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  • Heritage's Historic 'Preserve the Constitution' Series

    The Constitution of the United States of America has endured over two centuries. It remains the object of reverence for nearly all Americans and an object of admiration by peoples around the world.

    Unfortunately, the assault by 20th century liberal theorists and activist judges have seriously undermined respect for America’s core principles, denigrating some constitutional rights they disagree with and making up others.

    Clearly, the future of liberty depends on America reclaiming its constitutional first principles.

    Join us for an extraordinary series of events as we do our part to preserve the Constitution.  Heritage’s Preserve the Constitution Series will feature the nation’s most respected judges, legal scholars, and policy analysts as they discuss how to combat these attacks on the rule of law and the Constitution.

    Our Preserve the Constitution Series starts on September 9th withA Constitutional President: Ronald Reagan and The Founding, featuring Steve Hayward, Jim Miller, and Lee Edwards, hosted by former United States Attorney General, Ed Meese III.

    Other highlights include a preview of the next Supreme Court term, on September 28th, with former Solicitor General Paul Clement and others; The Constitution and the Common Defense: Who Ensures America’s National Security? on October 11th, with former Attorneys’ General John Ashcroft, Michael Mukasey, and Ed Meese—the first event to feature three former Attorneys’ General; and on November 3rd, “Is ObamaCare Constitutional?” with Michael Carvin and David Rivkin, counsel for the National Federation of Independent Business and the states in the multi-state challenge to the new healthcare law.

    The Heritage Foundation’s Preserve the Constitution Series seeks to change America’s course by restoring the courts to their constitutional role – to protect individual liberty, property rights, and free enterprise – and to enforce the constitutional limits on government.

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    5 Responses to Heritage's Historic 'Preserve the Constitution' Series

    1. West Texan says:

      When I swore a military oath to defend the U.S. Constitution, my focus was the Bill of Rights. Without this keystone guarantee, the remaining document is nothing more than a pile of rubble that big government social progressives and their activist judges easily manipulate to fit their despotic model.

      Although no longer on active duty, I remain committed to upholding individual and states' rights. Regardless of ignorant far-left liberal mockery.

    2. Whitney Galbraith says:

      I shall make the unhappy comment that the Constitution of the United States has come to mean no more than what any given judge wants it mean on any day. My prima facie evidence is the predictability of the U. S. Supreme Court's rendering of 5-4 split decisions according to strict party lines. Judge Vaughan Walker's decision in overturning California's Proposition 8, where he declares "gender" no longer to be relevant in American society and law is the most recent, and cynical, examplar of the passing of constitutional government in America.

    3. Bobbie says:

      Thank you kindly for your service, West Texan! And your continued service! If it wasn't for you and those before us, we may not have come to know the true meaning of the American Constitution and the importance of the Bill of Rights! Only those intimidated in living for themselves want America destroyed! Unfortunately it's become government provocation.

    4. carol,az says:

      I also believe in upholding State's rights.
      By now, most realize how that has translated by the current leadership.
      The mockery here, is the inability for our leadership to do the first primary act; to secure America, by Securing America's Borders.
      Most people would agree that the corruption goes straight to the White House on this issue.
      I can't believe that we're still speaking about these treasons by our Govt after two and half years, knowing what has happened in just my state.
      The war is ; the illegal invasion from over 128 countries and the modern slavery that is attached to this billion dollar industry. Money and weapons go South. People, drugs and money come North. It's sometimes portrayed by the media , as some "new age "video game, border states are playing.
      This isn't a game America. It's the biggest mistake since 911, not to protect America's borders .

    5. Mo Smith says:

      party and partisanship should never come between principles and patriotism (G. W.)

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