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  • Cantor Demands Common-Sense Spending Cuts in Exchange for More FEMA Aid

    Liberals are busy trying to drum up controversy over Representative Eric Cantor’s (R–VA) calls for spending cuts in exchange for more aid to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Cantor is spot on, and we are thrilled to see someone finally trying to curb FEMA’s growth. Hurricane Irene provides Cantor with the ideal case for his positions.

    Despite the mass media’s hysterical fear-mongering over Hurricane Irene, the hurricane weakened as it got closer and closer to land. By the time it hit North Carolina, the eye had largely disintegrated and the strength was downgraded to a Category 1, which was generous. Irene’s swing through New York and New England consisted of a mere tropical storm—lots of rain and wind with some flooding. There ended up being no real reason for FEMA’s involvement with Irene and her remnant rain and wind.

    Yet, like Hurricane Dean a couple of years ago—when FEMA spent $50 million for a cloudy day in Houston—FEMA likely spent tens of millions preparing for Irene and will drop a lot more on declarations issued to states because of Irene. The federalization of fairly routine natural disasters continues unabated.

    At least Cantor’s call for spending cuts will force Washington to decide whether it wants to waste finite federal funds on FEMA’s record-setting pace of declarations this year or reserve federal funds for truly catastrophic events and other federal priorities.

    Enabling FEMA to hit DEFCON 5 over a tropical storm should require spending cuts.

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    16 Responses to Cantor Demands Common-Sense Spending Cuts in Exchange for More FEMA Aid

    1. CD1972 says:

      I agree with Mr Cantor, we should start cutting spending and one of the first places I would respectfully suggest we start with would be the defense budget and bring it a bit closer to what China and Russia combined per year are spending which I believe is 150 billion give or take.

    2. Jeff, Illinois says:

      Though there may be some merit for considering budget issues when considering FEMA, the problem here is one of sensitivity . . In my opinion you don't start raising such a concern just before and during an iminent disaster. First you calm those about to face devastation then, perhaps later with TACT, speak about the fiscal ramifications. This is a problem with the GOP in general . . every issue is used to force thru an agenda, rather than deal with such at a more appropriate time. The debt ceiling was another debacle . . that didn't have to play out the way it did . . . !!!

    3. bydesign001 says:

      Cantor is dead on. As I listened to Michael Bloomberg's three press releases a day, it occurred to me that the powers that be were going to take advantage of what was not exactly a crisis.

      Personally, I suspect that BHO left his vacation a day early so that he would have enough time to prepare his wish list. Those chopping sounds we heard during the storm was not branches falling off of trees but Progressives smacking their lips.

      Americans must not allow Progressives free reign to pillage in the name of Irene.

    4. bydesign001 says:

      Cantor is dead on. As I listened to Michael Bloomberg's three press releases a day, it occurred to me that the powers that be were going to take advantage of what was not exactly a crisis.

    5. allen says:

      I see FOX has joined the Liberal Media with their constant Spewing of this Rain Storm Irene, With the power cut in all those states they could not get the Message every thirty-seconds".RUN,RUN," no,no,nono "HUNKER DOWN", I guess Ill go over to Keith or Sgt.Schultz., I know which way the hot wind is blowing over there, A complete bust for all this Dooms Day, dead air. Thank God for the Little League Game.

    6. Alex Cord says:

      I agree with your views completely. Let FEMA sell off some of their concentration camps that are located on various remote military bases around the country. I am certain that they can get a fair price for that real estate, even in this ho-hum market. Al Gore and the fake environmental movement could purchase them to store people there who have too high of a carbon footprint. Al Gore himself with his mansions, yachts, and jets would be a candidate for the camp were it not for hs purchasing carbon credits from his own carbon exchange. This would all be funny were it not true.

    7. Lloyd Scallan says:

      This is yet one more prime example of the stupidly of the established Republicans. Cantor did more to cement the criticism of the Repbs, up and down the East Coast, of every person effected by this storm, than any Dem could have done. The 24/7 coverage of Irene "conditioned" us to accept the out of control spending spree Obama and his administration had already announced even before the so-called hurricane made land fall. But Cantor, instead of thinking what the effected people will think, let alone the
      crucifixtion the left wing media will conduct, will futher damage the image of all conservatives.

    8. Lloyd Scallan says:

      All of those that agree with the stupidity of Cantor had better realize how his political game is going to be
      received by every person effected by this squall. The big problem is not just for Cantor, but the entire Republican Party, and by association, conservatives.

    9. Sean Stewart says:

      "Despite the mass media’s hysterical fear-mongering over Hurricane Irene……."
      Ahhh, Hurricane Irene killed 24 people.

    10. Jeanne Stotler says:

      What we need is publishing HOW to prepare yourself and your family BEFORE a storm hits, we all know the Hurricane season is June 1st until Dec. 1st, although one,Agnes, hit early in the season (june) and there was one Many years ago that hit in dec. most hit in Aug. Sept. and Nov., the mostrongest are usually in Sept. and Oct. Knowing this and also knowing the paths that are mostly taken can dictate how much you prepare and where your safe havens are if you live near shorelines, rivers and bays. The Miami Hearld,alm Beach Post/Times, Fort Myers and Tampa/St.Pete papers used to publish toward the end of May what you neede and what to do once a Hurricane watch went up. We are suppose to be responsible for ourselves, lookout for our elderly and handicapped neighbors, not depend on the gov't. to provide. Relying on "Big Brother" is one of the things that drives up taxes and enlarges the deficit. Hurricane preparation is really not hard and if you add a thing or two to each weeks list you can get it done in a month.

    11. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Here are a few things that can be done so you'll be ready for the next one. Buy a coleman stove and extra propane, also a propane latern, stock batteries for flashlighs. Wash milk jugs and fill with water when storm warnings arise, freeze, these will keep frig cold and be your drinking water and for brushing teeth. Stock up on food that can be cooked on a camp stove, if elec. fails try cooking food that will spoil if you can, before storm hits you can use outside grill. If you can get a generator. Tuna, PB&J, bread, crackers, canned beans, spam, canned fruit and veggies are some of the things you can stock. Have an emergency radio/ batteries. Have some cards and board games handy. Have blankets and pillows if you live in a flood zone and might have to evacuate. Find out where you must go and if you have pets, if they are allowed. Hope some of this helps for the future, hoping you will not need it.

    12. ELopez says:

      This is the problem with mass media news: They are in the business of exaggerating, hyping, and sensationalising because they can sell more airtime to advertisers with this strategy. The American public is made of up of a bunch of ignorant wimps that love mass media brainwash and could never brace for a real disaster such as Japan's 2011 earthquake, because anything scares them. Just look at all the ridiculous coverage of the so-called "East Coast Earthquake" that hit recently. While it really was an earthquake where it originated, it was hardly anything in New York, yet the mass media there spent hours covering nothing with Fox 5 continuously zooming in on a partially collapsed chimney that probably was ready to fall anyway. I believe FEMA has wasted money for nothing and the City of New York wasted money with this Irene nonsense because its Mayor Bloomberg is not going to tell the public that he wants to preserve media hype because it makes him money. However Bloomberg is not afraid to waste taxpayer money though. The problem is not just government with FEMA but megacorporate strategy that Americans accept in in the form of junk news.

    13. Bobbie says:

      common sense and spending cuts are a must but spending cuts shouldn't be in exchange for anything except necessary discipline with accountability. Fema needs to decrease, not increase.

    14. Josh says:

      I believe that all federal funding, jobs, benefits, etc should be eliminated…starting with the 7th Congressional District in Virgina. Then when people lose their jobs, benefits, see their property values fall, etc., we'll see how they fare…and how they vote. Running a country shouldn't be done on the cheap or by hacks; the business of America, in today's world, is big business. Get used to it.

    15. bill says:

      that is easy cut 10 billion from defense spending.. that is what 2 airplanes and 2 ships we already spend i think 20% of our budget on defense and the next closest country is china at 6%…. so CUT DEFENSE

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