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  • Morning Bell: What's Next in Libya

    All across the world, leaders are hailing the news that Libyan rebels have advanced into the capital city of Tripoli, poised to bring to an end to the decades-old dictatorship of Colonel Muammar Qadhafi. The end of Qadhafi’s regime is welcome news, but now the United States must focus on developing a strategy for a way forward. The Heritage Foundation’s Jim Phillips explains:

    The Obama Administration, which stumbled into the war in Libya with no clear military plan or exit strategy, now must fashion a suitable and acceptable way forward. The Administration’s short-sighted effort to score a quick and easy military victory over Qadhafi’s regime failed to end the threat to civilians in “days not weeks,” as President Barack Obama promised. The administration now must scramble to develop and implement a long term strategy for a post-Qadhafi Libya.

    The United States must play a role in helping to ensure that the rule of law and representative government take root in a new Libya. Phillips writes:

    If the regime suddenly collapses, the United States must be ready to help the rebel Transitional National Council to stabilize Libya, restore the rule of law and prepare the way for an orderly transition to a new representative government.  Washington should facilitate postwar reconciliation and consensus-building between the many political, tribal and local factions that have emerged to fill vacuums in Libya left by the collapse of the regime.  The United States also can help assist Libya’s reconstruction, particularly the rapid repair of Libya’s damaged oil infrastructure, in order to bring Libyan oil exports back to previous levels as soon as possible.

    Phillips explains that it will also be necessary to “remain vigilantly engaged in Libya to help prevent Islamist forces, which appear to make up a small but not insignificant part of the opposition coalition, from hijacking Libya’s future.  Even if Qadhafi soon departs from the scene, Libya is likely to remain a turbulent snake pit with heavily-armed political factions for many years to come.”

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    77 Responses to Morning Bell: What's Next in Libya

    1. toledofan says:

      Why would we have a plan or strategy to help keep Libya on a sound footing; we didn't have a plan before and I'm sure something will be cobbled together in hopes that it appears America is doing it's part. Our entire foriegn policy in the middle east is a disaster waiting to happen, so not matter the sound advise, why would we do anything differently?

      • Edgar says:

        I cannot agree more that our foreign policy concerning the Middle East and North Africa has been nothing short of a disaster over the last several years. I'm getting sick and tired of the USA propping up would be dictators all over the world. Both parties have done this and it's time to stop. It's time to stop playing police force to the world, and let these people handle their own nations once and for all.

    2. Mark says:

      I'm not sure we should get too embedded. We still don't know whom we dealing with. It's doesn't seem to be working too well in Egypt. What we need to do is focus resources on proper responses if Libya goes south on us. I agree we should try to influence the direction it goes & stay "vigilently engaged" but I wouldn't be putting millions of stretched resources out there. We should also encourage the Europeans to work in country. (I know they are almost bankrupt too)

      • Angel says:

        We are dealing with Moammar Quadfi, close personal friend of Louis Farrakan who is close personal friend of BO. Oh yeah, I almost forgot – rebels who go to a war dressed in polished leather shoes, spotless khakis and polo shirts and flinch at the sound every time they shoot their weapons into the air.

    3. NancyJ says:

      After reading this article all I could think was "physician heal thyself". Let's look to opening our own oil wells and allowing the well that was all set to go up in Alaska before Barry' bunch stopped the development.

      We have NO resources to help anyone, even ourselves, until the Senate produces a budget (almost 800 days late) and the spending screeches to a halt and reverses itself.

      Washington, GO BACK TO WORK!.

    4. Full Bible Presbyterian Minister says:

      I'm looking forward to seeing if any of the history books ever tell us "whose" boots were on the ground helping the "rebels."

    5. Michael says:

      Let them sort it out. We should get out of the entire scene.

    6. hotnike says:

      The Obama Administration really doesn't know who these rebels are. I'm afraid our leader doesn't know what is happening and we have gotten the U.S. into another quagmire.

      • Drifter says:

        There seems to be a strong possibility that we have been dealing with al-Qaeda or Muslim Brothrhood and that Libya is just another piece in the grand scenario for the final surround of Israel…

      • Bethy says:

        Sounds almost as bad as attacking Iraq.

    7. LEWB says:

      Libya burned while Obama plays Golf! plus he plays GOLF about as well as he creates JOBS!! I suspect Obama will vote " NOT PRESENT" when asked why America's INTERESTED were not protected as libya changed Goverments. Yes, having a VERY POOR EXCUSE for a president is much worse than having NO president at all! Friends, do you not see how B.O. stinks up everything !! ? Seems everybody was CONCERNED about Libya except Obama! CHAOS is usually Obamas trump card, Americas Interest lost out to a GAME OF GOLF!! Yes, I am TEED OFF at our NON – PRESIDENT, president!

      • Barry says:

        I don't know bin Laden is gone and now Gadaffi is gone and we haven't spent trillions of dollars so someone who flew air combat over Texas during the Vietnam War could prance aboard an aircraft carrier.

        Remember, McCain was having a BBQ with Gaddaffi a few years back.

    8. NancyJ says:

      After reading this article all I could think was "physician heal thyself". Let's look to opening our own oil wells and allowing the well that was all set to go up in Alaska before Barry' bunch stopped the development.

      We cannot afford to go anywhere to help anyone. We are broke until Washington reverses what they have spent since Obama got into office.

      • Bethy says:

        Actually we were broke long before Obama came to office. We have been fighting a "war" in Iraq totally being paid for by loans to us from the Chinese govt., without taxes being raised or making corporations pay their fair share, or the obscenely rich paying their share either.

        This was all dumped on OUR backs long before this president was elected.

    9. Larry Snowden says:

      More nation building, huh? I thought I was in sync with the minds at Heritage, how wrong I was!

    10. ThomNj says:

      "If the regime suddenly collapses, the United States must be ready to help the rebel Transitional National Council to stabilize Libya, restore the rule of law and prepare the way for an orderly transition to a new representative government."

      How about: No, no and no. We need to stay out of there. Period. Let the British and the French figure out what to do. It is in their strategic interest far beyond ours.

    11. Frank Graney Sr says:

      In reading this article i realized several important facts. How the heck can we help another country with monitary and diplomacy aid when our leaders can't even balance our own budget. Tax more spend more. Let the immigrants in so we can pay them to stay,and multiply. Something is very wrong here! Like the old saying goes. (Something smells fishy in Demark)!

    12. Bud says:

      Obama has NO PLAN about anything, and is a total FAILURE about everything. God help our nation, and heal our land in 2012.

      • Robert, TX says:

        Why wait? Contact the mighty John Boehner and Mitch McConnell and tell them you want Obama impeached – right after they finish their glass of chardonnay.

    13. GRBW says:

      "The end of Qadhafi’s regime is welcome news…"

      We won't know the level of "welcome" until we see what the new regime does.

    14. JRCancio says:

      I ask where is it written as law the United States is in any way our responsibility to rush in and guide or mentor the merging aftermath of terrorist or rebel forces in Libya? I ask why does not the United States stay out of the conflict entirely and develop its own resources here in the United States putting no American citizen or soldiers in harms way. Just once, let the Libyan idiots have there way, it is there country they lose control or fail their people let it be their problem.

      Here is what I think would happen in Libya if the United States stays out of the fray: a new terrorist government would emerge, they would soon exploit the oil available and the new rulers will use the revenues from oil to purchase military weapons needed to control and suppress their own people. There will further wars of factions against factions until in ten years, the oil all gone, foreign government making money from military weapons sales, the Libyan will have all but killed themselves off – ceasing for every after to be a problem to the rest of the world as they revert to fourth world 700 AD society.

      If the U.S wants to put a stop to Libya, stop providing food and fresh water to Libya, develop our own natural resources and stay out of Libya…the rebels force want control let them have it. Soon enough the ignorant arrogant religious Libyans will cease to matter to the rest of the world stage.

    15. JRCancio says:

      I ask where is it written as law the United States is in any way our responsibility to rush in and guide or mentor the merging aftermath of terrorist or rebel forces in Libya? I ask why does not the United States stay out of the conflict entirely and develop its own resources here in the United States putting no American citizen or soldiers in harms way. Just once, let the Libyan idiots have there way, it is there country they lose control or fail their people let it be their problem.

    16. Jim Eilert says:

      I disagree with Heritage – the US should withdraw it military involvement (every last piece of it) from Libya. If that be-knighted country is within Europe's sphere of interest / influence, then it is completely Europe's responsibility! While the price of oil is critical to US Citizens, there is far more we must do here at home to affect the cost of fuel & energy. And, PLEASE, no "foreign aid" is appropriate for the very same reasons.

    17. Don Shrader says:

      I don't see why we need to be the ones to "fill the void" in this political quagmire. No doubt, the same Muslim Brotherhood type forces that filled the void in Egypt after the ouster of Mubarak are waiting to fill the void in Libya – and we will not be able to stop them without engaging in a second war in Libya. We have no more stomach for a second war in Libya than we would have to help the governing forces stabilize Egypt. We will not be able to "fill the void" and "stabilize Libya, restore the rule of law and prepare the way for an orderly transition to a new representative government" nor "facilitate postwar reconciliation and consensus-building between the many political, tribal and local factions that have emerged to fill vacuums in Libya left by the collapse of the regime" without sending in U.S. troops for a long time. I doubt the U.S. currently has any stomach for that. Like Egypt, and even Pakistan, and other nations in that region of the world, it is predominantly Muslim and post-Qadhafi Lybia is going to look a lot like post-Mubarak Egypt. After all it was the fall of Mubarak that sparked the revolt in Libya.

    18. Don Shrader says:

      It is time we quit trying to be the world's policemen. Unfortunately, the history of mankind is one filled with human atrocities and the U.S. cannot overcome all of these around the globe. If so, when are going to invade Somalia, Thailand, and other such places? We need to be prepared to defend ourselves against countries that provide a true threat to our national security, like Iran, North Korea, possibly Pakistan, and even Russia and China. We need a strong military that can go in and defend our country, obtain a rapid TOTAL military victory that neutalizes the threat, and get out. Plus, there are times we may need to come to the aid of our allies such as Israel or Britain. But overall, we can no longer afford to be the world's policeman, if indeed, we could ever afford such.

      Unlike Afghanistan and Iraq, Libya posed no viable threat to the U.S. when Obama invaded it illegally, anymore than did Clinton's ill-advised invasion of the Balkans. It is time to return to true Constitutional Government on behalf of the United States; let the Federal Government provide for the national defense and otherwise get out of our lives and the lives of those outside our borders.

    19. J. Jay says:

      Your editorial staff and Jim Phillips are too obviously "stumbling" all over yourselves trying to find another way to discredit the action of this Administration by blaming the President in any weak backdoor insinuations as possible. Why don't you just try to be constructive without first trying to demean because your tried and failed measures are only demeaning your own possibilities for helping this nation rather than defeating it.

      • Jim Patterson says:

        Not sure if you remember that Prezbo's promise of "days not weeks" didn't quite pan out. Never hire Prezbo as a soothsayer, he stinks. so Prezbo discredited himself, he can't blame this on Bush, right wing nutcases, Tea party members or anyone else but himself.

    20. JRCancio says:

      I ask where is it written as law the United States is in any way our responsibility to rush in and guide or mentor the merging aftermath of terrorist or rebel forces in Libya? I ask why does not the United States stay out of the conflict entirely and develop its own resources here in the United States putting no American citizen or soldiers in harms way. Just once, let the Libyan idiots have there way, it is their country they lose control or fail their people let it be their problem.

    21. Jim says:

      I hope that I'm wrong…. but I see that the "Arab Spring" is a vehicle for creating a bunch of little Iran's by the
      muslim brotherhood. especially if B.O. has anything to do with it. I hope I'm wrong…..I hope I'm wrong…..

    22. Patriot101 says:

      Why? We had no right to get involved in the first place. Any effort to support a new regime will take troops. This administration is systematically dismantling and destroying our military and we should stretch ourselves even thinner than we already have? Send more of our best and brightest into danger and then mpose constraints that won't allow them to defend themselves much less defeat the enemy? Where the object is really not to win? If we would develop our own oil resources properly and without the administration's deliberate and improper interference, we wouldn't need Libya's oil. Congress can't facilitate consensus here at home! And look at how well we've built consensus in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our economy is a mess and Mr. Phillips proposes that we commit billions? trillions? of dollars over decades and to what end? To support a regime that we really know nothing about? That, as so many others have, will come to view us as imperialists? Colonizers? Exploiters? The great Satan?

      So, again, I ask…"Why?" Maybe the more appropriate question should be "Are you nuts?"

    23. Viper1938 says:

      I have never understood why the U.S. Government has chosen to get involved in wars in Muslim countries with to goal of creating a government at least similar to what we have in the U.S. First of all, a Republic can survive only if the citizens exhibit reasonable behavior. Second, Islam is not just a religion, it is a total way of life. The Koran is very clear as to how non believers are to be treated. The U.S. is primarily Christians and Jews which are at the top of the non believer list.

      The Shiites and Sunnis have been fighting each other since just after Mohammed died. There is no reason why that will stop so they can have a Republic form of government. The only thing that brings them together is fighting non believers. If you want a good history on these folks, read "What Went Wrong" by Bernard Lewis. I read that book before we attacked Iraq which I knew was a big mistake.

      There is one other issue in these countries that does not allow for reasonable behavior, and that is many of them are also tribal. I would suggest that getting the individual tribes to get along is an impossible task. As I said before, the behavior of the citizens is an important requirement for a Republic.

    24. Barkus says:

      The U.S. is not in a position to fix the problems in Libya or any foreign country – we have too mant problems that need fixing right here at home. We need to first get rid of our own corrupt dictator and the Dems who are doing a bang-up job of destroying our liberty, and giving us debt.

      • Robert, TX says:

        Based on the last nine months, are you going to replace those "Dems" with gutless, eunuch republicans? What is that going to accomplish?

      • John Martin says:

        Barkus, you've got that right, we are in a far more serious situation than any of the talking heads are willing to admit!

    25. Robert, TX says:

      What's happening in Libya? The same thing that happened in Egypt, and is happening in Syria, among others. Dictators, who we could work with albeit in a limited means, are being replaced by RADICAL, Muslim councils. The entire Middle East, and North Coast of Africa will be one huge Muslim empire, choking Israel and all U.S. interests in the region. And the most powerful (in terms of capability, not utilization) military in the world will cruise by and watch. If we are not going to use our military effectively (Patton and MacArthur are rolling in their graves), then we might as well cut the budget, and bring our brave troops home.

    26. MNJ says:

      What will happen? Chaos, chaos, chaos. When people have lived under a dictator/thug/____ system where they cannot make their own decisions, they usually don't know how to make them. The bully wins.

      We need to set our priorities: Energy at home. Once this is done, the financial situation of our nation needs to be addressed. Why energy first? It will provide jobs, exports and revenue.

      Re Libya in particular: Obama sent our troops there without authorization – he broke the law. Our troops must come home from there. Let someone else (Europe) foot the bill for a change. Maybe then, they will help us with our military costs in their nations which means, jobs, revenue, etc.

      I am definitely in favor of the US going where it needs to go to protect itself – I am not in favor of a president who decides willy-nilly what to do. This administration is simply irresponsible, inconsistent, unreliable, and frankly, too often untruthful.

    27. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Why must we find an "acceptable way forward" in Libya? Didn't Obama say he would "lead from behind"
      when he told Europe to take care of the matter? Why in hell are we getting involved in spending billions of our tax dollars to rebuild Libya just to watch it revert back to Libya after our money is wasted. Get the hell out and stay out.

    28. jules says:

      Why does the United States have to do anything?????? Bring our troops home. This isn't our issue. We have numerous issues here at home. Enough is enough. The American people have had it with all this garbage.

    29. Richard says:

      We are at a loss for a domestic policy or any leadership. Our mideast policy is a shambles. Iraq is lost, Afghanistan is lost, Lybia is lost, Yemen is lost, Egypt is lost. The undercurrent is filled by radical muslim groups. In reality, we would have to station a million plus troops , on a permanent basis, to affect the useless theory of nation building. Bring our people home before our loss becomes a shame we cannot bear.

    30. Angel says:

      Does it strike anyone else as "strange" that the so called "rebels" shown in the movies are clean-shaven, dressed in leather soled dress shoes and spotless polo shirts and khakis and posing for the cameras smiling? They are always firing their rifles into the air and appearing to be startled by the sound of the shots. No camo equip or dress – what the h.ll kind of insurrection is this supposed to be – where is the party afterwards? I'm just sayin…. Anybody got any thoughts on this?

    31. Rayjay says:

      Love the comments above. We need to spend our money cleaning up our own house and yard. We can create good jobs by sinking wells on our own property. I pray the 2012 election will make a real change I can believe in!!

    32. John Martin says:

      I don't foresee any positive action coming from Washington to support Libya freedom fighters. President Obama loves to hear himself in speeches but when the iron's in the fire he has little initiative do anything. He constantly displays ambivalence, that is his Modus Operandi. Off the lectern and in the fire he has precious little decision making skills. Which boils down to our men and women in combat have no one watching their backs. He and Hillary tend to side with the Muslim Brotherhood which again is very dangerous!

    33. Kathy Lopez says:

      Let the people of Libya sort it out. Are we going to bleed our self dry helping a people who do not really want true democracy? This is also a way that the Muslims use our savior complex against us. Their goal to drain us completely and still advance their own religious causes is of grave concern. Let's start taking care of America!

    34. Drew says:

      All this presupposes a level of competancy at the State Department, and White House, that has been sorely lacking in response to recent events around the world. There is no reason to believe that it will suddenly arise from a long slumber now.
      Congratulations to the People of Libya, and Good Luck – you'll need it.

    35. Jeanne Stotler says:

      A famous ancestor of mine, wrote a document that this country and congresses of the past seem to ignore. It's called the Monroe doctrine, we need to take care of this country FIRST, stop trying to finance and take care of the world. We have never been paid back from WW I with exception of one country, we financed a better part of WW II and never got a "thank you" our technology saved Europe during WW II, we again went to Korea, the Veit Nam, Oh I am not saying we should not protect weaker countries, just not get involved in civil wars within these countries. Potus needs to be making sure USA is being taken care of first, It's really time for an independent justice look into the actions of this administration.

    36. Charlie says:

      Please! What on earth are you Heritage thinkers doing promoting U S intervention in Libya? We should instead tighten our borders, drill for our own oil–until world prices get so low we can afford to use Mid-East oil instead of ours–and stay away from nation building for these people.

      Can't any of our 'leaders' and thinkers understand that these people are different from us. They don't care
      about representative government like we do. In fact some of us do not seem to care anymore as long as govt. doles out the goodies.

      In the Viet Nam era I supported our intervention because there was a greater enemy lurking –communism.
      I know Muslim extremism is lurking today but for some reason we don't have the will to resist it. We can never make these people love us; we can't even make them want to stop killing us.
      Let's leave them alone and protect ourselves from them in whatever ways are necessary even the big one.

    37. Tomaz13 says:

      Let France and Germany help Libya. Get the United Nations to step up and form a gov. policy for Libya.They started this thing bringing us in later because of an oil shortage in their countries. We can't keep bailing everybody out. If the situation were reversed, would they help us??? I don't think so. We better start helping ourselves because none of these countries would ever help us if we really needed us.

    38. Owen K. says:

      The new Government in Libya will end up in some form of fundamentalist Islamic Government. This is what is happening in Egypt and it will happen here. Trading one tyrant for another form of tyranny. The revolutions in the Islamic world are not happening by accident. These are coordinated efforts by fundamentalist Islam to form Islamic States that will march in lockstep with anti-Western and anti-American policies. Obama has stepped right into the trap by getting the U.S. involved in Libya, thus promoting the very thing that will eventually pose an even greater threat to our security.

    39. Lawrence says:

      What right have we to dictate what form of government Libia should have?
      The people of Libia should determine that for themselves without outside interferance

    40. Whicket Williams says:

      The UNITED STATES must bring ALL troops home, ans STOP sending MONEY OUTSIDE OUR BORDERS EXCEPT PAYMENTS ON OUR DEBT!!!!!!!!
      THE U.S> refused to do humanitarian efforts,

    41. Oregon Bob says:

      A snake pit? Why would we want to step into that? Yes, it is in our interest that a stable, pro-western government emerge from this mess but it's time for the Europeans to step up to the plate and take responsibility for this… for something. It is they, in particular France, who consume the oil resources of Libya. We have neither the leadership in Washington nor the resources to get involved in nation building, yet again. The news headlines speak of how NATO is looking for an out… to "wrap up its operations" and leave someone else to clean up this mess. Guess who?

    42. ken eaton says:

      Look at the U.S. record of helping people from North Korea till now has been nothing but a total failure. I suspect that Obama's desire to help[?] the people of Lybia was his aim to make the whole world totally Muslim.

    43. Bonnie says:

      Why should we have a plan for Libya. Obama doesn't have a plan for American. These Middle East uprising are just a vehicle for this Aministration to focus our attention in another direction, instead of focusing our attention on the mess we are in…..

    44. audrey says:

      I think we need to mind our own business, we cannot save and take in the entire world, we can no longer afford to worry about other countries and need to care for our own.


    45. Glen says:

      We did our part by supporting NATO in the war in Libya. Now with their leader ousted, its time for us to get out. No if's and or but's. Not another dime of support or manpower should be spend. Libya is not our problem. (I guess it took a little longer than the 10 days to 2 weeks our President predicted.) We need to start spending our resourses on Americans. We need no EXCUSES to stay!!!!!

    46. ThomNJ says:

      I agree that we should never have been involved in the first place – and whatever regime wins out will be hostile to the USA. Let's face it, the rebels are full of al qaeda and muslim brotherhood members – why would anyone think they will be friendly to the West at all. It might be in their temporary interests to be so, but I would say let them go on their own. Waste not a dime or a life on them. Watch them only. Warn them when necessary – and have the courage to act on an unheeded warning if they get out of line towards us.

    47. Galen Jensen says:

      What a joke. Obama and company can't even run their own country sensibly. Why would they think they can run another foreign country especially when the American people don't want us to be there in the first place? Let's get our own country in order and do it now.

    48. wayne says:

      Get out. Don`t even think about Syria or any other Middle Eastern tribal conflicts. Pull out in total from Afghanistan and Iraq. Increase both our defensive and offensive R&D from outer space. Stop the influx of immigrants at our borders, and control the type of immigrants being addmitted for permanent living status while streamlining the whole proccess for speed and accuracy. It`s not impossibe, if we only had committment from Washington. Hey, the Chinnese are doing it. It`s a big slap in the face to know we are capeable of being 100% self reliant, and still to this day buy oil from the enemy. STOP IT !!
      It`s a new ball game on the ground which does not require tons and tons of heavy machinery, and tens of thousands of foot soldiers. Drones, Delta force, info from space, ect. It all adds up to money saved for at home expenditures.

    49. Frank says:

      Wow, after reading the article first, I was all prepared to list reasons as to why we should mind our own business rather than get involved in nation building in Libya. Then I started reading the "comments", and it seems I'm not the only one with that feeling! SO:

      "The United States must play a role in helping to ensure that the rule of law and representative government take root in a new Libya."

      Yes, that sounds nice, but we got involved in another Unconstitutional war that Congress never declared and which Obama never had a clue as to what he was doing in Libya. If anything, our first reaction should be to impeach Obama over this issue! But the gutless Republicans in the House won't do it. So the second thing we should do is prepare to clean house in Congress & the White House & vote in new people willing to uphold their oath to the Constitution!

      Let's please stop being the world's policeman, let's end this welfare/warfare state that is bankrupting us & let's start minding our own business!

    50. gary sheldon says:

      How about letting Australia, the U.(socailist)K., Japan, France, Italy and other allies STABALIZE LIBYA and we can finish up w/ Iraq and the Afganistan wars after which we can target the midget bastard of Iran and the dictator pal of Obama baby Huey Chavez and deport Micheal Moore to Cuba and try various Senators and Congress"people" for treason and impeach many of the rest of 'em for ruling without consent of the people !!!

    51. Kalev says:

      We do not have the resources to waste on Islamists hell bent on destroying our nation. Obama should have been impeached but the Republican NWO'ers wouldn't do it as it's all about total control of the USA. Time we see that the two parties are not concerned with constitutional governance but allowing the NWO people access to our wealth and resources. The Constitutional Party is our best option at this point.

    52. Kalev says:

      A comment against this article doesn't get approved. I see were you guys are coming from.
      I'll cancel my subscription to this Republican pushing organization.
      I thought you guys were better than that, more wolves in sheeps clothing eh.

    53. Ron W. Smith says:

      The assumption that the U.S. must formulate policy for going forward in Libya lets our allies off the hook for shared responsibility. All together should formulate that policy, and we should be free of further obligation for once. The allies know how far in debt we are; how many other places we're already obligated to since we own the damage and disruption there and must, nation-building fashion, fix it; how overextended we are with far more than 700 military installations around the world. They know this, and Jim Phillips and Mike Brownfield should as well.
      When we entered the Libyan fracas, I knew we weren't serious about reducing the national debt. "Time out, we're broke" was what we should have told the allies, wishing THEM well in intervening the way we usually do. Instead, we spent more money (and are still spending it) on our participation.
      It's really time to get off the top of the hill since we're too poor to be king of it. It doesn't work on borrowed money, folks, and it especially doesn't work at the expense of other work that needss doing righ here in the U.S.

    54. Jim Anderson says:

      I believe one of the only purposes of our Federal Government is to provide for the defense of its citizens. Id currently fail to see a good reason why our Government "must" be involved in Libya.

    55. Redduke says:

      Yea, right lets rebuild another country's oil industry to then be asked to leave them alone while they reep the benefits of our generocity like Iraq. The world is calling us "imperialists" "occupation forces"

      Lets show them what an occupation is and do it old school.

    56. Has anyone asked themselves why, sense 2008, we have seen major termoil in the Middle East? Has anyone wondered why, all of a sudden, we are seeing the overthrow of governments and dictators that have been in power for the last 30 to 40 years? In reading some of the post above it seems a few of the people in this country are beginning to see what is happening. Iran and their world califate will not have the power to distroy Israel and have to fight and defeat the United States. They can't do that until they have control of all the Middle Eastren countires, their oil, their money, their militaries and develop nuclear weapons. By supporting the overthrow of these governments we are helping Iran and the Islamic Brotherhood to open the doors for them to step in after the overthrow and take over. Just look at what kind of "democratic" government is now in power in Egypt.

    57. Paddyo says:

      Thinking back on the floods, tornadoes Tsunamiies and other catastrophes of the last spring I believe the Obama administration finally called something by it's right name! I'm sure there will be more problems
      " springing " from the arabs!
      Giving credit to Obama for Killing BinLaden is like saying Truman Led us to Victory in the second world war.
      Obama will now get another " Bump" in the Polls because he got us into war by Illegally declaring it without the consent of Congress while costing a billion dollars so far! Also he lied by calling it a " NO FLY ZONE""
      When we didn't shoot down any planes But blew up many flying tanks and buildings! Why is it so many people quickly forget Obama's Lies? It's time to decide whether he's stupid or deliberately ruining the country!

      • Barry says:

        Actually, the Republican policy has been to pay tribute to the dictatorship in Pakistan and seek their permission before attacking inside their borders. President Obama was exorciated by the GOP media for even suggesting attacking bin Laden in Pakistan.

        Republican spokesman such as Rush Limbaugh led the attack on Obama for violating Pakistani sovereignty.

        We should be glad that President Obama was more interested in getting bin Laden than worry about the hurt feelings of some Pakistani general

    58. jon says:

      One more worthless tyrant going, or gone! amazing what America is slowly teaching the world, Freedom is worth fighting for, they will weed out the bad guy's/gal's, than on to Syria for a little more of that Freedom for the people.
      Iran's people are on the verge to do the same, this time I hope we back them.
      That part of the world, in so many incidents the people's are more clan, tribal, than government!

    59. Doug Nicholson says:

      "The United States must…help…to ensure that the rule of law and representative government take root in a new Libya." Fat chance. Odumbo to the Muslim Brotherhood, "Welcome and congratulations!"

    60. Ben C. says:

      Great comments. The best decision is for the US to develop our own oil reserves and say bye – bye to the Middle East. The only reason there is interest in that area is oil. And the person who profits the most from this is George Soros. The best that can happen is that in 2012 we have a President and Congress that worries less about the affairs of others and more about us, as in The United States.
      On another matter, I hope Heritage will do a piece on government regulations – I am living the nightmare in Michigan.

    61. Donald DaCosta says:

      Obama need no longer worry. Perpetually on the campaign trail he and his enablers will loudly praise Obama's brilliance in remaining silent while the naysayers cast doubt on whatever the hell his strategy was in Libya, that will now become a "brilliant exercise in military strategy and advanced foreign policy maneuvering." Obama's "success" in the assassination of Osama Bin Laden was "no fluke." He was in command and demonstrated his reserve and willingness to let his mentally inferior subordinates seemingly take control, a noble gesture that was, through no fault of his own, quietly dispelled when he could no longer deny his brilliant strategy and was "forced" to take credit.

      Obama, with huge support from his Left wing cabal, will never admit one error in thought, judgment or execution of his "advanced" policy agenda. This will be spun at a feverish pitch, as it must, to keep the American voter from seeing the fake wizard behind the curtain .

    62. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Hopefully, no vengeance. All too often in the Middle East, vengeance comes to the forefront.

    63. JMM says:

      Just another excuse to spend more money for oil we should be drilling for in our own country. Why do we want to keep spending billions upon billions per year on foreign oil when we can develop the trillions of barrels we have on our own lands? Our vote mongering politicians will still be arguing about helping other countries while other foreign countries like the the Iranians destroy themselves and who knows how many others with their nuclear weapons developed as our politicians sat on their buts talking endlessly.

    64. John wahlfors says:

      Doesn't ahyone there know anything about the Muslim mindset.. Those "victorious" rebels will ignore the $6.6 billion our nutcase in chief has spent in their behalf, and promptly start chanting about "death to the great satan. Some of us do know the devil we don't know.

    65. Pogue says:

      It appears that Islamic Jihadists may be the driving force in Libya in the near future. We should not commit financial resources to rebuilding the country in any event and especially if extremists are in control. Libya's oil money should be used to rebuild or to construct needed infrastructure regardless
      of which group assumes leadership.

    66. Rosco1776 says:

      Rule of law in Libya? How about the rule of law here first!

      Ron Paul 2012!!

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