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  • Morning Bell: More Bad News for the Obama Economy

    Americans’ confidence in the economy is sitting at its lowest point since March 2009, and in every state in the country, a vast majority of Americans see the economy as getting worse. Meanwhile, the number of people claiming new jobless benefits rose again last week. Under those circumstances, it’s no wonder the White House is doing everything it can to make even the most dismal economic news seem like a silver lining on a very dark cloud.

    That shred of news came yesterday in the form of the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) mid-year assessment of the budget and economic situation. In the report, the CBO lowered its projected 2011 economic growth rate from 3.1 percent in its January report to only 2.3 percent–well below the growth rate needed to reduce the unemployment rate. The CBO also projects a deficit for 2011 of $1.284 trillion–slightly lower than the January deficit projection of $1.480 trillion. As for unemployment, the CBO didn’t have much good to say. In its estimation, the jobless rate will fall only to 8.9 percent by the end of this year but remain above 8 percent until 2014.

    Economic growth that’s below what’s needed to reduce unemployment and a deficit still over a trillion dollars? How can that be good news? Well, it is if you set the bar for success low enough. And the White House has done just that. In a press briefing yesterday, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said “the report sort of validates the progress that’s been made” while also crediting President Barack Obama’s policies for pulling America “back from the brink.”

    While White House officials took the CBO’s report as a “validation” of their hard work, others have taken it as a warning–including House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI). Ryan’s office says that the CBO’s report shows that 2011 is the third straight year that deficits will be in excess of $1 trillion, and the debt held by the public will equal about three-quarters of the economy in 2013. Ryan noted:

    The Congressional Budget Office has again warned policymakers of the urgent need to get Washington’s fiscal house in order. This reports confirms again that years of reckless overspending have not produced the economic growth or the jobs that the President promised and that American families need.

    And while the CBO report offers some relatively positive news about deficits, even those estimates seem extremely optimistic based on the data the projections rely on, according to The Heritage Foundation’s J.D. Foster. And as Heritage’s James Sherk and Rea Hederman write, “The recovery will take a long time under any imaginable circumstances”:

    Economists estimate that the natural rate of unemployment is 5.2 percent. If the economy began growing immediately at the same rate the payroll survey reported during the tech bubble (+265,000 jobs per month), unemployment would not return to this level until mid-2014. More realistically, if employers began hiring at the same average rate they did during the 2003–2007 expansion (+176,000 jobs per month), unemployment would not return to its natural rate until 2018.

    In September, President Obama is due to give a speech in which he will unveil a new plan to create jobs and get America’s economy growing again. The trouble is that the plan will likely be baked in the same oven that produced the policies that have left America’s economy where it is today. If America doesn’t want continued deficits and unemployment as far as the eye can see, then a new agenda is in order.

    Quick Hits:

    • Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Computers who has helped bring the world personal computers, iPods, iPhones, and iPads–while changing the way people consume music, movies, and the Internet–has resigned his position.
    • Libyan rebels now control most of the capital city of Tripoli and are turning their focus to finding dictator Muammar Qadhafi, whose location is rumored to be anywhere from tunnels, at a farm, or at a zoo.
    • China’s military is “steadily closing the technological gap with modern armed forces” in a buildup that could prove “destabilizing” to the region, the Pentagon said Wednesday.
    • The “super commitee” on deficit reduction reports that its members are engaged in “serious discussions” over the logistics of creating the panel, including a website for soliciting public input.
    • The White House says it’s planning to reduce “unreasonable” regulations, but there’s much more to the story. Read about it on Foundry.org.
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    62 Responses to Morning Bell: More Bad News for the Obama Economy

    1. Robert, TX says:

      The OMB (Obama, McConnell, Boehner) economy is a DISASTER – and yes, a new agenda which includes real action (not just powerpoint slides) is required. But we need to draft some real DO-ER's instead of more gutless, lying, eunuch republicans.

      • Paul Barren says:

        Robert, you call the Republicans gutless ,but you have no name for the "DO NOTHING" Democrats. What did they do during the two years when they were in charge of all government. Why didn't they pass anything that would be beneficial for the citizens of this country?????? It's no time for ignorant partisans to take potshots at each other. The Tea Party has made it clear that spending MUST be reduced before anything gets started. They are the only group that has a real intelligent solution for our problems that have been going on since 2006. Yes, we know that Obama inherited 7.2% unemployment and Obama got his stimulus and pushed the unemployment up to 9%,and if you count the people who work part-time and working in jobs that need no training the rate is 16%

        • Robert, TX says:

          First, I am not a democrat. Second, very few democrats have lied to me (since they are not talking to people like me in the first place). They run on increasing spending, adding people to the welfare rolls and "spreading the wealth around." Unlike the do-nothing republicans who have lied to people like me for 25 years – and I am not that smart – it took me 25 years to realize I was wasting my vote.

          • OhioHistorian says:

            You are not correct. Obama ran on decreasing deficits and controlling spending and not raising taxes on people making less than $250,000. EVERY Democrat lies to you about his first and second Amendment beliefs. When was the last time that you heard a Democrat claim that he is looking to control guns, or is looking to stifle conservative speech. Yet both are being done by this administration actively. Obama promised that he would not implement the requirement to buy health insurance.

            You just don't want to remember the lies for some reason.

      • KC - NM says:

        I agree – time to clean house in Washington. We need leadership and elected officials that care about the growth and recovery of this country.

      • Jim says:

        what happened to Harry Reid? you forget about him? No budget for the last over 800 days in the Senate? You work like that on your job and I am sure your boss would have something to say about it.

        • Robert, TX says:

          Almost – Harry Reid is running the government – but only by default. And it is the default of Boehner and McConnell that allow him to run the government. And since I don't advocate supporting democrat candidates (like Harry) I don't need to mention them. And I am tired of making excuses for republicans who lie, campaign on "making government smaller" and then cut deals that accomplish nothing.

    2. William Wallace says:

      this administration will be long known for it's grand scheme of "CYA". the spin coming out of the White House is bordering on the insane. Americans, thanks to Heritage, are well informed and see through the re-election rhetoric that this administration is attempting to pull over our eyes. socialism has failed in EVERY attempt. it will fail here with this "president"…2012! T-E-A!!

      • KC - NM says:

        My concern with 2012 is that there are too many Americans who are not in touch with these multiple issues, do not have the education to understand the significance of the issues, and are part of the 50% who do not pay taxes, receive hand outs from the governement, etc. What is there incentive to vote for a Republican candidate? The republican party needs to come up with a process that by-passes the main stream media and gets the correct words out to the public. Time for change is now.

    3. Stirling says:

      Can we "Hope for a Change" in the resident of the White House in 2012.. That would put some confidence in everyone and some "Change" in our pockets as well.. To the governments credit, they are creating a unaimous case for the demise of any "Big Government" for the future.. What FDR created this president will be known as the one that destroyed the progressive/democrat party movement in the eyes of the American people. Thanks BO..

    4. Clearhead says:

      Question: Why does it take so long for mr. obama to skew up his 'speech' (NEXT MONTH) about this overwhelming catastrophe we've been wallowing in ever since this "160 I.Q." lame brain has been in the office that "HE WON" ? From the perspective of we average Americans, the only "brink" he has pulled us back from is the brink of possible recovery.

    5. Karla, CA says:

      Can't wait to hear the speech that his speechwriters are working on, and that he will read from his teleprompters. Ugh. (I wish a strong wind would blow them over…that would be hilarious.) I don't believe for a minute that he's spending his time on Martha's Vineyard actually working on his speech. He's too busy playing golf and eating ice cream.

    6. Jane Horton-Leasman says:

      In my 70 years this has been the most exhaustive, confusing and hopeless Presidency I have ever lived through. My heart goes out to those younger people who falsely believe there is security in any area of their lives, with the repercussions which will live with us for the entire future, of the most irresponsible and Socialist laws which have been enacted in the Congresses of the last 6 years. It is really shameful that people elected to lead, have only led the people off of a cliff.

      • Stephen Metz says:

        I've only been around 67 years, but I have to agree with Jane. There doesn't seem to be anyone on either side of the aisle with the imagination and initiative to find a workable way back out of this tar pit

    7. Mary......WI says:

      I'm sure Obama's new plan will be another stimulus package….just what we DON'T need.

      Why doesn't the government just ask the American people what they want and quit doing what THEY think is best for this country….that's democarcy!

    8. HOTNIKE says:


    9. D. J. Golio says:

      If only this administration and the liberals in the Congress would give the green light to explore our domestic energy resources without regulatory obstacles that allow everyone else on the planet to do so, millions of jobs will be created not just from the drilling and exploration, but from infrastructure requirements as well throughout the entire country. This would include new refineries (we have not built a new refinery in almost 40 years), pipelines, storage facilities, expand capital expenditures for all types of equipment, transportation not to mention the benefits that would result from all the additional money to the federal, state and local governments in the form of royalties, income and payroll taxes and the like. This indeed would grow the economy and keep billions of dollars each month from leaving the country in payment of foreign oil supplies we currently rely on at great risk to the country and its economic well-being.

    10. Dwana Townsend says:

      Not only does America need a new agenda, we need new leaders who will serve the American public, not the other way around. We need defenders of the constitution, true watch dogs, to insure accountability and transparency. I truely believe the CBO is issuing another warning to our politicians but only to fall on deaf ears. Our economy will get worse before it gets better unless we STOP and REFORM IMMEDIATELY! If that cannot be the case we will have to wait until ELECTION time to SPEAK out (EVERY CONCERNED CITIZEN MUST TURN OUT AND VOTE). What is truely alarming is we still have over 1 year to go with this current CONGRESS, SENATE, SUPREME COURT and PRESIDENT and we are OUT of TIME!!
      God Bless the USA and help our nation through these difficult times.

    11. Jack Krohn says:

      How about creating a new job by firing Jeff Immelt (sp?) whose motivations are questionable at best.

    12. Don Ruane says:

      What we need is "Term Limits", 6 years and out the door, because no one who is looking ahead to the next election will take on the tough problems we face.
      We must remove the need to be reelected.
      Term Limits is the only thing that will do it.
      They will not risk their reelection, even to save our country.
      Way to Go Congress.

    13. victorbarney says:

      Thanks for my answer! The truth will win in the end! No? Watch!

    14. LibertyAtStake says:

      "then a new agenda is in order"

      It has been for some time. Since at least the moment President OJT figured out there is no such thing as a shovel-ready federal project. He will advoctae for more of the same next month nevertheless. There will be no recovery until the one-trick ideologue currently occupying the Oval Office is sent into a retirement where he can do no further harm to the republic.

      d(^_^)b http://libertyatstake.blogspot.com/
      “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    15. KC - NM says:

      The economic news is of no surprise. Obama's administration has no desire or incentive to help America grow and recover. We just hear empty words and promisses that have no data or plans to back them up. Instead of listening to this slick talker, just watch what he does and has done! McConnell, Reid, Boehner, and Pelosi do not care and are the basic professional politician who only thinks of themselves. The fear from the liberal left is showing with the ranting against the Tea Party. The fear from the Rebublicans is confusion and not stepping up to the plate and demanding change. To help fix this issue, we must stop the spending and endure the pain that this will cause. We also must fix the tax system – it is broken and not equitable. A flat tax on everyone who has income is the answer – no deductions, no exceptions. We need to stop spending money on the world – specifically the middle east and instead bill these countries for services renderd. They can pay in oil. The list goes on and on – basically we must bring in elected officials who care and can lead in 2012.

    16. Aqualung says:

      Aptly put and much better journalism than your usual bash-the-president rhetoric.

    17. Jill Maine says:

      Actually Boehner has been a very good leader. He has never asked for or accepted ear marks. He led the debate over the debt ceiling issue and BHO had to move to the conservative side not vice versa. We need a majority of conservatives in Congress and a conservative President. We can still save this country.

      • Robert, TX says:

        Huh? Boehner could not lead a horse to water. BHO did not move an inch in the debt ceiling debate. He got a mult-year, multi-trillion dollar increase in the debt limit – so that we could not use it against him next year. Obama has MORE power with Boehner, than he had with Pelosi. Congress is our only hope and Congress is doing NOTHING – because of Boehner's complete lack of leadership. I don't know if you are a football fan. If you could imagine the Carolina Panthers (NFL's worst team) beating the Green Bay Packers 80-0, that is how bad Harry Reid and Obama are thrashing little johnny.

    18. Jim says:

      NOw, how many plans does this make for Prezbo? All plans and no action! Just another binder to put on the shelf with all the other grand plans that were never implemented.

    19. Paul Skibba says:

      Obama knows what to do. Ideology prevents him from doing it.

    20. rojas says:

      "If America doesn’t want continued deficits and unemployment as far as the eye can see, then a new agenda is in order."

      While Obama is no doubt the straw currently stirring the drink, the cocktail that is our current state was poured a long time ago. Woodrow Wilson was a progressive relegated to 'dabbler' status, but ever since the progressive movement has relentlessly advanced and achieved critical mass with the 2008 election. Change has indeed come to America. For better or worse, this is "fundamental transformation".

    21. Wayne, La says:

      I agree with Robert on the DO-ER part. There are several ways that we can improve economic output. The Unions may not like it. A National Right to Work bill would provide adjustable and reasonable rates for workers. Many people cannot afford to hire people to do work because the cost is so high. When the work is done, it comes in shabby and costly. It the rates were more competitive then people could hire more and increase the worker field.
      Forcing Government agencies to take a more active role in assisting companies is conforming to EPA and OHSA guidelines would enhance a companies development phase into production. The regulations could be cut in half. Just don't tell someone that they need to conform but assist them in doing so. Louisiana just had a possible Paper Mill dumping catastrophe in the Pearl River. Instead of penalizing the company for not conforming to Environmental regulations, the Department of Environmental Quality could assist the company in minimizing any future damages. This is a proactive approach. The company would continue to produce and the waterway would be safe.
      There are other ways of bringing down costs for people and businesses. Let's pursue these alternatives.

    22. Jim Buzzell says:


    23. @dboyerdr says:

      I can hardly wait to hear Obama's plan in September and he is back from another costly vacation. But I;m certain it will in reality be another glib campaign speech. He certainly knows nothing about creating jobs except high paying government jobs I predict he will announce the start of repairing our infrastrucure. And that will all be done by union labor sue to his very first Executive Order issued 2/6/2009.

    24. Brad says:

      Until the regulatory stranglehold the O'Bama administration has placed on our economy is loosed, the job market will remain stagnate. If Uncle Sam was behind business and capital investments instead of riding around on its shoulders, improvement would be possible.

    25. Ollie Bell says:

      Any demise is GOOD newa for Obama.

    26. saveamerica says:

      How cruelly unfair!! Yesterday there was a "community" meeting involving property tax increase. The reason? the city is buying at a low estimate of $$875,000 property tax increase, to demolish 5 private sector business (ALL generating money)to rebuild a CHURCH and rec center! The church is Lutheran and the woman running it blasphemed God by suggesting she was doing God's work!!! Either set-up or part of the scheme because every Christian knows you don't infringe upon others who aren't involved and turning to government isn't utilizing God's inalienable rights given to all human life and when the state is in debt she's a fake Christian! a thief! a con! desperate democrat dependent. A funeral home business fought it, but the final offer of temptation, led them to take it. The purchase cost wasn't disclosed.
      Muslims and "white" people were in attendance with few that weren't. I point out "white" because our neighborhood is primarily everyone but white. I point out Muslims because it's unusual that they would show any interest that involves another religion. Then it occurred to me, witnesses to the founding dismantling of the separation of church and state. Is there a holiday for achievement coming up?
      We (the tax payers) weren't informed about any of this going on behind our backs. The state is in debt, so they get rid of circulating currency and with our money?! The meeting wasn't called for dispute, it was a done deal!! Society is overburdened by Muslims and such who don't want their respective personal responsibilities and aren't held accountable to their actions and lies, adding to the burdening of society collapsing the system of freedom and liberty and justice pertaining to LIFE! They mock everything and won't respect civil law even though civil law conducts behavioral accountability in the simplest of understanding. Mind ones own business and keep your violence out!! People today act to destroy, show defiance by taking advantage of. Nobody forced immigrants to take on America's culture, so why did they make a conscience effort to interfere and use against us? The American government at every level, has failed America and put her respect of human decency and dignity, into the hands of deceitful, corrupt, dangerous, selfish, intolerant, disingenuous people who don't belong here, who's only welcome is outside America. Third world? The government is visibly behind this infiltration! How is it stopped?

    27. toledofan says:

      It sounds to me like more of the same old stuff; tax breaks for people who hire more workers, that'll work because people are buying so much, a couple of new government departments to manage some thing, we really need more government, more trade deals, with whom I'm not sure, but, I'm sure we'll find some new business on the moon, and we can't forget the main ingredient, blame the dumb Republicans because they just can't seem to understand that doing more of the same and spending more money, especially money we don't have, isn't a good idea. Until Obama and the Democrats get serious nothing will change.

    28. ThomNJ says:

      I thought obarmy's plan changed to an outline a week ago and now to just some suggestions….maybe by next week, he'll be in the "passing fancy" category….

    29. RogCol says:

      Don't see the news here. The CBO rating what will happen in 2014 is based on a variety of inputs which are sometimes dubious. They have never been correct in the long term and, in all probability will be wrong this time. One trip to the woodshed and new values will be added to make predictions come out right. PBHO has afew tricks left up his sleeve to make the UI numbers seem lower in the short term, just prior to the reelection bid. QE3 or 4 will happen, a back door stimulus plan, "found" money from other sources, etc.

    30. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Obama is a big problem…but the lifer politicians Heritage supports (life-long Republicans) also contribute to the economic decline of America. This did not happen overnight. For too long the public (and Heritage) have supported life-long politicians – write a report about this…

      Too bad critical comments never make it to publication.

    31. Carol M Kite says:

      Ordinarily, I'd say the usual about the pig-headed liberals but lately observed GOPs could step up with more decisiveness. The plan that has to be followed to regain some kind of sanity to improve the economy includes this: Get rid of Obama & entrenched Dem senators, too long in office; close ALL our borders; follow the Constitution & Bill of Rights; instill mandatory drug screening before welfare checks; maintain foreign cultures where desired but SPEAK ENGLISH; no freebies for non-citizens; balance the long overdue budget & STOP PRINTING & SPENDING monies that don"t exist; erase the rampant corruption; end corporation tax exemption. How's that for starters?

    32. Whicket Williams says:

      We MUST reduce the size of the federal GOV by at LEAST 50% eliminating WHOLE AGENCIES, repealing the patriot act, and RETURNING TO PRE 911 LEVELS OF FEDERAL SPENDING. The FDA and EPA are frauds, working AGAINST the people, in favor of corporations, who bribe federal workers. They need to be held accountable, then eliminated.

    33. Frank says:

      It's pretty clear that all the spending (which grew the Federal deficit) did not help the economy. It set us on a course of, at best, stagflation, with all the money printing that also took place. The ever growing Federal Government & Federal deficit are sucking the oxygen out of the economy. Big government Keynesian economics have again failed. Time to stumble along & finally try small government Austrian economics. I know small government is anathema to both Democrats & most "establishment" Republicans, but when the same thing is tried over & over again & repeatedly fails, time for a real change. Let's re-examine the Constitutional role of Federal Government and drastically shrink it back to its intended size & thereby slashing the budget deficit. While we are at it, let's stop being the world's policeman & close most foreign bases & recall most of our troops, which can be put to use guarding our porous borders… thereby truly increasing our security. Direct the Joint Chiefs of Staff to reassess our nation's defense needs. Avoiding foreign entanglements, as recommended by our Founding Fathers, sounds pretty good to me nowadays!

    34. Ron W. Smith says:

      Bad news indeed–except for some shrinkage in the annual deficit to under $1.3 trillion. Unfortunately, there's nothing being done really to lower spending that doesn't chip into domestic needs and, instead, keeps inflated our National Security spending. As we all know, serious reduction in National Security spending would have disastrous effect on the jobs numbers since so many here are employed in National Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs. And on top of that, we're the major arms suppliers to the world, and any reduction in National Defense will have huge impact on R&D and our ability to be able to supply the "Latest" to others who have needs we have typically supplied.
      The creation of jobs is no easy matter without demand for employers' products, and freeing up money so that employers go forth trying to sell what won't be bought until people at the bottom have the money to spend because they're not only gainfully employed but well enough reimbursed that disposable income is part of the package. The loss of American manufacturing jobs and other offshoring moves by large employers has been a killer allowed to happen by those without vision to forestall the will to do so (and encouraged by The Tofflers' Creating a New Civilization and Newt's followup book To Renew America).
      Our modern-day conundrum, as near to full employment as can be re-achieved and cutting spending without defeating that achievement, just might require, for solution, much more than mantras on the Right and dawdling on the Left. It will be interesting to see what will happen without having to explode our political system and the stranglehold big money currently has on it.

    35. Opanow says:

      All of this blaming Obama and the Republicans is so much eyewash! The real problem is the Federal Reserve. What kind of a stupid system is it where we give our money to the Federal Reserve and then they lend it back to us at interest? Why don't we just print the money and issue it ourselves? Hmmm?

    36. saveamerica says:

      totally worse then I thought. totally. correction on demolition. 3 private sector businesses and a church. The church will be rebuilt and have amenities attached with the opening up of future government construction phases… reminds me of what the Muslims in New York were going to implement at the expense of government off the backs of tax payers, in defiance of the American Constitution, regarding a mosque? DOOR'S OPEN NOW!

    37. Steven Coy says:

      Isn't ther a great sniper out there in America, he need's to go and fast. Wake up America.

    38. eugene says:

      this is not..as you say..obamas economy…this is my economy and yours..am most certainly sick and tired of these political meatheads screwing it up…does anybody even teach economics in this great country anymore !!!

      • Robert, TX says:

        Outstanding point! Eugene. It is OUR economy – and OUR responsibility to take it (and our country) back. First, people will have to realize that both parties serve the same master. The best way to teach economics would be for everyone to go tour the closest NFL stadium and look at the companies that have luxury suites. It's still a free country, but when you see Pharma 1, Pharma 2, Hedge fund, Investment bank, Pharma 3, Managed Healthcare Consultants, Education Curriculum Consultants etc…. then people would realize they have been had.

    39. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obamanomics is bad for the country.

    40. armyvet says:

      Either, Obama is incredibly ignorant, or is sly like a fox! What I am trying to say, is he either has no clue as to what makes America grow, or he is deliberately trying to destroy our country. I haven't yet decided. It looks as if he is deliberately trying destroy Capitalism!!!

    41. OB_AKA47 says:

      most dismal economic news seem like a "silver lining on a very dark cloud."(Thunder)
      I view this differently, Only thing is to make "Green Energy" in everywhere.
      Go "Green" with colleting "Thunder" energy transfer lightening and voice into Flex Power Energy.

    42. wayne says:

      Is he out to destroy this society ?, sure looks like it.

    43. Denver says:

      Even hearing from the "choir" is encouraging! Almost all the above comments are right-on.What we need is a lot less govt. financed by a national sales tax. That way ,everyone pays and in proportion to their wealth as well.Nothing could be "fairer" than that. The two big factors being: everyone, and in proportion to their capacity to consume. That encourages both saving and spending.

    44. snydrhrry says:

      I am a bit annoyed at the "news Media" and other organizations, too, that NO ONE has analyzed what exactly Obama spent the trillion dollars on over and above the usual deficit in the two years he went on the spending spree. I would like also that more attention be given to the "QE 1" and "QE 2 money printing sprees of Bernanke. Did he really put billions into the Stock Market to buoy up the Dow-Jones, so it is still over 11,000?
      I consider these issues to be important if not critical to out economy and much more attention needs to be given them.. It is clear that Obama will buy his way into another 4 years by "any means possible," and anything goes as far as he and his cabal are concerned.

    45. Jack W Estes says:

      Can we stop for a second and reflect on a quote from a man with twice the IQ and acumen of BO? Albert Einstein defined insanity as "doning the same thing over and over and expecting a diffferent result". Obama and his gang are perfecting the typical liberal tax and spend agenda by reversing the order to spend first, tax later. Either way, his policies have eclipsed those goals and placed us in the most precarious fiscal dilemma since the great deprssion. It will take many years of a post-obama reconstruction to get the USA back on track.

    46. Bobbie says:

      they're shutting down fire stations and hiring bike coordinators!!! $80,000 salary!!! compromising the safety of the constituency! no sense in priority! It's criminal! legislate against it immediately to implement immediately!!!!! they're out of control and beneath the American intellect! Non-productive!! dangerously incompetent. reckless and irresponsible with our lives and money!!

    47. Uncle Sam says:

      Reactionary thought , all. The liberal think tanks have been working on the 30 yr. plan for longer than any of you can imagine. The conservative Republican party [my party] has had their head in the sand and has now been bought off, and they are all committed to a World Socialist plan. More efficient government, world peace, and no possession of guns, Hillary just signed the U. N. Small Arms Treaty. At Fort Bragg the U. S. Army is training for civil unrest here as this new Gov. is thrust down our throats. The time has come to act, Now, contact your Congressmen , Senators, Press, and demand an immediate special session of Congress to inform the people and to take action now. Either that or hit the streets with picket signs and in numbers so that you can make a difference. The time is now.

    48. David La Rochelle MD says:

      If you are unemployed and rely on government handouts, including medicaid, food stamp debit cards, free
      electrical and gas, a discount on phones, no taxes, and the choice of either getting up in the morning to work or
      lay back in bed to suck off the american taxpayer, and vote DEMOCRAT regardless of the moron in charge, why not push unemployment to 10% under Obama. Of course, Bush is the instigator of the problem. Look where the jobs are going…out of the country. Detroit is no longer the "Auto Capitol" of the US. It is now Ontario Canada where there is less UNION control, and NAFTA. Plus Canadian workers are very good, less alcoholic, and show up for work! The latest Job "CZAR" just pushed GE out of the country into China. Nice to know that we who pay taxes are supporting the morons in Congress and their non representation.

    49. kaydellc says:

      President Obama has been planning to reveal his plans for so long that it is past time. He has lied to American people long enough. If there is any plan then it has been the plan to destroy the Constitution and the economy.

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