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  • DOJ's Troubling Trend of Political Uniformity in Hiring

    Since Eric Holder took the reins as Attorney General, the Justice Department has hired 15 career attorneys in the Civil Rights Division’s Employment Litigation Section. Every one of them boasts stellar left-wing ideological credentials. All have either associated themselves with prominent Democrats, worked for left-wing legal organizations, or staked out left-wing positions on controversial issues.

    The complete political uniformity of this section aligns with DOJ’s hiring in four other sections of the Civil Rights Division. The Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky has been documenting the left-wing dominance of the division in a flurry of posts at Pajamas Media. Not a single attorney hired during President Obama’s tenure in the five sections von Spakovsky has examined has deviated from the division’s left-wing ideology.

    Von Spakovsky details the Employment Litigation Section’s role thusly:

    The Employment Section is primarily responsible for enforcing the anti-discrimination provisions applicable to state and local governments under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez has a downright disturbing agenda for the Section. Speaking to the liberal American Constitution Society, he promised that his Division would pursue “disparate impact” litigation — where no proof of actual discrimination is required but mere disproportionate workforce representation — with vigor rarely before seen. He wasn’t kidding. Indeed, the Division’s aggressive efforts to defend and expand the use of racial preferences in public sector hiring, promotions, and contracting ought to offend all Americans who believe in the promise of a just and colorblind society. Although politically correct terms like goals” and “timetables” are de rigueur, there is no hiding what is really being advocated here: racial quotas.

    Meanwhile, the Section’s enforcement of the laws against religious discrimination seems focused almost obsessively on the protection of Muslims to the exclusion of almost every other group. Some of the enforcement actions undertaken are so far outside the requirements of federal law that one might be excused for thinking that the Koran is as much a part of the Section’s statutory toolbox as the U.S. Code. With the new crop of attorneys that have come on board, however, it is not difficult to see how this radicalized atmosphere has so thoroughly enveloped the Section.

    Indeed, among Holder’s 15 hires, professional experience includes pro bono work for Guantanamo Bay detainees. “Outside the mainstream” would hardly seem to capture the radicalism inherent in such work.

    “Social justice,” “gender identity,” “human rights,” “diversity,” and other such politically correct buzzwords pepper the summary of these hires’ professional backgrounds and educations. Attorneys have worked to give convicted felons voting rights, and asylum to illegal immigrants. Conspicuously absent is any hire who has devoted his or her career to constitutional scholarship or – heaven forbid – criminal prosecution or civil defense.

    And of course, a number of the attorneys have histories of support for the Democratic Party. Some have held positions in Dem offices, while others have donated to candidates – von Spakovsky tallied $7,500 in Democratic contributions, mostly to Obama.

    The background of any individual attorney, though, is of less importance than the complete ideological uniformity of the entire section. Clearly there has been no meaningful effort made to staff the Civil Rights Division with attorneys who represent the views of the American people. In fact, there may very well have been a conscious effort to fill the division with leftist ideologues who share the same radical legal and political views, in possible violation of civil service rules.

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    26 Responses to DOJ's Troubling Trend of Political Uniformity in Hiring

    1. Todd_B says:

      Just so I'm clear, is your assertion then that under the former administration, the hiring was any different? That is, the hiring wasn't equally aligned with the Bush administration's world-view? I could easily rattle off 6 or 8 appointees I know personally who were brought onboard because they met certain litmus tests that included specifically their views on stem-cell research and abortion ('against' on both issues). ____Surely, Mr. Markay, you do not alleged that this sort of hiring is anything new, do you? If it's right or not is indeed something worth discussing, but your indignation now – after 8 years of hires along the other end of the political spectrum is perhaps more telling than you'd intended it.

      • wis badger says:

        The difference is stated in the article. The Obama Administration is filling career positions at Justice with ideological allies, not just the appointees. The appointees are supposed to be loyal to the President career staff are supposed to be professional and non-ideological. That is the common understanding.

      • Emma says:

        The big difference would be the new appointees are more than likely either members of Socialists of America or Communists USA.

      • Slick says:

        Here's your opportunity . . . NAME THEM since you "know Personally" the facts!!!!! I am tired of someone on the Left having "personal knowledge" and then leaving out the details that substantiate their position. So go for it, NAME THEM!!!!!

      • Texas Longhorn says:

        This remark shows the reason our country is going to the dumps. All you liberals do to rationalize things is well you did it or some one else did it so that means it should be for them to do it now. Wow, how childish.
        Secondly, Barack Obama is a Socialist so hiring radicals and other Socialists would be to his ideaology. He has shown this in his book about his father and that he aspires to make our country the best Socialistic country in the "Dreams of his Father". That's what he meant by "Hope and Change:. He hoped he would be able to change our country to the United States of the Socialist Republic before anyone would wake up from the media sponsored propaganda about him.

    2. carol,az says:

      You have my admiration for publishing this article.
      In your archives file; the dismissal for the,
      "New Black Panthers voter intimidation case," by the DOJ, was Holder's test case.
      This case is being heard by Judicial Watch.
      No one will utter the words discrimination, blatant obstruction by the DOJ for law, and obstruction for legal due process of cases that are fully dismissed by the DOJ.
      Fear, laziness or self-protection against committing political mis-step has prevented this anti-American power force to be torn apart, and destroyed.
      The facts you have listed in this detailed article utilized every legal abuse that continues to shred our legal due process for, American law.
      Enforcement for law on all issues for illegal immigration have been twisted and renamed as racial profiling, discrimination against "brown people", illegals cases with felony arrests have been downgraded as undocumented workers, temporary workers, and the list goes on until the white noise blurs any truth by the DOJ, and retold as , "hope and change."..
      I call it internal anarchy, corruption, 1984 rewritten as a horror story, and America's self-destruction, by the DOJ.

      • terry s says:

        Holder has also stated before a senate hearing that he will not do much if anything on cases concerning white people as they have not suffered enough like HIS people yet. I don't remember the exact date of his statement but it is the congressional record if you are interested.

    3. Bobbie says:

      Interview these left wing nuts to find out why they feel compelled to remove freedom and personal dignity from humanity!? Why they have to exacerbate problems for their own gain and in result punishment on the innocent (tax payers obliged to welfare and freebie giveaways?) Why don't they believe in American exceptionalism (people as their own being,) or the American way for that matter? Why they let everyone mooch from the American culture and the same ones complain about the American culture while the government promotes other cultures at the expense of American tax dollars, taking advantage of the American way!?

      EVERYONE BENEFITS FROM THE AMERICAN CULTURE WORLD WIDE!!!! WHILE ALL OTHER CULTURES ARE MERELY PERSONAL benefit!!!!!!!!! these attitudes better change! We're not worthy of this WEAK IDEOLOGY in American leadership!!!!! the total recognition of disproportionate treatment WITHIN THE AMERICAN CULTURE is beneath this country's DIGNITY!

      The American government paid by all American tax payers favoring the most threatening religion to mankind and we have to wait until 2012? By that time the democrats will have convinced and sabotaged whatever necessary to gain their win. Do these left wing nuts meet racial quota? SICKENING!! We believe in the quality of a person. skin color compliments it but holds no merit to the value of personal character. Get this racist government out of America! They compliment NOTHING but their own ignorance. We vote for candidates that work for the people in America, who conduct no favoritism of people over another!! Who respect our abilities as PEOPLE!!!

      I refuse the recognition of inferiority, the only recognition democrats promote! Democrats brainwash the mind to convince people less their abilities while what their abilities are kept from is funded by force on someone else. Are people going to be forced a job because it fills someones government quota??? Get these race bating, America hating hypocrites out of America's house!!!! They're pompous and cruel attitudes scream threats to the decency of humanity! Their worth is not even to themselves!

      • Kenneth says:

        They still seek to create their final Utopia, even after all their failures in the past century and millions dead and world wars. Their ideology holds no special place for humanity. The concept of human exceptionalism is anathema. Whatever it takes (lies, deception, genocide, corruption) to create this so called utopia is "for your good".

    4. Whatever happened to diversity of thought? Is it like women's rights? States rights? Only when it fits their Left ideology? Progressive banner- the ends justify the means. Wolves in sheepskin clothing.

    5. jeff says:

      Holder and the DoJ do not care about the rule of law. We no longer live in a country of laws but a country of men who have no use for the law. The America I grew up in no longer exist, obama and his leftest cronies have done what he said he would do, fundamentally change this once great nation into a nation of petty little dictators starting with obama and going all the way down the federal government line

    6. will m. says:

      Is this the same Eric Holder that allows Black Panthers to harass voters? Ah,yes it is!

    7. DM Safina says:

      I agree with the goal, not the means of achieving it. I think that 'affirmative action'-eque 'racial quotas' are indeed perpetuating the problem. I do think that representing neo-conservative values in 'civil rights' issues would be throwing boiling acid on the wound, rather than the salt that ultra left leaning ideologies over season it with. Both intensify the problem but one has the ability to evolve to heal the self inflicted damage. Representing Conservative ideology that is necessarily irrationally, intolerant, and unyielding imposing on others' beliefs, values and lives, would be to guillotine the conversation about equality and civil rights. So, unfortunately, unless the conservative ideologues can come to terms with their views sans their universal intolerance based on medieval dogmatism, they will be left out in the cold with their convictions (misguided as they may be) and our society must progress without them. (even if we have to hit the far side of our Hegelian antithesis before we do) Regardless, I agree with your concerns, and respectfully disagree with your position.

      • Bobbie says:

        what is conservative ideology? Please be specific as many people insinuate intimidation even though they claim they're not yet are never specific with what they have against conservatives and it seems to be stemming from false impression with no consideration to the true intent! It's slandered, it's defamed and It's refused! If you're a reasonable person you would want the truth. You would want conservatives to explain their side instead of hearing the same thing from many sources that don't investigate further. You deserve truth, don't you?

      • Dan Camp says:

        What are the "medieval dogmatism" that conservatives believe? That all men are created equal? That all men should have the equal opportunity to succeed? That killing innocent lives is wrong? That a person should be judged by their merits and abilities rather than their skin color whether it be in seeking work or housing or worship. Or is it that conservatives believe in opportunity for everyone under the rule of law? It is sad to see you so painfully misinformed about the opposition… perhaps if you weren't so closed minded as you claim conservatives to be, you would be able to recognize the exceptionalism conservatives believe in for this country and for all who live here.

      • Steve says:

        You're talking in platitudes and rhetoric with not a shred of substance. What is irrational, intolerant and unyielding about having the same rights for all regardless of skin color, religion, etc? There are radicals on the fringe (for both Dems and Rep), but if you think that the majority of those on the right believe differently, you've been brainwashed by the Democrat party and the MSM as to what conservatives believe in.

    8. Eric Van Pamel says:

      if you want to see how evil and corrupt Holder is-I know there are a lot of examples- look into operation "Fast and Furious". This is the most disturbing item to date performed by any AJ, is criminal, and makes Watergate pale in comparison. Oh how I wish Janet Reno was back. Did I just say that?!

    9. FedUpMan says:

      Even business law has been superseded by direct govt action to benefit unions, think GM bailout, Acorn. DOJ even damaged equal protection under the law with the Philly voter intimidation decision NOT to prosecute even with video evidence. DOJ today is even in the enforcement racket for the administration for political reasons. The Prez and DOJ have forgotten their oath of office and their duty to America in their zeal to change America forever.

    10. Janie Shimer says:

      The Department of Justice has always been the political arm of the White House. Fact. Justice is not its purpose.

    11. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Dr. Mark Levin stated on his Monday show that these career lawyers cannot be fired because they have civil service protection. Is that true? As a forner DOJ lawyer himself, he should know, but it seems odd. What is to stop the next AG appointed by a President Perry, Bachmann or Romney from firing them or anyone else who does not enforce the laws as written or worse enforce a "law" that is not written in a way prescribed by the Constitution? What is to stop that AG from putting them in one of those job bank rooms like the USPS has for their excess bureaucracy?

    12. Lloyd Scallan says:

      What do we expect? Holder is controlled by Obama. Does anyone think Obama will ever hire someone not of his ideology. Any right-wing czars in his administration? But Holder goes one step futher. As reason he refused to prosecute the Black Panthers he said they were "my people". Not only the same race, but the same ideology. Look at who Obama nominated to the Supreme Court. Any conservative, or are they so far left they are boarding on communism. It's our choice. We live with it or change it.

    13. ROYSTOLL2 says:

      This is very much standard operating procedure both for the liberal media and the Liberal Democrat Administration. Try to create a problem or crisis where none exists to use as a tool against their detractors. Another example was what the media did after the BP explosion. Every single day for a month they blew out of proportion what the damage was and what is was going to be but it was aFULL MONTH before a single drop washed ashore. When it finanly did, they all converged on that very small stop complete with a dead oil soaked pelican to prove their case. The media was responsible for most if not all of the drop in tourism and drop in fishing. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

    14. Emma says:

      If I had the cash to do it, I would send a copy of the Constitution to DOJ at least once a week

    15. Bill says:

      Does this really surprise anyone? Especially, with Obama in charge and his socialist and green energy policies.

    16. snydrhrry says:

      I suggest that these "buzz words" Human Rights, and Diversity are like Rorschach ink blots; a sane person will see one thing, a lunatic will see something entirely different. Another example: "Fair." You will probably get 10 different definitions from 10 people.

      • carol,az says:

        The delineation that you refer to under the word "fair" isn't up for decision or a"
        buzz word..".
        What is being questioned in this article, is the blatant legal obstruction (s) for the law, under the DOJ for the current practices and procedures of the office held.
        These numerous actions that continue by the DOJ, has blocked legal due process , by-passed, counter suits for States Rights, tie up States Courts for months, and has replace" justice" , not "fair" with racism . It's crystal clear to all who communicate by braille, read by sight , or live out of the country as Americans.
        However, if you need an ink blot test to understand it, I'm certain the DOJ will be happy to hire you.They after all have hired and surrounded themselves with people just like you.

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