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  • Morning Bell: Zero New Jobs in America

    President Obama enters this Labor Day weekend with a serious problem on his hands. For all intents and purposes, the economy appears to be stuck in neutral, with news out today that the U.S. economy created a grand total of zero jobs in August. This followed two months of near zero growth. Not surprisingly then, the unemployment rate in August remained at 9.1 percent, virtually unchanged since April. In fact, it was completely unchanged, and for the first time since 1945, no new jobs were created—Zero.

    America now has the weakest labor market in a generation, and the American people know it. In a new CNN/ORC poll released this week, 65 percent of Americans say they disapprove of how President Obama is handling the economy. And even the White House has downgraded its expectations for the United States’ economic future, as The Hill reports:

    When the ‘substantial’ economic ‘turbulence’ of the last two months are [sic] considered, the administration expects the economy to grow as little as 1.7 percent in 2011 compared to last year. That is down from a rosier projection of 2.7 percent growth, made in February.

    In truth, even a 1.7 percent growth rate would be remarkable at this point, given that the economy grew at an annualized rate of about 0.7 percent in the first half of the year and has since slowed. A 1.7 percent growth rate suggests a remarkable acceleration beginning immediately. More than remarkable, that’s incredible.

    But none of this is should be shocking news. Earlier this month, the Congressional Budget Office’s mid-year assessment of the budget and economic situation, based on data through June and thus ignorant of the recent further slowdown, predicted that the jobless rate will fall only to 8.9 percent by the end of this year but remain above 8 percent until 2014.

    If Americans want to return to full employment, which means unemployment would be around 5 percent, then they’ll have to wait until 2018 if employers are infused with a new confidence and began hiring at the same average rate they did during the 2003–2007 expansion (+176,000 jobs per month). But 176,000 jobs per month is a far cry from the zero new jobs reported today.

    And while the U.S. economy is creating no net new jobs, President Obama is offering no new ideas to fix the problem. In a speech to a joint session of Congress next Thursday, the President is expected to rehash the same expensive, ineffective policies he has tried since his presidency began. And it’s an economic philosophy that America has come to know all too well. The President hopes that through the sheer force of spending taxpayer dollars, he can turn the economy around. It isn’t working—and neither are nearly 14 million Americans.

    Case in point: President Obama’s “sunshot” initiative–his proposal to dump taxpayers’ dollars into alternative energy projects with the goal of creating green jobs. It has failed, by all accounts. Even The New York Times reported that the President’s promise to create 5 million green jobs over 10 years has proven to be nothing more than “a pipe dream.” And this week, California-based solar panel manufacturer Solyndra went bankrupt, despite receiving a $535 million taxpayer-funded loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Energy. End result? About 1,100 people out of work. But during his jobs tour across the Midwest, the President continued speaking of the promise of the green economy.

    There’s another old idea being bandied about, too–infrastructure spending. Remember the President’s $780 billion stimulus, which included infrastructure spending on “shovel ready projects” all across the fruited plain? Despite the government infusion of cash into the economy, no jobs were created in August. As the President joked, “Shovel-ready was not as … uh .. shovel-ready as we expected.”

    Yet an “infrastructure bank” rumored to be endowed with up to $30 billion, appears to be a central component of the President’s jobs plan next week, and more spending on building roads and bridges is one of Big Labor’s favorite subjects, too. AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka this week called for America to spend $400 billion a year over 10 years on public works projects–and that money, conveniently, would directly benefit his union membership at the expense of the U.S. economy.  Whether we need additional government spending on infrastructure is a debate unto itself.  What is clear is that $30 billion spent over some number of years in an economy 500 times greater cannot make much difference.

    The two-and-a-half-year Keynesian experiment of flooding the economy with taxpayer dollars has failed, yet the President and his union allies continue to peddle the myth that the only way to save the economy is to spend more. There’s another way to go: freeing America’s small businesses from the day-to-day shackles of existing over-regulation, freeing families and entrepreneurs of the threat of higher taxes, and cutting spending to eliminate the constraining fear of America’s debt crisis. Zero job growth does not have to be America’s reality, but changing course will mean ditching the dream that more government spending will save the day.

    Quick Hits:

    • New emails reveal that three White House national security officials were aware of the Fast and Furious gun-tracking operation that resulted in the death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.
    • The Federal Housing Finance Agency is set to sue more than a dozen banks—including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank—for misrepresenting the quality of mortgage securities.
    • The United States has committed to another $23 million in funding to help alleviate the famine in Africa, bringing the total U.S. aid to more than $600 million.
    • Relations between Turkey and Israel worsened on Friday as Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador after details emerged of a U.N. report into last year’s deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla.
    • LIVE WEB CHAT: Join us today at 12-1 ET for a Web chat with Heritage’s Matt Mayer as he discusses FEMA and the federal government’s role in disaster response. Click here to join in.
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    74 Responses to Morning Bell: Zero New Jobs in America

    1. J-Boy says:

      Obama is toast. The Libs are going down and out and will begin crawling back under their rock again for 2-3 generations.

      Now, if we can still save this country from these radicals as they back into hiding.

      You can really spot the Radicals walking around today can you not. That now smug look is fading fast into despiration.

    2. John Stewart says:

      I don't think the jobless rate will fall below 9.0% for any more than a spike. The over regulation is going to keep employers from any new hiring on a permanent basis.

      • brenda d steed says:

        This jobless situation and the economy the way it is, is being done on purpose to destroy america..We have awoken the sleeping giant haven't we?

      • auhunter says:

        9.0% or even 9.2% would be great if those were right. If you count all of those who have dropped off the unemployment rolls you'll find the actual rate right now is closer to 18% and going up every day. Borrowing and spending is a special dream world of the Feds. Like the old cliche "Robbing Peter to pay Paul" eventually there are no more Peter's to rob. FEMA is nearly broke and they haven't even begun to figure in the costs of "Irene" yet. There is an old saying among big boat owners, "it's a hole in the water you keep pouring money into", Congressional spending is the same, we need to plug the hole, and NOW. We need a balanced budget NOW. There are few if any that remember the "Great Depression", but if we don't rein in this runaway horse called Congress, this and the next generation will know the full affects for long time to come.

      • leftshot says:

        Ah, but you assume an accurate number is going to be published–something we haven't had for a very long time. The REAL jobless rate is nowhere near 9.0%. One area of manipulation is they take everyone out that has been hunting for a job for over a year. Also, note that they are in a continuous mode of adjusting the jobless numbers they have previously reported and the adjustments are always worse. So there is a lot of manipulation of the data.

        The real question is how much further will they go to manipulate the data leading up to the election?

    3. carol,az says:

      I depend on this websites talent to chronicle America's living history.
      This is Labor Day weekend and your article summarizes the glaring truth described, as arrogance for leadership.
      Pres. Obama's distrain , not honor, for this great country and his ideology forced upon us is a debauchery that will continue to butcher all progress on every social/economic level.
      Counter suits for States Rights are stacked-up like cord wood across America paralyzing systems and draining every States' Treasury. This continued shockwave has affected every back road across America sinking her further in quick sand of: No solution, more spending, little compromise and unprecedented insolvency.

      • carol,az says:

        This hasn't been a slow crawl as most press continues to pander for Obama support. It's more like rat poison that's been added to kill-off problem solving, adding flagrant arrogance, through executive fiat to usurp more Constitutional Law(s).
        It is the man in this reality video game that's to blame for this continued failure .
        As you continue the narrative of America's living history , accountability in achieves supports all certain failures on all levels.
        His arrogance is fully supported by his gang of fools that can't lock and load, shoot straight, for a solution across America.

    4. Rick says:

      When will the american people wake to the fact this president is no different than the communism we fought to make this world a better place. Between supporting unions his policies are no different than those of china. Talking about china why do we engage with this country. They abuse there peopkle. They have taken our manufacturing and are a commi country. This president is the worst thing to have this country feel. He has no clue what he's doing and his administration lost they don't have a clue what there doing other than spend spend. This president needs to bgo and never be seen again he has ruined the american dream

      • Yolanda ; Baltimore says:

        You must be a white man, then again those people they call white people are not white ,an white tee shirt is the COLOR WHITE!!!! So what do you call your self ? what about the people or PERSON (BUSH) that mess every thing up ,and this man step up and said i can FIX THAT PROBLEM!! blame the person who cause the world to go to !!!! AT lest he is trying. LEAVE him ALONE he don't have full custody of this world ,he has people he must ask to do things!!

    5. Mary......WI says:

      Who cares what Trumka wants! Unions are on their way down the drain in this country.

      Could my dream be coming true that Obama is a one term president?!!!! :o)

    6. Ree says:

      What a great article. The Morning Bell should be forwarded to all main stream media, and all the people out there who still want to believe that Obama is doing the right thing. Your article proves it. Good for you!!

    7. Nancy says:

      I'm one of those lucky people who has a job. Part of my job is transcribing notes of conversations between buyers and sellers in the B2B category. The sellers predominately sell enterprise software products and/or services. I cannot tell you how many times during the past year I've heard a potential buyer say, "Well, we really can't plan long term these days. We've become short term focused although we know that's not a great strategy. We just don't' know what to expect next." I've attended close to 1,000 of these sales calls in the past year. The only ones buying on a regular basis are those buying software to help them meet new regulations. That's false money. It's money being spent on government created boondoggles rather than on expanding their business and hiring new employees.

      I have a question that I"m BEGGING anyone to answer. Why? Why do the Keynesian economists insist that government spending is job creating? Why do they do this? It's been proven time and time again that it only slows economic growth and creates hardship for the very folks Democrats say they want to help; the poor. Can anyone explain this to me? Anyone at all?

      • Gold Star Dad 1 says:

        Nancy, think for a minute keynesian economists = brain dead idiot's. The definition of insanity, is doing
        the same thing over and over and expecting a differant result! It's called a gaggle of idiots!!

      • Clearhead says:

        Yes, Nancy — there IS a boogey man. Your question – "Why do they do this?" is answered by not only the philosophies of the Keynesian economists, but also by those of many other traitorous groups such as "New Agers', 'Progressives', 'One Worlders', Humanists, most democrats, brainwashed children, Socialists, Communists, Bolivarians…and the list goes on. I suggest you Google "Humanist Manifesto", and then "Agenda 21" just for starters. The basic underlying engine for all of this is GREED. This is nothing new — three or four thousand years ago, King Solomon observed, "And I saw that all labor and achievement spring from man's envy of his neighbor" (Eccl. 4:4) Most people do desire to have as much as their neighbor, but sooner or later that desire morphs into a desire for MORE than the rest of our fellow humans. This desire is not just for material things, but also for immaterial things as well, such as POWER , RULE, and AUTHORITY. That's the point where basic greed evolves into the destruction of groups, communities, and even entire countries in order to achieve this hallowed goal. And the end justifies any means whatsoever to accomplish that goal. Americans are unique in that we have a way to thwart the greed driven onslaught by means other than the violence we are witnessing in other countries, such as those in the middle east: That alternative is called free election voting. Please, Nancy, when voting time comes around, lets not let ourselves and our fellow human beings down. Let's vote from the moral center of our hearts instead of the greedy outer portions of those hearts.

      • Frank says:

        Keynesian economists believe in big government. Austrian economists believe in small government. If you worked in government & had to hire an economic advisor, which one would you hire: someone that would help protect your job by spending more or someone that would likely have the government spend less & cut jobs… maybe your job? The big government economist gets hired every time even though their policies don't work!

      • Doug Nicholson says:

        The educators in our institutions of "higher learning" are mostly liberals who bought into the Keynesian theory years ago and have been passing it on to their students the whole time. Those students are now advising Odumbo. Gold Star Dad is 100% correct about the definition of insanity. Just wait and see what Odumbo has to say in his "jobs" speech Thursday. It will fit the definition, guaranteed.

    8. allen says:

      Another Bridge, didnt we find out where that money went . This is terrible, I will never vote for another Democrat as long as I live. I have been promised a job at the Local Park policing trash cans, I start next year.

    9. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      There are plenty of jobs. Just think of all those people who had to work to get Obama, 'the bell' and the little Obama's to the vineyard for vacation. Also all those people Holder has working to sell guns to kill federal agents…And you have the nerve to say Barry doesn't create jobs.

    10. inverbrass says:

      It is becoming more apparent that Obama is not particularly bright and has little if any common sense. His ability think and analyze is poorly developed. Left unchecked he will turn the US into a third world toilet. There is a position opening soon in Syria or Libya for which he might be qualified.

    11. John Stewart says:

      *.9% is wishful thinking

    12. Paul says:

      We need close to 150,000 new jobs every month to meet population growth (we have 300 million people and still producing with a segment of young adults graduating).
      As I understand these figures, not only was there no job growth but 150,000 new entries can't find a job and should be added to the unemployed.

      We are going backwards not standing still.

    13. Chris Hardy says:

      zero jobs growth for the first time since 1945??
      We've had negative job growth plenty of times since then. Please explain.

      • Black Helicopters says:

        1945- depending on the month but certainly still responsible, who was the president? Another big government liberal Democrat. FDR

    14. Dean says:

      YES, the last paragraph saws it all. Apparently Obama can't comprehend such logic.

    15. carol,az says:

      By Now Morning Bell we all understand that some feral animal found in the wild , adopted, will remain wild and dangerous. The choice is to continue to live with the danger or return them to the wild.
      The living history we are now part of , written for future generations will be a very sad narrative added to the American experience.
      Certainly it will be question "why" we didn't take action over inaction.
      I'm wondering from here, are you prepared to write that chapter ?

    16. kaydell bowles says:

      We have elected a man that was not properly vetted, ignored his associations and alliances with radical, has not even run a business, was a community organizer spending other people money, not knowing what it takes to have a sound economy, and surrounded himself with czars who have radically ideas and philosophy. What mor can we as citizens expect? Change he promised yes for the worse.

    17. Phil F says:

      Zero jobs and a zero in the White House. Two things will assure America's economy will come back and they are the ousting of democrats from Congress and the defeat of Obumbler in 2012.

    18. Jon Wright says:

      Consider the overwhelming positive response if Obama would simply announce that he will not run for a second term. What a patriotic thing to do. The effect would be immense relief and initiate dynamic economic recovery. Perhaps Heritage could further encourage this

    19. Steve Cafaro says:

      Obama does not get it!! But then again, the Republicans, the Democrats, our political leaders and our business lesders don't get it!! When will someone with a economic brain step forward and deal with this seemingly complex yet simple issue of unemployment in the USA?.

      It does not take a rocket scientist to understand the USA is no longer a production center and has become reliant on foreigners for many of the products we consume on a daily basis. Moreover, we are reliant on foreigners for the capital we need to pay our bills.Our economic policy of free markets and globalism is lethally flawed.

      Someday, someone who can make a difference will realize that America must begin producing for her own needs if she is to survive as a free , independent and self-sufficient Country. America must reclaim the ten of millions of job, thousands of factories and the entire industries that have been exported to foreign countries. This simple act of self-sufficiency and survival will assure a living wage job for every American and illegal immigrint who chooses to live and work in the USA. As a spinoff, we will erase our debt problems with the prosperity and resultant inflation that is the lifeblood of American capitalism.

      • C B says:

        Wow. The first person I've ever seen comment who understands this simple truth, one I've been trying to get across for years.

      • Hillbilly says:

        Agree Steve. The creation of employment (allowing employment) is very simple. I can recommend a mule farmer in southern Missouri who can do the task. How come an Engineer/Economist can not practice Law, but a Lawyer can practice Engineering/Economist ?

      • ClydeB says:

        Outstanding commentary! You have an excellent grasp of the situation. Now if only we together can expand the base. A great source of knowledge on the subject and it's primary cause can be found in Pete Murphy's book Five Short Blasts.

    20. Lloyd Scallan says:

      No one with common sense is neither surprised nor expects anything different from Obama. Why is it that almost every month the jobless rate is "revised" upward? Why are the jobless numbers altered to not reflect the actual jobless rate? Why is the CBO tentative about reporting just how desperate this economy has become and will continue for the next 5 to 10 years?.

      This is not Keynesian" economics. This is Obama's manipulating the truth of the future we all face under his administration. Every American had better realize the end result of Obama's agenda is to make life in this country so deployable that millions of citizens will run to him, or one of his commrads, to save them from the pain Obama is causing. When that happens, Obama's answer will be total socialsim.

      • Hillbilly says:

        Combine this with the Gun Selling scheme in Arizona, comment abouts guns and bible, Gibson Guitar power play and…… well, we should get added employment with the manufacture of brown shirts, or are these to be imported ?

    21. kaydell bowles says:

      We have elected a President that was not properly vetted; we ignored the associations and alliances with radicals; we chose a President that did not run a business or believed in the free market; we elected a President that was a community organizer; and we elected a President that surrounder himself with czars with the same philosophy. What can we expect? Change as he promised which we thought or the change he was going to deliver?

    22. oldgraymary says:

      We've known for several years that jobs are disappearing in Illinois, so can someone now explain to me why the immigration gates are still open? Illegals are being embraced with open arms, their children now have access to funds for college that American children don't get. Entry-level jobs are being filled with people who speak little, if any English, and more and more, in the Chicago and other urban areas, jobs are posted with "Spanish-speaking preferred" requirements- yet the unemployment rate for black youth is around 50%. So why does this not bother the general populace?

    23. Jack says:

      Keynes was discredited in the 30s, yet remains "mainstream" today. This puzzle can be explained by:

      -the appeal to politicians that can use the money to pay off special interests (contributors) and buy votes. This is of course the very definition of corruption, whatever the "good intentions" smokescreen it is all about power.

      -the appeal to academia that they can appear as a special "expert" class with access to the ruling class. This is also a corruption; that of academic ethics.

      -the appeal to voters that naively believe it is "government money" and are complicit in the crime of extortion from their fellow man, and even from themselves as the government collects not only direct and indirect taxes but also the hidden tax of inflation

    24. Bill says:

      Brilliant article in a time of economic darkness. Keep telling us hungry voters — the truth!

    25. Curt Krehbiel says:

      In Obama's mind all is well. He is steering America on a collision course with socialism.

    26. carol,az says:

      M. Bell would you please line-up my three comments concurrently..(1,2,3) .they were written that way but not posted that way. Thank you ahead and stay safe over Labor Day.

    27. Frank says:

      "The two-and-a-half-year Keynesian experiment of flooding the economy with taxpayer dollars has failed…There’s another way to go: freeing America’s small businesses from the day-to-day shackles of existing over-regulation, freeing families and entrepreneurs of the threat of higher taxes, and cutting spending to eliminate the constraining fear of America’s debt crisis."

      I agree with Heritage. It will entail a basic shift away from big government, high taxes, deficit spending & more regulations to small government, lower taxes, a balanced budget asap & less regulations. But that is not where we are headed with Obama & the Keynesian economists in charge. America is still just waking up to the new painful reality. I hope they don't forget it was the big government types like Bush & Obama that got us here. That's why I'm hoping the Republicans will choose a small government type to run for President this time around. We can't afford another 4 years of big government types… especially the likes of Obama.

    28. toledofan says:

      I think if 9.1% was the real number then the economy wouldn't be in as bad of shape, but, I think the real number is probably closer to 14%. Regardless, either case is bad medicine for America. It's obvious that the negatives like too much spending, no leadership, burgeoning regulations, the lack of confidence, and the lack of leadership, in general, are all indicators of why we're in the predicament we're in today. Nothing will change until, if we're fortunate enough, 2012.

    29. mort_f says:

      There are many camels in the 'infrastructure' tent. For example a federal regulation to pay prevailing union wages on any federally funded project, not prevailing area wages, but prevailing 'union' wages. The federally subsidized Interstate Highway system has no money for maintenance and repair, that is a state responsibility. Any wonder why some states opt out? Would E-Verify be mandatory, or is this another plum for illegals?

    30. Carol M Kite says:

      Get rid of Tunka! No person or group should EVER have the influence over any president that this man does. I understand why the president feels beholden because he accepted their too generous support (MONEY)–only for the payback it bought, that's criminal– during his campaign. Lobbyism was part of Obama's platform that he would not allow (LIE) if he won.
      The whole system should be changed. No sitting president should be focussed on campaigning more than a year & a half before election when he is supposedly governing a country, though not the reason he's such a failure. Thought there was a ceiling (he doesn't do well with ceilings) on how much in campaign funds can be raised/used. It's all so outrageously corrupt, beyond special interest category!

    31. Sean says:

      The heritage foundation takes far too much joy in America's failures… I wish this partisan vitriol and cherry picked facts would go away so the real adults could get something done.

    32. James Hart says:

      We should more construction jobs on our roads, bridges, etc. Only the bidding should be open to all companies both union & nonunion. Favoring unions has been a BIG expensive misstake

    33. Bobbie says:

      embarrassing. uncalled for. unacceptable. "I will keep what works and get rid of what doesn't!" when? deceiver. Only destroying what works and thieving from Americans to pay off your special interests. His words and actions make it evident how he feels about this country and Americans. he's a disgrace of a man. The government is in the way of all economic growth!

      Mr. Paul, Mr. Cain, Mrs. Bachmann, the like minded and all the freshmen, this country needs you for her recovery! Thank you for your truth and decency and protection!! Thank you for your respect and faith in us, the people and thank you especially for respecting us as Americans united and not dividing us as if accordingly inferior!!! God Bless your strength and courage and respect for human dignity!!!!

    34. Jeff Dover says:

      Along those lines, I received an email from the Gingrich campaign touting Newt's work with Jack Kemp in the '90's to enhance US business. The following is my response to him:

      We need bigger changes, Newt. This is a new day. We need to get way past the years when you were working with Jack Kemp. We need some fundamental changes in the way things are done, way past just a re-vamping of regulations and government interference in private economic affairs and all private sector affairs in general. We cannot have government agencies unilaterally issuing “rules” with the effect and power of law. We cannot have agency heads such as Labor Sec’y Solis earlier this week, concluding and signing treaties (they call it an “agreement”) with foreign nations, bypassing debate and a vote of congress or the senate, whichever of “treaty” or “regulation of commerce” applies. We need elected officials making and/or approving our laws and treaties following public testimony and debate.

    35. leftshot says:

      What I would like to see (because I think it would be compelling evidence of the failure of the Democrats and this administration) is a graphic comparison of this recession vs. all other recessions that have occurred since the Great Depression. Then a comparison of this recession vs. the Great Depression. I believe these graphs would clearly show:

      1. This recession followed a pretty normal pattern early on until the Democrats took over in Congress and the White House and began all their Kensian and Socialist monkey business. Ergo, they are the ones that turned what looked to be a normal cyclical recession into something MUCH WORSE. In fact, unprecedented in length and depth, except for the Great Depression.

      2. A comparison with the Great Depression would show that this Recession (which should be called The Great Recession, or GD2–Great Depression II) is much more like the Great Depression than any recession we've ever had, and for good reason. The same grandiose Kensian and Socialist policies ensued with the same results–a much longer and deeper depression of our economy.

      • Jeff Dover says:

        I like it Leftshot, but leave that to the historians after we've fixed it! Let's focus our efforts now on getting people in office who are committed to fundamentally redefining the role of the federal government in the lives of United States citizens and their economy. I think Michele Bachmann is cut of that cloth, not sure about polling front-runner Perry and I'm dead certain Mitt Romney is not the man for this work. Further, it's about congress as much as White House leadership. My congressman, David Schweikert (freshman) is an example of sort of person we need more of in DC. He's not interested in "playing ball" or "going along" and he doesn't give past Republicans a pass for their roles in where we find ourselves, in fact, he's quite open about how they've been keeping us in the dark. He's committed to fixing this mess and doing whatever he can to return freedom to the people of our nation and the states they live in. (No, I'm not one of his employees!)

      • ClydeB says:

        If you are serious, may I suggest you explore a blog by Pete Murphy. It can be found at; http://petemurphy.wordpress.com/ .
        Murphy has been researching and developing his theory since the early 90's and has the proof of what is wrong and how to fix it

    36. Persim says:

      I have reached a point where the only conclusion I can reach when considering this regimes total ineptness is that it is being done by design. That's giving this collection of marxists (progressives?) too much credit but how else to describe this attempt at "fundamental change"?
      People will eventually awaken and when it happens it won't be pretty but it will, unfortunately, happen.
      Thanks BarryO.

    37. Bonnie says:

      Obama is a puppet used by the left because of speeking skills. The real harm is being done by the Czars of his Administration Departments. These are the really dangerous people. Not elected but appointed by Obama they continue to undermine everything in this country. By pushing regulations by the millions on all parts of our economy they are tearing us down and have no doubt, it is the master plan. Think third world country. Get the UN out of here, shut down the Unions, the DOJ, the EPA, the NLRB…..I can go on and on. Also, the Federal Reserve gets an assist for what is going on. Obama is focusing on JOBS to take our eyes and ears off of what really is going on.

    38. Joe says:

      The massive amounts that will be prgrammed for "Infrastructure that is ready to go" ignores that fact that Lisa Jackson (EPA) has and will continue to insure the fact that most infrastructure projects wallow in years of permitting and high costs for consultants and mitigtaion and won't be "ready to go" for years if ever. . We thought it was a blessing when she left New Jersey – she's just warming up!

    39. charlie says:

      Why is it so hard to comprehend that new jobs are created ONLY by savings and investment?? Government spending fails a simple logic test…a government that takes or borrows $$ from one person and then spends it on another person or project only diverts spending from one area to another–no net jobs are created! The Keynesians are largely academics who don't talk to businesses and don't deal in logic–why aren't the businesses (and Heritage) hammering this point to the media and mainstream America?

    40. bluzingr says:

      Sure we created thousands of jobs, in India and China. And for H1B, B1, and illegals. Nice work congress.

    41. bluzingr says:

      Sure we have, all the jobs are in India, China and given to H1B, L1, B1 and illegals…wtg congress! Keep up the good work!

    42. jon says:

      Since computers came in, why don't union's get a bunch of guy's/gals that are in the same business at the same location?, get you a an Agent, like an athlete does, let him handle your ins, investments, just like you do with your bank, than daily you know what's happening, each is than an independent employee, dealing with his boss, through an agent!
      Pay your agent a percentage? like 6% on a hundred, again you have a say, not union bosses, they would be smart to start the training of agents, get away from their thuggish way's, come into this century, and give a damn about the USA!

    43. Whicket Williams says:

      Despite it all, America is still a great modern country. If you can control the greed ,you can survive. I suggest every human with the ability to think use his head and fight the forces bent on destroying freedom.
      My suggestion would be to try to cut the size and power of the federal government, and their friends, Big labor and Big business, returning so power to the small guy, who, after all, is the backbone of America

    44. Hillbilly says:

      How can we create jobs when our largest export is JOBS along with complimentary AMERICAN TECHNICAL EXPERTISE ? Obama's Labor Tzar and President of General Electric is building a commercial airplane factory and XRay factory in China; factory will be complete with the overhead cost of technical development. The American worker owns this technical expertise and Immell has no right to a give-away for his personal advantage. This is a non reversable process with the end result being MORE UNEMPLOYMENT.
      Immell says he is doing this so that he could be close to his market…..then there is justification to eliminate all imports,….pure sophism.

    45. mtn girl says:

      Bush pushed America over the brink thank God a Republican did not win in 2008. I fear for my kids. I grew up believing in America and then I saw Reagan start the dismantling of freedom and then lil shrub accelerated it. So conservatives name one policy by Obama and you can't make up stuff that is taking away your rights like Bush did? conservatives seem to love freedom for themselves but as soon as they take office there go our rights and there go our jobs…. big pat on the back to all the people who refuse to think for themselves. rush and beck are certainly smarter than you which is terrifying to a descendent of American Patriots- praying for a new dawn for the real America= the middle class.

    46. HARRY SNYDER says:

      I have difficulty believing that the Administration doesn't know that "Keynesian" spending will not decrease unemployment numbers. Their actions (and massive spending of borrowed money) have not helped so far, and more of the same will have the same miniscule effect. The big push in the reelection campaign certainly will not be a recitation of their great economic accomplishments. Blame the Republicans, especially BUSH, for everything, and invent new buzz-words such as "QE2," etc., steering the voting public away from the (deliberate?) sorry record of this sorry administration.

    47. ClydeB says:

      Where is the pent-up demand for goods in this country? Without demand, what employer will have need for additional employees? What sane person would add employees with nothing for them to do? No amount of tax code manipulation will alter this dynamic, nor will regulation repeal.
      The way we return manufacturing is by levying tariffs on imports sufficient to achieve balanced trade with the grossly over populated countries with which we have the enormous deficits.

    48. RME KRNL says:

      Zero new jobs in August? Not even a smidgen? Zero, zip, nada? Hasn't happened since 1945?

      Oh, that's right, Obama and his failed Keynesian economics are still in the White House and the Dimocrats still control the Senate. That's all the explanation and "analysis" one needs.

    49. CJM says:

      So what's new with this article? We already know that obama has done nothing for the American economy and we already know that the unions are for ruining this nation even more so they can glean more power. Rather than continue to cry over the lack of jobs, the media should be making very PUBLIC DEMANDS to oust this imposter from the White House and demand that the unions be outlawed, period. obama just doesn't get it–he is out of touch with reality and certainly has no concern for the US citizen except for what we can pay him for his existence. OUST THE IMPOSTER NOW………..

    50. ssabmud says:

      "we are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America".
      Nothing else needs to be said.

    51. Flippen Fed UP says:

      I would like to know why the legislature can't seem to get this right? "We the people" seem to be able to come up with great ideas (i.e. the comments herein). I sure hope that voters are smarter next year. If we are going to have a puppet government, then we need to be more involved as puppet masters

    52. Black Helicopters says:

      Actually 1 out of 5 Americans is out of work. I have a job { such as it is} and I have been asked to pick up duties I had years ago. Do I complain? NO.
      The White House reminds me of an old 1960's movie entitled " The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight". These clowns can't do anything right.
      A coworker remarked this week that maybe Obama was a blessing in that Americans now see what a total failure liberalism is and that if McCain would have won the future massive correction would have been delayed. He may be right but what pain this lesson has caused.

    53. John Olofson says:

      Obama's reduction of projected GDP to 1.7 is so that, if GDP is even slightly better than 1.7 heading into the election, he can claim "progress."

    54. Arlene Long says:

      Whatever happened to all the gasoline taxes, both state and federal.I thought those taxes were for the rebuilding of roads and bridges. Or is this just another scheme by the government to collect taxes for one purpose but use them for another purpose, like a new give away.

    55. Jack Thompson says:

      Benjamin Franklin said, "We have given you a Republic, if you can keep it! A Republic must have a God fearing and educated citizenry to maintain the balance of power provided by the Constitution. Freedom is not free. It is hard work and every American Patriot must be vigilant to this cause.

      Many of our brothers and sisters who enjoy the fruits of this great nation have turned their backs on God! They believe we must transform our country into a secular state, controlled by pseudo-intellectuals who, "supposedly have the best interest of all the people at heart", and will govern with complete objectivity and fairness.

      How is this working out for you so far?

    56. T.H. Asgardson says:

      Dumb politicians engage in disastrous free trade treaties; export our factors of production to China and India; allow 40 million illegal alien invaders from Mexico into the country and imagine that they will create jobs out of thin air–the same way they do with printing money.

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