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  • Monthly Archives: August 2011

    Twisting in the Wind: Tornado 101


    As Hurricane Irene heads toward the East Coast of the United States, we also have to worry about tornadoes. Tornadoes often form as a result of hurricanes. Tornado conditions can be predicted, but actual storms cannot. The National Weather Service issues tornado watches (a tornado is possible) and warnings (a … More

    It Could Get Worse: Floods 101

    Flooding in Vicksburg, Mississippi, on June 29, 2011.

    We’ve discussed earthquakes and Hurricane Irene bearing down on the East Coast, but it doesn’t stop there. One disaster that frequently accompanies the storm surge created by hurricanes and the accompanying heavy rains is floods. A flood occurs when water inundates or overflows land that is normally dry. This definition … More

    Morning Bell: The Right Strategy to Fight Terrorism


    In what has been described as an ”act of international terrorism,” news agencies report that a suicide car bomb struck the United Nations building in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, on Friday. Though details are sketchy and there is no immediate claim of responsibility, if the attack is, indeed, an act of terrorism, it … More

    Washington in a Flash: East Coast Braces for Irene

    A plywood shutter, covering a window of a beachside house, shares a message from a community preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Irene in Atlantic Beach

    Driving the conversation: The east coast of the United States is bracing itself for a pounding from Hurricane Irene, expected to hit on Saturday. North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut have all declared a state of emergency. While the dangers to residents are worrisome, some commentators … More

    Lunch with Heritage Online Chat on Obamacare


    Click here to join the online chat on Obamacare. We are joined by Health Policy Analyst Kate Nix. She is taking your questions about the future of Obamacare and other policy alternatives that can be implemented to drive costs down. Lunch with Heritage feat. Kate Nix

    Employers Consider Dropping Health Coverage Under Obamacare

    Credit: EPA/MATTHEW CAVANAUGH (Newscom)

    Reports from employers continue to belie President Obama’s repeated insistence that, under his new health care law, Americans would not lose their employer-provided health insurance coverage. A new survey shows that more than one in ten midsized and large employers are at least “somewhat likely” to drop their health coverage … More

    Union Boss Trumka: Spend More, Mr. President

    President Obama and Richard Trumka of AFL-CIO

    Some people will never be satisfied. Case in point: AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka, who today lambasted President Barack Obama for not doing enough to create jobs—which in his world means “spend more on infrastructure so my union constituency benefits.” Unfortunately for America, Obama has already done too much spending. USA Today … More

    DOD Report Highlights Administration Incoherence on China

    August 18, 2011, Beijing, China: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is welcomed by his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping during a ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

    Whether it is the delayed release of the 2011 Department of Defense (DOD) report on Chinese military and security developments or Vice President Joe Biden’s statements regarding Chinese human rights, it is becoming clear that the Obama Administration has an utterly incoherent view of the People’s Republic of China. Biden … More

    U.S. Tariffs Penalize Back-to-School Shoppers

    The back-to-school-supply tax

    Though parents might be rejoicing that the time has come for their kids to head back to school, their happiness could be tempered by a little-known fact: They’re paying import taxes on everything from clothes to lunchboxes, musical instruments to pencils. In 2010, the government collected $25.9 billion in tariffs … More

    'Five Days of War': The Movie President Obama Should See


    Amidst the fuzziness of the Obama Administration “reset” policy with the Russian Federation, the movie Five Days of War portrays Russia’s dark side, writes Heritage’s analyst James Carafano in a recent post. Set against the backdrop of the 2008 Russo-Georgian war, the film, directed by Renny Harlin, draws from firsthand … More