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  • No Excuse For Biden's Slip on China's One Child Policy

    Earlier this week, Vice President Joe Biden unnecessarily acknowledged and condoned communist China’s one-child-only policy in a speech to Chinese leaders while visiting the country to speak on U.S.–China relations.

    Biden admitted he does not “second-guess” the horrific, decades-old policy, which often forces women to undergo unwanted abortions and sterilizations. His careless remarks singlehandedly compromised the U.S. position on human rights as it relates to population control. Speaker of the House John Boehner (R–OH) rightly called on the White House to issue a “clarification or correction.” A Biden spokesperson has since issued a statement saying he finds the policy “repugnant.”

    Ironically, Biden has some history of opposing unethical abortion practices similar to the one-child policy, including a 1981 amendment that bears his name, which states that U.S. funds may not be used for biomedical research related to abortion or involuntary sterilization.

    Until 2009, the Kemp–Kasten Amendment denied federal funding to organizations or programs that supported any kind of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization. Unfortunately, after a long legislative battle, the Obama Administration restored funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which supports Chinese family planning initiatives in certain parts of the country and claims it plays no role in coercive practices.

    And while “coercive” abortion is technically illegal in China, it’s clear that abuses continue. The annual State Department country report on human rights, published this past April, says regarding China and its one-child policy:

    …intense pressure to meet birth limitation targets set by government regulations resulted in instances of local family-planning officials using physical coercion to meet government goals. Such practices included the mandatory use of birth control and the abortion of unauthorized pregnancies. In the case of families that already had two children, one parent was often pressured to undergo sterilization.

    By resuming U.S. funding to the UNFPA, the United States undoubtedly signaled reduced concern about these fundamental abuses of human rights. Vice President Biden’s remarks can only reinforce that message.

    It’s no surprise that the U.N. Human Rights Council fails to combat the issues in China. Its record is dismal, despite the fact that China is listed as one of the worst violators of human rights worldwide. As Heritage’s Brett Shaeffer writes:

    China, Cuba, Iran, and North Korea have submitted false reports to the council, laughably affirming their commitment to fundamental human rights and freedoms. A majority of the council accepted these patently dishonest reports at face value and approved them.

    Surely the Vice President is not unaware of the history of China’s coercive program, when abuses have been documented in detail in the West. For example, the late John Aird was the head of the China branch of the U.S. Census Bureau and fought vehemently against the policy. As Aird noted about the policy two decades ago, “The Chinese program remains highly coercive not because of local deviations from central policies but as a direct, inevitable, and intentional consequence of those policies.”

    The world needs more defenders of international human rights with Aird’s conviction. The Chinese government estimates that some 400 million births have been prevented since the policy was implemented 30 years ago. No one knows how many of those 400 million human beings were forcibly eliminated, but a Public Radio International story last year reported that “Most middle-aged women have been sterilized, and nearly everyone [in China] knows someone that has had a forced abortion.”

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, China’s fertility levels are well below replacement levels—especially for girls, who are disproportionately selected for elimination due to China’s one-child policy and the cultural preference for boys. The incidence of “gendercide” worldwide is among the most compelling human rights challenges of our time. As Heritage’s Kim Holmes writes:

    The best way to promote human rights as we understand them…is through a properly balanced political system that ensures equal justice and limits the state’s role to only what is necessary to secure our rights. It is by standing up for victims whose natural rights are violated around the world and assisting them when we can, and by pointing out other states’ failings to live up to their treaty commitments. It is by remaining the beacon of liberty for people everywhere—that “shining city on the hill” that Ronald Reagan described as he confronted the evils of Communist states.

    If Vice President Biden had thought harder on his comment before making it, he would have concluded that Chinese citizens’ natural rights are undoubtedly being violated through the one-child policy. And that is most certainly something the United States should second-guess.

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    10 Responses to No Excuse For Biden's Slip on China's One Child Policy

    1. Bobbie says:

      All that needs implementing is the responsibility and it's costs of having a child put to those responsible. The population will curb itself. Look what it did for America before it came to what it's become since the arrival of immigrants and illegal intruders from the end of last century. Enough money from the responsible of the past, today are dependable enough to double their responsibilities and spread their wealth to the indoctrinated irresponsible while the indoctrinated irresponsible have plenty of their own earned income to take on their own living responsibilities, the spreading of wealth just helps the irresponsible get ahead of the responsible. Not a fair and honest good balance!!!!! Not American at all! What a disgrace of governing!

      China being a communist country, doesn't it make more sense to be sterilized or have tubes tied to avoid going through the means of abortion?

    2. Ann American says:

      How does one dignify the culture of "human selection"? Hitler tried, he was wrong.
      One does not improve the quality of life by eliminating, selectively, whoever is
      in the way of "Progess". (I've grown to hate the word "Progressive")
      The Govt. is NOT GOD and they are over reaching their authority to decide who
      will get health care past a certain age, or before a certain age. Both are evil
      concepts and deserving of our contempt.
      Life …. an inalienable right (God Given) Government taken.
      NEVER the intent of our Constitution!
      The new Democratic party has their death promoters and those who "wash their hands"
      regarding it. (Like Pontius Pilate) Neither escape their guilt..their isn't enought soap
      and water to wash themselves clean.
      Each revelation regarding Life as being government selected instead of God elected
      stuns my mind. How soon we (mankind) forget.

    3. Stirling says:

      The Vice President is just saying how he really feels, since the liberal media will do nothing to call out their own. It's always been the lefts view that central planning includes population control (Eugenics) ammong other non center-right policies. The Chineese just have a model of State controlled central planning which is the envy of many far leftists.

    4. Bridget says:

      There is appalling ignorance in the US on the issue of China's population control politcies. I'l simply like to know WHY this president does not believe what that country does is a violation of human rights. It is frightening to know we have a man in the White House that doesn't understand what the Founders of this country meant by individual rights. I would ask the Left if they actually that the men who wrote gave us this great country would condone such behavior, but I know that is simply not an issue for them, since they do not find this particularly relevant in this modern day era of control.

    5. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Since I no longer listen, watch, or read the main stream media, have they reported Biden's latest gaff and/or invented excuses? The point is the media will protect this administration at all cost with complete silence when all other lies and distrotions don't work.

    6. Brad - Detroit says:

      The additonal problem of this policy is that it has become part of their culture. A Chinese woman with whom I worked here in the US was noticeably pregnant. They already had 2 children – 1 boy and 1 girl. Once the husband discovered the gender of the third child . . . miraculous . . she was not pregnant anymore. Back then, you could not determine gender definitively until at least 12 weeks, which put her well past the normal abortion range. Despicable to say the least.

    7. Marijane says:

      Every time Biden is left off his rope and wanders and talks, and talks, and……. he says something so over-the-top stupid. He's a prime example of an establishment politician who has willfully held his neck under the pressing edge of political exediency too many times. Age has nothing to do with his crap, here. He's just displaying his scales again….a slimy lily-livered professional politician.

      • Slick says:

        WHY are any of us assuming that this was a gaff by the VP????? I think this just gives Biden a free pass to say whatever happens to pass through his pea brain!!! If you or I would have said something like that, we would have been excoriated until the cows come home. This man has been elevated to the position of VICE PRESIDENT of this country, and his words count . . . . no more passes for Joe Biden or anyone else on the Left. Whenever they say something that creates a fire storm, their excuse is, "just kidding."

        Time's up . . . . free passes are NO MORE!!!!

    8. James says:

      I am new to this conversation. I sense no love for VP Biden. I like this place.

    9. Ashtonhusker says:

      This poor excuse of a VP irritates every vibration of human rights in America today. Biden speaks before he thinks if that is even possible. This article exemplifies what is wrong with his position of power in the white house. Idiotspeak…that is all he knows. This latest acknowledgment of China’s one-child-only policy to the Chinese leaders sets in stone how small minded Obama's VP really is. Perhaps Biden could do more good if he gave up his American citizenship and moved to communist China.

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