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  • U.S. Tariffs Penalize Back-to-School Shoppers

    Though parents might be rejoicing that the time has come for their kids to head back to school, their happiness could be tempered by a little-known fact: They’re paying import taxes on everything from clothes to lunchboxes, musical instruments to pencils.

    In 2010, the government collected $25.9 billion in tariffs on imported items. Shoppers paid a total of $13.9 billion in tariffs on products like jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. Tariffs are a hidden tax that increases the price of many popular back-to-school items. In the chart below, you can see a breakdown on what is taxed–and by how much.

    The back-to-school-supply tax

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    11 Responses to U.S. Tariffs Penalize Back-to-School Shoppers

    1. MarkTwain says:

      As inexpensive as these products are and the labor cost these corporations have saved (most 80%) they can afford to pay a little extra. How much cost is shared between each tax payer…….? Pennys! Our Fathers,Grandfathers,great grandfathers made financial sacrifices to preserve the American way of life. Can't corporate America chip in? Look at the enormous profits they make! If your shirt,jean,pencil,bubble gum companies want to quit paying/charging a tariff why don't come back to America,then there won't be a tariff imposed on their goods? Because they are greedy and unpatroitic!

      • Mike, Wichita Falls says:

        What is the American way of life? Is it not living in a country with a limited federal government and self-rule? Our forefathers did make sacrifices and preserve the American way of life by simply competing in a truly free market rather than asking the state to grease the skids for themselves, their businesses or their industries by imposing tariffs on foreign competition or regulations on domestic competition.

        Who is Corporate America? Is it not our working neighbor employed by them and able to care for themselves and their family? Is it not our retired neighbor whose income depends on their growing stock value and steady dividend payments? Is it not our state employees whose generous retirement accounts include their stocks?

        The statists want you to believe that Corporate America is the demon, but the statists are the real demons.

    2. Jimbo says:

      Corporate America will charge whatever the Demand will call for. Supply and Demand – Econ101. Cmon – "can't corporate america chip in?" – rediculous! If the Demand for the product goes down – the Cost will become lower.

    3. Bobbie says:

      It's ridiculous to add taxes on necessities required by school just to put more hard earned dollars into a disorderly government of ignorance whose goal is full control and unheld accountabilities! It used to be fun to bring my kids school shopping until we found out we were being unfairly taxed, paying for other people not to have the expense. the government of royalties wants MORE SACRIFICE TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!! not all, just the select.

    4. ghoomnewala says:

      this is laqughable.is the author seriously stating that there is a case for lower import duties–on chinese goods primarily? why not consider at least a 25 % import duty across the board on all chinese manufactured goods and also at least a 15 % revaluation of the chines yuan?
      this way the small maunufacturing units in usa will restart manufacturing in usa–and increase employment within usa.

      • Tim AZ says:

        Sure and when the Chinese govt. decides that America has to pay off her debts to China. Then what?

    5. Brian says:

      The tariff's aren't high enough! Increase them to the point where it makes more sense to hire AMERICAN workers instead of Chinese and Indians who are willing to work for penny's an hour! BRING AMERICAN JOBS BACK TO AMERICA!!!!!

    6. James M. O'Neill says:

      The tariffs should be higher – high enough so that corporations in America can compete with the impossibly low wages paid to foreign workers. The Founding Fathers knew the proper use of tariffs and allowed for it. Without successful tariffs, the companies making our products will go to the 'cheaper' side of the equation – in this case, China, Pakistan, Philipines, etc. and the result is no jobs in America. Hmmm! Seems like this has happened already.

    7. Tim AZ says:

      I have a question for those of you calling for higher tariffs with the intent to bring manufacturing back to America. How exactly do you get passed the amount of American debt owned by China? They can use our debt as a choker chain to collapse the American dollar anytime we attempt to place tariffs on Chinese imports. Another thing to consider is that as the regime continues to weaken our military. The Chinese military is steadily gaining technologically to match what we once were capable of. There is no way we could stop the Chinese from seizing Americas natural resources to pay off America's debt to China. Union solutions got us into this mess by artificially raising the costs of American products to pay for every dream benefit union leaders could invent. As well as lobbying for Govt. regulations that would damage nonunion manufacturers to create an advantage for the union manufacturers. Eventually these govt. regulations turned on the very union manufacturers that lobbied for them in the first place. This caused American made products to become cost prohibitive not just to Americans but to the rest of the world as well. There is a solution however. All we have to do is drive union leaders from American shores and into the developing countries where they can artificially inflate world markets outside of America. By demanding better pay and fantasy benefit packages and lobby for regulations to cannibalize nonunion manufacturers and force manufacturing in foreign countries to close because consumers all over the world will determine their products to be cost prohibitive. I know it took many years to accomplish that goal here in America and we probably can't hold out that long. So as a companion to spreading the cancer of unions to developing countries we must drastically downsize our Govts. foot print at once so that American markets can begin to take root and grow once again to restore America once again to greatness both in wealth an strength militarily. You know peace through strength the way we used to be.

      • Brian says:

        The Chinese military is gaining because primarily WE are funding them through our increasingly insatiable appetite for cheap merchandise. Raise the tariffs, being jobs home and stop buying from the Chinese. Less money to China = less money to build their military!

        As far as unions are concerned, I am not for nor against them. But specifically from a contractor's point of view, may the least expensive QUALIFIED contractor win…union or not. From a manufacturers point of view, first and foremost reign in the NLRB (i.e. Boeing). If the workers think they are being taken care of, there won't be union worries…if the company is taking advantage of the workers, hello union. Plain and simple.

    8. Bobbie says:

      good point on all accounts Tim, but especially AMERICA DOESN'T NEED UNIONS!!!! developing countries DO!!!! immediate shipment STAT!!!

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