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  • Union Boss Trumka: Spend More, Mr. President

    Some people will never be satisfied. Case in point: AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka, who today lambasted President Barack Obama for not doing enough to create jobs—which in his world means “spend more on infrastructure so my union constituency benefits.” Unfortunately for America, Obama has already done too much spending. USA Today reports on the union leader’s remarks at a breakfast sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor:

    Trumka said that, rather than cut, the government needs to spend more money on infrastructure to update crumbling highways, rails and other public entities, as well as to create jobs…. Trumka said the creation of jobs through more infrastructure spending could help bring down the rest of the deficit.

    Trumka’s grievances about “not enough spending” come even though President Obama has already won a $787 stimulus bill laden with infrastructure spending, called for another $50 billion to be spent on the same policy last summer, has made pledges, promises, and plans to spend billions on building bridges and roads throughout his presidency, and now appears poised to do the same once again in September. And despite all the spending, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that unemployment will remain above 8 percent until 2014.

    Trumka has another complaint, too—that people get job creation and deficit reduction “confused.” But therein lies his confusion. Trumka is under the delusion that more spending creates jobs and that growing deficits aren’t a problem. In reality, infrastructure spending does not create jobs, and America’s deficit crisis is hindering job growth.

    Heritage’s Ronald Utt documented reports from the CBO, Department of Transportation, Congressional Research Service (CRS), and Government Accountability Office, all of which concluded that the net job impact of federal transportation spending is negligible and possibly negative. A 1993 CRS report explains why:

    To the extent that financing new highways by reducing expenditures on other programs or by deficit finance and its impact on private consumption and investment, the net impact on the economy of highway construction in terms of both output and employment could be nullified or even negative.

    The ineffectiveness of infrastructure spending aside, there’s another problem: Deficit spending causes long-term problems for the economy. Brian Riedl writes in The Wall Street Journal:

    [L]arge stimulus bills often reduce long-term productivity by transferring resources from the more productive private sector to the less productive government. The government rarely receives good value for the dollars it spends. However, stimulus bills provide politicians with the political justification to grant tax dollars to favored constituencies. By increasing the budget deficit, large stimulus bills eventually contribute to higher interest rates while dropping even more debt on future generations.

    So if infrastructure spending doesn’t create jobs, why call for even more of it? In order to placate labor unions. Read more about it in Utt’s paper, “Infrastructure Stimulus Spending: Pandering to Organized Labor.”

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    13 Responses to Union Boss Trumka: Spend More, Mr. President

    1. Stirling says:

      Trumka just wants more Union dues to flow into their coffers, plain and simple. The more stimulus the more the democrats get kickbacks in campaign contributions in 2012. Meanwihile the taxpayer foots the bill, good ol chicago politics at work.. Trumka is why Unions should be abolished in America.

    2. JDB says:

      LOL. I know people that worked with Trumpka when he was a miner. He was one of those laze good for nothing that the union had to protect all the time so he wouldn't get fired. What a bum.

    3. mapleleafs says:

      Unbelievable. God please help us.

    4. Bobbie says:

      the people (select) must sacrifice more so the government can control more!!

      Hey, Mr. Trumka, Mr. Obama, America represents peoples standards of living by the dignity of their self worth. Dignity does not discriminate!! Dignity contains NO racism!! Dignity is personal. Have any?

      Stop thieving dignity from people to live for themselves!! cut the crap!! This is America and if it was governed properly there would be no need for safety nets OR MORE SPENDING!!! Americans ALWAYS take responsibility and help each other in the areas government wants to take control!!
      the presidents promotion of special interests has to be called out as threats to freedom and equality and a violation of his ethics! NO more spending!!! ORDER! CONSTITUTIONAL ORDER!! THAT'S WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT!!

      people are worth so much more then government dependency and unions will ever show them to be. what tools these union idiots are, eh? all companies aboard into the wild blue yonder to china…

    5. @SnoBurd says:

      Has anyone told Trumka about Jimmy Hoffa?

    6. romanticpoet says:

      Wasn't Stimulus I and Stimulus II for roads and infrastructure? All those highway signs stating such costing millions in advertising.

      It IS TIME for America to STAND UP and say NO! Just drive by one of these Federal "road improvement" projects and you will see men standing and leaning on shovels or just sitting in the shade under trees.

      Locally we had a two road projects. One federal, the other project was hired by the county. The county road was done by a private road building company. The privatized county road project was done AHEAD of schedule and under budget. The Federal road project took twice as long and was WAY OVER BUDGET.

      Can YOU guess WHY?

    7. @creton13 says:

      Well ,unions are becoming a mob of sucking freeloaders, for these leftists money counts, their union dues piling up in escrow make them a powerful lobby toward any form of government.

    8. NeoConVet says:

      To Bad the Union Boss (and the MONEY for Vote BUYING) does not have a larger presance in OIL DRILLING. It may be the only way that the Pampered Poodle of a President would do anything to actually create jobs that matter. I have tio wonder why the continued Federal EPA on COAL which is a big Union has not pushed back on Poodle Boy.

    9. allen says:

      Sept. is not the time to start Building Hiways, other than the south all roads come to a season ending time in the late fall and winter,as Asphalt cannot be laid down when temps are in the the fiftys, State guide lines differ how ever, Have you ever seen road crews building in the Winter, Oh, lets wait and build next Spring. Money is gone, went to the School Teachers to get the Liar Elected. Case closed ,Stick a Fork in the Liar he is DONE.

    10. Tim AZ says:

      This is about feeding the endless hunger of Union leaders for union employee dues. Feed my hunger POTUS and I'll pay you back in the form of campaign contributions and agitation of the American people to herd them in your plan of action. Had enough yet?

    11. Fatunsassy says:

      Mr. Trumka is not interested in the Union people he represents!
      He is only interestred in his own Political Power!

      “We’re the last line of defense out there. I mean, I got into the labor movement not because I wanted to negotiate wages. I got into the labor movement because I saw it as a vehicle to do massive social change to include lots of people. That’s why I got into the labor movement… In our central councils to reach out and start building permanent coalitions with young workers groups, with student groups, with religious groups, anybody that’s a progressive group to bring them in, actually make them part of the structure so that we have representatives on our executive boards now.” ~~~ AFL – CIO Richard Trumka 1-5-11

    12. Bobbie says:

      did it occur to anyone that the government, unions and companies are working together? The irrational demands of unions using their members to only knowing what the union is telling them, limiting minds to no further considerations but influence a full fledged selfish attitude? Government, unions and companies playing a part to destroy the economy with who left to sacrifice and suffer but ALL of America!

    13. George Smith says:

      Trumka is nothing but a fund raiser for Trumka!!!!!!!!!!!!

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