says:

      The Democrats campaign slogan should read: "Greece-ing the skids to national insolvency – vote Democrat & make it happen sooner."

    59. minuteman55 says:

      The speech that Obama is going to give is to take shots at the tea party and repubs while hiding his attempt to launder money through another stimulus bill to fund his campaign and his fellow democrats. The repubs did not fight hard enough during the last fight with Obama and the democrats. Our debt was increased and not cut. cutting over a trillion over 10 years is just not enough. It needs to happen per year not over 10. We went over 1.4 trillion further in debt this year alone.

    60. jon says:

      We only need a Federal Gov. for two reasons!
      1. Defend/ protect using our great military!
      2. Keep commerce moving around the world!
      Without our military, there would be no commerce around the world, piracy would be like Somalia.
      Ports and Airports are the most important needed destinations to keep open, you control those two places in any country you control all!
      Take Somalia, for instance!

    61. Al from Fl says:

      After reading "The end of Prosperity" by Laffer et al, I can only conclude that these progressives will never believe that enough money was spent. Keynesian economics doesn't make sense, it hasn't worked and won't work even if more Trillions are spent – especially when the funds being used are borrowed. The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing – the current congress/admin (in particular the democrats) do not. The People and the States need to rein in the Federal Gov't.

    62. catman says:

      Since your adminstrator sees fit to censor comments , just unsubscibe me….NOW!!!!

    63. Donald DaCosta says:

      Does anyone smell a rat here? Government "investment" in infrastructure, bridges, roads, high speed rail, school construction, etc. means big fat government construction contracts which will require the use of union labor. Isn't that neat? Massive spending to create jobs………..for union workers. This almost smells like a payoff to Obama's union buddies. If he wasn't such an upstanding, super ethical, morally superior, self sacrificing, modest, intellectual, all around good guy, I'd smell a rat.

      Sorry about the multiple use of the word "smell." Must have been some unconscious impulse.

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