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  • Morning Bell: A Jobless Labor Day

    Job seekers talk to employers at a south Los Angeles job fair.

    Job-seekers (L) talk to employers (R) during an outdoor job fair at the Crenshaw Christian Center in South Los Angeles August. 31, 2011.

    For 14 million unemployed Americans and their families, this Labor Day will not be a happy one. Instead of enjoying a day off of work, they’re suffering a disturbing trend under the Obama economy: Jobs are not being created, the unemployment rate has not improved, and the economy is at a near standstill. Even worse, the labor market’s stall might be turning into a decline.

    And today, in Detroit—which in July had the highest unemployment rate of any metropolitan area in the country—President Obama is due to stand with labor presidents including the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka, Teamsters’ James P. Hoffa, and the UAW’s Bob King to tout his bailout of the auto industry and his yet-to-be-disclosed plan to turn the economy around.

    The Big Labor backdrop is ironic but not surprising. The union movement has helped lead to the staggering loss of manufacturing jobs in the United States, and the demands it has made on employers and governments help create the very conditions leading to the tragic unemployment in Detroit and across the country. But they are strong political allies of the President—having spent $1.1 billion on politics and lobbying in the last election cycle—and they continue to hold a prominent seat at the table.

    It follows, then, that President Obama continues to put the institutional interests of unions ahead of America’s economic well-being. In a new paper, Heritage’s Rea Hederman and James Sherk explain that the latest example comes from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which issued several rulings recently undermining employer and employee rights: snap elections, restricting secret ballot elections, and a new rule that allows unions to cherry-pick which workers get to vote on unionizing. All these rules are designed to facilitate organizing companies whose workers are unenthusiastic about unions.

    Private-sector workers have a right to unionize, of course. Management gets the union it deserves. But unionization has economic costs, as Sherk and Hederman write:

    Unions make businesses less competitive and discourage investment. This reduces job growth. Studies show that jobs fall by 5–10 percent at newly organized firms. Going forward, employment grows by three to four percentage points more slowly at unionized businesses than at otherwise identical non-union companies.

    The result can be felt in places like the Motor City as unionized manufacturing employment plummets. Since 2005, GM shed half of its unionized workforce. Nationwide, unionized manufacturing employment fell by 80 percent between 1977 and 2010, while non-union manufacturing employment decreased by 6 percent over that same time period. Unions are feeling the effects, with membership falling by over 600,000 workers in 2010 alone. If workers are happy without a union, the government should not foist one on them.

    Sherk explains why unions are on the decline:

    Union membership has fallen because traditional collective bargaining does not appeal to most workers. Polls show that only one in 10 non-union workers wants to organize. This makes sense: in the competitive private sector, unions can do little to raise their members’ pay. Additionally, most workers like their jobs and believe they are on the same side as their employers.

    Fortunately, Big Labor doesn’t have to be the only game in town. Workers want a say in their workplace, but they’re becoming increasingly aware of unions’ limitations. Private-sector unions have little power to raise their members’ wages, while employers have learned that respecting their employees makes good business sense. That is why large majorities of workers say they are satisfied with their jobs and their bosses.

    Unions, though, aren’t going to go down without a fight. That’s why they’re lobbying the Obama Administration to protect their interests. Unfortunately, the President is obliging, whether it’s by changing the rules of the game to make unionization easier, preventing private employers from locating in right-to-work states—as the NLRB is doing with Boeing case in South Carolina—or pushing for more government spending on infrastructure projects that employ primarily union members (while leaving the rest of the economy in the lurch).

    Meanwhile, Americans are suffering from the President’s decision to satisfy unions before reducing unemployment, all while there are more signs of a declining labor market than there are of a recovery. There are things Congress and the President can and should do to improve the business climate, such as repealing Obamacare, opening the door to domestic energy production, preventing harmful regulations, passing pending free trade agreements, and reining in the NLRB. Labor Day 2012 can be brighter than today, but Congress and the President must choose the right path to help get us there.

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    54 Responses to Morning Bell: A Jobless Labor Day

    1. RG Schmidt says:

      And where is Congress on all this, such as the NLRB's pressure on Boeing? Standing tall for the right to work? No. Standing by with its collective finger you know where? Yep.

    2. Tom Lynn says:

      It is unfair to blame Obama for the problem with unemployment. For 30 years we have been 'buying cheap' from other countries, and thinking that we were saving money. Now, the true cost of this is 'coming home to roost'. I am conservative, but fair is fair. Obama is not responsible for our past sins.

    3. RonnyG says:

      According to Ancient Scripture "Unions are the Abomination of Desolation"!

    4. John B says:

      Jobs going overseas? It is such a simple concept. Employers buy labor like you and I buy groceries. If one brand of butter beans is cheaper than the other we buy the cheaper one. If labor plus shipping costs are cheaper in foreign markets, business buys that labor in foreign markets. Econ 101 teaches that a country's standard of living is tied to its productivity, NOT to the cost of labor.

      • Robert, TX says:

        We must not be very productive then. It's hard to be productive when you are trying to support 112 million welfare recipients, unemployment bums plus another 25 million irresponsible seniors – those seniors who do not have life insurance (any), savings or investments and expect the government to carry all of their costs. China, Mexico, Vietnam, India and other foreign nations do not face this burden.

    5. The Farmer says:

      Can one even imagine how many thousands of miles of road could have been built or repaired with the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on Obamas re-election effort over the past 2 1/2 years? And then dubble the miles if non union labor could bid on the road work, and to top it off the roads would be better roads also.

    6. Bill says:

      Cogent article on the harmful effects of a democrat party ruled union. Trumpka was on CNN yesterday claiming that tax payers should support a dramatic increase in union dues by paying for huge infrastructure make-work projects. Didn't the failure of Obama's Stimulus prove the tragic error of more federal debt to pay for Trumka's democrat thugs. Obama will fail again on Thursday's speech to Congress if this is his PLAN.

    7. Andrew says:

      This is not a 360 degree view of the unions. Besides reducing labor abuse unions gave the workers purchasing power to pump more money in our economy. Joe Lunchbox could afford to buy a refrigerator and a car which created more jobs. Unions gave us a strong middle class which has been the backbone of our society. How do we prevent labor from going back to the abuses that occured in the past and are still occurring in small pockets. We need a balanced treatment of this and all issues. The unions abused their powers to be sure, but they have a place in our society. We need to respect our workers. Happy Labor Day.

    8. Dave Bressler says:

      Come on 2012! I hate to wish for time to pass but in this case I must.

    9. Jeanne Stotler says:

      My son has been out of work for over a year, the first time since he was 14YO. At 60YO he finds even getting a part time job very elusive. His Brother fights ,hard to keep his surveying business going, they are in Fla. Here in Va. 2 sons have no jobs, and no work is in the future, they are housepainters and do pressure cleaning as well, the problem here is illegals that can and do underbid them on jobs. They have lowered their charges to where they make less than minimum wage and still no work. BHO needs to read the Constiution and Bill of Rights and apply them to his folder. We need to close borders, allow ICE to do it's job, use e-verify as well as clean house in the goverment, close agencies that are just duplicating the work of others, get rid of FEMA,etc.

    10. Tom Lynn says:

      It is unfair to blame Obama for the problem with unemployment. For 30 years we have been 'buying cheap' from other countries, and thinking that we were saving money. Now, the true cost of this is 'coming home to roost'. The manufacturing jobs are now overseas. (Why don't you post my comments? Ideas and debate are supposed to 'flourish' here.)

    11. Frank says:

      Big government & big unions are the cause of our economic collapse, not our economic solutions. Big unions cause our businesses to become uncompetitive and ultimately jobs are lost, not gained. The teachers unions have so corrupted our public school system (see the film "The Cartel") that not only is public education full of bad, but impossible to fire, teachers… but the entire system is simply out to steal money from the taxpayers as they give meaningless graduation certificate to kids that don't know where San Francisco is, don't know who our first President was & often can't read or write. Shameful! It looks like the USA is headed towards economic collapse, which will force the government to downsize, force uncompetitive unionized businesses to go bust, & a slashed per student education budget will force cuts in wasteful spending & get rid of bad teachers. Bad ideas need to fail & eventually will fail due to economic reality.

    12. Wendell Harrold says:

      While month after month, year after year passes with the same things being done with the same results (defining insanity) on the issue of joblessness in this nation and the ever-increasing stranglehold unions (private and public) seem to be gaining leads me to believe this is a purposeful attack on the jobs engine which helps drive our economy forward. You will be known by your fruits.

    13. Tom Lynn says:

      I guess there's no one there to monitor and post the comments today. Enjoy your day off.
      I submitted a number of similar comments on this employment issue; just pick one, and post it. ( I kept trying, thinking it was something I was doing wrong on my end. )
      Now, I have concluded that you simply are not there.

    14. tom721 says:

      It is piling on to blame Obama for our employment situation.
      We created this problem over the last 30 years, buying what we mistakenly thought were cheaper goods.
      This practice has eroded our manufacturing base, and the jobs that were once plentiful here, are now overseas. The chickens have now come home to roost. We did this to ourselves, and the president is no more responsible than any one of us. We are all equally to blame. We hurt our future, and that of our children.
      Neither party will have the courage to say this, however, so they blame each other for the problem.
      Let's stop fighting over who is responsible. Let's together figure a way out. What happened to the goods that China was supposed to buy from us in return for the goods that we were buying from them? What happened to trade parity? Is that the way forward? Let's get some constructive discussion going, and leave the blame behind. We are all sinners here.

    15. BDowney says:

      To the 14 million unemployed one must add 8.8 under employed and 2.2 who have given up looking for work. So the true number is closer to 25 million. We need to stop looking at government numbers and believing them and look behind the numbers to find the true picture. The 25 million (est) changes the game and the reveals that the problem is far greater and that we have really never on Main Street left the recession.

    16. Bill LaCombe says:

      While I believe it to be true, there are continual calls for reduced regulations on companies to help the economy. I am left to assume that this means additional regulations that the Obama administration has issued. I have never seen a list of the regulations that the Obama administration has placed on companies which are inhibiting growth. Maybe the Heritage Foundation should place such a list out there for everyone to see so we can be speaking in specifics instead of generalities.

    17. Steve Cafaro says:

      With all due respect to ths article, it is ironic that the decline in union menbership parrells the decline in the American economy which aligns quite precisely to the tine periods when America lost the tens of millions of jobs, the thousands of factories and entire industries to the unfair, but cheaper, foreign comprtitors. Do unions bear the brunt of this ecoomic decline or is the problem more attributable to international corporations who in their quest for maximum profits have discarded the American worker and any sense of Nationalism that they once had. America is failing because we no longer produce for our own needs!

    18. Linda Gommel says:

      One factor in the decline of private sector unions is that the states and feds have regulated employment and employers to the extent that unions have become irrelevant. Who needs a union when governments mandate minimum wage, hours, conditions of hiring and firing, words and looks on the face that may not be used to an employee, and on and on. In addition, there are worker's compensation programs, which have quietly invaded our society and provide single-payer health insurance on a broad basis, due to very liberal definitions of "work-place injuries".

      Our belief is that the set of regulations imposed on employers at all levels of government replaces unions, and is THE set of regulations most responsible for our unwillingness to hire. Add to this the horrible economy, hostile bureaucracies at all levels of government, and elected representatives and a President who are clueless about how real world business operates, and it's a wonder that there are any jobs at all.

    19. joseph schmitz says:

      an excelent article on why the USA is falling apart. unions certainly have their place, but the NLRB has gone rouge by trampling on the freedom of our industries to locate where ever they please, especially if the new location proves to be an advantage. I'm still upset with what I saw in Wisconsin. The media has been very quiet about all the problems that the union goons caused…and the cost associated with their leftist tactics. Thank God for the Heritage Foundation and their non-biased reporting.

    20. June says:

      Corruption is a component in the Union decline, but I will always support the right to organize private sector, as well as the right not too. We were lucky that so many laborors gave so much that actually created the middle class. With the decline of unions….so goes the middle class. and as for the public sector, it seems that every area of public sector has become tone deaf. never should the public sector make more than the private. that gives them wayyyyyy too much power over us, and they all act like Lords now anyway. Been to local meetings and it is the same. Surveys all skewed to give them their answers, fees set in place or gouged up higher to avoid tax raises, lavish living large while others struggle. Good leadership is the key and we are sorely wanting whether it is Public or Union or Private. Time for us to all pray.

    21. Carol M Kite says:

      I come from a union background but know that Big Union has to realize they have to smarten up and give a little before all's lost due to their strongarm tactics. The fact that Obama plays their game is deplorable, making lobbying & the 'payback' it incurs, more deplorable, should be illegal!
      10% unemployment on Labor Day 2011, after all the billions spent in Obama's, not so brilliant, failed attempts to help the economy, is unconscionable. COMMON SENSE is the answer–get the jobs back from overseas, charge tariff on goods as China does to us, close the damn loopholes whereby corporations pay their fair share finally (downright corrupt in my opinion), just a few corrections. If I, an old 'blond' lady, can figure it out, why do you refuse to?

    22. Allen Beachy says:

      BUST the unions!!!!

    23. John Stewart says:

      Union labor may be his base, but the more unions take over the more they force business into the cheaper foreign markets.

    24. Geo says:

      O and Joe and Unions got to go!

    25. Marc Jeric says:

      Given time every union will fall into the hands or either Mafia (see history) or communists. Then the union will proceed to the destruction of the industry in which they "work" – see steel, automobiles, textile, electronics, apparel…Private industry can save itself by outsourcing: my shirts are from Honduras, my Pyjama from Cambodia, my shoes are from Spain; my sweater is from Cina; my computer is from South Korea;…However, their is no escape from government employees unions: Post Office and Amtrak are bankrupt, our education had fallen to the level of Zimbabwe and our classes have become communist endoctrination camps. Government employees unions are by definition criminal conspiracies against the people and should therefore be routinely prosecuted under RICO Act laws.

    26. patriotAR15 says:

      Unions were very good when this country was eliminating child labor, sweat shops, and inequality in wages. However, their time is over. The only thing organized labor is good for now days is lining the pockets of the fat cats at the top. While many union workers are finding out that their jobs are going away the leadership continues to enjoy their luxury yachts and multi-million dollar mansions, all gotten on the backs of the workers. I'm totally surprised that the unions have anybody left to work. It is time to stop the power grabs of the union bosses and get this country back to work, not by forming more worthless organizations but by allowing the free-enterprise system to flourish.

    27. Don DeHoff says:

      The President, his advisors and now many in congress, just don't get it. They have no busines being in the "job creation" business (excuse the play on words). Instead, their job is to creat an "envirionment and atsphomsphre" that will encourage the private enterprise system to create new jobs and expand those that already exist. Whenever government creates a job it is paid for, with our tax money, which is merely an extension of the President's "spread and share the wealth" socialist program, using tax payer money. See part 2:

    28. Roger Brown says:

      Having worked in a union environment for 37+ years, I have seen both sides of the coin. There are abuses on both sides. It's rooted in the personal integrity (or lack of…) of each person involved, both line worker and manager. Unions have accomplished much to increase safety in the work place but the downsides include as was mentioned, making the company's products less price competitive. High wages are great but if the worker costs don't let the company be competitive in its market place, they can't sell their product and the jobs go away. Benefits are great but they are very costly and the customer pays for them doing business with your company. The bottom line is, is it a sustainable process? We've seen in the auto industry that it is not. Eventually it will reach to all companies across the nation. I've seen much cooperation between union and management, but there are still areas of conflict and distrust on both sides. The way the economy is headed in concert with the rest of the world's economy, I don't think it is sustainable. As has been pointed out by several sources in the financial sector, the bubbles that are bursting are not done yet and the dominoes that are falling are not done falling yet. There may be more drastic changes brought about by reality that we are yet to see. I think much of that will be seen in the "union" as well as government "world" we operate in. My "2 cents".

    29. F.A. Van Peski says:

      Mike, I have seldom disagreed with you, and you are right on with respects to the subject matter. However, I don't need a screwed up president ( and that's what he is ), nor an equally screwed up congress to come between me and my employer.

    30. Dean says:

      Obama is in Detroit hobb-nobbing with his union cronies. Isn't that special?? How much is this campaign trip costing tax payers. Why isn't the main stream media commenting on the tax payer camapign trips that Obama is taking almost every couple of days. And since Detroit is closer to Washinton than Minnesota, why didn't he take his Black Bus instead of the Big Bird. OH, that's right. He had the buses flown to Minnesota.

    31. Government jobs are the broken window fallacy writ large: http://www.freemarketfan.com/2010/07/bastiats-bro

    32. billy barney says:

      Trumka, King, & Hoffa, "Birds and their feathers flock together" Find 3 communist/leninists, the 4th can't be far behind.

    33. JBinGB says:

      Buy American, Buy non-union,and FREE America

    34. Robert, TX says:

      Jobs is an easy solution. Drilling in Alaska (ANWR and offshore) equals over 750,000 new, high-paying jobs. The Keystone pipeline is anothe 300,000 jobs. Actually spending $65 billion on new, shovel-ready road or bridge projects is 2,000,000 jobs (remember, I said actually spending the money on a real, new project). Those figures do NOT include the additional 2 million ancillary jobs. Problem solved with three strokes of a pen. The real problem is to wean 275,000,000 Americans off of the mainstream press and the drivel it produces for their consumption (includes FOX). Otherwise, people would not tolerate our incompetent Congress – and the lack of opposition to Obama.

    35. Isirio says:

      Unions bankrupt companies. You have better relationship with the company you work for, without those greedy union bosses. NO UNIONS….!

    36. Rich says:

      President Obama is urging Republicans in passing a job creations bill. Don't these politicians and ecomists get it? Government does not create jobs. demand does. Why is there little demand? Because the government has foisted so many regulations and so much uncertainty on the people that no one is willing to spend any more than necessary.
      Manufacturers are suffering from low backlogs, they don't hire, thus taking away the real imputus of job creation. Every manufacturing job results in support, either through service industries or subcontracting.

      So, mr. Obama and all you other vote-seeking politicians. How can you stimulate demand?

      • ThomNJ says:

        Amen, Rich. Amen!

      • Robert, TX says:

        "Don't these politicians and economists get it?" Yes, they get a regular check from Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, Merck, managed healthcare companies etc… They know EXACTLY what they are doing. Which is why THEY must be FIRED! If this year's debacle by the lying republicans has not convinced you, nothing will.

    37. Medford - Sam says:

      Don't expect President Obama to take advantage of the recommended actions he could take today to get the economy started and make real inroads into unemployment. He is an ideologue wholly committed to the wrong headed notion of "Economic Justice" which translates into his belief that it is government's role to mitigate the disparity of incomes between the wealthy, the middle class, and low income people… by means of government programs to redistribute wealth. He does not understand the miracle of capitalism and free enterprise which has succeeded in doing this for the past 200+ years and is at the center of American exceptionalism. It is this that attracts talented and hard working people from all of the world to come here and become American's. The best we can hope for is for the House to hold the line until next November.

    38. Chuck Wertalik says:

      It's highly unlikely the prez will choose any helpful ways to increase the number of jobs in this country. He'll probably dredge up the same old stuff he's proposed time and again. His crony Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis, alluded to this very thing in a blurb I heard on the radio this A.M.

    39. ClydeB says:

      The handwriting is clearly on-the-wall that the root of the jobs crisis in The United States of America is the rapidly growing trade deficit.. It is equally clear that restoring manufacturing jobs can not and will not be accomplished without tackling the trade situation. Congress or the President absolutely must recognize this and take measures to correct it._Our trade deficit exists because of our policy of importing unemployment and poverty while exporting jobs and assets._The solution lies in forcing a balance of trade with several of our trading partners. Several of the countries with which we have significant deficits are countries with the highest population densities. High population density drives consumption down and unemployment up. Our trade policies with these countries are structured to limit inports from us while maximizing exports to us. it is not our tax structure or our rules and regulations at fault. It is our trade policies._We must take a harsh approach and force balanced trade with several countries. For example, Germany, japan, China, Taiwan, Ireland, France, Great Britain and several others have growing trade surpluses at our expense. We must levy tariffs on the exporting country, not individual products, at a rate sufficient to achieve balance of trade.

    40. Jim of ME says:

      Politics is a business – as unions in and of themselves are a business. Dues go to pay exorbinate salaries for union officials, and to donate to and lobby for mostly Democratic politicians. Whereby politicians work to get re-elected, these donations have to have a payback – laws or regulations to benefit only unions. Government has no right to tell employees that they have to unionize, or to make the regulations to unionize so unfairly lopsided in unions favor that it is a cakewalk to have a union formed. You know what they say about payback…

    41. Kate says:

      Why isn't there a law that would limit the amount of money unions take from their members in dues.
      Why don't workers have the option of forming their own union without the assistance of the mob unions. The workers could choose people to bargain with management for better working conditions and better wages. The hours in negotiation could be reimbersed at the same rate as overtime hours. Once a new contract is in place, no further cost would be passed onto the worker.

    42. Frank says:

      President backing the Unions, case in general if I was the owner of the Boeing Corporation and I needed to expand my plant and I chose to move to a Right to Work State and I spent billions of my dollars to build a plant to save money The President and the labor relations board should not dictate to me that I should hire Union workers and how I should run my company after I have spent billions of dollars to employee people who need jobs. I think the President doesn't care about the regular worker who do not have jobs and do no't want anything to do with Unions at all, they just want a Job This is one reasons, why we have unemployment running at 9.1% and now our President is pushing government run health care plus he is putting regulations in the hands of the EPA which is hurting our U.S. Companies and also our economy, when China, India and Indonesia don't have to follow the same regulations that the U.S. We are trying to compete on a uneven playing field for jobs that's one reason why the majority of our manufacturing companies are going overseas

    43. navyjr says:

      What blows my mind is that the union MEMBERS keep right on allowing the unions to steal from them while selling their jobs out of the nation right and left, and ripping off their retirement funds as well, and believe the union bosses are actually on their side… and all those union dues go to paying for their leaders to live la dolce vita, and support the politicians who keep supporting THEIR agenda, leaving the rank and file members blowing in the wind! And at the same time, those same rank and file members have the NERVE to believe WE who are of a conservative bent and SUPPORT capitalism are the ones stealing their jobs, just because the ones actually doing so BLAME us….! Maybe they deserve the union leaders they have.after all…

    44. ThomNJ says:

      Behind all the bluster and banter around unions being there to protect the worker, etc., etc. is one key issue, and that is that obama and his ilk WANT unionization. They want this, because it t is just another way of developing and continuing an electorate that is beholden to government. Those folks out there saying it is all about worker empowerment and protection miss the point and become the useful idiots that big government types so crave. Some analyses show that 51% of the voters in this country get their monthly subsistence in some way shape or form from the US government. Bringing in more union members, catering to special interest groups, control of the judiciary, pushing weak voter ID enforcement and outright fraud is the strategy the Democrats have chosen to try to stay in power. They know that if the American public is fractured enough into special interest groups, yet groups that all have their purse strings directly held by the US government, then the Dems figure they will have a lock on most if not all branches of government for now and the future.

      We'd better work to make sure this fails.

    45. Harry Adams says:

      It should be clear to everyone that President Obama's objective is to bankrupt America!

    46. Denver says:

      "Never let a good crisis go to waste" and the next verse from the Regressive's handbook is "Create as many as you can simultaniously while blaming everyone else and making a pretense, at least, of studying the first one" A Commision, Commitee or Study Group is good, any pile of overpaid lawye.r-friends

    47. Bernie in DSM says:

      good morning
      Sorry if this information is published but if so please restate it in my question below :

      I would like to know the percentage of union workers in the USA as to the total population and 2nd to the working population or say under 65 or however you wish to define it.
      The total number of union members being teachers, all government offices being the post office plus State and Federal plus AFL CIO plus Auto workers and construction workers with plumbers, electrical, steel, brick masons and whom ever If you are in a USA based union how big a number of the population is the number? I had a Street corner Union guy tell me is was 14% and I find that very hard to believe I think it is more like 45% of the total workforce today. And now that I think of it the 3rd question could be what is the retired population who were union as they will be voting with the block also. So nice article but the numbers are with the unions members

    48. Gene says:

      There are plenty of jobs out there … at Taco Bell & McDonalds & Starbucks & Rite Aid & Walmart … and these folks will pull the Real Estate market out of recession when they buy new houses with all their non-union wages.

    49. Bobbie says:

      ON BEHALF OF GOVERNMENT, I WOULD LIKE TO SAY: 'happy unemployment day!'

    50. Gene says:

      I love this. We've gotten ourselves into a fine mess, Ollie. Blame it on Obama. Don't put any blame on the folks we voted into office in the last 30 years. Doesn't matter what party. They were all looking out for themselves first. We'll see the same bailout that Hurricane Katrina victims got when it comes to jobs. What's that sound? Everybody look around.

    51. Bobbie says:

      everybody look what's goin' down!

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