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  • Labor Day 2011: Slideshow of Unemployment in America

    America has the weakest labor market since the Great Depression. Unemployment remains above 9 percent, primarily because job creation hasn’t recovered. In a new paper, Heritage’s James Sherk looks at unemployment in America and what Congress can do about it. And in the interactive slideshow below, see what America’s employment picture looks like this Labor Day 2011. (Hover over the slideshow to click through.)

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    21 Responses to Labor Day 2011: Slideshow of Unemployment in America

    1. loveunlimd says:


    2. Jeff, Illinois says:

      The main reason(s) for the unemployment rate is free trade and de-regulation . . The GOP obstructionism of the present administration can't possibly be helping either. In fact the GOP is committed to make sure the economy stays poor so they can blame the President along the way and hope the uninformed voters like those addicted to FAUX News will vote against him.

      • Ron says:

        So, you believe, like Grecians do, that there is no end to other people's money.

      • Fred says:

        Talk about BLAME….. What hole have YOU been hiding in??

      • Mark says:

        That's exactly the kind of rubbish we expect from Illinois, Jeff … where Chicago-style politics reigns supreme!

      • Gregg says:

        Bwa ha ha. Like anyone should listen to Jeff in Ill. They're unemployment rate is 9.5%. In fact, Jeff is probably one of the democrats working for the Gov't in Ill. They're pretty much the only ones employed there. You continue to live in your dream world Jeff. Soon enough, the grown-ups will be back in charge, and you'll see what a fantasy keynsian economics have proven to be.

      • Jim says:

        My god, I can't believe an American would say those things. People like you are taking this country to socialism. My god do some research on your own! Educate yourself! The democrats are doing every thing in their power to ensite race riots and you have the balls to say something like that! If failure is your idea of sucess then BHO is very very succesful!

    3. mtn girl says:

      I agree with Jeff- because he has the facts and not the Republican's cheat sheet. Wake up America- the GOP would sell us out to the highest bidder no questions asked. Patriots… sheesh what a laugh

    4. Soul Searcher says:

      Jeff, you need to get a new perspective.

    5. James Owens says:

      Jeff is probably a union goon!!!

    6. Tonya says:

      If the country's not loaning the country's not growing. Like it or not the housing, construction and mortgage industry has propped this country up for the last twenty years.

    7. Mark Calmes says:

      The time for partisan rhetoric is over. The blame game serves no public service or good purpose. While the current administration lacks the intellictual or idialogical wherewithal to run, much less save this country, we the people must stop arguing and do something about it. The blame is to be shared by us all for allowing these self serving, delusional narcissists to be re-elected over and over and doing as they very well please for decades. Democrates can not save us! Returning to the democratic principles that were founded by our fore-fathers can. Republicans cannot save us! Returning to the ideals and values of what a free enterprise system ran by people held accountable for their actions will. We need to find someone that serves his or her convictions or love for our country, that still beleives in and serves the constitution that built this great nation. We need to come together as Americans and boot these sons a bitches outta Washington and take back our country and not make these same mistakes again. ACCOUNTABILITY! As president Reagan said "trust, but verify"…works for politicians too.

    8. wwfin says:

      The more I listen to people like Jeff from Ill, the more I am convinced that the democrat party really is the party of stupid people…

    9. Paul Izzo says:

      Haven't seen one reply that addresses Jeffs statement. Could someone please tell us if free trade is good for American workers or not? It is a simple question.

    10. Chuck says:

      Can someone inform Jeff from Illinois the Democrats have had control of the senate since 2006? It has only been since November 2010 that they lost super majority control. Up until that point they passed anything and everything they wanted to. How convenient that liberals forget or maybe they just dont know.

    11. HUGO says:


    12. Nancy says:

      Well Jeff Looks like you are really screwed since poll after poll shows Fox News beats out all other networks combined for people watching and poll after poll shows Fox News is the most trusted News by a majority by far.

    13. Jeff, all the keynesian style stimulus that has never worked still does not work. I will remind you that the Dems controlled the government for two years and all you got was a healthcare bill that will be repealed. Liberal keynesian spending and top down planning were given their shot again, and failed again. Admit your mistake and move on. Finger pointing make you look like a fool.

    14. Dwayne says:

      Since when Constitutionally speaking did it become the duty of government to become job creators? This administration needs to get it's Jackboots off if the free enterprise system and stop regulating business (big or small) and allow the private sector and free enterprise create the jobs that will help end this misery.

    15. bonsteno9 says:

      There are two main reasons for the unemployment figures in the U.S. First, the constant rise in the minimun based upon the myth that the more the minimum wage goes up the the higher the standard of living goes up for the poor. This is certainly not true. In fact, the opposite has proven to be true because a rise in the minimum wage gives an excuse to the unions to demand more from businesses. We need to start backtracking the increases to a more realistic minimum wage. The second reason is the injection of women into the mainstream of the workforce. This was put forth as a way to expand the economy. The premise was false. What it did was to double the workforce while the jobs stayed static. It also forced women who normally would not go outside the home to work into the workforce and thus creating a childcare problem and seriously damaging the family unit, which was the basis of our stable society. Both of these things also were responsible for the inflated prices in food and in housing.

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