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  • Morning Bell: Food Regulators Out of Control

    First Lady Michelle Obama’s obsession with “childhood obesity” has bothered many since it began two years ago, especially those who think that White House nagging of parents should be reserved for more pressing issues. Now it is getting more serious, with food regulators starting to infringe on the free speech rights of advertisers.

    In the latest upset, four federal agencies known as the Interagency Working Group (IWG) have delivered a plan to drastically censor food advertisers with products deemed to be “too high” in sodium, sugar, or fat that cater to any viewing audience between the ages of two and 11. These advertisers would lose key slots during some of America’s most popular shows, like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and Glee—simply because the nanny state is “uncomfortable” with what they are selling.

    The IWG, formed within the 2009 Omnibus Appropriations Act to study childhood obesity and offer possible solutions, has gone far beyond their descriptive reach. Now, perfectly reasonable companies may be penalized severely.

    The regulators plan to get away with this by disguising their rules as “voluntary guidelines.” In reality, the guidelines are anything but optional, according to food manufacturers affected by them.

    As Heritage’s Diane Katz explains:

    The restrictions are voluntary in name only. Food manufacturers can hardly ignore “recommendations” from the very federal agencies that exercise regulatory authority over their every move. It is akin to a cop asking for ID or to search one’s vehicle: While the law treats such citizen cooperation as voluntary, most individuals would not view it as such, nor would the police look kindly on anyone who denies their requests.

    It’s not just Twinkies and cookies that will be affected, either. Anything deemed to have a little too much sodium or fat will be tested under the new rules, including foods whose very production requires a high sodium content (like pickles) and those that are naturally high fat (like peanuts).

    As Katz wrote, “Nutritional staples such as Cheerios, peanut butter, and yogurt are verboten under the proposed standards, which effectively constitute a government-regulated grocery list.”

    The regulations hit traditional favorites where it hurts. In turn, the free market and consumer choice is manipulated to fit a misplaced government agenda that doesn’t solve the problem.

    Even if the feds are well-intentioned, their action plan isn’t grounded in reliable research. The whole point of the regulations is to curb the growing epidemic of childhood obesity—but the Institute of Medicine found no link between advertisements and children’s food choices.

    According to Katz, children have seen about 50 percent less food advertising in the last six years than before that time—yet obesity rates continue to climb. Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Mark McClellan attributes the obesity problem to “physical inactivity”—not caloric intake. In fact, McClellan noted that children’s calorie intake has remained about the same for the last 20 years.

    Not only do regulations hinder the market and censor speech; they hurt the businesses behind the labels. Sara Lee CEO Christopher J. Fraleigh recently spoke on the overextended regulations, which will hurt his business in particular:

    A turkey sandwich made with Sara Lee fat-free lean turkey meat, we would not be able to advertise that on venues, be it the Superbowl or anything that would have a significant child audience, because the product is a little bit too high in sodium…. Current regulation of advertising toward children is a perfect example of regulation that just goes way too far.

    The Obama Administration’s food regulators think that if you give them an inch, they can take a mile. But when free speech is on the cutting board, they will certainly hear from the people, and the people will not stand for it.

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    158 Responses to Morning Bell: Food Regulators Out of Control

    1. Karin says:

      Seriously if you are a pro-choice person this should alarm and bother you that the government is getting into your personal day to day life style choices. Wrong on all accounts.


    3. Joel Russell says:

      Tell the IWG to have a twinkie and a coke and relax. Tell Mom And Dad to play basketball, play catch, or what ever to get the kids active. It is not the snack its the lack of activity.

      Joel Vancouver , WA

    4. Jill Maine says:

      For a party like the democrats who are always screaming about keeping our hands off their bodies and out of our bedrooms this is ridiculously controlling. I hope we can get rid of the tyrants in the White House in 2012. What a bunch of fools.

    5. Ginny B says:

      Wow! We can't see a commercial for Cheerios but we are bombarded with ED commercials! What is wrong with this picture? Be afraid! Be very afraid! We have lost our country to these fanatics!!

    6. Patty says:

      One answer is to put gym and recess back in the schools. The females in the WH don't look like they missed any meals. When Muncheel is on the taxpayers' $$ she doesn't hold back. And I'm sure BO and all his ice cream wouldn't be able to handle it if he wasn't playing golf & basketball on taxpayers' time.

    7. PJ from Texas says:

      I am disheartened that federal agencies are spending so much energy controlling advertising when they have allowed GMO foods to propagate our entire food supply. Michelle should be more concerned about what is in the vegetables that she is promoting, but nobody in the USA wants to go up against Monsanto. They are all making too much money off of it.

    8. Turner says:

      Would someone slap a mouth tax on the Obamas already?

    9. B Eric says:

      I for one think that we do not have a republic any more. Under this president we have a dictatorship. Congress rejects a bill and the president issues a regulation which accomplishes the same thing. We have czars that issue regulations with the force of laws without legislative approval. This will get worse the longer this president is in office. I will leave the country and live in a truly free country if the unthinkable should happen in 2012.

    10. Capt Gene says:

      Oh thank you, your royal majesty, queen "my belle michelle"! (lcit) If it were not for you and the food police, I don't know how I would survive! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I feel much safer now knowing all the billions upon billions of folks who came eons before us all died due to their dietary habits. If only YOU had been there for them! Again, thank you, "my belle michelle"! Now I must go and make my Tofu burgers (withOUT that evil, salty Soy Sauce, of course!!), turn my dogs and cats free lest I be tempted to eat them in a moment of weakness, and pray at the "Cathedral of Green and Healthy"! THANK YOU "MY BELLE MICHELLE"!! THANK YOU!!!!

    11. Chuck Bolder says:

      If we'd start promoting grass-fed meats, eggs and dairy as well as raw milk consumption we'd see healthier folks all around!! Most medical professionals either are unaware or ignore the idea of balancing our deits so the EFA balance in our diets gets closer to where it should be than where it is with our present day diet.
      Our Omega-6 to Omega-3 essential fatty acid ratio in our diets should be as close to 1:1 as we can get it. The majority of diets today run from 15-70:1 ratio. High in Omega-6, which makes for more chances for inflammatory problems such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis,diabetes etc.

    12. jack carle says:

      The King and Queen wannabes in the White House need to shut up and sit down.

    13. PJRyan says:

      I agree with this article; it is the same type of regulations towards birth control where, educating the public towards food nutrition, their body's, and morals (which are no longer available) would lessen the problems; also, lack of exercise which is no longer a requirement in public schools, and due to computer work and games where no energy is used nor burned!
      Mr. Paul J. Ryan

    14. Tom T says:

      This isn't just about the food police regulating what we eat, but also about free speech. The idea that the government can regulate advertising of legal products ought to be repugnant to most people, but because they start with regulation ads for cigarettes and nobody really cared, they are now able to regulate any product. The only way to stop government over regulation is to nip it in the bud before it starts. That might mean standing up to government even when they are going after a product most people hate.

    15. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Just as the last Democrat administration where Hillary was the brains of the "duel presidency", Michelle is clandestinely driving the radical leftist ideology of her husband. But taking a lesson from the Clintons,
      Michelle is not out in front. She hides in the weeds waiting to strike our American way of life.

    16. Everything about the current administration is unconstitutional; it really is no surprise since the current occupant of the White House believes the Constitution is "flawed." Because of this core belief, the administration and those in congress that whole heartedly support the President will follow his lead.
      From the President on down who took the oath of office to support, uphold, and defend the Constitution and then willfully disregard that oath have at the very least committed a felony; to whit, perjury. At the very most, many have committed acts of treason under Article III Section 3 of the Constitution.
      This over reach of the administration is no big surprise; before the 2012 elections, even more socialist/central planning regulations will come down the pike and as a result, the economy will suffer.
      It is my hope and prayer that those who have disregarded their oath of office will be investigated and if they are found to be warranted, then they should stand trial for their crimes.

      • Terry Todd says:

        If people would use their common sense about food, everything would be OK. Unfortunately, there is no more common sense. Have you looked at all these teen-aged girls and wondered why they have that donut on top of their hips? My gosh, it is so plain to see that they are not eating REAL food! For Pete's Sake People! Wake up! When I was growing up, we had over-weight people but they never looked like that! It is because the body does not know what to do with all the "*****" they eat! Stop listening to the media – that is just propaganda. Start to use your own mind. It will tell you the truth.

      • Mike says:

        I am curious whether Heritage has any legal opinion on the constitutionality of this and many other Obama proclamations and directives. Does the House of Representatives have any power, through the purse or the law, to halt what looks to be presidential usurption of the legislative powers reserved for Congress?

      • Glicko says:

        I think you have hit the nail squarely on the head sir. However with the liberal cronies that Obama has been instrumental in appointing as judges etc. the possibility of this traitor ever facing justice I believe is slim to none. God help us if this man is re-elected. I'm a 70 year old grandparent and I truly fear not only for my children but my Grandchildren.

      • Daniel says:

        I think that it is about time that these big named, highly recognized, brands get together and file class action lawsuits against these misdirected bureaucrats and put them and their unprofessional administrations in their places. They have the money and resources to fight these individuals / government entities. The last episode involved in demanding (voluntary compliance) that the markets re-evaluate and re-arrrange their shelves in accordance with placing items out of eyesight of the little tykes so as not to tempt them. Hmmm…when I went shopping with my parents they always knew the right words to say, NO! As they were the ones purchasing the goods, they ultimately had the final say! Oh yes, the other words were, shut off the TV and go outside and play! Simple words, but effective. Have a great day and may God Bless

    17. Terry Hurst says:

      Advertisiers should go ahead and run their ads. Call the governments bluff ad force the government to drop the word voluntary and make this "request" a demand. Then, maybe, all the people in this country who have their blinders on will be forced to open their eyes.

    18. Michael says:

      Enough is enough-get the gov't out of my cereal box

    19. jason says:

      Have parents lost the ability to decide what there children eat.

    20. Fatunsassy says:

      Barry Obama, and Mother Michelle are Progressives!
      They surround themselves with Elite Progressives!
      Progressives are the ultimate experts at everything: what we should eat, amount we should eat, how and where we should live, how we learn, what we read, what we teach our children, number of children, what we drive, miles we should drive, what we watch, what we believe, where we pray, if we are allowed to pray, what medicines we take, and what doctors we see, what hospitals we go to. They even know how to run your business. The only thing they don't know how to do, is make the business profitable! Oh I forgot – Profit is Evil!!

    21. Carol says:

      First of all Obesity is mostly caused by poverty than choice. What sticks to your ribs more than any thing else Mac and Cheese and a Peanut butter sandwich. Obama has caused more poverty than the great depression. So poverty, worry for the future, worry about your live and your childrens life. No sane person would wish to deliberately cause their children to have diabetes, and worse to be treated as if they are a lesser of a person… Poverty takes everything away from you. Access to a gym, acces to knowledge, access to a good choice of markets that would carry all the healthy foods. Poverty above all is the cause of Obesity and all the foods MS. B HO takes or condems will only make the problem worse.

    22. Jessica Rerun says:

      As a person who spends almost everyday with children in schools I can attest to the fact that obesity in America
      N children is getting out of hand. But I agree that the problem is rooted in their lifestyles of inactivity and flat out laziness.
      When we were kids, no one regulated our food, and believe me my mom was all about snacks and twinkies, in addition to sandwiches, fruit, and veggies for lunch… But we also played all recess, loved PE, cane home and rode our bikes and climbed trees, abd were encouraged in sports.
      What we need to do is stop cutting athletic programs and firing PE teachers. Let's put our efforts into positively encouraging kids and parents to get out and exercise and Enjoy it! If we need to regulate something, attack the media and video games that are turning our children into weak, brainless zombies.

      • Andy says:

        I agree totally, and would like to add something. If we had safe streets, maybe more kids could get out and ride their bicycles and get more exercise. When we have to watch a child even if it's in the front yard, it really cuts down on the amount of time they can go out and exercise.

      • momsense says:

        We also had classes like health and home ec and no x boxes or computers and guess what—we also learned to read, write and count sufficiently to get a job too!

      • Finny says:

        Hooray for common sense!!! Finally, put the blame on parents who raise these kids!

      • Mimi says:

        How about cutting school time and homework assignments so there's plenty of time for that activity? Quite frankly, the structured activity of PE usually left me self conscious about any sort of activity, but I had fun playing at recess, walking and riding my bike to friends' houses, and such. Oh…my son plays tons of video games, is underweight and stronger and in better shape than most people — oh…and he's extremely intelligent. At church, he's in high demand to sing in the choir, run the sound system, or help in the video room, when he's not away on a camp out for the weekend. So, it's more of finding a balance than the fault of video games.

    23. dave says:

      Let's see how the crony "capitalists" handle this one. These are the same agribusinesses that love it when the USDA or any other agency subsidizes them or passes regulations that are just burdensone enough to hurt smaller or entry level companies, but not bad enought to really hurt them. Sorry guys, you can't have it both ways. You can't use the government as a silent partner to foster your monopoly one day and then critisize it the next. Face it, you have lost control over the monster you helped create. Good luck in the future.

    24. SEAN MURRY says:

      they are not telling me what to eat or what not to eat they can go to hell.

    25. dave says:

      Think about it. We are not being enslaved all at once; its just a little at a time, every day by every gov agency. The people who work in this country are too tired at the end of the day to fight or even care. Middle class people are too scared to mess with the government because they know they can't win. What is worse than being harassed by a bureacracy? Ever deal with the IRS or a regulator? You never win. So we will submit to being told today to being told what to eat – just leave us alone. Tommorrow we will have food taken off the market – we will submit. Year after year more liberty will be taken away. But you never fight because you don't have the energy. If you take a stand you are crazy or you are evil because the government is just trying to help the children. Just think about it.

    26. All right, this is completely ridiculous. How about if they quit advertising Victoria's Secret and ED meds in prime time and leave the food choices to me!

      • James says:

        Well said and I think you covered it very well. Get the govnt out of our lives and let the parents make the choice. I dont remember too many fat kids when I went to school.

      • Mimi says:

        I don't get why ANY prescription medications are advertised. It strikes me as being FDA/government drug pushing. Tonight, we saw a commercial for epi-pens. If there's a possibility that you should have one handy, your doctor isn't going to forget to prescribe one. Also, all the blood pressure/cholesterol medication advertisements appall me. We would be far better served knowing about using Omega 3 fatty acids than Lipitor and Crestor.

    27. Yeeeech says:

      No suprprises here. Last week the Federal Government referred to themselves as the "federal family" and now they acting just like Mommy and telling us not only to "eat our peas", but without butter and salt –and controlling the dinner table discussion. With the new White House Rural Council roaring into gear, they may begin to tell us what to grow, whent to plant and harvest, and to whom we may sell our peas. So, watch your P's and Q's guys…..and write a letter to your Congressman protesting this lastest Nannyism.

      • Aubrey says:

        Indeed the "federal family" is slowly taking away (perhaps we ourselves are giving away) our freedom of choice in many things. I personally am stockpiling table salt. I don't think the "family" will take it off the grocery shelf, but they could certainly tax it to death.

    28. Theo says:

      Cry me a river for poor Sara Lee and her violated right of free speech. Please. Are you also in favor of overturning restrictions on tobacco advertising–one of the great health-care success stories of the past forty years?

      There's still way too little regulation of these worthless industries, which are making us–especially our kids–fatter by the day, and contribute in a big way to what's really out of control in America, health-care spending. That problem is only getting worse. God forbid we actually do something about one of its primary causes, obesity, which has reached the scale of an epidemic in the U.S.

      • leftshot says:

        If restrictions on tobacco advertising are "one of the great health-care success stories of the past forty years" why are there so many smokers?

        And while we're at it, why do I HAVE TO PAY higher premiums for the smokers, the guys and gals that abuse drugs and so on? The answer: Government regulation!

        • Theo says:

          The point being that the number of smokers has dropped by about half since the government began regulating tobacco ads. Marketing works. So does regulation.

      • Sam says:

        Drone Alert! Drone Alert! Theo can't make decisions for himself – he needs nanny government to take away all the bad things. They make him sad :(

        • anon says:

          If you don't think private advertising influences the way consumers make decisions you are crazy, there are many more "drones" in that regard than from government pronouncement.

          I am all for a little more "truth in advertising". Let high fat foods advertise whenever they want, just make them have to put something about the nutritional content at the end, and in type that is visible and for more than 2 seconds.

        • Theo says:

          The great problem with snack/junk food is what economists call external costs–that is, costs to the public that are generated by a company's products, but which don't factor into the company's own production costs.

          Snack/junk food is really cheap at the grocery store, because it's mostly made of sugar, which is cheap because the industry is heavily subsidized by American taxpayers. But junk food creates all kinds of costly problems for American society. Most notably, it contributes to our spiraling obesity problem, which is in turn a major reason that health care costs are also spiraling out of control

          This means that Sara Lee is subsidized by taxpayers at both ends of the production process. The sugar it uses is artificially cheap; then the product it puts on the market contributes to a major health epidemic. So, yes, I believe it's fair that we as taxpayers have a say in how its product are advertised, and that we try to reduce their consumption. It's a question of basic fairness. When Americans eat less junk food, we're all in better shape, not only physically but fiscally as well.

      • shauna dickerson says:

        Did you read the part in the study that said caloric intake for children hasn't changed much in the last few years. It's INACTIVITY in children that is contributing to obesity – parents not bothering to send their children outside, instead of watching TV. Maybe we should ban TV for anyone under the age of – whatever. Come to think of it, everyone should probably get off the couch and exercise, that means you.

      • Responsible 1 says:

        Get off your computer. GO OUTSIDE. GET SOME EXERCISE. GO FOR A WALK. You or your kids "won't be fatter by the day".

      • Clearhead says:

        Tobacco is not a FOOD, genius. And these "worthless industries" do not make kids fat, nor do they make grown-ups fat. KIDS and their parents make KIDS FAT. GROWN-UPS themselves make GROWN-UPS FAT. (at least on planet Earth). By the way, we THINK we know what you're trying to say in your grammatically convoluted manner, but would you mind interpreting it for us? Thanx.

      • Lee says:

        Theo cigarette companies have had to jump through stupid hoops, not tv adds or radio or anything else for decades. A health care success story? Your a fool.
        There are WAY TOO MANY regulations period. As for smoking, if you could show a kid a cruddy lung like they did when I was in school a lot of kids wont smoke, kind of like the old dont do drugs video where they show a heroin junky on a bad trip in a bathroom, missing the toilet (never showed nudity but guy simply couldnt hit the pot as he had bowel issues, that one movie from drug education kept a lot of people from ever lookking at hard drugs.
        You know its too bad your a Democratic government control shill on here,,, maybe after they stop your freedom completely you will wake up.
        Oh and if they showed bad stuff in school todya kids might get idea.

    29. Ted Garrison says:

      Does it matter – with IBox who watches commercials anymore?

      I agree it's not the government's role to sensor commercials – except to weedout out right lies. That falls under truth in advertising and is already on the books.

    30. dave says:

      mess with my peanut butter and you have a fight on your hands.

      • The Blue Collar Man says:

        Same here. Peanut Butter has been one of my main staples my whole life. I eat it at times as a snack, on a salad spoon, or as a sandwich on 2 slices of bread, with margarine.
        I'm 5 ft 9in tall, weigh 167 pounds, so barely over weight for my bone size. Fast approaching 3/4 of a century. I work every day.

    31. anna says:

      why don't they take care of the things that we, the American people" voted them in to do!! i am TIRED of big Brother telling parents how to raise their children!!!

    32. RogCol says:

      Unintended consequences. When the various products, fast food and comsumer items, started changing tgheir recipes to make them more healthy, I quit buying. Does anyone realize that we can make these things at home and season them to our tastes. Once the profits decrease, the voluntary will kick in and the products will become "tasty" again. I just read that over 30% of the children in our region have "Food Insecurity". wonder where the $6B or so for Michelle's letsmove program came from? SNAP? We feed the children two meals at school, most of which goes into the garbage cans, have summer programs to feed them, a number of food give aways, government comodity prgram (free), SNAP, and a plethora of other programs to feed the kids.

    33. GDRN says:

      The problem here as I see it is that the differences between the NSP and the DSP are not that different anymore and are becoming more similar with each passing day.

    34. Mya Nameo says:

      I will feed my children what I want and then what they want within that choice group. It's as if they were equating peanut butter for kids without allergies, yogurt and other perfectly healthy foods with serving kids beer!

      • Mimi says:

        Exactly! Not every food has to be 100% healthy or with the prescribed balance, but the diet as a whole should be a healthy one. Yes, if there's a little too much salt or fat in peanut butter, then probably having it spread on potato chips is a bit much. While carrots, celery, green peppers, and mushrooms don't have much of the "evils" listed, they also don't provide much in the way of protein or calories for the individual who has a high metabolism. Most days, each of my children out eat what I eat…and have since they were about 3-4 years old. You would NEVER know it to look at them and me.

    35. The Farmer says:

      If obesity is a problem, or maybe I should have written since it is, may I venture a remedy?
      Allow; yes encourage Ins. Co. to increase co-pays based on the % of a persons over-weight problem, let them phase it in expadisiously so folks, like yours trully, will have time to get in shape.
      Even those who are living on tax money should be included, if they are over weight take the co-pay out of their food stamps.
      By the way if one can but don't carry ins. the State he/she lives in needs to pass into law an automatic collection stipulation.

      • Frank Puff says:

        Well that might be all well and good in your mind, but if they do that, have you considered those who are sick? Last year I started putting on weight faster than heck and I became overweight. I went to see a doctor and after several tests it was found I had a liver problem and my body was retaining water. After a month on water pills I dropped 25 lbs and now back to normal. Should my insurance been increased because it was caused by a real disease. I think not. Your idea is just as not thought out enough as our overweight lady in the house.

    36. Curt Krehbiel says:

      "The regulations hit traditional favorites where it hurts. In turn, the free market and consumer choice is manipulated to fit a misplaced government agenda that doesn’t solve the problem."

      If you haven't noticed, new regulations are being promulgated throughout our capitalist system. It serves not only to increase the costs of many products but also to permit hiring more government union employees to enforce compliance. Over regulation together with restrictions imposed by the EPA on oil and gas exploration and drilling as well as other industry activities is killing our economy. Free enterprise must fail in order for government to become the only employer and the liberals will finally have their coveted socialist order.

    37. Tony Bunn says:

      As far as I know children don't decide what they eat or not eat. It's the parents that decide. And there is so much education out here about what is good for you or not, that people in general and parents in particular can adequately decide what to feed their children without the government taking away the free speech rights of advertisers. Believe me, if an advertiser promotes a food that is bad for you the market will do away with that company in pretty short order.

      • Mimi says:

        I disagree. Children do decide what they eat and don't eat. Parents decide what is available to eat…and that's where their responsibility lies. I don't believe in forcing a child to eat something he dislikes. Trying it yes, eating a huge serving, no. However, I believe the majority of foods that are available should have at least a fair amount of nutritional value, and if necessary, limited calories. That's not an issue with my children who have, so far, been on the slender side all their lives.

    38. Jeff Dover says:

      Did anyone vote on the laws put in place by "food regulatory agencies"? I don't recall any debate and subsequent vote of congress on the "rules" they have created. In fact, these "rules" are laws which must be obeyed lest legal proceedings ensue.

      Isn't the people's congress the only body empowered to create laws in the United States? I don't recall voting for the head of the FDA or any other regulatory agency head. What is our recourse with these people? Can we vote them out? No, because they were never elected. They are creating laws, bypassing our congress and the nation's people, which we must obey — and they are not accountable to us for their laws.

      Let's do something about that.

      • Lee Hazel says:

        Congress can Defund and the states can Nullify. In a word "Yes" we can do something. Those whom we have elected to represent us need the backbone to move forward with a monumental housecleaning.
        Just because I have to say it, what a job for Sarah Palin. A very large part of the anti Palin, and now the anti Parry hooblah is coming from fear. The Liberals are runnig scared and beginning to behave like trapped rats, more than just alittle vicous in talk and deed. It will get worse as the election nears.

    39. Joseph C. Beck says:

      When will it stop! This effort is beyond the pale. I have raised 5 children who ate anything and everything. They played outside tlll dark in the summer time and walked 5 blocks from the busline to home every day. If parents would not be so concerned about carting their children everyplace they wanted to go they would all be better off.

    40. toledofan says:

      Just when you think it can't get any crazier, viola it does. This entire left pushing agenda, the attempted creation of a nanny state and all the other attempts to make America look like Europe is, I think, clear to many of what's wrong with our country. I think because we are being pushed to where we don't want to go people are finally starting to see why liberalism doesn't work or won't. It's clear that not only has the government overstepped it's boundaries, the government has proven to be hyopocritical as well. Lavish vacations, trips, parties and other gala events with food, drink and whatever else yet we have to watch our calories, let somebody else try to raise our kids, and just say thank you to Obama, his wife and his administration. Kinda pathetic isn't it.

    41. Curt Krehbiel says:

      "The regulations hit traditional favorites where it hurt. In turn, the free market and consumer choice is manipulated to fit a misplaced government agenda that doesn't solve the problem."

      If you haven't noticed, new regulations are being promulgated throughout our capitalist system. It serves not only to increase the costs of many products but also to permit hiring more government union employees to enforce compliance. Over regulation together with restrictions imposed by the EPA on oil and gas exploration and drilling as well as other industry activities is killing our economy. Free enterprise must fail in order for government to become the only employer and the liberals will finally have their coveted socialist order.

    42. MJF in CT says:

      The last thing we need is "Mochelle" and the government in our private lives. There is NO excuse or reason for the government to be involved with our food other than to make sure that standards of cleanliness & safety. This does not include "Moochie" playing Big-Mama to all of us. We all have mothers and wives – we do not need another!

    43. Jeanne Stotler says:

      It's parents and doctors job to regulate a childs growth. Most children are "Chubby" as infants and soon lose it once they start walking, same with little girls having a stomach, it disappears in puberty. We have created an atmosphere for breeding anorexia and bulimia, both which rob kids of nutrients. I have several little girls who come here after school, one is tall and slim, another short and stocky, I think both are beautiful and they need to be sure of themselves not made to be worrying if the Goverment thinks they are too thin or too fat. I saw a granddaughter go through this as a "friend" made fun of her pouch, I told her about her friends anorexia(evident by color of skin, hair texture) today this is a lovely young woman and happy with herself. Keep Michelle away from everyone elses kids, let her tend her own.

    44. Judi says:

      I suppose Tricks,Kaboom,and Captain Crunch are healthy!!! Available on WIC!!!! Maybe it depends on who makes it-did they support the Obama's presidency?

    45. Robert says:

      Salt is not only NOT bad for you, it is GOOD for you and you need to replace lost salt (which does not happen when you have a drink of water). Healthy people salt their food. Unhealthy people support this awful government.

    46. Dick Abbott says:

      The First Lady should practice what she preaches. She undoubtedly has not looked at herself in a mirror as to back & side views as well as front for weight control. It's always easier to see the flaws in others, never in ourselves. What's wrong with cutting off being a couch potato and get the kid doing yard work or even house work. The trouble is the government has taught the kids to tell Mom and Dad where to head in if confronted with responsibility. Biden has taught them to use the "F" word on national TV and our dearly beloved president has taught them that drinking beer is good for you. Washington DC is sick, sick, sick!

    47. Nancy says:

      Not allowed to use legally obtained wood, not allowed to advertise on TV, not allowed to choose our own doctors, not allowed to choose a shower-head, toilet, light-bulb, water heater. And we're nuts to think there might be death panels? Really?

    48. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      If cities were editable, Washington D.C would be the most toxic food item in the world. But in this administration we would be encouraged to digest everything.

    49. americancaptialism says:

      Not very often, but every now and then, We need to step back – say 32 months – and look at President Obama's "Regulation / Executive Order / Czar Addiction". The Numbers and their impact will be astounding!

      Heritage researchers could do this rapidly and use it like your "Solutions for America" to give conservatives and voters another comprehensive tool to Defeat Obama.

      This another example of Dr. Arnn's warning "…Bureaucratic despotism is worse than socialism"

    50. flajim says:

      Here's a novel idea: eat less. In addtion, make phys ed mandatory again and reinstate recess with no permission to sit it out in front of a computer screen. Parents should be tearing their kids away from their TVs and computers at home, too, and putting them out to run around a bit. Of course, with so many on Ritalin, few have any get up and go any more.

      Moochele, the $10 million vacation queen, is in no position to be 'leading' this drive anyhow. Seen her chubby kids lately? And she's nothing to write home about, either.

    51. James Covington says:

      I guess the next move is to ban all the electronic games so that maybe the kids will get off their behinds and get some exercise……..and if that doesn't work, maybe they will have to report to a drill instructor each morning for a daily workout……kind of like Hitler's youth movement.

    52. kaydell bowles says:

      We have too many government agencies and others who want to control speech, life styles, nutrition, and other factets of our lives. Money could be saved by doing away all agencies that have no constitutional basis for their existence other than a Congress beholden to the lobbyists and political correctness.

    53. Mike Rodriquez says:

      This is the Camel's-nose-under-the-tent leading to "Progressive-ly" more draconian measures to promote Statism. Progressives (aka Fabian Socialist), but I will call them by how they "quack", are unadulterated Communist in the mole of the Sino-Chinese Red Communist that Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi types bow down to. The Progressives have had one singular purpose to suffocate all "independence" from the authority of the State. That includes minimizing all " individual choice", and "individual rights". Their most obvious tool in their sophistric driven tool box is the children, where they always say "we are doing it to 'protect' the children". Then next is the "environment" ala, coal, and automobile specifically SUV's, where they have come up with the "scam" to "fleece" everyone to pay to their "preferred cronies" fees to supposedly offset your "right-to-breath".their air. Now they are using food, to make you feel guilty that you like food that taste good. My solution…outlaw and ban all political systems in this country that promote the overthrow of the laws embodied in the U.S. Constitution, specifically, "The Bill of Rights" and nullify all previous laws that are in violation of the meaning and intent of our founding documents.

    54. Bobbie says:

      another area of government that necessitates removal! For whatever rare decisions effects our health, we suffer the consequences and pay the costs. Government wants control to capitalize enforcement on behavior and capitalize on regulations put on food manufacturers. The obesity of children is seen primarily in the families subsidized by government debit cards and for extra supplement, food shelves. No offense to Mrs. Obama, truth is truth, but if she's the example setter, we need all the sugar and fat we can eat to catch up to her physique.

      Stop the regulators. Stop the regulations. Stop the condescension. We have the human mind to make our own decisions that needs respect from government to stop their overreach and focus on their duty of food safety of the handling and assured edible with no poisonous additives. that's even untrustworthy through government as their conduct does not show respect (as if it's their business anyway,) for the livelihoods of people and the incompetence of government continues to show in areas they ARE responsible for and of most importance to our protection and safety beyond our control.

    55. Dan says:

      How about regulating out excitotoxins like MSG that are the real threats to our health?

    56. Tootie says:

      I wish they would put half of this energy into children being spirityally demented by television programming during early evening hours. Maybe if they had a sense of security they wouldn't reach for food to "fill the void" of God in their lives.

    57. Jspencer says:

      Too much regulation is not good. But there is a difference between free speech and advertising. You are not allowed to lie in advertising, and most of the "favorites" listed above are simply not good (for you) food. I don't see why keeping those that will sell crap to our kids from preying on them is a bad thing. We are more unhealthy now than ever before. If there was no connection between advertising and kids food choices, why are they still advertising? Bad food= bad health. This isn't a story.

    58. rjb says:

      Perhaps Mrs. Obama should check the mirror before she condems the overweight or their provider.

    59. Marianne Ferrari says:

      Your piece wonderfully describes the problem of overzealous regulation under Obama, but it fails in a crucial area that is being too-oft ignored.

      Your piece is more a statement of complaint, bemoaning another in the legion of instances of government bullying of the people, than it is a reassertion of the fact that our Constitution protects us from such bullying and that these regulations will NEVER stand up in any court.

      Continued below…

    60. Marianne Ferrari says:

      Continued… Yes, of course, it is obvious to anyone at all familiar with the Constitution that these regulations run afoul of our right to freedom of speech. But I feel strongly that it is remiss to glide as lightly over that fact as you do in this piece. I believe that such omissions contribute as much as Obama's regulatory overkill to the damage being done to our freedoms. They also do damage to the Constitution, itself, whose powers are nothing on paper, but come to life only when they are asserted by the people.

      Gentlemen and ladies, I exhort you to flex the constitutional muscle by citing it at every opportunity! I find it ironic that those of us most possessed of a conceptual awareness of the Constitution's significance are not working harder to protect it in the only way it can be protected–by reasserting its powers at every available opportunity.

    61. leftshot says:

      This is another example of Ronald Reagan's famous quote: "Government is not the solution to the problem; government is the problem."

      1. These bureaucrats are operating about 40 years behind medical research when it comes to their nutrition recommendations.

      2. As pointed out by the article, lack of exercise and activity is the real problem. [Can't these bureaucrats even read basic reports? This just shows the incompetence rampant in government.] So why don't they go after things like the removal of sports, P.E., and music in the elementary schools? Because government will never admit IT IS THE PROBLEM, even when IT is a government agency other than its own.

    62. Mike says:

      "A turkey sandwich made with Sara Lee fat-free lean turkey meat, we would not be able to advertise that on venues, be it the Superbowl or anything that would have a significant child audience, because the product is a little bit too high in sodium…. "
      As much as I dislike the Obamas I have to give them credit on this one. If the sodium is a little too high than why don't they reduce it. Sodium may provide for preservation but that same long term preservation fattens and causes unhealthy problems too our uneducated lazy masses. Sodium is the product for which enables food companies to make exhorbent profits. It also provides for the shipping of fast foods from china and other countries.

    63. Mark Smith says:

      Maybe the Obama administration should go after the video game industry. That is one reason children's level of physical inactivity has increased. I would be willing to bet they won't touch the video gaming industry because of big fat campaign contributions.

    64. leftshot says:

      This is another example of Ronald Reagan's famous quote: "Government is not the solution to the problem; government is the problem."

      1. They chase the wrong problem because of incompetence [nutrition, not exercise].
      2. Their standards for fixing the problem are 30-40 years behind what is known about nutrition [further shining a light on their incompetence.
      3. They will not go after real solutions, especially if it leads to government being part of the problem [like cutbacks and elimination of sports, P.E. and music in the elementary schools].

    65. Norma Ann says:

      I wish some of these companies would have the courage to challenge IWG on their "voluntary guidelines." Ignore them/ tell IWG to mean what they say. One of these days we have got to begin to fight back . "Thus far and no farther!" I realize that is easier said than done. But it MUST be done – in the little things as in the big. We are well on the road to a dictatorship if we do not.

    66. two cents sally says:

      Who is this IWG? Couldn't the FDA reek enough havoc on their own? Just what we need, more regulation! It's laughable… the 3 foods that are targeted–Cheerios, which once was rated #1 in heart-healthy cereals, peanut butter (America's Dr Tom Dooley saved the lives of starving babies in Vietnam in the late 50's with a peanut butter diet) and…yogurt–who knew the deadly effects of yogurt?! Run for your lives, America, the IWG wants to save you!

      • Joe says:

        Its not the yogurt that's a problem, its that most flavored yogurts, and especially those for kids, have so much sugar and other sweeteners added. I can't even eat most fruit flavored yogurts because they are sickly sweet. I stick to the plain stuff.

    67. morningstarrambles says:

      They might have good intentions, but only parents can solve childhood obesity. I'm sure all parents know what healthy foods are, but it doesn't stop them from choosing convenience food. The government can build more playgrounds for the kids, but the parents have to actually take them there rather than letting them sit in front of the TV.

      • leftshot says:

        You are giving these government bureaucrats far too much credit. If they really had good intentions they'd actually spend a little time trying to understand the problem and would know it's inactivity, not diet that has changed.

        The fact that they are chasing after windmills proves their intentions aren't good, much less pure. This is all about power.

    68. Curt Krehbiel says:

      "The regulations hit traditional favorites where it hurt. In turn, the free market and consumer choice is manipulated to fit a misplaced government agenda that doesn't solve the problem."

      If you haven't noticed, new regulations are being promulgated throughout our capitalist system. It serves not only to increase the costs of many products but also to permit hiring more government union employees to enforce compliance. Over regulation together with restrictions imposed by the EPA on oil and gas exploration and drilling as well as other industry activities is killing our economy. Free enterprise must fail in order for government to become the only employer and the liberals will finally have their coveted socialist order.

    69. Dean says:

      These regulations have to stop. Who are these idiots carrying Obama's water?

    70. BJ Rodocker says:

      It's funny how these selfsame experts neglect to consider the current absense of outdoor playtime during elementary school. I know I'm a dinosaur but in the 1950's we had two recesses, a much longer lunch break and PE twice a week led by our classroom teacher. We certainly did not have rampant ADD, only a few rambunctious boys. Nowdays they seem to be filling that time with conflict resolution and global warming propaganda.

    71. riiiiiight, because with childhood obesity out of control and obesity in general being one of the main drivers of our disgraceful health care system, god forbid some stop companies from "advertising" (they can sell whatever they want) to children.

      We should also bring back cigarette ads directed to kids b/c I think cancer is overblown by the liberal media conspiracy.

      • minnesota granny says:

        if the fda and usda were doing their jobs in the first place instead of using americans for their personal guinnea pigs we would be healthier i blame them for allowing hydronated oils and preservatives and pestisides and artificial bull crap none of us would be sick thanks government for all your experiments on us you sobs down with them trying to say what we can eat or not we know whats best for ourselves and the government blames us for our illnesses when they created this epidemic

    72. Texas Granny says:

      ++The government needs to mind their own business as does Michelle Obama. It is parents who should choose what their children should eat not bureaucrats who never have all the facts.

    73. Frank says:

      More evidence of a grossly Unconstitutional & out-of-control Federal Government. We desperately need to return to a much smaller, Constitutional Federal Government. In so many ways, our bloated Federal Government is killing the economy & robbing us of our freedoms. This has been the trend under both most Republicans & all Democrats for many years. One way or the other, we will go back to smaller government:
      1. Either via electing "small government" politicians who will change the course, or
      2. Being forced into smaller government due to a financial meltdown.

    74. Jae says:

      Has your 7-year old ever watched saturday morning cartoons, and then begged for Trix yogurt and Lucky Charms cereal? I know I did. Our children are victims of junk-food propaganda, and while Michelle Obama tries to stop 8-year-olds from developing type 2 diabetes, I'm going to worry about more important things.

    75. Jae says:

      way to support free speech, guys.

    76. Powdermonkey says:

      I think I am going nuts! The food nazis are at it again! I should be able to choose what food I eat and which advertisements I want to believe. It is not job of the President's wife to dictate either. These elitists—these utopians—need to be stopped! I can't think of a better way than to throw them all out of office in 2012.

    77. Kate Johnson says:

      And then there is the "interstate trafficing " of raw milk bruhaha…pa-leeese. Is there anything that we can eat that won't cause regulation???

      • minnesota granny says:

        nope its all about power and control how else they gonna pull off a nazi move like hitler and moussalini to become dick-ta-tors over the americans and they suck them in by promising the world to them and we beleive that propaganda stuff its gods way not govs way and we need smaller government, smaller businesses, and smaller unions this is the only answer and most of all prayers

    78. Jessie says:

      Yes the only thing we can safely feed our kids according to them is liberal BS

    79. Sharon Gries says:

      I think the issue is bigger than regulatory on advertising; there is a tremendous need for consumer education, so they can make responsible choices – how many consumers know that many more additives than sodium can be harmful and toxic; are they aware of the fact that most foods are full of corn fructose, even maple syrup is no longer maple syrup. Do consumers know where their food comes from? There is a great movement a foot to continue the industrialization of our food supply, giving major meat packers, and consumer products company greater latitude. Maybe regulators ought to be more rigorous about labeling, including whether products contain GMO's.

    80. Jack says:

      The alert is most welcome…but…who is doing something to stop it, what are they doing and how and when do they expect to succeed? Observations of government overreach sell The Heritage Report but they must be followed by appropriate action.

    81. Meat Guy says:

      Since everyone eats, tying into the food game is one of the ultimate government controls, insidious and well-intentioned as it seems. Not to make excuses for inexcusable practices by the few, but government inspections since 1906 have increasingly used customer safety as a means to intrude more and more into the production efficiencies of food businesses. Only because American entrepreneurs have been amazingly productive in the food system can we anywhere near afford the extra controls imposed by government regulations. Many improvements have been made in the safety standards implemented by food producer/processors in their own self interest in keeping satisfied and safe customers, but awaiting new knowledge and technologies. The government provides a watchful third party eye on things and raises the bar for all, but rarely finds the way to solve the problems. We are still seeking perfection in an imperfect world, at increasing cost, for the last little bit of safety, in economics, employing the "law of diminishing returns." How far should we be expected to seek perfection? As food costs increase again, in a high cost energy environment and weather induced crop shortfalls, we'll start to hear more about hunger in America 'cause food costs too much for the "poor." We already have 25% of our population on formerly "Food Stamps." How much of the cost of food is induced by government over regulation? A reliable study is needed.

    82. D Monceaux says:

      It's interesting to note that just this morning I read a piece about recent medical findings. It appears that the low sodium diets may be more harmful than high sodium diets. There appears to be an ongoing debate in, of all places, the UK. Of course, those finding that high sodium diets are not really a problem are being ostracized. Whether food Nazis or climate Nazis, the all tactics are the same. Discredit the opponent rather than taking an objective look at the data.

      One needs only look back over the past twenty years to see that what was healthy then is unhealthy now, and vice versa.

      I expect if one undertake objective research the greatest indicators of obesity are genetics, eduction and food stamps, with the last two being nearly synonymous.

    83. Cindi says:

      A good example is the best advertisement. If Michelle Obama is concerned with children being overweight, then why doesn't she become a good example of good diet choices and healthy exercise and slim down?

    84. Casey Carlton says:

      More government out of control. This time, it is appointees, apparently, not elected persons.

    85. Tom says:

      Just what is the Institute of Medicine — in my experience you can find an organization with a prestigious sounding name to support just about any position you want to take – it does not mean they know what they are talking about.

    86. Joe says:

      "…some of America’s most popular shows, like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and Glee…" These are America's most popular shows? I'd rather be waterboarded than watch more than a few seconds of any of these shows. This is as much evidence of the cultural decline of America as anything else I've seen.

    87. John Stewart says:

      This is getting ridiculous, the Government is ignoring its Constitutional mandate. Stay away from my food!

    88. Ron W. Smith says:

      One reason health care costs–and health care insurance costs–are spiraling out of control by 8-12% every year is obesity. It's just one reason, of course, so all reasons should be in a hopper called "factors in need of close scrutiny" so that the costs of health care and health insurance coverage can SERIOUSLY be reduced during, say, the next three years. Americans pay twice what is paid elsewhere for health care coverage–now between $7,000 and $8,000 a year per person here–without measurable difference in important outcomes. Pretty expensive stuff, no? And Americans can be rejected for coverage for often spurious reasons, and Americans do not have portability of coverage when they lose or change jobs. two things not commonly found elsewhere in the world where insurance is the case.
      We have had years of "free market solutions" to what is the world's most expensive health care. I'm not at all willing to say Michelle Obama is on the right track in trying to change an obvious problem. Maybe it's the wrong track. But solutions on the Right, aside from hearing that "Obamacare" must go, have so far been too little too late (as in The Heritage Foundation's own), leaving folks with inadequate coverage and still world-leading costs.
      Taking shots at the Obamas, however justified, is easy by comparison with proposing solutions that will bring what Americans pay for their health care needs in line with what is paid elsewhere–and with results no less satisfactory.
      The ball is in your court, thinkers on the Right. I've been waiting ever since William Kristol said, in the mid 1990's that passage of the Clintons' elaborate plan for health care reform would be a disaster for Republicans. You've had time, just as we all have, to come up with BETTER possibilities, I'd say.

    89. Theo says:

      The gist here is that any junk that any company wants to dump out there on the free market should be unregulated by the government.

      My questions is: why don't conservatives have the courage of their convictions and extend that principle to drugs? How on earth is substance abuse a greater problem in our society than the exploding health care costs associated with obesity?

      Seriously: why are drug dealers deprived of their rights of free speech?

    90. Lynne says:

      Welcome to Obama,s "change". He is trying to fundamentally change this country to the old USSR. If you speak out against the administration you get investigated. Since he felt that the Constitution was "fundamentally flawed" how could he honestly take an oath to support and defend it. American Citizens are not stupid. Unfortunately many are too willing to expect to be taken care of with no input from them. You can see free speech being stepped on in every aspect of what this administration does. I pray that come November 2012 the American People wake up and take back their country from those who would see it totaly destroyed. This has been the plan since the beginning.

    91. The Truth says:

      The rate of obesity in America follows the rate of increased use of corn syrup and sucrose. What you and your parents ate, is drastically different from the artificial food you are feeding yourself and your children today. The last time I went to Walmart, I felt like the slimmest guy in the store. I'm 5'9" and weight 200pds. America has gotten fat, and taxpayers are paying their hospital bills. This article is missing substance. I'm for smaller government. But I am not for an unregulated (or barely regulated) food industry. These ads are no different than when they started to regulate the cigarette and alcohol ads. Perhaps you think that was a bad idea to?

      I will concede, though, that advertising will probably have no affect regarding our population of blivets. (10 pounds of manure in a 5 pound bag)

      Sugar: The Bitter Truth

    92. doc-polymer says:

      An active life style will not only reduce obsiety, it will develope a better person, well rounded and goal oriented. Children need exercise and adventures. Children learn through activities not tv or video games. Fat comes from unburned colories, only activity burns calories and builds healty bodies. Simple, want healthy kids, let them play.

    93. If obesity is a problem then that is the direct result of parental decisions. It is not the responsibility of the government (federal or state). We need less government interference via laws and regualtions that only serve to hamper business in this country.

    94. Loretta Bates says:

      When are people going to learn that it is not so much what we eat, but how much/often? And I do not want this government telling me what I can eat. If I want to eat unhealthy, then who is it hurting? We should all have enough sense to know how to feed our selves and our families. We don't need Michele's help!

    95. Lodewyk says:

      Get the couch potatoes off he couch! That is the real problem.

    96. allen says:

      The Gov.Feeds our children in the Breakfast and Lunch Programs at school. Do away with the Programs and fire the workers who are in these programs<Black-Ball so they have to start over and then use thier heads and dont pass this Bull.

    97. Lolly says:

      The government regulates what it shouldn't and won't regulate what it should. There should be no MSG in any of our foods. Try to find a prepared food that doesn't have it. It is fed to rats to make them fat besides being horrible for the brain. GM foods are beginning to be the norm, also horrible for you. Any regulation there? Nope, gotta keep Monsanto on top. What about all the hormones and antibiotics in our meat and eggs. Besides being horrible for you it can cause early puberty in little girls. The government will not regulate the things they should because a) they're all too stupid, or b) it cuts into profits from contributors. Guess its probably both. Lets have some real interest in important things from the first lady if she just has to stick her nose in our business.

    98. tom norman says:

      If Michell wants to attack obesity directly, why doesn't she get the president to restrict the food types that can be purchased with "food stamps", limiting the foods to those approved by a panel of independent nutritional experts.

    99. Teri Newman says:

      Anyone with a rear end the size of the caboose Moochelle is hauling around needs to look in the mirror before having the nerve and hypocrisy to make others lose weight.

    100. Chris says:

      On the bright side, I'll can buy salty and fattening foods at a lower price since the manufacturers won't have to pay for a top dollar advertising slot.

    101. bonnie says:

      I hope you will write about the majority of state governments taking away our rights to puchase raw milk from our neighbors. Purchasing local raw milk is a choice I should be allowed to make without my government making that choice for me.

    102. Allen says:

      I would like you to quantify and prove your last statement. I've heard that the American people won't allow this and that to happen for my entire life, (nearly half a century) and apparently they will. The Obama Administration is perfect proof. My town of residence is all the proof I need to show that "America" doesn't exist, if it ever has, except in the dreams of those who need to believe.
      Freedom requires action and the last action I'm aware of was the War between the States. We all know how that turned out for the believers in State's Rights.

    103. silkar says:

      The names and address of all the IWG needs to be posted on the internet. Maybe if they were known to the public , they would not act so stupid and and force this B.S on us!

    104. Jeff says:

      You can't waste your time giving a fool his folly. The first lady I think truly believes she is doing the right thing in her warped mind. I think she also believes that as acting "queen" she can demand and if not heads will roll. This is what voting for skin color does for the betterment of our liberties and rights.
      People have forgotten to listen what comes out of the mouths of Presidential hopefuls.

      Those of us who did not listen wanted a king and queen, and did not listen to what came out of their mouths.
      Many voted strictly on skin color, others along party lines and yet others(youth) were voting for the
      cool factor. Whether they are green or orange, they need to be held accountable for what they proclaim and in this case abuse. When we are the riches agricultural country in the world and food is plentiful, she
      "the queen" should be careful of what she deems unhealthy while stuffing her mouth with the White house menu. It like the animal activist protesting about abolishing animal recycling while wearing the leather coat and driving a car with leather seats.

      It is time to recognize that we need to set priorities, instead taking the easy way by voting for people
      who want to control our lives in the country, they want to do it while you are watching and they going to see how far they can push the limits that should control them.

    105. minuteman55 says:

      The government should be supporting exercise not food bans. They want a socialist state. They are followers of Sol Alinsky. They will use any lie or use any method to accomplish their goal. It is a sad state of affairs that so many people are either blinded or subscribe into changing our form of government to where the state become our God. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are taking a beating.

    106. While it may be unconstitutional – there will be enough people saying that it is in our best interests that it will stand. This is how it has always started – first they start on things that look good on the surface because it helps to protect some group that 'obviously' needs protecting. Then they gradually start moving into other areas. No one screamed like this over the advertising regulations that they hit the tobacco industry with – so now they are going to take on foods that are bad for you that target children. What's next?

    107. Continued —

      This is why Jefferson wanted the 2nd admendment to the US Constitution to be the first – he saw it as being the one that protected and garauntee the others. Remember we had just fought a revolution against a tyrannical government. Everything a government starts down the road to extreme lineralism (Communist) or extreme conservatism (fascist) one of the first things they do is go after the people's right to defend themselves and this country has been attacking that right for decades.

      It's time WE THE PEOPLE stood up and took back our government. They are regulating us into being servants to their whims.

    108. rightmitten says:

      Maybe because we are in an epidemic of diseases of our young children caused partly by what they are being given to eat! Read, the labels..DA, heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar diabetes in young children, our future! So, we are upset that the government steps in, why were the diet pepsi,diet coco cola, protein bars,sugar sugar box cereal people giving this to kids;because the adults don't care, don't want to be responsible to care for the young? Wake up earlier, shut off the television, computer, cook at home, it takes eight to ten minutes to make hot cereal, eggs, toast. What has happened to being responsible citizens…Read, or lean to read the labels….DO NOT TRUST THE FOOD INDUSTRY'S LABELS..look what is going on…GET INVOLVED. How can we be upset at the government, when we were asleep at the switch????? DID YOU MAKE A BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER FOR YOUR CHILD/REN? or
      did you eat out–do you care what's in restaurant food? Because that's next to be checked into!

    109. Don Ruane says:

      When will Congress cut off the funding to these departments and so called working groups and let these self proclaimed GODS wither on the vine with out salaries or expenses?

    110. Finny says:

      Ms Obama needs to go into Urban schools where the children have been raised on fast food and watch how much "healthy food" is thrown away simply because the children won't eat vegetables and other non fatty foods. What a joke. Obese people are obese because they choose to eat sugar, salt and fat laden foods. The government will do little to "regulate" bad eating habits. Parents are responsible for what their chidlren eat. Most don't care a wit what is healthy. Proof—— In the "food deserts" rotting produce and spoiled healthy foods are hauled out every day because no one will buy it.

    111. Lee Hazel says:

      I am so proud to be a Heritage member.
      That said: I can only say I am saddened by what comes out of WDC quite literally on a daily basis. We are so close to going over the edge into tyranny, a very real dictatorship with a police state developing so rapidly it is terrifying.
      The corrupt government we are seeing must be brought to heel. The states are the engines that can make this happen BUT they suffer from the same corruptive influences that our Feds do. Way too much money floating around, unions and other major and minor league special interests way too much influence and little or no consequences when they are caught out.
      I can not think of a better picture of this than the current ATF/DoJ Fast and Furious criminal enterprise. In a sightly different arena is the God like mantle being draped over our various police forces and brand new police entities such as that of the Dept of Education and the new banking police.
      Everywhere one looks there is disregard for the law and our Constitution by those we have entrusted to guard and protect these things.

    112. Frank says:

      There other fun things you can do with peanut butter, you don't have to digest it…

    113. @wood51 says:

      grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. Obese and even slightly overweight kids under the age of 18 was very rare. Then the government got involved in the 1980s and 1990s. Now it appears to be the norm.

    114. Don Cordell says:

      Our government creates Agencies, many Agencies, that then create Regulations, Statues, Codes, and take control of every aspect of our lives. States, Counties, Cities all create laws, Regulations, and Codes, yes the Codes, such as how you keep your home, and yard. We are buried in Control of our everyday life. The FBI is an Agency, they create their own Regulations, not voted on by Congress. Is Congess afraid of the IRS? YOU BET. How many agencies do we have? Investigate like I have, you will be amazed. As a kid I use to read a pulp paper story called Amazing Stories about space travel, then I grew up and found our government publishes Amazing Stories scarier than outer space.

    115. Clearhead says:

      Those of us who are old enough to remember our Constitution are not going to stand for this crap. One way or the other , this so-called 'administratiion" is going to bite the dust. And what a glad day that will be. Americans will be dancing in the streets more joyfully than the moslems after Blackhawk Down, only this celebration will be for squashing inevitable tyranny instead of squashing people whom have been brainwashed into your heads as enemies..

    116. After Obama was elected shortly after the Germany speech, I disconnected our satellite account and we reinvested in homeschool. So I guess it works in a sense because Obama makes me sick to my stomach. We also layed up emergency food supplies which we can not eat as of yet. Also the pacing back and forth with worry has really worked my calf muscles. Actually I am a total wreck in top physical condition. And finally being unemployed help make one lean.

    117. Lizzy ann RN says:

      Michelle Obama's obsession with childhood obesity neglects to focus on the greatly increased MSG content of foods which greatly contributes to this problem. As Casey Stengel famously said "You can look it up".

    118. EHeassler, USN-Ret. says:

      Here are my recommended guidelines for ending childhood obesity:

      1. Parents, turn the televisions off. Make your children go out and play.
      2. Put equipment back on park and school playgrounds.
      3. Limit lawsuits for injuries on playground equipment to those injuries resulting from defective or poorly maintained equipment. Just because a child falls off of the monkey bars doesn't mean a lawsuit has to be filed.
      4. Parents, don't let your children gorge themselves on junk food and crap. Supervise what and how much they eat.
      5. Limit computer and on-line time to that required for schoolwork.
      6. If possible, make sure that your children have some outdoor chores to do that require hard work.
      7. And finally, as a blanket rule, don't let them sit around on their fat little butts.

    119. Ed Mike Coles says:

      Michelle Obama (bin Laden) should crawl back into the "Black Hole" from whence she came and stay there!

    120. Ed Mike Coles says:

      Get the government OUT of messing with our Freedoms!!!

    121. Bob Godwin says:

      An endless assault on freedom, capitalism and democracy by a president committed to straight-jacket everyone who does not lock step with him. Continual dictatorial and unilateral directives outside of the rule of law and circumventing Congress.

    122. Tom says:

      Michelle Obama heads this charge on the war of fat.. has everyone noticed the size of her backside? Obviously she surrendered a long time ago

    123. elizabeth barnette says:

      The Government should get out of my kitchen and off my grocery list.

    124. Frank says:

      The problem I have with our President with backing the Unions, case in general if I was the owner of the Boeing Corporation and I needed to expand my plants and I chose to move to a state that was a Right to Work State and I spent billions of my dollars to build a plant to save money where I moved. The President and the labor relations board should not dictate to me than I have to have Union workers there and how I should run my company after I have spent billions of dollars to employee people who need jobs but this President does not care about the regular worker who does not have a job and does not want anything to do with the Unions, all they want are Jobs. This is one of the reasons why we have unemployment running at 9.1% and now our President is pushing government run health care plus he is putting regulations in the hands of the EPA which is hurting our U.S. Companies and also our economy, when China, India and Indonesia don't have to follow the same regulations that the U.S. We are trying to compete on a uneven playing field for jobs that's one reason why the majority of our manufacturing companies are going overseas

    125. Miami Mom says:

      Are the Chinese imported products going to be restricted too? More junky food than what we produce & sell in the USA comes from China and the 1st MOM does not mention this! HOW ABOUT GETTING FOOD TO THOSE UNDER PRIVILEGED CHILDREN THAT LIVE IN THE USA . FEED AND CARE FOR THE POOR AND MAKE THAT YOUR CAUSE… & LEAVE THE CHUBBY & HEALTHY CHILDREN TO THEIR PARENTS!

    126. Pete0097 says:

      Did you know that statistically, every person who has ever died of cancer breathed oxygen. Following obama's logic, oxygen should be considered a carcinogen and be outlawed.

    127. mickie says:

      Stay out of my food. You can't control meats and chicken for bugs.
      I think the goverment has fliped out. Can't feed the hungry or take care of the poor and to bad for the old .
      sure can think of new ways to vex folks.

    128. Paddyo says:

      If the teacher's union lobbyists were put out of business, there might be enough taxpayer's money left to reinstate physical education in our schools. That would solve the obesity problem!

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